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just wanted to thank Whitetail Institute for the awesome support and products they provide. When I retired from the Army, I came back home to our family farm. Keep in mind that we never saw that many mature deer on our property. I was skeptical at first about establishing a food plot for deer and turkey but decided to give Whitetail Institute products a try. Our first plot was Imperial Whitetail Clover and Chic Magnet, and all I can say is WOW! Fast forward a few years now and the results are unbelievable. We now have numerous mature bucks living on our property, to the point neighbors have asked us what we are doing because the deer always seem to be heading for our property. Keep in mind that

our farm is only 63 acres!! Friends and neighbors have begun asking me what we are doing and for advice to improve their deer and I always point them to Whitetail Institute. Some of them have tried Whitetail Institute products and other products as well, and they always realize quickly that Whitetail Institute products are by far superior. Whitetail Institute has made a customer for life from me and my family. My wife was able to take her first deer last year on one of the Whitetail Institute plots, an impressive 11-point mature buck (photo 1), and this year I was able to take a first in my hunting career, a mature, full velvet 8 pointer off the same plot!! That's two mature bucks in two years, off the same plot! This spring we will be installing a much larger plot, and it will be planted in Whitetail Institute products. Thank you, Whitetail Institute, for being a company that sportsmen can trust. With so many gimmicks out there that prey on hard working hunters, it's nice to see a company that we sportsmen can trust to do what they say.

Donald Williams – Kentucky 46 WHITETAIL NEWS

/ Vol. 30, No. 2


ast spring, I bought my first Whitetail Institute products, Imperial Whitetail Clover and Chic Magnet. New to the food plot scene, I wasn’t sure if there was a science to how to plant it all, so I put the clover in a large 2-1/2 acre plot and the Chic Magnet on the back hill. Two years ago, I built my hunting blind in a nearby creek bordering my property because 95 percent of all my deer traffic was going through the creek bottom on my 15-acre property, the other 5 percent was going on the other side of the creek. Challenges grew faster than the clover and chicory for it had been several months since we Kansans had seen rain, and little did I know it would be several months before the rains would come again. I was afraid that with the lack of rain we were getting, spraying a herbicide to control the weeds that were growing so bountifully, would actually hurt the young investment that I had planted. Afraid of losing the plot, I mowed the weeds. It looked as if I had just wasted a large investment and another year. Stress and frustration was short lived however, as by August the rain did come and boy did it come. Before I knew it, Imperial Whitetail Clover was everywhere, and the Chic Magnet was flourishing! Hunting from my blind in the creek came to a standstill because the deer bypassed the creek and went straight for the plot. Mid-season I made a desperate move and put up another stand outside the creek closer to where the deer were now traveling in order to land a shot at a buck. Sure enough. I ended up shooting a mature buck… my biggest ever! Wow! What a great end to the hunting season. Here it is midJanuary and since using the Imperial Whitetail Clover and Chic Magnet, 90 percent of all deer traffic goes through the food plot and only about 5 percent goes through the creek leaving only about 5 percent of the deer traffic on the back side. Looks like a huge win on my part thanks to Whitetail Institute products! Looking forward to many years of good hunting! Can’t wait for year two!

Dallas Boese – Kansas

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