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CONCEAL: We’ve Got You “Covered” By Whitetail Institute Staff Photo by Jason Say

mperial Whitetail CONCEAL is designed to quickly produce screening cover for food plots, deer bedding, hunter travel and much more. As such, its potential uses are virtually unlimited. CONCEAL sold out last year, and it’s expected to sell out this year too, so don’t delay ordering CONCEAL if you want to be sure you don’t miss out on it this year!

In this article, we’ll use the term “cover” to describe what is in essence “screening”: something that obscures deer or hunters from visibility sufficiently to give deer a feeling of safety coming to your property, staying there, and utilizing the property more often during daylight hours. Winning the Competitive Sport. There’s no question that deer hunting is a competitive sport. While many of us have occasionally connected with deer during past seasons purely by luck, we know that consistent success during hunting season depends almost entirely on the quality of our preparation. The better we prepare, the more our odds of success increase. In essence, preparation is a matter of


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