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Creating a cohesive theme Whether you’re leaning towards casual and rustic, sophisticated and elegant, or something a little different, here are a few tips

design and decor by whisteria design and rentals


HEN couples come to Carlee Cindric of Pocketful Productions for help planning their wedding, usually, “they’ve booked BY: MEGAN LALONDE

the venue, they’ve got a date, but then they’re sort of at a loss for how to make a look,” she said. “Usually I just start by asking them how they want to feel and 6 WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2019

-, location the arnold farm pemberton. photo by whistler wedding collective

what mood they want to create on their wedding day.”. As Cindric explained, even having a date or venue in mind can help to narrow down the endless list of options available when it comes to choosing a theme for your big day. “If you’re going with a farm versus a hotel versus a lodge by the river, they all kind of naturally give off a certain theme,” she said. “I think also the time of

year plays a big role. Summer weddings tend to be bright and colourful or sort of pastel-y and breezy, (while winter weddings are) a little bit warmer and more cozy, (with) some of those darker, richer colours.” Linda Marshall of Whistler Wedding Planners has also produced her fair share of more specific yet stillseasonally-appropriate nuptials. They range from Mardis Gras-themed events


in February—complete with masks, rich jewel tones, candles and venetian glassware—to dark, gothic-inspired Halloween weddings in October. This summer, she even designed a Narnia-themed backyard wedding. Guests entered through wardrobe doors, while fake snow (courtesy of Vancouver’s film industry) adorned the garden. Another recent wedding Marshall worked on was structured around music. In addition to placing an even greater focus on song choices than usual, the couple chose to extend their theme to the reception tables by naming them after entertainers. “Their walk down the aisle was to music from Michael Jackson, so one of the table names was Michael Jackson,” Marshall said. For other couples, tables could be named after favourite books, wines or ski runs. “You just have to weave the theme through the entire event and manage the expectations of the guests,” she said. Once you have a theme in mind— whether it’s rustic and casual, simple

and sophisticated, over-the-top glamour or anything in between—both planners agree that keeping the details cohesive from the get-go is a surefire way to pull it off. “As long as the branding is explained from the outset from the invitation, usually that’s the best way to keep the whole event flowing along,” Marshall said. That way, guests are, “led on their way from the moment they receive that save the date or that invitation in the mail,” Cindric added. That branding can pop up in elements like colours, textures, fonts, florals, and decor. Don’t be afraid to get creative: as Marshall suggested, an updated take on homegrown rustic-elegance might see tables set with mismatched, antique dishes donated by a couple’s family and friends. Aside from the tangible elements of your wedding day, a theme can also be supported through the structuring of

the event. Some couples might opt for a more formal, traditional celebration, while others looking to create a fun, casual vibe might organize an array of lawn games for their guests. If you’re outdoorsy and are looking to make your wedding a truly familyoriented affair, it could even mean a weekend of “glamping” in yurts with your guests in a forest, and having family and friends help set up your wedding venue the day before. With all of that in mind, both planners encourage couples to look inwards when designing a theme for their big day. “I think a lot of people can get caught up in the Pinterest whirlwind and making sure that it’s on trend or not on trend,” Cindric said. “At the end of the day, we’re going to make it beautiful, so as long as it reflects the couple getting married and … as long as they’re being true to themselves and they’re working towards how they picture their dream day, you really can’t go wrong.”









In the forest Sunwolf plays host to a Canadian-Australian union


HEN Lillian Mercanti and Matt Blake started planning their wedding, they had several factors to consider when securing a venue. BY: DAN FALLOON

First and foremost, since Lillian is Canadian and Matt hails from Australia, the country in which they would tie the knot was very much at issue. However, 8 WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2019

the pair’s love story began in Whistler at a house party in Blueberry Hill on St. Patrick’s Day, with Lillian recalling Matt expressing his distaste for director Quentin Tarantino. “We clashed immediately and have been happily arguing ever since,” she wrote in an email from Switzerland, where she was away on business. After their relationship blossomed during two years in Whistler, Lillian and Matt have been based in Sydney for the

