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-should make the tone of the drawing more darker, so that the highlights and the shadows have more contrast

darken shadowed area more, so there is more contrast

too much lines, should be more blocky and dark..

better tone, entirely darker so the highlights is seem more clearly than others. shadowed area could be more emphasized

better tone and contrast, but should be more darker in areas. work on foreshortening on foot

good proportion and fore-shortening, make the overall tone darker to have a higher contrast between the dark and the light.

much better contrast and tone, the foreshortening and placing of the legs could have been changed.

portrait looking above. more foreshortening on the upper body and the face would have made the “”looking above” obvious

better tonal differences in areas, there can be seen very dark areas. there should have been darker areas adding on to the very dark areas covering the gray paper color (home based work)

Home based work 7mins. short sketch. work on foreshortening of right foot. overall, the drawing is dark, but no highlights so looks dull

home based work. short sketch of about 10mins. the shadows and highlights should have made the arms on the body “pop out�. there should have been more of a gradation of shadows, not just one dull black block.

figure drawings 3  
figure drawings 3  

figure drawings using charcoal