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Last-Minute Food Plots Make your deer season better with these down-to-the-wire tips. By Darron McDougal

Logging roads are excellent planting locations. Not only are they easy to plant, but deer are typically already using them as thoroughfares.


ood, whether natural or cultivated, is irrefutably a critical ingredient for properties that consistently produce opportunities to harvest mature deer. Of course, creating food sources requires planning, know-how, equipment and hard work, but it’s worth it for the payoff when fall arrives. Even with the best intentions, though, life can get busy, and planting season can catch us with limited time to get things done. Or perhaps you acquired a lease or signed the closing papers late in the game. Maybe the property doesn’t have existing fields or clearings. Planting seems out of reach. Or is it?


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Several easy, inexpensive ways can make your season better, even at the last minute. It will be too late to plant a 10-acre cornfield, but you can still cultivate purposeful food sources that will attract deer to critical spots on your property. In this article, we’ll discuss three game-changing products and some practical tips for using them. Then you’ll know what you can do at the last minute to improve your deer season.

The Products Whitetail Institute has long been simplifying food-plotting duties. It does the finest job of offering application-specific products, and then takes things farther by informing folks how to correctly use those products to maximize results. Visit to see what I mean. In this article, we’ll focus on three Whitetail Institute products geared for last-minute plantings. Secret Spot is an annual seed blend with fall and winter forages tailored for small forest openings. Four pounds plants up to 4,500 square

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