past seven years. For their wedding, the couple felt their best choice would be to bring family and friends to where their story began, and continued, as Blake proposed in Vancouver. The couple started researching venues in Whistler and the surrounding area before deciding on Brackendale’s Sunwolf. One of the driving factors was that it was a location where all 100 guests (including 15 babies and toddlers) could stay in one place and

maximize their time together in a breathtaking spot. “After looking at a few (venues), Sunwolf definitely just felt right,” she wrote. “It had a very laid-back vibe, was situated in a beautiful spot—at the confluence of Cheakamus and Cheekye Rivers and had cabins that our family could stay in for the week, and also property for people to camp on. We also ended up getting Wild Haven glamping tents in for those who wanted

a bit more comfort. The fact that you could bring in your own alcohol, and kind of have free rein of the property was a big draw card.” The couple chose the other local vendors after a combination of online research and recommendations from another couple who had been married in the same spot the year before. With many of the guests making their first trip to the region, Lillian said everyone was blown away by

the outdoor activities the couple had planned, including mountain biking, mountain-top yoga at the Sea to Sky Gondola, rafting and—a lasting memory for her—a hike up the Stawamus Chief the morning of the wedding with a crew that included her mom, who overcame her fear of heights for the trek. While the wedding day went by in a blur, Lillian said two memories stand out. The first stemmed from



photography :

Leah Martin Born and raised on Vancouver Island, I have based myself out of the coastal mountains, in the town of Whistler, B.C., for the past 11 years. I’m a wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photographer and have a passion for documenting and telling stories through photographs. I love to capture the joy and beauty in the everyday, from those intimate moments that my clients share to the outdoor adventures that are part of my daily life. leahkathrynphoto . com

ceremony / reception venue :

Sunwolf Resort, Brackendale sunwolf . net / weddingsevents


her family’s tradition of chanting at gatherings. “During the wedding ceremony, when Matt and I sealed the deal, everyone started chanting ‘Matt and Lil! Matt and Lil!’ The beauty of it was we think Bec Blake, Matt’s cousin, actually started it, so the tradition had cross-pollinated between families,” she recalled. The other memorable moment came after Lillian’s sole “diva bride” moment of the wedding, after she was upset to have missed the playing of Old Crow Medicine Show’s tune “Wagon Wheel,” which she said holds a special place for her and several family members. “My friend was telling me to just get the DJ to play it again but I thought that would be too contrived. Then my friend Jamye Troy, who had played the music for our ceremony with her partner Matt Snyder, said I should just play it on guitar when the dancing is done,” Mercanti said. “So once the dancing finished up, I plugged in her

guitar and played ‘Wagon Wheel’ in front of all our friends and family, and everyone sang along. It was my first time playing a plugged-in guitar and it was definitely a bit rusty, but so special.” Lillian said both families added personal touches to the ceremony, with her sister picking local flowers to create arrangements, baking cakes and cupcakes, and creating gift bags for the younger guests to enjoy during the evening. Some friends also chipped in with placing the seating indicators (in this case, Polaroid pictures with the couple instead of place cards). Being from away, however, she would recommend hiring some external help at the outset. “My advice would probably be to get a wedding planner early on in the game if you’ve got a lot of moving parts,” she wrote. “We ended up doing it last minute when we already put in a lot of time and effort, and probably would have preferred to do that from the start.”



Victoria Haack Photography

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Picking a place to stay How to navigate wedding accommodations in Whistler

nita lake lodge is one of many great whistler options if you are looking for a place that will provide the full package for you and your guests. photo by whistler wedding collective


HE proposal’s been accepted, a date and location have been chosen, and now the burning question is where will everyone stay? BY: BRIGITTE MAH

