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NOTEWORTHY NOHOA NEWS Highlights from the August 4 Board of Directors Meeting: • Jim MacGillis was elected Director to fill the open seat vacated by Tom Krayer earlier this year. • Changes to the Bylaws, providing clarity to Director’s terms of office and adding new developments to the boundaries, were approved. The changes are posted in this issue of the North Oaks News under public notices. • Recreational consultants Ken Vraa and Harvey Feldman, shared the results of their study on the sports field accommodations in North Oaks per the request of the Parks and Recreation committee. • Policies were approved for spending authorization and the response to invasive species and pests on NOHOA properties. The policies are now posted on the NOHOA website. • The recommendations of the Parks and Recreation committee, to be shared with the community, were reviewed. The Board approved the release of

the information to the community in preview for the September 20 Town Hall meeting. • A position paper on the topic of alternatives to the current dues approval process, was presented.

Beach closing The final days for lifeguards on duty at the Beach were August 26-28 and September 2-5. Members are welcome to use the beach at any time, noting when the lifeguards will and will not be on duty. After September 5, the beach will be considered closed for the season.

Office hours As of September 6, NOHOA office hours will revert back to the winter schedule of 9:00-4:00 Monday through Friday.

Board openings for 2017

ence in your community. NOHOA is accepting applications for new Directors in 2017. The only requirements are a passion for the community and having lived in North Oaks for two or more years. The deadline for applications is October 6, 2016. Contact the NOHOA office at 651.792.7765 or nohoa@comcast. net for an application or if you have any questions.

Prevention is the key Autumn is prime time for ticks bites as these miniscule creatures make the transition from small animal habitats to larger (deer) hosts. Persons traversing the trails, open spaces, and wetlands of North Oaks are encouraged to tuck pants into shoes, use pesticide sprays and check for ticks after outings. The easiest means of preventing the spread of Lyme’s Disease is through prevention.

vests for use by Members who may be biking, walking or jogging after dark and need to be visible to traffic. The white vest features the NOHOA logo in maroon on the back and the yellow vest version has no logo. Both are available for $15 and come in sizes M through XL.

New member social Save the date! The biannual New Member Social for Members who have moved into North Oaks any time after October 2014, is scheduled for October 9, 2016 from 3:00-6:00 p.m. at the North Oaks Golf Club. The event is a great chance to meet other new Members, find out more about NOHOA and be introduced to community activities such as the North Oaks Preschool and the North Oaks Social Club. Watch for your invitation in the mail or contact NOHOA at 651-792-7765 or nohoa@comcast.net for details. See you there!

Safety vests

Now is your chance to make a differ-

NOHOA offers two colors of safety

Recycling changes coming By Katy Ross There are some changes coming to the North Oaks Recycling Program. These changes will take effect Jan. 3, 2017. For many years, the City of North Oaks has used the NOHOA Maintenance Facility as the transfer station for its citywide waste recycling program. In March 2016 residents of Peterson Place began complaining about the noise and volume of recycling materials that Peterson-Waddle, the city’s recycling transporter, brings to the facility during the week. Shortly after these residents contacted the city, Shoreview residents living on the north side of the facility also contacted the city with the same concerns. After listening to the concerns of both sets of residents, the city decided to evaluate its current recycling process and look at alternatives. North Oaks has recycled since 1977. Today 85 percent of residents recycle, which is 20 percent more than any other city in Ramsey County. Each year recycling volumes have increased. The goal was to find an alternative process that would address the issues that certain Peterson Place and Shoreview residents have with the existing program without impairing the most successful recycling program in Ramsey County. The only economical and responsive options all involved eliminating the need to use the facility as a transfer station for recycling. This would require Peterson-Waddle to transport collected recycling materials to a non-North Oaks site instead of the facility. The most economical choice was for Peterson-Waddle to transport recycling materials directly to the recycling processor, avoiding the costs of a transfer station. This option entails the need for Peterson-Waddle to buy larger trucks for picking up and transporting collected materials, but it eliminates the need for third party haulers to take recycling from North Oaks to the processing facility. Under the new process, Peterson-Waddle will transport recyclables directly to Eureka, the company the city currently uses for its non-paper recycling. This option also entails another change — moving to

