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The ultimate guide to Sea to Sky weddings

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Contents photography :

Logan Swayze


Logan Swayze is an award winning wedding photographer based in beautiful Whistler, B.C.

A vibrant farm celebration 6

Logan’s photographic style blends the tenderness of human connection with the raw beauty of the natural world. From wide scenic portraits to intimate embraces, Logan’s images capture the essence of the moment in its authenticity.


Planning a wedding from across the world 10 floral trends

Flowers get wild in 2017 14

loganswayze . com


photo location :

Cheakamus River, Whistler B.C.

A long-anticipated wedding in a winter wonderland 16 wedding

from the happy couple :

Summer camp vibes abound during mountain-chic nuptials 20

“We trusted our photographer, Logan Swayze, to find a location that would capture ‘fairytale’ style photos (…) He delivered the goods.” (kristy


prothman, from powell river, b.c.

More than just wedding bells 24

and jake pike, from bellbrae, australia)


Finding the perfect forest venue 26 eco-chic Green is the new white 32

Directory 34


Sarah Strother editor Alyssa Noel Louise Stevens wplp production manager Karl Partington contributors Brigitte Mah, Emma Taylor, Jennifer Treptow, Kim VanLochem, Megan Lalonde sales manager Susan Hutchinson sales executives Amy Allen, Jennifer Gibson, Tessa Sweeney, Kate Whitley publisher

publication art director


published by Whistler Publishing LP, a division of Glacier Media Inc. #103-1390 Alpha Lake Road, Whistler, B.C., V0N 1B1 phone 604.938.0202




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Photo: Cakewalk Media

Photo: Kristine Cofsky

Photo: Kristine Cofsky

Photo: Robin O’Neil

WEDDINGS AT BIG SKY YEAR ROUND Private & Charming • Personalized Menus • Breathtaking Scenery @BigSkyGolfClub


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A vibrant farm celebration Mount Currie proves to be stiff competition for wedding decor


he story of how Belinda Marsh and Ben Motum first met is plucked straight from a modernday fairy tale. Around seven years ago the couple BY: ALYSSA NOEL

was at a bus stop in Vancouver, each with their respective groups of friends, when they realized they were both on their way to a music festival and struck

up a conversation. “A year later we were an exclusive couple and six years later we got engaged in Central Park in New York City,” Belinda recalled. When the pair set out to plan their big day they knew one thing: they wanted to highlight the best B.C. has to offer. Although they’ve both lived in Vancouver for years, Belinda is originally from Australia while Ben hails from the UK. “This is our home and we really wanted to have our friends and family

come together from abroad in a location that showcased B.C. and why people call it beautiful British Columbia,” Belinda said. “We were looking into the Whistler and Pemberton area.” But as soon as they laid eyes on Pemberton’s North Arm Farm the pair was certain they had found their location. “That backdrop of Mount Currie is so spectacular, that’s where we wanted it to be,” she added. From there, other decisions began


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to unfold. For one, they knew that “to compete with that kind of background you want something that jumps off the stage,” Belinda said. That meant bright, bold colours that translated to wild and vibrant flowers, multi-colour ribbons strung across the barn roof and an electric pink cake. Because North Arm Farm requires its couples to hire a wedding planner, Belinda and Ben simply described their

vision to Ola Smazynski with Flock Events and she sourced items and executed their ideas. “There’s a notion that one, wedding planners are really expensive and two, it’s only something you do if you’re having a really highend wedding with a $50,000 budget,” Belinda said. “Really good wedding planners will save you in time and money.” The gorgeous decorations that


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2016-12-02 12:52 PM

adorned the open-air barn became doubly important when stormy skies pushed the long table dinner — originally planned to take place outside — indoors under cover. “I loved the barn and how it was dressed,” Belinda said. “We did have a change of plans on the day; we thought it would rain a lot earlier than it did. We thought we’d have a long table dinner in

the field and had to bring it inside, but the barn was beautiful.” While the stunning ceremony — the aisle lined with orange and yellow flowers — took place under sunny skies, Mother Nature still managed to put on a show. “There were two rock slides,” Belinda said. “One as I was walking down the aisle and the other while we were taking photos. In one photo we’re

both looking up at it.” The rocks tumbled down the steep face of Mount Currie — a safe distance away — making incredibly loud noises and adding to the atmosphere, she added. But on top of the mountain surroundings, the couple also incorporated aspects of the farm into their celebrations by using vegetables


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photography :

Leah Martin

from the field as their place settings. “Our invites, created by a friend, were flowers and fruits and veggies that are grown on the farm as part of the border,” Belinda said. “We wanted things to be seasonal and farm-to-table.” To that end, Pemberton’s popular Collective Kitchen catered the dinner. “The food was amazing,” Belinda added. “We received rave reviews from

our guests that it was not just the best wedding food ever, but the best food ever.” They might have had to resort to Plan B for the meal, but Belinda said when your back up is as appealing as your original plan, you know you’ve found the right venue. “If you’re not happy with Plan B, the venue is not for you.”.