If you’re like the majority of couples who choose to get married in Whistler, you most likely don’t live here and neither do your guests. So do you pick a secluded place for you and your soon-to-be spouse to stay and arrange lodgings for all your guests, or do you 12 WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2019

let everyone loose on the internet with the hopes they find accommodation that suits their travel needs and style? Wedding planner extraordinaire Erin Kincaid, owner of Bliss Event and Floral Design in Whistler, recommends taking a few things into consideration when trying to coordinate where your guests will stay. The first is to make sure you consider what is the best fit for you, your partner, and your guests. This may include a vision of what you’d like to see on your wedding day, since

the accommodation most likely will be directly tied in to the location you choose. “The couple should be picking the best (lodging) that’s going to suit the demographic for their whole group,” said Kincaid. “For a destination wedding (like Whistler) the guests have travelled a really long way and from all over the world. Most people are travelling and they want that all-encompassed ‘looked after’ experience.” A high-end hotel will offer a onestop-shopping experience for guests,

providing one place for everyone to gather, celebrate, and spend the most quality time together—especially since weddings can be extremely busy. Having one location that not only lodges the guests but also provides the location and food for the wedding simplifies what can be a stressful experience for couples, their families, and their friends. It makes transportation or arrivals convenient, and it’s easy for the couple to meet their guests at the hotel bar for a cocktail after their long journey. “If you think about it, lots of people go to Mexico and it’s an all-inclusive, one-stop shop, so if we flip that and think mountain town: what’s going to be easiest for their guests?” said Kincaid. “The best case scenario is that they pick one hotel, then all their guests are in the same place. Nita Lake Lodge, the Fairmont, and the Four Seasons are the best options for that.” Kincaid recommended working with the hotel that is going to get them the

best possible deal for their group. Many of the high-end hotels will require a deposit for the rooms that have been reserved. While the couple will get that deposit back when their guests make their own reservation at the hotel, it can add an additional expense to the budget. If you’re of the more adventurous variety who is open to à la carte socializing opportunities, you don’t have to stay with your guests. “There are a wealth of condo rental options,” she said. “Whistler Platinum is a property management company that is great for those who don’t want to come for just a weekend—they want to make a holiday out of it.” This option works great for couples whose guests want to explore Whistler in their own way and will join the couple for a few group activities (like ziplining) but will otherwise adventure on their own. Another emerging trend, especially for small weddings, is for the couple to

rent an entire house for the duration of their time in Whistler. That brings all the benefits of localized connection and quality time with an extra intimate factor of planning meals together and sharing house amenities. Still stuck on which option to go with? It should go without saying that a wedding planner can help you make the best choice, especially from a local’s perspective. Often just knowing of another deal or a better (less busy/ more affordable) time of year to get married is just the key to making the budget more comfortable. Kincaid and her team offers a wealth of experience and know the resort inside and out. But whichever lodging option you choose, know that there’s no wrong way to do it. So long as you pick what works best for your wedding style and the demographics of your guests, you’ll have grateful family and friends who will be thrilled someone took the reins in coordinating one part of their journey to Whistler.

Your forever starts here... A majestic and natural paradise 1600 Paradise Valley Road, Brackendale BC Photo Credit: Madison Joy Company WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2019



A Fairmont fair ytale wedding How to combine elegance with mountain culture for your big day


HEN Kelsey MacEachern and Michael Needel first called Kelsey’s mom to relay BY: MEGAN LALONDE

the good news of their engagement, “one of the first things she said was, ‘You’re getting married at Whistler, right?’” Kelsey recalled. 14 WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2019

The resort was a natural choice for the couple: Kelsey spent weekends and holiday breaks skiing at the resort while growing up in Vancouver. “My mom and my grandma have been coming up to Whistler since the late ‘60s,” said Kelsey, over the phone from San Francisco where she and her husband were visiting his family over American Thanksgiving weekend.

“Whistler’s been a big part of my family traditions for a very long time. ” After meeting on a school trip to Dubai while both studying business at Dartmouth University, and later moving to Seattle as a couple, Whistler “kind of turned into a natural place that was really important to both of us,” she said. “When we finally got engaged, it was kind of the immediate

assumption that we would get married at Whistler. It was just a matter of where.” While deciding on a location for their big day was a no-brainer, deciding on a venue for their Labour Day weekend celebration proved almost as easy. Immediately eliminating any venues that couldn’t accommodate their guest list of 120, the pair was pointed in the direction of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler. “They mentioned they had this new location they had only very recently started using to host events,” said Kelsey of the private, multi-level mountainview lawn located at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club. “The Fairmont drove us up to the practice green and we immediately were just so in awe of how beautiful it was.” The centrally-located space not only “felt like it was in the middle of nowhere,” but also afforded the

