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The Most Attractive Brassica Planting Whitetail Institute Could Make


mperial Whitetail Winter-Greens continues to turn heads in a big way due to its unsurpassed attractiveness to deer. But that’s no surprise, considering that from the very outset, the Whitetail Institute purposely designed Winter-Greens to be the most attractive brassica planting for deer the Whitetail Institute could make.

products — one that would not only survive cold temperatures and well-drained soils, but also be highly attractive, and for a longer period of time during the fall and winter. The Whitetail Institute began testing lettuce-type brassicas and soon realized that they outperformed other brassica varieties by a huge margin. These lettuce-type brassicas comprise the backbone forage components in Winter-Greens. As it does with all its products, the Whitetail Institute tested Winter-Greens extensively before releasing it to the public. Tests were performed by independent researchers at our certified research stations across the country and at our company research areas on free-ranging whitetails, and the results were impressive to say the least. They showed that deer find Winter-Greens vastly more attractive than any other brassica product the Whitetail Institute has ever tested. Whitetail Institute customers in many different geographical areas have observed time and time again that Winter-Greens is hands-down the most attractive brassica blend available. If you have been waiting for a forage blend that would perform outstandingly in well-drained soils and offer unparalleled attraction even under the snow and during the coldest winter months, your wait is over. Winter-Greens is what you’ve been looking for. Winter-Greens is designed for fall planting only and is available in 3 pound bags that plant 1/2 acre, and 12-pound bags that plant 2 acres. Winter-Greens is designed for sites with medium to well-drained soils and at least 4 hours of filtered or indirect sunlight a day. If you have any questions about WinterGreens, visit, or call the Whitetail Institute at (800) 688-3030. ^

When it comes to brassicas, no one has more experience than The Whitetail Institute, who first started marketing brassicas as part of a food plot blend for whitetails in 1993. Over the years, the Whitetail Institute has continued to exhaustively research, develop and test new plant varieties under real-world conditions to meet specific needs identified by its Field Testers. One such need was for a late-season forage that would surpass the performance of traditional brassica


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