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Tom Dial – Illinois I’ve been using Whitetail Institute products since the late 1980s. I use Imperial Whitetail Clover for year-round quality food and Pure Attraction and Ambush for my fall and winter plots. My sons and I have had great hunting for many years. I got lucky again this year. Last year, you published a story showing my 175-inch buck I killed. This year, I killed this buck, measuring 168 inches, (photo 1) with í˘ą my bow. He was traveling about 80 yards south of one of my Pure Attraction fields. The Pure Attraction plot stays full of does and small bucks, and that helps keep these bigger bucks nearby. I hunted this stand 6 times this year and I saw two other bucks this size or bigger. During the shotgun season, my sons killed two more good bucks. My oldest son, Andrew, killed a 145-inch buck cruising the timber off one of our Pure Attraction plots (photo 2). On the same day, my youngest son, Brandon, killed a 174-inch buck on one of our other Pure Attraction plots (photo 3). Thanks for the great products, Whitetail Institute.



James Anderson – Kansas I recently purchased 160 acres of ground with no food source for deer, so I did what everyone else does and put out a feeder and camera to see what was in the area. After several weeks I came back and checked the pictures only to be disappointed in the size of the deer and the lack of bucks. I tried putting in a food plot in the spring with no luck, so I contacted the Whitetail Institute, and they suggested soil sampling, and eventually I tried No-Plow along with Beets & Greens. I wasn’t expecting much since I had no luck with the earlier food plot. But after two weeks I returned and was pleasantly surprised to see the food plot was already 2 to 3 inches high. I checked my camera and had more deer than before. By the time hunting season came around, I had multiple bucks over 160 inches coming to the food plot daily. I had a limited time to hunt with my son Reece during rifle season, and on his second day he killed a 13-point, 180-inch deer. It was a special moment that neither one of us will ever forget. This wouldn’t have happened without the products and expert advice that I received from the Whitetail Institute. I can’t wait to see what next year brings after a full year of using Whitetail Institute products.

Larry & Tyler Porter – Kentucky We have used Whitetail Institute products for more than 10 years. There’s no better clover than Imperial Whitetail Clover. God allowed my son, Tyler, and me to reach a lifetime dream of killing a Boone & Crockett buck on our own property. Imperial Whitetail Clover helped us achieve this lifetime dream when Tyler killed this 19-point, 179 5/8-inch buck.


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