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The right food plots in the right places can transform a bigwoods property from mediocrity to a deer hunting paradise. By Michael Veine uality deer hunting has different meanings to different hunters. Some believe putting a big-antlered buck on the ground defines quality, but others are mainly turned on by tasty venison, and antlers are way down the priority list. Many hunters are more concerned with aesthetics or elements of the hunt that value particular settings, equipment or techniques rather than success.

Charles J. Alsheimer


/ Vol. 26, No. 3

Some hunters want it all, though. They seek hunting experiences with aesthetically pleasing settings where they can consistently kill deer “their way” — with some big bucks on the landscape, too. I want it all. For me and many others, the big woods provide deer hunting that reeks of quality. By big woods, I mean settings where timber is king and agriculture is not much of a factor. Peace and quiet rule, and the sights and sounds of modern life are ushered away by the tranquility of a remote, natural world where the only sounds are the wind blowing through the trees and other melodies of nature. Normally, big-woods deer, especially adult

Whitetail News Volume 26 Issue 3  

Wtn Vol 26.3

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