Leah Martin is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Whistler, B.C. She loves to capture the joy and beauty in the everyday — from those intimate moments that her clients share to the outdoor adventures that are part of her daily life. It is not unusual to see Leah climbing trees at weddings or wading chest deep into water to get the shot. Your session will be fun and natural; sit back, relax, let your authentic self shine bright. leahkathrynphoto . com

wedding planner :

Ola Smazynski, Flock Events facebook . com / flockweddingsandevents

reception venue :

North Arm Farm northarmfarm . com

catering :

The Collective Kitchen collectivekitchenbc . com

flowers :

Flowers and Jules flowersandjules . com

cake :

The Flour Pot theflourpot . ca

music :

DJ Lon


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Planning a wedding from across the world Lakes, mountains and bike trails entice Australian couple to tie the knot in the corridor


hen Rachel and Alex Swann first got engaged, they dreamed of a Whistler wedding, but the logistics of bringing dozens of their closest friends and BY: ALYSSA NOEL

family from their home in Australia seemed daunting. The couple spent two winter seasons in Whistler in 2010 and 2011 — and in

that time they had fallen in love with the valley. “We said, ‘that’s where we want to get married,’” Rachel recalled. “But it didn’t seem like in reality we could do it,” Alex added. In the end, they made a compromise: stretch out their engagement over three years so their loved ones could save up for the big trip. “People even planned babies and renovations around the trip,” Rachel said. In total, 35 of them — ranging in age

from eight months old to 84 years old — made the journey. To that end, their loved one’s huge effort informed how the couple planned their big day. “We wanted to give our family and friends a Canadian experience,” Rachel said. That led them to Alta Lake, where the dock at The Point Artist-Run Centre served as the perfect backdrop for the ceremony, showcasing Whistler’s iconic mountains.


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Insider knowledge from wedding planner Ola Smazynski at Flock Events helped unearth that option. “It takes in everything; the ski hills and lakes and everything Whistler is about,” Alex said of the setting. In the end, despite the blustery wind that blew Rachel’s veil off her head and into a nearby tree, it was the couple’s favourite part of the day. “The ceremony went as well as it could have,” Alex said. After enjoying charcuterie boards prepared by Whistler Cooks on the lakeshore, the party headed over to the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre where glittering lights accentuated the already stunning wood building. Bright, bold floral arrangements dotted with lush greenery lined the tables — along with very special table settings the couple brought from Australia. “Being Australian we don’t have bears over there,” Rachel said. “So we had wooden bear cut outs as our place tags. We had a friend who does a lot of artwork write everyone’s names onto those and we brought them over with us.” Though they set out to share a bit of Canada with their wedding guests, the couple also wound up incorporating pieces of their home country in their big day too. Some — like their stunning cake made of wheels of cheese — were on purpose, while others were unexpected. “We’re from the Yarra Valley in Melbourne, which is known for its cheese and wine,” Rachel said.


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photography :

Anastasia Chomlack For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by life and the way people inhabit it. Photography for me became a way to unearth the details, the authentic moments, the chaos and the love – a way to coax life into frames worthy of remembrance. For 12 years, I’ve had the joy of photographing weddings – and it has afforded me the incredible honour of entering into others’ memories – however fleetingly. anastasiaphotography . ca

“We’re not huge cake eaters and we love cheese,” added Alex, explaining their decision to forgo a traditional cake. A bonus? “We spent another week in Whistler after the wedding,” Rachel said. “We had lots of cheese leftover to share with family and friends.” But the surprise that transported them home came thanks to Colin Bullock, a local musician originally from Australia who played both during the ceremony and at the reception. By the end of the night, after the delicious meal prepared by the SLCC staff was done, guests gathered in a large circle on the dance floor and belted out traditional Aussie tunes. “The Canadian guests

were probably thinking, ‘who are these people?’” Rachel recalled, with a laugh. After a night of dancing, most guests decided to stick around Whistler to enjoy barbecues, hiking and biking and spending time with the newlyweds. For Alex, it was a dream come true to hit the bike trails with his brother, father and friends, who share his passion for the sport. “We didn’t feel rushed or anything,” Rachel said. “We had so many drinks and barbecues together.” It might have taken extra work to plan a wedding from across the world, but the couple says it was worth the effort. “I’d do it 100 times over,” Rachel said.

wedding planner :

Ola Smazynski Flock Events facebook . com / flockweddingsandevents

reception venue :

Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre slcc . ca / venue / weddings

catering :

Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre slcc . ca / venue / weddings Whistler Cooks whistlercooks . com

flowers :

Flowers and Jules flowersandjules . com

music :

