Whitetail News Vol 30.1

Page 56

Imperial Whitetail

Perennial Performance with A Kick for Fall


mperial Whitetail Vision is a fallplanted perennial that features Imperial Whitetail Clover in combination with WINA-100 perennial forage chicory and 210 annual forage kale. It truly offers the best performance aspects of perennials and annuals all in the same planting. Imperial Whitetail Clover (Perennial Component). Imperial Whitetail Clover, is the number one food plot planting in the world, and the reason is no secret: Imperial Whitetail Clover contains the only clovers ever scientifically developed for food plots for whitetail deer. The Imperial Whitetail Clover component, which contains the Whitetail Institute’s newest proprietary clovers, bring the same yearround attraction and protein content to Vision. It’s highly attractive to deer as soon as it emerges, it’s cold, heat and drought tolerant, and it’s designed to last for up to five years from a single planting. Whitetail Institute’s WINA-100 Perennial Forage Chicory (Perennial Component). There’s only one way to say it: WINA-100 chicory is more attractive to deer than any other chicory variety the Whitetail Institute has ever tested. The reason can be summed up with one word: “palatability.” As small-ruminant animals, whitetails aren’t as attracted to and can’t digest stemmy, waxy chicory varieties


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nearly as well as WINA-100 chicory, which remains more tender and succulent even as it matures. WINA-100 chicory is also deeply rooted, which adds even more drought resistance to the stand, and it boosts attraction by offering a variety of forages in the same food plot. Whitetail Institute’s 210 Kale (Annual Component). The Whitetail Institute’s proprietary 210 Kale grows extremely fast and boosts early and late season tonnage even further. 210 Kale sweetens with the arrival of the first frost of fall, making it an excellent source of attraction and nutrition for deer during the cold winter months. And like WINA-100 chicory, the 210 Kale component in Vision boosts attraction even further by offering a variety of forages in the same food plot. In short, Vision has been carefully designed by the Whitetail Institute to ensure that all its seed components work together toward a common purpose: maximizing tonnage and attraction in BOTH the early and late seasons, and way beyond. Then in the spring following planting, the Imperial Whitetail Clover and WINA-100 chicory components in Vision are some of the first things to green up, providing your deer with a highly nutritious food source at a critical time when they’re trying to recover their winter health losses. As spring progresses and soil temperatures rise, the Imperial Whitetail Clover and WINA-100 chicory components flourish and produce tons of highly digestible, high-protein forage, which is crucial for antler development, body weight, fawn development and milk production. And again, Vision is a perennial that lasts up to five years. Vision is packaged in 4-pound bags that plant 1/2 acre and 18pound bags that plant 2-1/4 acres and is designed for fall planting in plots with loamy soil, clay or heavier soils. If you have any questions about Vision or would like to order, visit whitetailinstitute.com, or call the Whitetail Institute at (800) 688-3030. ^ www.whitetailinstitute.com