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Imperial Clover is the Gold Standard By Charles J. Alsheimer The author has seen his share of companies make impressive claims in his 35 years as a full-time outdoor writer and nature photographer. He feels that Imperial Whitetail Clover deserves the title as Gold Standard.


How to Avoid an Epic Food Plot Failure By David Hart If you are going to go through the effort of planting a food plot, why not do it correctly? Follow the proper steps and you’ll reap the rewards when hunting season comes around.



The Art of Growing Food Plots… and Families By Matt Harper One of the great things about planting food plots is that all members of the family can help. The author explains how his Iowa family finds fun and a sense of accomplishments in the hard work of planting food plots.



Imperial Whitetail Pure Attraction: Two-Stage Fall Annual Delivers a One-Two Punch


Four Chainsaw Projects… To Create Long-Lasting Habitat


Buck of a Lifetime in Oklahoma

By Whitetail Institute Staff

By Scott Bestul By Brad Gaddis


By Matt Harper


Coyote Predation in the Southeast


Imperial Whitetail Double Cross — The Perennial Forage with a Cold-Season Kick

By John Ozoga

By Whitetail Institute Staff

Benefits of Food Plots Go Well Beyond the Practical

Don’t Guess — Calculate Acreage Using your GPS or Smart Phone


For the Love of the Hunt

By Bill Marchel The author discovered more than five years ago while playing with his GPS that it had a function to calculate the acreage of a food plot. And now smart phones are also loaded with an appropriate application.


Say it Loud, Say it Proud — “I am a Deer Hunter” Food is the Key to Whitetail Success

By Mark Kenyon By R.G. Bernier


Rotation Realities for Food Plotters By Scott Bestul Crop rotation is necessary for food plotters, just like it is for farmers. The author gives his tips for this practice.


Strategies to Compete with Crops By Bob Humphrey


School Archery Program Reaches Millions of Students By Whitetail Institute Staff

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A Message from Ray Scott The Weed Doctor By W. Carroll Johnson II, Ph.D, Weed Scientist and Agronomist

By Charles J. Alsheimer Food is the key to great deer hunting.


The Day the Tractor Died


By Ted Nugent




Field Testers Report Stories and Photos


Record Book Bucks Stories and Photos

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Food Plot Planting Dates First Deer — The Future of our Sport

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Whitetail News Vol 24.2  

Whitetail News Volume 24 Issue 2

Whitetail News Vol 24.2  

Whitetail News Volume 24 Issue 2