Colin Bullock colinbullock . com


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floral trends

Flowers get wild in 2017 Woodland-inspired, foraged blooms on trend for eco-chic weddings

whistler wedding collective,



lowers are a key component of any wedding, but dramatic new trends in floral decor and design are putting flowers centre stage. Looking ahead, bridal bouquets BY: KIM VANLOCHEM

of loose, organic, wider shapes are officially the new must have. Look for bulky bouquets with a “freshly gathered from the garden” look. These are often

whistler wedding collective, whistlerweddingcollective.com

wild, woodland-inspired bouquets of lush ferns, greens and foraged blooms that cascade in an asymmetrical shape. “The big, magical whimsical designs with lots of greenery are what people in the Sea to Sky are looking for,” said Sophie Rivers, owner of Whistler’s Ninebark Floral Design. “Brides are moving away from the tightly wrapped bouquet and requesting trailing ribbons or fabrics for more of a bohemian look.” Locally grown, seasonal, wild and

foraged flowers are expected to grace every eco-chic wedding in 2017. The latest wedding bouquet trend is all about getting wild, untamed and free. Relaxed florals with natural textures and deconstructed foliage create bold and unique bouquets. “It’s virtually impossible to create the wildly natural bouquet twice. It keeps things fresh from a design standpoint,” Rivers said. “While some people still want traditional bouquets, many brides


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2016-12-02 12:53 PM

are adding depth and design with greenery.” Gone are the tightly bound bouquets of the past. Mixing and matching competing flowers, large foliage and wild branches creates a glamourous effect for the modern bride. Foliage will be big in 2017 from the bouquet to other elements of wedding floral design. The long running trend for mason jars and burlap at weddings is starting to wane in favour of more eco-chic glamour. Colours are getting bolder with deeper, moodier shades of berry tones, deep hued foliage and earthy browns pushing out the pastel. “In 2017, you are going to see a lot of big, dramatic statements in floral design with bright colours, warm metallics and textures,” said Elizabeth Tiedeman, owner and lead planner at Brilliant Events. “We are seeing a lot of weddings bringing the outside in for a more natural and wild look.” Centerpieces have become chic and stylish with bold metal tones like rose gold or copper. Ninebark Floral Designs is seeing more requests for geometric containers or lanterns with flowers flowing inside and out. Suspended arrangements are also trending, commanding attention with greenery and pops of the colour palette for the big day. “We will see some unique and exciting pieces in 2017 from flowers hanging off chandeliers to big, dramatic garlands adding to the wedding decor,” Tiedeman said. “Trends are shifting to more dramatic looks and people are having a lot of fun with it.” The trend of farm-to-table weddings not only defines what your wedding guests eat, but the whole look of your wedding. According to Rivers, the bride’s bouquet often leads the rest of the floral decor, determining arrangements on the groom’s side. “Boutonnieres are incorporating the same greenery trends, but with more masculine designs,” Rivers said. “We are seeing things that are a bit more structural and creative. I’ve actually done some out of Lego.” Whether your floral budget is

massive or humble, never underestimate the power of floral design. Flowers can be found everywhere at a wedding, adding extra colour, texture and feeling to your special day. “Whistler is such a fantastic place to be a florist. From locals to international destination weddings, it’s a lot of fun working with my clients,” Rivers said. “Everyone comes to the table wanting something different and floral design is becoming more personal.”

leah martin, leahkathrynphoto.com


whistler wedding collective,



www.stretchtents.ca • 604.614.2168 / 604.614.0586 info@stretchtents.ca

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darby magill, darbymagill.com

WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2017 15 2016-11-17 9:20 AM

2016-12-02 12:54 PM


A long-anticipated wedding in a winter wonderland Snow-covered Nita Lake Lodge offers cozy setting to tie the knot


hen Meghan and Scott McCoach sat down one seat away from one another in BY: BRIGITTE MAH

medical school six years ago they had no idea their attraction to each other would test their dedication to their careers. “We clicked right away from the

minute we spent time together on our project,” said Scott. That project was a month-long trip to Honduras teaching sex education in a rural village, and it lit a spark that wouldn’t go away, despite what they were being told at school. “A lot of the advice we’d get from our professional mentors in school is ‘whatever you do, don’t date people

in your class, don’t get mixed up with people at work,’” said Scott. Eventually, though, they decided to forgo the rules and follow their hearts. Even then, their journey wasn’t going to be easy. Both were applying for residency and knew they could end up on opposite sides of the country. “There were a thousand reasons why we shouldn’t be together,” said Scott.


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2016-12-02 12:54 PM

“There were 50 obstacles, and we were told, ‘This is not going to work. This does not end happily.’ Both of us said ‘To hell with that.’” On the day they received their residency placements, with Meghan going to Ontario and Scott going to Fort St. John — adding up to over 4000 kilometres separating them for two years — Scott knew it was time to propose. “I knew, this was the girl I’m sticking with forever,” he said. He planned a diving trip to Belize and on a rickety pier in sweltering 40-degree heat, wearing dress pants and a dripping backpack full of ice for the only bottle of champagne he could find in the country, he proposed. And nearly two years later, on a wintry day in January, with the snow swirling softly, and 180 of their friends and family around them, Meghan and Scott officially chose each other over their careers. Nothing — not even walking on ice in Jimmy Choos or the rainy forecast or Scott’s cousin’s broken collarbone a few hours before the ceremony — could stop the journey they had begun six years earlier from a random seating selection in university. Whistler was a natural choice for the celebration. Not only is it a stunning setting, but Meghan also grew up in the mountain town. Her father, Gord McKeever, served on council and her mom, Libby, is a local librarian. The community was deeply saddened when Gord passed away last summer. Meghan said she’s particularly happy WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2017

