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Whitetail Institute Customers Do the Talking About Whitetail Institute’s Soil Testing Service


aving your soil tested by a qualified soil testing laboratory before you buy lime or fertilizer can make the difference between the best food plot you can imagine and total failure.

Yes, it’s that important. To grow and flourish, forage plants must uptake nutrients from the soil. That means two things: The nutrients must be at optimum levels, and plants must be able to access them. In a perfect world, all soils would already have optimum levels of essential nutrients, and their soil pH would be neutral (6.5 to 7.5), the level at which high-quality forage plants can freely access them. Unfortunately, rarely is that true. Most fallow soils are deficient in one or more of the essential nutrients that highquality forage plants need to thrive, and they’re also acidic (soil pH less than 6.5), a condition that impedes the ability of the plants to uptake nutrients. That’s why land managers usually have to add lime to a seedbed to correct low soil pH and fertilize it to bring deficient nutrients to optimum levels before planting. You can see how important laboratory soil testing is when you take all that into account and then add one more fact: Soils differ in their ability to hold lime and fertilizer activity. That’s why having a qualified soil testing laboratory scientifically analyze a sample of your soil is the only way to determine the exact amount of lime and the exact amount and type of fertilizer needed to bring the soil in your food plot up to optimum soil pH and fertility. The Whitetail Institute’s soil testing service provides full laboratory testing that is second to none in scientific and technical accuracy, and the cost of a Whitetail Institute soil test kit is about the same as other high-quality soil test kits from agricultural universities and most county extension offices. It’s the other benefits Whitetail Institute soil testing offers that puts it at the head of the pack for food plotters. Whitetail Institute laboratory soil testing pays off in two ways: with better-quality food plots and the potential to save you money. That’s much more than the small price of the kit. The kit is easy to use, the lab’s response time is extremely fast and the report you get back is vastly easier to read and follow than soil test reports designed for commercial farmers. And, maybe best of all, if you have questions about your report, the Whitetail Institute’s in-house consultants are extremely knowledgeable and eager to help. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ll let our customers do the talking.

Better-Quality Food Plots Excellent product! Takes the guesswork out of food plotting “I love these soil test kits. They couldn’t be easier to use and they yield excellent results every time. The results come in quickly and the reports are easy to read and my plots always look like they’re out of a whitetail magazine. Will continue using forever!” Totally accurate results “This soil sample test kit was easy, fast and accurate. It told me exactly what I needed to put in the ground in order for my food plot to grow its best. The plot growth results are absolutely amazing.” Highly recommend! Easy to use “The Whitetail Institute’s soil test kit is so easy to use. Everything is explained thoroughly in the included documents. I had my results back three days after I mailed my sample in. I can see the difference between last year and this year by adding the correct amount of nutrients to the ground.”

Saves You Money by Eliminating Unnecessary Lime and Fertilizer Purchases Fantastic easy-to-read results “The results opened our eyes on how far off we thought our pH was. The kit just saved us over $900 alone in lime for this year.” Saved time and money “I had never done a soil test before. I had just been using the default lime/fertilizer noted on the products. The soil test actually came back telling me I needed less lime, less fertilizer. The cost of the soil test was minimal compared to the money I saved on unneeded fertilizer and lime. My plots are all small and secluded so I have to use bagged pelletized lime and fertilizer so the savings were well worth the effort. As of now, everything has been planted for two weeks and is looking fantastic! I’m so glad I took the time for this. Well worth the effort.” Must do “I saved quite a bit of money on fertilizer by doing the soil test and applied exactly what the plants needs are for optimal growth.”

Highly Accurate Recommendations (Only Possible with Laboratory Soil Testing) Detail “I really appreciate the information specific to each product I plan on using in my plots. This is not a general recommendation test.” Easy and fast “I had my results in about a week. Results were easy to read and told me exactly what I needed to do in order to have the best soil for the product I was planting.”

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Whitetail News Volume 28 Issue 1

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