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Pipeline Benefits Wildlife Habitat By Jon Cooner


Whitetail Institute Perennials


Whitetail Institute Forage Products: The Value Factor


Winter-Greens Prevail in Minnesota

By Ben Jennings


By Jon Cooner By Bill Marchel


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Grow and Kill the Biggest Bucks Possible

By Craig Dougherty


Habits of Successful Food Plotters

By Gerald Almy The explosion of record-book bucks entered in the Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young record books is no coincidence. The timing runs parallel with the founding of the Whitetail Institute of North America.


BowStand and Secret Spot: A Tale of Two Food Plots

10 Customer Service, Foundation of Whitetail Institute for Over 25 Years


By Charles J. Alsheimerl When you call the Whitetail Institute of North America you don’t have to press 0 for the operator…you get a knowledgeable consultant. The Whitetail Institute staff has more than 200 years of combined experience planting food plots and helping others with their efforts.

14 Food Plot Location and Design… Planning Food Plot Goals to Attract, Draw and Hold Deer By Brandon Gaines Whether you have a lot of hunting land or just a small tract, Whitetail Institute forage products are specifically designed to help you meet three food plot goals: to attract, draw and hold whitetails.


Share the Know-How… and transform hunting neighbors into property managers

22 Customers Demand Chicory 24 Successful Deer Management Starts with Large, Healthy Fawns By John J. Ozoga Many factors can influence a fawn’s prospects for survival, as well as general well-being and ultimate deer stature. However, the mother’s level of nutrition during the last trimester of pregnancy is the most important factor governing the newborn fawn’s survival prospects.


By Joe Blake

By Scott Bestul

Planning and Planting Food Plots for the Rut By Bob Humphrey


Simple Soil Test Helps Ensure Top-Notch Food Plots By Tracy Breen

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A Message from Ray Scott Field Testers Report Stories and Photos


Record Book Bucks Stories and Photos

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Food Plot Planting Dates First Deer — The Future of our Sport

Whitetail Institute OFFICERS AND STAFF

Ray Scott Founder and President Wilson Scott Vice President of Operations Steve Scott Vice President, Executive Editor William Cousins Operations Manager Wayne Hanna, Ph.D. Agronomist & Director of Forage Research Mark Trudeau Director of Certified Research Frank Deese Wildlife Biologist Jon Cooner Director of Special Projects Brandon Self, Kendrick Thomas, John White Product Consultants Daryl Cherry Director of Sales Javin Thomas Upper Midwest Sales Manager Clare Hudson Northeast Sales Manager Dawn McGough Office Manager Mary Jones EDI & Invetory Specialist Teri Hudson Office Administrator Accounts Receivable Kim Collins Internet Customer Service Marlin Swain Shipping Manager Desmond Byrd Shipping Assistant Bart Landsverk Whitetail News Senior Editor Charles Alsheimer, Tracy Breen, Matt Harper, Bill Winke, R.G. Bernier, Bill Marchel, Michael Veine, Dr. Carroll Johnson, III, Dean Weimer, David Hart Contributing Writers Susan Scott Copy Editor George Pudzis Art Director Wade Atchley, Atchley Media Advertising Director

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Whitetail News Vol 24.1  

Whitetail News Volume 24 Issue 1

Whitetail News Vol 24.1  

Whitetail News Volume 24 Issue 1