Wishes 2017 (FINAL).indd 17


2016-12-02 12:54 PM

photography :

David Buzzard David Buzzard is a long-time Whistler wedding photographer. He holds a Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice certification, awarded to the top 5 per cent of client rated wedding vendors.

to have a photo of her dad all dressed up. “I had to put my foot down about getting a suit for the wedding as he was determined to wear the one he wore when he married my mom,” she said. “As a good Whistler local, he dressed for work in MEC gear the majority of the time and the only suit he owned prior to my wedding was the one he was married in.” Attire aside, the couple had a hand in all the details of their wedding, from the hand-picked pinecones in the bouquet to the handmade hot chocolate favours in glass jars to the 180 handmade cupcakes in red velvet, chocolate, or apple spice with caramel bourbon butter cream icing. Shortly after the ceremony at Nita Lake Lodge, Meghan and Scott took

15 minutes in their room to privately celebrate their marriage. They pulled out a flask filled with the rum they’d discovered in Honduras years ago and quietly basked in the moment of knowing they had the rest of their lives together. And while the rest of the evening unfolded with a cocktail hour, a decadent meal in Nita Lake Lodge, speeches and a dance party to usher in the ages, Meghan and Scott’s devotion to each other is symbolized in the lock and key tattoos on their wrists: even if they have to remove their wedding rings to pre-scrub for a surgery, they still have a reminder of their love. After all, work is how you spend your day, but love is how you spend your life.

David was a photographer for the Mail & Guardian newspaper during the end of South African apartheid in 1994, and was awarded the British IPD Best International Newspaper Award, and the Missouri Medal for Distinguished Journalism. David’s photography was featured prominently in Michael Schmidt’s acclaimed book on postapartheid South Africa, Drinking With Ghosts: The Aftermath of Apartheid’s Dirty War. Dave has also won nine press awards for photojournalism for the Whistler Question and Squamish Chief newspapers since 2012. whistlerweddingphotos . com

wedding planner :

Linda Marshall Whistler Wedding Planners whistlerweddingplanners . com

reception venue


catering :

Nita Lake Lodge nitalakelodge . com


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2016-12-02 12:54 PM


Obsessed with chasing light, playing in the mountains, stunning design and people in love; we sought out others to share our wonder… The Whistler Wedding Collective is a small group of like-minded creatives working together to share our skills, experience and the joy of photographing and filming weddings against the backdrop of the Sea to Sky Corridor. We believe in relationships, creativity, authenticity and the power of love and coffee. Call us on 604.902.8111 or email whistlerweddingcollective@gmail.com, we look forward to hearing from you! @thewhistlerweddingcollective


...where your wedding dreams come to life!

INDOOR / OUTDOOR NATURAL TIMELESS SETTING PRIVATE OPEN CONCEPT ...anything is possible in this private setting where nature’s bounty dwells.

1.800.390.4653 info@pembertongolf.com pembertongolf.com


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2016-12-02 12:54 PM


Summer camp vibes abound during mountain-chic nuptials Local couple gleaned inspiration from their surroundings for fall wedding


n the summer of ‘96, when they were just 10 years old, Steph Corker and Dave Frey laid eyes on each BY: JENNIFER TREPTOW

other for the first time at a summer camp north of Toronto.

Almost 20 years later their paths crossed again, this time much further south in the land of aloha at a mutual friend’s 30th birthday. After rekindling their camp flame in Hawaii and developing a relationship Steph and Dave visited Maui together several more times when, on their third trip,

Dave popped the question with his knee in the sand and a yellow diamond in hand. “It was a really special year,” Steph said. “I won Ironman Whistler, and then I won (my) husband for life. I think the Ironman finish line was nice, but the wedding start line was the best.”


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2016-12-02 12:54 PM

Without any previous arrangements — no Pinterest boards in sight — Steph and Dave developed their vision for the wedding, chose the location, booked their photographers and had a guest list of 120 ready to go within the first week of their engagement. Set in a coastal rainforest, their fall celebration was at The Brew Creek Centre just south of Whistler. Having recently acquired a cabin in Black Tusk,

the couple knew the neighbouring venue would be perfect for their mountain-chic wedding theme. “We couldn’t imagine spending this day any other way — behind the mountains and alongside our precious family and special friends,” Steph said. The ceremony was a celebration centered on their loved ones. Steph and Dave designed it themselves, incorporating Dave’s six nieces as


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2016-12-02 12:54 PM

photography :

Whistler Wedding Collective We are a group of creatives who came together through a mutual love for chasing light in the mountains, beautiful décor and people in love.

