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Advantages of Fall Planting By Jon Cooner The spring season isn’t necessarily the best time to plant Meeting at the Secret Spot Kentucky hunter utilizes personal food plot product


Families Afield: Breaking the Barriers for Kids and Mentors By Tom Fegely A program to introduce youth to hunting


Chicory Plus — for the “Deer Days” of Summer By Jon Cooner

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Winter-Greens: The Wait is Over! A Family Affair

By Jon Cooner

Wisconsin father and daughter plant Extreme and see the results

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Trespassers! By Charles Alsheimer How do you solve a trespassing problem?

Dealing with trespassers! Page 24

Manipulating the Landscape for Hunting Success

By Bill Winke

Mold your property for an increased hunting advantage


Creating a Hunting Hotspot

By Lou Haubner and Tim Hooey, as told to Rick Sapp Learn about a transformed property


Maps and Megabucks By Brad Herndon Studying geography can give a hunter a different perspective


Buck of a Lifetime on Imperial Clover By Kevin Brown Food plot product produces memorable hunting experience


Tricks for Taking Does – Without Hurting Your Buck Hunting By Steve Bartylla Doe harvest is crucial, so what is the best method?


Experts Reveal Their Secrets By Captain Michael Veine How two top deer hunters consistently tag trophy-class whitetails


Vet Makes Scientific Product Choices

Page 44

Ohio hunter prefers No-Plow


Track the Estrous Does… and Find the Bucks By John Ozoga During the rut, “hunting” for does isn’t a bad idea


QDM Produces Trophy Bucks By Aaron Zobrist Illinois hunters experince benefits of quality food plots


A Message From Ray Scott Passing the hunting tradition on!


Scientifically Speaking By Wiley C. Johnson, PhD Tips for long-lasting perennial plots.


Deer Nutrition Notes


Ask Big Jon By Jon Cooner Real questions from real customers


How I Do It By Doug Below An in-depth look at an actual deer management program

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Field Testers’ Reports Record Book Bucks Winter-Greens Planting Dates Fall Planting Dates First Deer – The Future of Our Sport

By Matt Harper On the road again: Tales from the show circuit

Vol. 16, No. 2 /



Whitetail News Vol 16.2  

Whitetail News Volume 16 Issue 2

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