couple the opportunity to make it their own, “kind of like choose your own adventure,” Kelsey said. The couple gravitates towards “things that are a little bit more antique and have a little bit more history and that are very simple and elegant,” Kelsey said. They aimed to bring a sense of timeless elegance to their day through their decor, with white roses from Billies Flower House in Squamish adorning the long tables and crystal chandeliers floating overhead. The couple chose the large gold frame displaying guests’ seating assignments upon entering the first reception tent— with tables named after the couple’s favourite local ski runs—because it reminded the bride of one she had inherited from her grandmother. “I didn’t end up bringing the real one because I didn’t want something to happen to it, but it was reminiscent of that one,” she said.

That classic approach extended to the structure of their day too. Following a ceremony on one tier of the green, the reception carried through two different tents at the venue: one set up for dinner, and another for dancing the night away to the band, Side One, who Michael called, “beyond amazing.” “It was something that was really important… to really make it feel like a party party,” he said. The personal touches continued, from invitations and place card settings designed by one of Kelsey’s bridesmaids (a graphic designer and calligraphist), to ensuring a selection of the couple’s favourite wines was on hand. Though planning the elegant affair from a distance could pose some challenges, the Fairmont’s team made it a breeze. “Even though Seattle is relatively close to Whistler, we still only ended up WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2019


photography :

Pascale Gadbois I am a photographer because we all have a story to tell. Looking through my lens you’ll see a fusion of photojournalism and fine art. To me, a good image is one that captures a true moment, one that you can look back on and still feel butterflies in your stomach, one that is timeless. Great images are the ones that tell a story to everyone, even if the real story is only known to one. gadboisphotography . ca

wedding planner :

Linda Marshall Whistler Wedding Planners whistlerweddingplanners . com


Billie’s Flower House billiesflowerhouse . com

ceremony / reception venue :

Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club fairmont . com / whistler


making it up to Whistler probably three times between choosing the location and the wedding. We really were doing most of it remotely … We relied a lot on Christine Boyle at the Fairmont, who is fantastic,” Kelsey said. “I don’t think I can say enough about the Fairmont. I had so many guests come to me during the weekend and after the weekend and just say how taken care of they felt.” Taking care of their guests was a running theme throughout the weekend. With most flying in from out of town, the couple’s goal wasn’t just to plan one great event, but to keep the fun flowing with a full weekend of

memorable activities. “We planned it out to be a full weekend event, so it was really just giving people opportunities to see different parts of Whistler that we love,” Michael added. That included a welcome cocktail reception in Steeps Grill & Wine Bar on Whistler Mountain and a rehearsal dinner at the Audain Art Museum, catered by the Fairmont. Lastly, “One little surprise we treated our guests to was at the brunch, the morning after we had dim sum,” Kelsey said. “We had some dumplings because it’s Michael’s favourite food in the entire world.”

Elegance & Adventure



Photos courtesy of Alanna Govenlock

Photos courtesy of Alanna Govenlock


To serve or not to serve? The vegan’s dilemma As more Canadians opt for plant-based diets, should your wedding ditch the meat?


OU’VE compromised. Oh, how you’ve compromised. From redoing the seating chart for the umpteenth time to BY: MAGDALENA BOKOWA

settling on the Beach Boys as your father-daughter dance, you’ve made some puzzling and at times grimaceinducing concessions surrounding your wedding—a day that’s supposed to be all about you and your fiancé right? But you’re opting for a plantbased lifestyle and you’re faced with deciding if you’re going to instill that choice onto your family and friends. “Now darling,” your mother chimes in, “You aren’t going to make us eat rabbit food at your wedding are you?” Well, it depends—on the level of commitment to your own personal diet, the guests in attendance and… yep, if the one signing the cheque is your dearest prime-rib-eating mother.