Sara Spectrum

flower girls, while Steph’s mom read a passage in honour of her grandmother and Dave’s sister — an opera singer — sang. Seven groomsmen stood up for the groom, including his brother as his best man, while the bride, in lieu of a maid of honour, chose to have her brother stand beside her as the man of honour — after all, she said, it’s 2016. “I think it’s important to mention I had three bridesmaids and two bridesmen, only because three girls and two gay (men) make up a perfect wedding party,” she said. The couple also enlisted their friend Asher, whose birthday brought them together, to help them tie the knot as their officiant. With a decidedly authentic approach, the couple aimed to make their big day green, opting for elegant, paperless savethe-dates and creating a website for their invitations using the company Riley & Grey. Since flowers quickly end up in the landfill after the big day, Billies Flower House in Squamish kept the amount of flowers modest, still managing to create stunning arrangements by incorporating unique succulents, blushing roses and lots of greenery to pull it all together. As a nod to the place where they fell in love, they served Mai Tais during the cocktail hour. On hand to capture all these special moments were Whistler

Wedding Collective photographers Alanna and Sara, who Steph said made it fun and easy while capturing the tenderness and beauty of the day, along with all the little details in between. In true Whistler fall fashion, it started to rain, which fit perfectly into their day; the couple’s wedding favours were Westerly Umbrellas, a Vancouver-based company that engraved “Camp Frey” into every handle. Even their seating chart referenced the couple’s love of nature, asking guests to “find your peak to take your seat,” while table cards displayed on cork stands (for Corker) were inscribed with the couple’s favourite mountains. They also borrowed rocks from the river and scrawled their guests’ names across them to use as place cards before throwing them back into a nearby stream. “There were so many touches on our wedding that were really personal,” said Steph. That included the food with fresh greens from Brew Creek’s garden and a chocolate wedding cake made by a friend. In the end, the couple’s vision for their wedding came true: both cups and the dance floor remained full all night — thanks, in part, to DJ Mark Woodyard’s choice of music. Complete with a s’mores bar for late night snacking, Camp Frey danced the night away.

My intention is to reflect the way I see and connect with the world, to step outside of myself and collect the bits and pieces of life: the love, the light, so deserving of attention – ultimately transforming this reality into frames – into art. My goal is to capture the truth of your day while also providing a perspective otherwise missed.

Alanna Govenlock Being able to articulate emotions through a single candid moment is the most rewarding part of my work. Whether it’s a certain laugh, an intimate landscape, or a familiar touch, I aim to capture the unique personalities of each couple and their circle of friends and family. whistlerweddingcollective . com

event design :

Sweetheart Events sweetheartevents . ca

reception venue


catering :

The Brew Creek Centre thebrewcreekcentre . com

flowers :

Billies Flower House billiesflowerhouse . com

music :

Mark Woodyard (DJ) facebook . com / woodyardmusic


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2016-12-02 12:54 PM

Put yourself in the picture...




Corporate Events


Multiple locations to suit every occasion...



Promo Code RIV123 to receive your complimentary gift with reservation www.riverlandsweddingsandevents.com Contact Corinne at 1-604-894-1500 / Corinne@riverlands.ca

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2016-12-02 12:54 PM


More than just wedding bells From DJs to iPods to live music, there are a variety of options for wedding music in the corridor

darby magill, darbymagill.com


hen it comes to planning a wedding, there’s one aspect that has the power to make or break the party: music. Its purpose may change from the BY: MEGAN LALONDE

ceremony to the reception, but its importance doesn’t. The good news is there are a variety of options available in the Sea to Sky corridor to suit all

whistler wedding collective, whistlerweddingcollective.com

tastes and budgets. While enlisting a friend or family member to take charge of an iPod playlist is a cost-effective option that allows the couple full control over their music selection, it also has its fair share of drawbacks. “Your iPod and your friend who’s really good at technology actually isn’t the best choice when you’re walking down the aisle for your very special day,” said Whistler harpist Alison

Hunter. “With a live musician at a wedding ceremony, we’re watching and timing the music… If there is an awkward pause at your wedding, we’ll fill it with music.” When it comes to instruments like Hunter’s, musicians can also play venues where technology isn’t an option — for example, atop a mountain. But Whistler-based musician Rachel Thom agrees that even when it comes to simply pressing the play button, the


Wishes 2017 (FINAL).indd 24

2016-12-02 12:54 PM

average wedding guest isn’t always prepared to handle the responsibility. “Non-musicians can’t generally be trusted with cues and technicalities,” said Thom, a vocalist and pianist who often performs solo during ceremonies and with her five-piece band, Blame the Weekend, during receptions. “I’ve seen so many weddings go wrong, where the wrong song was played, the music didn’t stop in time, it was way too loud or way too quiet.” In addition to live reception performances, Blame the Weekend also offers iPod-manning services for the ceremony. “That way we know it’s done properly,” said Thom. When it’s time for the reception to roll around, it’s imperative that whatever music option is chosen not only keeps the party going and draws guests to the dance floor, but also fits well with the event’s vibe and couple’s personal taste. While an iPod offers control over song selection, that’s something that

