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Is Prophecy Being Fulfilled? Revelation 1:3; Isaiah 1:3-4 While listening to NBC world news on last evening and the segment concerning the staggering costs from this year's natural disasters alone is in the billions and the cost from hurricane Irene alone is 1 billion and counting. The fear that FEMA would deplete its allocated funds that covers these disasters; Congress has allocated additional funds to cover the costs of these disasters for now. What going to happen when winter come and the storms that is associated with the winter season? I raise the above question in light of the many natural disasters that have occurred this year in the USA as well as having red books and magazines on prophesy, The Trumpet Magazine, The Prophesied End-Time and some of Nostradamus prophecies. The Trumpet magazine raised the awareness on such times as these and that these natural disasters would occur so rapidly until they would deplete our resources. Who can forget the devastation from hurricane Katrina and ask has this area been fully restored? How long will it take for places like Joplin Missouri or Alabama, Mississippi or Georgia and will these places ever be restored? What is the human cost of these tragedies? Other issues that were raised in this magazine were that this country was founded on godly principles which overall we have gotten away from. Also, this country was once a proud and powerful nation revered by all, but not any more because we have forgotten our creator and sustainer and become wise in our own deceit. The overall prophecy is that this country will fall because we have broken our covenant relationship with God and He states very plainly in scripture that He is a jealous God and we are not to have any other god before Him (Exodus 20:3,5). So, what have we done? We have disobeyed His commandments. We have destroyed His institution of marriage. Several states have sanctioned same sex marriages and this is not of God. When God instituted marriage it was between man and woman, not two men or two women. There is a great falling away of the church (2 Thessalonians 2:3), because many are being deceived. We see greed on every hand; a murdering spirit is raging across these United States. The less fortunate is being taken advantage of when God made provision for the poor and needy (Amos 5:12-14; Matthew 6:1-4). We have placed our Š All rights subsists September 27, 2011 Willie White, author

understanding before God's; we have a rational answer for everything when Proverbs 3:56 encourage us to trust God and refrain from depending on our understanding. Allow me to close today's discussion by saying, there are many who feel that the rapid occurrences of these natural disasters are the evidence of God's anger and there are numerous us who are praying constantly for the healing of this nation (2 Chronicles 7:14). While God is longsuffering, He does get angry. Join with me and others as we continue to pray for the healing of this nation for we know that prayers changes things. Lastly, prophecy maybe fulfilling, but thanks be to God He is in control. We are never out of His reach and His love surrounds us.

Š All rights subsists September 27, 2011 Willie White, author

Is Prophecy Being fulfilled?  
Is Prophecy Being fulfilled?  

This discussion is reflecting on the disasters of 2011 and their costs and how they relate to prophecy.