single sort recycling on Jan. 3, 2017. This means that all recyclables can be placed in the same container. Today, North Oaks residents “dual sort” their recycling, by keeping paper separate from cans, glass, and plastics. When the city moved to weekly recycling in October 2015, dual sorting was maintained because the city was paid a rebate for its recycled paper and there was a concern that single sort would result in significant contamination of the recycled paper. The contamination rate at that time was 2.6 percent. Today the contamination rate at Eureka for co-mingled (single sort) recycling is 3 percent, only slightly more than the rate North Oaks achieved with dual sort. Because paper is so cheap, the city no longer receives much of a rebate for selling paper. As a result, moving to single sort has no significant impact on cost or effectiveness of recycling. With the move to single sort, some residents may prefer to use larger recycle bins to better consolidate their recyclable materials. Ramsey County has a purchasing program in place that would be available to North Oaks to enable residents to purchase wheeled recycling bins at steeply discounted prices. Ramsey County also currently has a cart grant where money is available to cities that are moving to single sort recycling to defray the cost of purchasing recycling carts. A grant request is currently in process; and more details will follow. The plan is to implement this new process on Jan. 3, 2017, with a cart purchase program in place at the same time or shortly thereafter. If the new program is implemented in January of 2017, there is ample time for the implementation of single sort to be planned. Residents who have questions or who are interested in getting a cart should contact Katy Ross at kross@ cityofnorthoaks.com. As more information becomes available, the city will put information on its website, and/or will send info out using NOHOA’s weekly email blasts. Residents who do not receive the NOHOA email blasts can call NOHOA and ask to be placed on the distribution list. The Recycling Committee that was formed two

Local author – From page 1

years ago to look at weekly recycling will also help with communicating the plan and its implementation. The proposed change to the North Oaks Recycling Program is a win-win solution for the city. It will address the noise and safety concerns of residents located near the NOHOA Maintenance Facility without imposing additional costs on the city or the residents of North Oaks. It will also not impair our great recycling program. And on top of all that, it also appears that the city may actually save a little money!

North Oaks k Garden Club's Great Sunflower Challenge Bring the sunflower that has been growing and growing all summer long to the North Oaks Farm Fest to win a prize! Entries will be judged at 4:30 p.m. at North Oaks HFHS Farm Fest Sept. 11, 2016 at 35 Hill Farm Circle.

Rules: • Sunflowers must be home grown by a North Oaks resident from seeds provided by the garden club. • Entrants agree to have a picture taken with their sunflower entry to be submitted to future edition of North Oaks News. See if you've grown the tallest plant or the largest flower head,

Tallest Sunflower Plant reconsider. “I wanted people to be able to enjoy my book the same way I had enjoyed books growing up,” Fennig said. Fennig’s book was released on Amazon on Aug. 10 and is available both in print and for Kindle. For other aspiring authors, Fennig’s advice is simple. “Just keep writing. You can edit later

or rewrite the entire thing, but not until you have something to work from.” When she is not reading, writing, or blogging, Molly can be found playing volleyball, volunteering and eating chocolate. For more information about her book, please visit www. mollyfennig.com.

— Submitted

The tallest plant will be measured from the soil line to the top of the head. The head will be extended to measure the full height of the plant. Pull the entire plant from the soil or cut off the stem just below the soil line. Leaves are not necessary.

Largest Sunflower Head — Submitted Photo

Molly Fennig

The biggest head will be measured as the diameter of the seed head. Petals will not be measured. Heads can be cut from the stem.