Pemberton DJ Pete Cronin said can’t compare with the peace of mind and other perks that come with hiring a DJ. “It’s one less thing you need to worry about, if you’ve got a professional doing it, and somebody who’s got great equipment,” he said. “(Also) requests can be made. People can ask for music, from young kids all the way up to older people. I think sometimes bands don’t have that diversity.” Cronin’s right: when considering booking a band for a reception, figuring out whether their set list is adequately diverse for your taste is key. While some bands fit within a niche genre and others stick with a wide range of universally popular tunes, many are capable of customizing their set list to your wedding. According to Stephen Bulat, owner of Violin and Guitar Music, a Vancouver-based business that offers a wide variety of ensembles from their namesake violin and guitar duo, to

string quartets, jazz trios, bag pipers, cover bands and more, their acts take requests in advance and will learn specific songs for each event. “We give (clients) suggestions, but if anyone wants any songs specifically for their wedding, it’s part of our service,” he said, referencing one particular instance where the band learned and performed combat music to accompany a mock sword fight at a medievalthemed wedding. Although each option has its pros and cons, Hunter, Bulat and Thom all agree that there’s a special quality and energy that comes from live music. “When we play as a band and people are into what we’re doing, it’s completely interactive — (the guests) are right there with us,” said Thom. “You can play a recording of a song that everyone’s heard a hundred times, but when I play it for someone, it will never be the same any other time,” added Hunter. “It makes it really, really unique.”

Celebrate your

Wedding Day

with the beautiful sounds of the harp...

Celtic, Lever or Concert Harp available. Harpist Alison Hunter has over 30 years of professional experience. 604.932.2979 • whistlerharp@gmail.com www.whistlerharp.ca Whistler Harp


www.thecakekitchenwhistler.com WISHES WEDDING MAGAZINE 2017

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2016-12-02 12:54 PM


Finding the perfect forest venue Squamish’s Cheakamus Centre offers outdoor setting just up the Sea to Sky highway


elsey Baynham and Sam Pfeiffer might have taken a few decades to meet, re-meet, fall BY: ALYSSA NOEL

in love and get engaged, but when it came to their wedding venue it only took an instant to decide: Squamish’s Cheakamus Centre was the spot.

The Vancouver couple first met when they were around eight years old at a cabin in Point Roberts, Washington — at least, after some sleuthing, that’s their conclusion. “Our neighbours down at the cabin, the Bruces, were family friends with Sam’s parents,” Kelsey said. “The Pfeiffers came to Canada to visit in ’93 and so we likely met down at Point

Roberts.” Kelsey, originally from West Vancouver, and Sam, who’s from Australia, first connected in a real way years later in 2011 when that same neighbour, Colleen Bruce, travelled to Brisbane, where they both happened to be living. It was her introduction that led to romance. “We now live in Vancouver,” Kelsey


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said. “Our plan is to be here for only a couple years, and enjoy everything that amazing B.C. has to offer.” After a heartfelt proposal during a trip to Ontario for a family wedding and visit, the pair began to plan the big day. The Cheakamus Centre was always in the back of Kelsey’s mind. “It was a special place for my mom,” she said. “For over 30 years as a teacher she brought her class to the Outdoor School on the property.” A few years ago, a brand new facility was built on those grounds and, after Kelsey’s mom attended a stunning wedding there, that sealed the deal. “I wanted to get married outdoors to be able to showcase the amazing West Coast, so it was the only venue we looked at,” Kelsey said. “We took their first available date.” Handy on-site bunk cabins meant that a day of celebrating turned into a weekend getaway for the couple’s

friends. It also provided the perfect setting for their 60 Australian guests, as well as a number of loved ones from Ontario who flew in for the event. “The venue itself is so spectacular I really wanted our décor to compliment the surroundings,” Kelsey added. That meant letting the forest setting shine through with wooden accents, neutral table settings and flowers with a muted palate. “I got a bit obsessed with all the décor details,” Kelsey said. ‘We had a white curtain behind the head table — to cover up cupboards — and I wanted to spruce it up, so I ordered test tubes and we strung them up with fishing wire (not fun to work with) and added flowers as I’d seen done with ivy at a restaurant.” While some of the flowers were sourced from Billies Flower House in Squamish, the rest were picked by her aunt from her garden and from a corner store in the Vancouver neighbourhood


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Kitsilano. “We also made blackberry jam for the favour that we hand-picked with help from our Point Roberts cabin community,” Kelsey said. “I made little stickers and wedding logos with a blackberry. We also got stubby holders and beer koozies made sporting the same logo with a tree.” Aside from the lovely forest

ceremony — in which Kelsey’s dad, a judge, served as the officiant, and her mom walked her down the aisle — the couple wanted to ensure their guests were kept entertained with a drink in hand from the moment it ended. They held a cocktail reception immediately following the ceremony and, thanks to their “first look” ahead of walking down

the aisle, the couple was able to dedicate more time to their guests. “We were really happy with that decision,” Kelsey said. Another big highlight as the evening unfolded: Sam, who has worked in the wine industry and whose family owns a winery in Brisbane (called Whistler Wines not for the mountain town, but

