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Weekly Discussion 10/08/2010 Christian Education Leadership During the year I have attended workshops on Visionary Leadership sponsored by the Wolverine State Congress of Christian Education, which has proven to be very enlightening and spirit-filled. These leadership workshops support the Congress' mission of "Equipping Church Leaders For Effective Ministry (Ephesians 4:12). Some of the workshops addressed Pastors receiving the vision and effectively communicating his or her vision to the congregation. This week's workshop addressed with "Giving Birth To Your Vision 1 & 2" where the topics were "The Vision Personnel and The Vision Process." These presentations were presented by two dynamic pastors as each provided some very enlightening points. Presenter one, Dr. Nathan Johnson expounded on the "Who Develops the Vision, or Who are the Personnel Involved in the Envisioning Process?" under the section of "The Point Person" it was stated that "The ministry leader is the sole point person or primary leader of the ministry. In the church, this person is the senior pastor." Point well stated. Another point that struck a cord with me is "There is no biblical foundation for co-leadership, people cannot follow a group" (A Single Leader section). My mind went to churches that have co-pastors. Some of the other high points of Dr. Johnson's presentation were the Visionary leader and the characteristics of visionary leaders. An explanation of what the point person does as this person is the vision cultivator, communicator, and clarifier. These duties are very important for the vision to become a reality in that it involves what was termed as "Significant Others" which is made up of the leadership team. It was pointed out that "Wise leaders know that if they get the driving wheels (leadership team) committed, they will bring others along, and without the commitment of the driving wheels, the organization moves unsteadily." (Dr. Nathan Johnson). After identifying the leadership team, Dr. Johnson, provided the functions of the leadership team, which is four-fold from their cooperation, contribution, support and their communication. Dr. Johnson closed his presentation by saying, "Visionary leadership is needed in the kingdom of God in order to fulfill the outline that God has for reaching the world.

Individuals who live in obedience to His direction can implement God's vision and plan for individuals, churches, communities as well as the world. Leadership with insight is not about mighty exploits of human creativity that end in successful praise of the followers. Rather, a Christian leader with a spiritual goal is one who receives directions from God then launches out into the deep by believing that "faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it" (1 Thessalonians 5:24). Powerful! The second presenter, Pastor Reginald Flynn presented the "Three Critical Stages in the Vision Birthing Process." Stage one outlined "The Conception of Your Vision", in stage two Pastor Flynn outlined "The Source of the Visionary's Vision (Birthing) and in stage three he outlined "The Development of Your Vision--The Dream Grows To Becoming A Vision.) In each stage of the birthing process the presenter provided very important points in bringing your vision into reality. They are far too many to list here. The workshop session closed with a powerful sermon "Another Way of Crossing Over, (Joshua 3:1-8) by Dr. Marvin Smith. Our next session is expected to equally as powerful. In closing, the Holy Spirit is at work calling willing hearts that are willing to obey God's call world over and lead others to Christ (soul harvesting). I say this because as I travel, communicate and network with others many are hearing and obeying the call of God as they recognize the importance of God's kingdom building. Reflecting on my ministry which is a church without walls and I will continue to share His Word as He gives me strength. Comments are welcome. Author's contact:

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