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Blast soccer finish: U13 boys state champs; U14 girls runner up

By Scott Larson We had a successful year developing players of all ages. Our Junior Blast started its first year in North Oaks with 60 kids and a 67 percent participation rate at the finish on a hot summer morning July 23. We believe we have ignited the passion for positive athletic, mental and behavioral development of our players. For our Boys & Girls Competitive Teams (U9-U18), we also had a rewarding year. NOSC Blast competes in the highest level possible for each age group with the emphasis on quality of play that then translates to success on and off the field. Our Boys U13 Competitive-1 (C-1) Team coached by Alex Bunbury (former Barclays Premier League, Portugal first Division, Major League Soccer and Canadian National Team player) won both the US Club Soccer State Cup (making it to the semi-finals at US Club Soccer Midwest Tournament in Chicago) and the MYSA State Tournament defeating Woodbury 2-0. We came close to sweeping our other entry in the State Finals with our Girls C1 U14 Team coached by Director of Player Development John Michaelson (former U.S. Olympic Festival player, MN Strikers Reserve and Mounds View High School Coach), falling in an exciting match to Minneapolis United 0-1 in the 89th minute. This was the second year in a row of making the State Tournament for these young ladies. In other action, we had success in

numerous tournaments, including a noticeable triumph for our U11 Girls C1 Team coached by Joe Tomas (Hill-Murray/St. Mary’s University) who defeated the neighboring NSSA U12 Girls C2 Team back-to-back (1-0 and 2-0 respectively) on a Sunday to win the Eau Claire Tournament (U11/U12 Bracket). We also share with you an exciting game with our U12 Girls C1 Team coached by Steve Tomas (Hill-Murray/ St. Mary’s University) alongside the Haiti Initiative Team at USA Cup in Blaine. Finally we want to recognize our U10 Boys Team coached by Brian Chapman (who was named our new Boys Director and a former Minnesota United player) and our U10 Girls Team coached by Scott Coyle who demonstrated that new teams can develop into strong teams by the mid-season mark in competitive soccer with quality play in league, tournaments and USA Cup. Former Minnesota United and Borussia Dortmund (Germany) development player Josh Okoampa, who coached our U13 Girls C1 Team, returns as our technical director. We are extremely proud of all of our players, coaches and managers with a special thanks to NOHOA for use of the soccer fields and the privilege to represent North Oaks in major tournaments in the state, region and national levels. For those interested, Fall 2016 Jr. Blast Registration is available online at www. northoakssoccer.org.

— Submitted by Scott Larson

North Oaks soccer team successfully make it to state.

Hill Farm – From page 1 Oaks map, of the dairy building and James J. Hill’s house and greenhouse. Volunteers needed Volunteers are needed to take tickets for the kid’s games and to help in the Food Tent. Please call Mark Ekblad at 651-207-6175 or email mekblad@me.com to volunteer.

HFHS is in need of one or more photographers to take photos at Farm Fest and other HFHS events. Pamela Crandall, who has been the primary photographer, has moved out of state. Please call Paul Dickson, HFHS president, at 651482-9934 or send an email Paul.Dickson@comcast. net.

— Submitted Photo

Children have fun tossing hay.

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Jim MacGillis appointed to NOHOA Board Welcome Jim to the NOHOA Board. He is the third attorney helping the Board negotiate through complex policy and governance issues like ASC, shoreland restoration and

recreation issues such as beach, soccer and hockey. Jim has been a North Oaks resident for 10 years and is joining the Board from the east side of town, Deer Hills. He has a MA

Community preschool going on 50

CITY NOTE Recycling cardboard boxes Please remember to flatten cardboard boxes prior to putting them in recycling. Flattened boxes can be included with paper or placed separately by other recycling. Styrofoam and other non-pa-

per packing materials should be placed in your garbage.

Burgers and beer coming to township By Debra Neutkens White Bear Press Editor WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP — Two North Oaks businessmen don’t have the address nailed down yet for their new burger restaurant, but they at least have the go-ahead to serve adult beverages. Lucy’s Burgers will be located in the strip mall next to Muller Family Theaters on County Road J. Where exactly, is something Joel Kunza and Rob Scott are waiting on as another business, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, negotiates for adjoining space at the mall. The men were eyeing the same former tanning salon, along with the empty Coldstone Creamery, as a site for a 100-seat restaurant. If Farrell’s takes the salon, they will consider a former coffee shop in the complex. That space will seat at least 40. Another snafu was a township moratorium on liquor licenses passed earlier this summer, which affected design of Lucy’s. Scott, who owns an IT company, said there was confusion about the requirements for beer and wine versus full liquor service. When they designed their restaurant, the