To compromise or not to compromise? Traditionally, vegans and vegetarians have opted to serve meat at their weddings, primarily because it was hard to find vegan/ vegetarian-friendly caterers in 18 WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2019

smaller markets. Yet, with a 2018 Dalhousie University report finding that 7.1 per cent of Canadians now identify as vegetarian and 2.3 per cent consider themselves vegan, the trend to serve animal-free fare is quickly gaining steam. “Vegan, vegetarian, glutenfree… we do it all,” laughed Linda Marshall, a wedding planner and owner of Whistler Wedding Planners and Events. In her nearly 30 years as a self-professed “wish granter” Marshall said she noticed couples strongly considering alternative options “around 12 years ago,” but added that in the 1,180 weddings she’s planned, she’s never had an entirely vegan wedding. Yet. “Oh, I’m sure it’ll happen very soon,” she said, “and I’m sure we’ll be able to do it.” But asked if the happy couple should offer only vegan or vegetarian options, Marshall doesn’t miss a beat when answering, “It’s all about the guest experience… so who’s coming, what they expect to eat and quite frankly, who’s paying for that meal.” So if your wedding is a small, close-knit affair made up of likeminded friends, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but if its a 200-person, multigeneration party, well, it might be better to compromise. Marshall said that though on

paper it shouldn’t really matter what the guests eat, it often can become the polarizing item in wedding planning. “The meal is so very important … and though the guests should know your own preferences and abide by them (it can be) better to compromise,” she said. She added that if your wedding is mostly a family affair with an older generation, offering a familiar meat or fish option is a great way to make most guests happy. Salmon, for example, is a popular choice in Whistler-based weddings. “I try to instill in the bride and groom that it’s about the celebration and the entire experience,” she added. “And you’re really just planning a large dinner party.” Though, if your diet is a fullfledged lifestyle choice and you can’t compromise on serving meat, there’s clever ways to feel good about your menu without having to hear from Uncle Marty that, “It was good, but it would’ve been better with salmon.”

Go heavy on the appetizers From vegan mozzarella sticks to smoky avocado fries, there’s plenty of bite-sized plant-based options some even smothered in (glutenfree) breading. Your guests won’t even notice it’s not only meatless

and dairy free, but also cooked in coconut oil! To go the extra mile, you can opt for faux meats or make do with funny twists such as “beet” carpaccio. Opt for buffets rather than plated, sit-down dinners. Whether you decide to go 100 per cent veg or not, jazzing up meal options with clever stations where you can clearly label dietary restrictions is a great way to give options without making it too apparent. Marshall said that she’s been adding quinoa “stations” as a way to combat gluten intolerances, for example. Whistler’s many top-notch caterers will also have suggestions on how to feed everyone on your guestlist. But, in the end, choose what’s right for you–down to the last crumb.

platters of vegan finger food are an easy way to fill your guests up while remaining true to your lifestyle choices. photo by pascale gadbois









A rustic-chic celebration at the Red Barn Moody weather and Mount Currie offers a uniquely Pemberton setting


HEN Emily and Aaron Pascas first went for a drive down Pemberton Meadows Road, they knew it was where they wanted to get married—despite the fact that they BY: ALYSSA NOEL

had never been farther north down the Sea to Sky Highway than Whistler. 20 WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2019

“The whole surrounding speaks for itself,” Aaron said. “It was a no brainer once we got up there and took a look around.” So, the Lower Mainland couple booked a wedding venue and vendors for the September wedding. But then, the day their invitations arrived in the mail—emblazoned with the wedding date—just six months from

the big day, the venue fell through. “We were stressing out,” Aaron recalled. “Who’s going to be available in mid-September? Luckily, Em found the Red Barn and they were able to accommodate us the following weekend we had originally had it booked.” Even luckier still: all the Sea to Sky vendors were also able to accommodate the switch.

photography :

Leah Kathryn Born and raised on Vancouver Island, I have based myself out of the coastal mountains, in the town of Whistler, B.C., for the past 11 years. I’m a wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photographer and have a passion for documenting and telling stories through photographs. I love to capture the joy and beauty in the everyday, from those intimate moments that my clients share to the outdoor adventures that are part of my daily life. leahkathrynphoto . com

wedding planner :