We can make all your Whistler wishes come true! Over 1080 weddings & events planned by Linda & her team Wedding Planning • Event & day of orchestration • Birthdays • Baby Shower • Corporate Productions • Event & Decor Rentals • Floral Designs • Cakes by Tricia Marshall Field

Linda Marshall, Director of Special Moments Whistler’s most experienced Wedding & Event Planner Linda@whistlerweddingplanners.com whistlerweddingplanners.com • +1 604 938 2564


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photography :

Karen Tallevi, Tallevi Studio Beautiful moments deserve beautiful photographs and that’s what Karen is all about! Karen Tallevi’s consistently stunning wedding photography has been featured in Wishes wedding magazine for the past seven issues.

because that’s what his German last name translates to), raided his home cellar and — along with donations from his dad and brother —brought a wide variety of wines to the reception. “We had all these large format bottles on the table for people to share,” Kelsey recalled. “Everyone loved the opportunity to try so many different and

amazing wines.” They also loved the location, she added. “They got an amazing, sunny day to drive up the Sea to Sky highway, which is a tourist experience in itself,” she said. “Since we had so many out-oftown guests it was perfect because it allowed them to see a beautiful part of B.C.”

As a bride calmer-downer, expert dress doer-upper and mother-of-thebride tamer, Karen has learned a lot after eight years and 200+ weddings. Her level-headed approach keeps the mood light and fun on your wedding day, allowing her to capture real moments and genuine emotion. Why not meet-up over a chai latte, sushi or a glass of wine. Of course, Skype also works if you’re not from around here. Chat with Karen about dogs, why we love photography and about your wedding too! tallevistudios . com

reception venue :

Cheakamus Centre cheakamuscentre . ca

catering :

Cheakamus Centre cheakamuscentre . ca

flowers :

Billies Flower House billiesflowerhouse . com

music :

Live Music: Greg Neufeld myspace . com / gregneufeldmusic DJ: DJ-Jay, Girl-on-Wax girlonwax . com


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WEDDING AND PARTY PACKAGES Book your event with us and recieve unlimited access to our tanning beds and guest lounge. We are also happy to offer drinks and catering for an additional $20 per guest so you can treat yourself to appies and a glass of champagne while your party gets pampered. SERVICES


Mani & Pedi (1hr) - $90

Manicure (30 min) - $40

Full Set Gel Nails - $75

Pedicure (45 min) - $55

Polish Change (15 min)- $25

Gel Nail Fill - $60

Express Pedi (30 min) - $45


To book your event call (604)-962-6900 or Email bebeautywhistler@gmail.com


romantic. memorable. personalized. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, nestled on a glacierfed lake; exchange vows on one of our lakeside patios, under the Porte-cochère, or on our romantic private wooden dock. A striking environment, bridal spa services and customized catering make Nita Lake Lodge an exceptional venue choice for your Whistler wedding. 2131 Lake Placid Road, Whistler BC sales@nitalakelodge.com www.nitalakelodge.com Photo: Christie Graham Photography


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eco - chic

Green is the new white Tips for hosting an eco-chic wedding in the Sea to Sky corridor

whistler wedding collective,

kristyna gorgun, kristynagorgun.com


hen planning a wedding nowadays, many couples are conscious of reducing the environmental impact of their big day. With eco-weddings on the rise, green has become the new white, with many eco-aware couples thinking fair trade, BY: EMMA TAYLOR

organic, local, farm-to-table, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, recycled and reused. Choosing the venue is often the first major decision as it sets the stage and theme for the day. An obvious choice is to get married outside, saving energy


costs and soaking up the sun’s rays. Backdrops of snow-capped mountains, shimmering lakes, rivers and forests abound — take your pick. If you opt to hold your ceremony in a park you’ll need a permit or booking — contact the local municipality. More can be less — consider an intimate wedding with a low eco-footprint and more quality time with special guests. Head to a local restaurant to continue the celebrations; many feature local, sustainably and ethically sourced menus. Outdoor ceremonies and receptions don’t work for everyone of course, but couples can also make indoor weddings

greener by holding the ceremony and reception in one place, cutting fuel emissions. Seek a venue that uses recycling and composting, sources local, organic produce and utilizes solar power, such as the Brew Creek Centre, located a 15 minute drive south of Whistler. When it comes to flowers, choose organic. Samuel Casavant and Cailida Grymaloski operate Bathtub Gardens, a small-scale organic flower farm in Pemberton. They grow exquisite, speciality flowers and their design and styling services are available throughout the Sea to Sky area. Other Pemberton organic flower options include Ice


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whistler wedding collective, whistlerweddingcollective.com

Cap Organics and North Arm Farm; in Squamish try A Fox in the Flowers. According to a recent survey by Wedding Bells magazine, Canadian brides spend an average of $1,716 on their dress, most likely the most expensive item of clothing a woman

buys — and wears once for only a few hours. Renting, reusing, upcycling or making your own dress offer some alternative green options. The Whistler Buy and Sell Facebook group or eBay are some online options for re-used items.

