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ust a shout-out and a thank you for the Whitetail Institute test seed I got to try out this past season. A dozen does and young bucks browsed through it and moved to Winter Peas Plus and browsed right back to the test seed. My son Chase shot this Wisconsin buck tonight during the youth hunt. The buck was head down pulling up piles of greens hanging out of his mouth. The buck scored 150-2/8 inches.

Mike Leverance – Wisconsin

ore deer, yes! Healthier deer, too, and my food plots benefit other wildlife, too. My food plots provide a hub of activity, including rutting. Imperial Whitetail Clover and Whitetail Oats Plus are great, and Tall Tine Tubers, Winter-Greens and Beets & Greens are also great during hunting season. A mix of all the above had the 2 bucks in the pictures held on the plots until the 12-point got driven off by the 10 point. After the 10 point was harvested (photo 1), the 12-point moved back in to finish off a great season. (photo 2)


Rye Eggerstedt – Michigan


e have planted Whitetail Institute products for many years on our property in the southern tier of New York. Imperial Whitetail Clover will always be a mainstay, as I feel it is the most attractive clover out there of anything I have ever tried. The deer just love it. We also plant annuals such as Beets & Greens and No-Plow for maximum attraction during our hunting season. Each year we collect trail-cam photos of more bucks and bigger racks and wait with anticipation of the upcoming hunting season. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to hold on to a deer that my son, Derek, harvested on Nov. 28, this past season. It is his first buck ever. I truly believe that our management efforts along with the products from Whitetail Institute contributed to the success of taking such a magnificent whitetail.

David Cordner – New York For the latest promotions, sales and news visit


Send Us Your Photos! Do you have photos and/or a story of a big buck, a small buck or a doe that you took with the help of Imperial products? Send it to us and you might find it in the Field Tester section of the next issue of Whitetail News. Email your digital photos and a three to four paragraph story telling how you harvested the deer and the role our products played to: or send them to: Whitetail News, Attn: Field Tester Response 239 Whitetail Trail, Pintlala, AL 36043 Vol. 30, No. 1 /


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