Robyn Savage, Blue Violet Events bluevioletevents . com

With the Red Barn as their venue, the couple hired Whistler-based wedding planners Blue Violet Events, which had the local know-how to transform the sprawling barn into a rustic-chic setting that looked plucked out the pages of a glossy style magazine. “We ended up sourcing a lot of the decorations over the year-and-a-half we spent engaged,” Emily said. “Robyn from Blue Violet made it all come together.” The most unique feature was a lounge with a pink couch at the centre, complete with a cigar-and-whisky bar. “We didn’t want to overshadow the venue and the background,” Emily added. “We didn’t want to overdo it; that’s not us either. We’re simple, minimalist.” The plan, initially, was to host both the ceremony and long-table dinner outdoors, with towering Mount Currie looming over the scene. But when the big day arrived, Mother Nature had other plans. The day before the wedding, the

moody forecast prompted the couple to move the day’s events indoors. But 10 minutes before the ceremony, their photographer, Leah Martin, from Leah Kathryn Photography, noticed the rain has slowed and asked Aaron if he might want to move the ceremony outdoors after all. Aaron was on board—as were the groomsmen and guests who hauled the chairs and archway outdoors into the field before the bride and her bridesmaids arrived. “We blitzed it all out there,” Aaron said. “We had to dodge some cow patties, but it all worked out for the best. We wanted to have it outside for the view and Mount Currie.” The resulting photos are similarly well served by the low-hanging clouds and iconic Pacific Northwest mist intertwined with the forested mountainside. “We talked about it after; there really wasn’t anything we would change,” Emily said. “I wouldn’t even want a sunny day.” The pair opted to keep the dinner

ceremony / reception venue :

Red Barn, Pemberton riverlandsredbarn . com

dinner :

Whistler Wood Fired Pizza Co. whistlerpizzacompany . com



and dancing under cover in the barn, which was decked out in hanging strings of lights. The guests enjoyed Whistler Wood Fired Pizza for dinner, followed by another food truck that served grilled cheese sandwiches as a late-night snack. “It was nice to hear from our guests, ‘This is so you guys,” Emily added. “It was low key and chill. The dancing was a highlight, the whole day was a highlight.” For his part, Aaron said the highlight—besides marrying Emily— was watching the day come together and seeing their family and friends enjoy it all. “That was our big thing; we wanted everyone to have a good time,” he said. Their advice for other couples looking to wed in the corridor is simple. “I think the big thing for us was choosing the venue and building everything around that,” Emily said. “Go with your gut. We’re lucky in that we didn’t have too many outside opinions. We got to do exactly what we wanted to do.”


romantic memorable personalized

looking for the ultimate lakeside venue for your whistler wedding? Experience a stunning environment, luxury accommodation, bridal spa services and customized catering. | +1.888.755.6482 | @nitalakelodge


Planning an unconventional wedding Two couples weigh in on how they pulled off their outside-the-box nuptials

scott heinz and marcy grossman ride mount barbour on their wedding day. photo by robin o’neill


N the morning of their wedding, Scott Heinz and Marcy Grossman woke their families up at 5 a.m. BY: ALYSSA NOEL

The Seattle couple had gathered their loved ones in Squamish during the August long weekend for the event— only the group had no idea where or 24 WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2019

how the nuptials would unfold. “We like to make things as complicated as possible,” Scott said with a laugh. In separate vehicles, they set off north down the Sea to Sky Highway, eventually convening at the end of Pemberton Meadows Road. “I’m there with the family and as we drive up, the helicopter starts landing,” Scott recalled.

The plan had been for the group of 20 to fly up Mount Barbour for a quick 15- to 20-minute ceremony and then fly back down again. Only bad weather was looming above and the pilot was worried about leaving the family stranded in the alpine. Quickly, they shifted to Plan B— getting married in the stunning farmer’s field they found themselves in, followed by a heli-drop with their bikes and a

couple of friends to enjoy their first ride as husband and wife. “As we were getting ourselves situated, the owner drives up on his tractor, but he was very nice,” Scott said, adding he allowed them to do the quick ceremony. Afterwards, Marcy changed out of her knee-length wedding dress into a white biking outfit and the pair headed up on the chopper for a biking adventure. “The bike down was more adventurous than we thought,” Marcy added.

know each other,” Marcy said. “If they only saw each other at the reception, they wouldn’t interact as much.” The outside-the-box wedding is just one example of how some couples are opting to shake up their big day. When Marcy and Scott first sat down to start planning, they listed their priorities for the day, which included adventure, family and the outdoors. Then they worked to bring that vision to life in a part of the world that has meant a lot to them. “We look back on the day and

scott heinz


marcy grossman

photography :

