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his series of photos documents the antler growth and behavior of a buck I photographed through 12 years. The buck lived on an incredible piece of property in the Northeast that was off limits to hunting. Aside from protection from hunters, he had a normal life, complete with many challenges from Mother Nature. His home range featured a substantial predator population and received significant snowfall during winter.

Throughout my career, I’ve imprinted many whitetails on the sound of corn rattling in a plastic can. This buck was one such animal. Unlike many of the deer on this property, the buck had a gentle disposition and never exhibited any aggressiveness toward me, even during the fullblown rut. Consequently, I could follow him and document some incredible behavior through several years. As the buck aged, I was even able to feed him out of my hand.

A Year in the Life of a Yankee Buck By Charles J. Alsheimer Photos by the Author



WHITETAIL NEWS / Vol. 20, No. 3


Whitetail News Vol 20.3  

Volume 20 Issue 3

Whitetail News Vol 20.3  

Volume 20 Issue 3