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The Seed that Started It All The Whitetail Institute of North America Celebrates its 20th Anniversary. By Hollis Ayres



Clearing up the Mineral Mystery Understanding the differences between supplements and attractants. By Matt Harper


Haste Makes Waste

Kansas Hunter Finds Big Buck Success with Imperial Whitetail Clover, Chicory Plus and Extreme. By Dave Stuewe

It takes time and planning to properly develop your deer property. By Charles J. Alsheimer


The Evolution of QDM A Michigan success story. By Charles J. Alsheimer


Son and Mother Shoot First Bucks on Imperial Clover Food Plot By Susie Marietta

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A Message from Ray Scott Deer Nutrition Notes Spring Nutrition: Be Ready for Wide Ranging Conditions. By Matt Harper

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Field Testers Report Turning Dirt — Part Four Planting and Finishing the Seedbed. By Mark Trudeau


PowerPlant — The King of Protein Imperial PowerPlant is a high-protein forage tool that can help your bucks grow bigger racks. By Jon Cooner


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How Turkeys Use the Land Your calling always sounds better if you’re set up where a turkey wants to go. Here’s how these unpredictable birds use the landscape. By Brian Lovett


Preserve the Memories … Start a Deer Camp Logbook Deer camp logbooks are a great way to journal your camp’s hunting history. By Tom Fegely



Record-Book Bucks


The Weed Doctor

Safety first when using herbicides. By W. Carroll Johnson, III, Ph.D.

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Ask Big Jon Real questions from real customers. By Jon Cooner

Herbicides: Back to the Basics Learning the fundamentals of herbicides. By Jon Cooner

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First Deer — The Future of Our Sport

Vol. 17, No. 3 /



Whitetail News Vol 17.3  

Whitetail News Volume 17 issue 3

Whitetail News Vol 17.3  

Whitetail News Volume 17 issue 3