Robin O’Neill I am a professional photographer based in Whistler, BC. The inspiring environment, genuine people and simplicity of mountain life continue to energize me and my work. Wedding photography combines my personal and photographic passions - people, details and spontaneity. I will approach your wedding as it is, unique and incredibly special. I will be there to capture all your authentic moments, your personality and your style. You can be confident that I will create artful images that capture your memories in a way that is perfect for you. robinoneillweddings . com

A few tumbles off the not-somaintained trail later, they re-joined their family in Squamish for dinner at the Howe Sound Brewery. The festivities carried on for two more days, with a larger group of around 100 family and friends joining for outdoor activities and a reception at The Joinery. “We liked the idea of spreading it out to give our family time to get to

weekend and feel like it turned out perfectly,” Marcy said. “We were really happy with how everything turned out.” It can be daunting to reveal unconventional wedding plans to family and friends—particularly if they aren’t used to an outdoorsy lifestyle. But for Squamish couple Angela Walsh Noble and Steve Noble—both from Ontario originally—their guests luckily

weren’t deterred by the long, winding drive to the stunning and secluded Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa. “We love camping and hiking and mountain biking is a big thing for us too in the summer,” Angela said. “We wanted to show the people we love the things we were into too. Tyax was the perfect venue for it.” Some family members opted to drive the scenic, though sometimes bumpy, Hurley River Forest Service WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2019


angela walsh noble and steve noble with their wedding party at tyax lodge. photo by alanna govenlock

Road, while older members of the family took the smoother road through Lillooet. As the lodge itself says, “getting here is part of the adventure.” Some of the vendors travelled to the venue—including Pemberton’s Colleen Conroy for make up and

photographer Alanna Govenlock with Stolenstill Photography—but the lodge took care of many aspects like accommodation for all guests and catering. Angela, a local artist, also dedicated time into several DIY wedding projects.

“It allowed a lot of freedom,” she said. “There’s a lot of freedom to be creative.” One example was detailed, handdrawn invitations that included a map and precise instructions on the adventure that awaited the guests.

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Plan your wedding at the Sea to Sky Gondola, 885m above majestic Howe Sound. We offer several outdoor ceremony sites as well as the Summit Lodge that take advantage of the breathtaking views.

For details and to plan your perfect day, please email or call 604-892-2551. Photos: Jelger and Tanja Photography | Gucio Photography | Rebecca Amber Photography | The Apartment Photography

Once they got there, the group of 80 family and friends enjoyed a relaxing weekend lakeside in the top-notch resort, she added. “My favourite moment was waking up there and thinking, ‘Holy crap, we’re getting married here today!” she said. “And watching our family and friends bond in that place … I think if you want to get married up there, make sure to explore some of the area and what the venue has to offer.”


angela walsh noble


steve noble

photography :

Alanna Govenlock I love capturing people. Being able to articulate emotions through a single candid moment with my camera. Every couple and their friends and family are different. It’s in a certain laugh or a familiar hug – these little things make life so enjoyable, and I feel honoured to witness these interactions. The relationships I build with the people that I meet greatly influence my work. Growing up on Vancouver Island and finding my way to the mountains 10 years ago both the ocean and snowy peaks pull at my soul. Playing in the outdoors is where I’m happiest. stolenstill . com



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Scandinave Spa Whistler offers a traditional Scandinavian baths and massage experience in a natural environment on the edge of Lost Lake Park just 5 minutes from Whistler Village.




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Intimate, exclusive, just for you When you say “I do” at The Brew Creek Centre, there’s no one else here on our secluded 20-acre rainforest property except your family and friends. What you will find is all the elements for the destination wedding of your dreams: A beautiful, serene place intentionally designed to encourage connection, sophisticated yet unfussy fare locally sourced, and warm, personal service. We take care of the details – you make cherished memories of a lifetime.


Erica and Nick | August 6th, 2017 Shari and Mike Photographers | To plan your wedding at the Museum, contact: T. 604.962.0413 E. 4350 Blackcomb Way Whistler, BC Canada Image captured by Christie Graham Photography

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