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Seed Coatings

— A vital part of product performance By William Cousins

nyone who has looked inside a bag of Whitetail Institute perennial seed will likely say they immediately noticed the seeds are various shades of blue, red, yellow, gray and green. The same is true of many Whitetail Institute annual seeds. These are the colors of the seed coatings the Whitetail Institute applies to its perennial seeds and to annual seeds that benefit from coatings. Not all food plot seed companies go to the extra time, effort and expense of coating their seeds. So, why does the Whitetail Institute do so? For one reason: to help maximize your odds of food plot success. Much has been written in the Whitetail News about other aspects of the Whitetail Institute’s scientific research, development and testing. Comparatively little, though, has been said about Whitetail Institute seed coatings. This is something you will likely see covered more often, because Whitetail Institute seed coatings are an extremely important part of product performance. Unfortunately, some seed sellers try to confuse potential buyers into thinking seed coatings are a negative. As I hope you’ll learn, Whitetail Institute seed coatings are beneficial and an important part of the company’s ex-


/ Vol. 29, No. 2


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Whitetail News Volume 29-2  

Whitetail News Volume 29 Issue 2

Whitetail News Volume 29-2  

Whitetail News Volume 29 Issue 2