space was configured for full liquor. The township requires seating for 100 to serve full liquor. If they lease the smaller space, full liquor is not an option. Scott apologized to the Town Board Aug. 3 for the confusion, telling supervisors they thought a permit allowed full liquor no matter the size. They are designing a cafe with 53 seats but if the Coldstone/tanning salon space becomes available, they’re likely jump it to 100 seats. The board agreed to lift the moratorium after the update and amended the the ordinance, choosing language under Option 1, which allows on-sale liquor at a restaurant with seating for at least 100 and wine and strong beer for a restaurant with seating for at least 40. Option 1 gives them more flexibility, Kunza said, and reduces their risk. “It fits no matter what happens with the landlord,” he said. Kunza is executive vice president of National Recoveries, Inc. The partners say they are not daunted by a lack of experience in the restaurant

from Humphrey Institute and five children. Jim also has been active in Boy Scouting, the White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce and as a volunteer lawyer.

business. “We’ll find good people to run it, and we’ll serve good food in a good spot,” Scott said. “There’s nothing around us like this,” added Kunza, noting that the two live in close proximity at Rapp Farm, a 120-acre neighborhood on the northeast edge of North Oaks. To help them in the venture, the men hired Tony Benshoof, a White Bear Lake former luge Olympian with experience managing restaurants and sports bars. Benshoof retired from luge competition in 2010. “Tony is very much involved,” Scott said. “We hope to keep him throughout the process to get it opened as soon as possible.” Benshoof helps coach the Senior national luge team so will be off to Lake Placid, N.Y., this fall. So why call it Lucy’s? “Have you ever heard of Juicy Lucy’s?” Kunza asked. For those who don’t know, a Juicy Lucy is a popular Minnesota creation — melted cheese surrounded by burger. It will be on their menu. The goal is to open late fall.


North Oaks Preschool is a small, parent-run school right here in the neighborhood that has been open since 1967. Located at the East Rec Center, North Oaks Preschool offers a unique parent cooperative approach that allows the parent to actively participate in the classroom and the administration of the preschool. Families of North Oaks Preschoolers are highly involved in the school and create a close-knit, welcoming

community for all. There are two classes within the preschool: a 3-year-old class that meets Tuesday/Thursday mornings (Bumblebees) and a 4-year-old class that meets on Monday/Wednesday/ Friday mornings (Tree Frogs). A theme-based curriculum with a focus on interactive learning sets the stage for each week and is supplemented by regular field trips and other enrichment activities. Prior destinations have included venues such as Tamarack

Nature Center and Eagle’s Nest. The classes also enjoy frequent visits from a Naturalist and a Storyteller. Two incredible teachers at the preschool share a wealth of experience who are truly dedicated to the children and foster a wonderful learning environment. There are openings in both classes. For more information and registration forms, visit www.northoakspreschool. org or call/email 651-4811594/northoakspreschool@ gmail.com.


Driveways: Asphalt or Concrete Environmentally-friendly solutions too! EARTH WIZARDS, INC. 763 784 3833 WWW . EARTHWIZARDS . COM


Fall Parade Of Homes

Parade of Homes #196

Red Pine Farm

Parade Sept. 10 to Oct. 3 Model open Thurs, Fri., Sat. Sun. N-6 MLS#4750182

Custom Design Your New Home Visit www.gonyeahomes.com

Watch for Completion MID SEPT. Dr. Lauren Jordan

Dr. Jeffrey Williams

Office location 200 Village Center Dr. Suite 300 Former Dr. Roger Rengel has retired,, but the practice will continue to provide excellent optometric care with new doctors, Lauren Jordan and Jeffrey Williams. 651-482-1959 • metrofamilyeyecare.com

Rapp Farm

Parade of Homes #194 AUDREY FRIEDMAN | 612-720-9262 audreyfriedman@edinarealty.com JENNIFER LARSEN | 651-341-5524 jenniferlarsen@edinarealty.com

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