The Whistler Re-Use-It Centre gets about eight to 10 wedding dresses donated per year, said manager Paul Rehel, with people also buying more non-traditional dresses for their wedding too. Traditional white dresses range in price from around $60 to $150 he said, depending on quality and style. He recalled one couple from summer 2016, who got married on a farm in Pemberton. “As well as the dress, they also picked up lots of plates and vases and mismatched cups and things like that, did all their set up, then washed it all and brought it all back,” he said. “That’s happened a couple of times now, where people have come and wanted to get all their stuff.” Whistler’s Re-Built-It Centre is also a good place to hunt for larger items, such as chairs and tables and other furniture and decor. Couples can buy the items and then donate them back, with all proceeds going to Whistler Community Services Society and items being diverted from the landfill.



P H O T O G R A P H E D B Y: M A R U P H O T O G R A P H Y

An Unforgettable Whistler Wedding!

604-986-5200 220 Esplanade W North Vancouver, BC info@isabellesbridal.com

Our CABN is the perfect place for your wedding reception with an abundance of natural light and seating for up to 100 people, get in touch to arrange your special day. 1.800.663.5644 www.aavawhistlerhotel.com meethere@aavawhistlerhotel.com


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Director y CAKES & CATERING The Cake Kitchen

604.905.8298 thecakekitchenwhistler.com

The Flour Pot 604.902.2529 theflourpot.ca

JEWELRY Gem Jewellers

604.892.3002 / 1.877.714.4455 (TF) gemjewellers.com

MUSIC Alison Hunter 604.932.2979 whistlerharp.ca

PHOTOGRAPHY Anastasia Chomlack

604.902.8111 anastasiaphotography.ca

Darby Magill

604.902.1427 darbymagill.com

David Buzzard

604.938.4105 whistlerweddingphotos.com

Kristyna Gorgun

kristynagorgun@gmail.com kristynagorgun.com

Leah Martin

leahkathrynphoto@gmail.com leahkathrynphoto.com

Logan Swayze

Nita Lake Lodge

Tallevi Studios


Whistler Wedding Collective

Sea to Sky Gondola

604.698.6753 loganswayze.com 604.849.2229 tallevistudios.com 604.902.8111 whistlerweddingcollective.com

RENTALS Stretch Tents

604.614.2168 / 604.614.0586 stretchtents.ca


sales@nitalakelodge.com nitalakelodge.com 604.894.1500 riverlandsweddingsandevents.com 604.892.2551 seatoskygondola.com

The Brew Creek Centre 604.932.7210 thebrewcreekcentre.com

The Meadows at Pemberton 1.800.390.4653 pembertongolf.com

Be Beauty

Whistler Blackcomb

604.962.6900 bebeautywhistler.com

604.905.3037 / rscott@whistlerblackcomb.com whistlerblackcomb.com/groups/weddings

Scandinave Spa

Whistler Sport Legacies

604.935.2424 scandinave.com

604.964.0043 whistlersportlegacies.com



Aava Hotel

Isabelle’s Bridal

1.800.663.5644 aavawhistlerhotel.com

604.986.5200 isabellesbridal.com

Big Sky Golf Club


1.800.668.7900 bigskygolf.ca

Four Seasons

Whistler Wedding Planners 604.938.2564 whistlerweddingplanners.com

604.935.3400 fourseasonswhistler.com

Nicklaus North Golf Course 604.938.9898 / 1.800.386.9898 nicklausnorth.com


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Brew 8x1

Total exclusivity – a destination wedding to call your own A boutique westcoast property, The Brew Creek Centre sits on 13 private forested acres just 15 minutes south of Whistler, BC. Award-winning cuisine, warm service and custom destination wedding experiences are offered year round over multiple nights. Because your special day should be yours only, you and your guests have exclusive use of the property throughout your stay.



Lindsay & Matt | July 18th, 2016 Erica Chan Photography | ericachan.com

Brew Creek ad

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P. Logan Swayze P. P. Logan Logan Swayze Swayze

P. Mel Jordan

P: Celebrate

P. P. Mel Mel Jordan Jordan

P: P: Celebrate Celebrate


Your wedding memories lifetimeand andbeyond. beyond. Whistler Blackcomb Your wedding memoriesare aremeant meantto to last last aa lifetime Whistler Blackcomb prides itself in in providing foryou youand andyour yourguests. guests. Whether it be prides itself providingananamazing amazingexperience experience for Whether it be for for a small elopement, intimate grandaffair, affair,our ourvenues venues provide perfect a small elopement, intimatewedding wedding or or aa grand provide thethe perfect backdrop specialday. day. backdrop for for your your special To learn more, day, To or book bookyour yourspecial special day, Tolearn learn more, more, or or book your special day, please contact Regina Scott please contactRegina Regina Scott please contact Scott 604.905.3037 604.905.3037 604.905.3037 rscott@whistlerblackcomb.com rscott@whistlerblackcomb.com rscott@whistlerblackcomb.com

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