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"An international exchange of ideas, enthusiasm, best practice and shared values, right on our own doorstep! An exciting opportunity to showcase our beautiful county and its people, and remind ourselves what resources we already have, and our potential for achieving even more. It provides an opportunity to improve health both locally and globally, in a myriad of ways and will help us attract health care professionals to the region". Dr Laura Hipple, NHS Cumbria, UK

WHIS Mission We create real opportunities to empower communities, globally. We aim to improve people’s overall health and wellbeing, while supporting local economies. We partner with citizens and communities across the world to do this.

WHIS Vision WHIS aims to support our communities to implement and deliver all seventeen of the Sustainable Development Goals in every country in the world.


Our story: In 2015 the World Health Innovation Summit CIC was founded by Mr Gareth Presch. Based in the heart of Cumbria [UK] with an international career in healthcare systems, Gareth identified that people in the community would be better supported if they had more access to holistic solutions, in their locality. This is what we call community based person-centred care.

Taking a Good Health & Wellbeing (SDG3) approach to person centred health, Gareth recognised that there were five key cornerstones (Pillars) of which all needed to be supported, at the same time, by the same people: Health, Economy, Education, Environment and Ecosystems. Gareth felt if people were more aware about how each Pillar impacted their daily lives, and ways in which to better understand them, then this could: 1. Help grow our economies (globally, nationally and locally) 2. Take pressures off our health and social services (staff and resources) 3. Create healthier & happier populations (improve people’s health & wellbeing.

4. Restore the balance to the environment 5. Create equal and safe opportunities 6. Support the most vulnerable people in our society. These are now the WHIS Goals. #SDGs #WHIS


The Opportunities: Gareth also identified a serious gap when it came to the progress of innovation. Many local enterprises and voluntary organisations were already providing exemplar services in their localities - but were working in isolation. His idea was to bring together likeminded people, with the same values, to deliver evidence based solutions across the globe. Collaboration: The key to achieving these goals. A new movement was born: #TogetherWeInspire Together, with the support from an ever-evolving extraordinary international team, WHIS has now become a global platform, connecting thousands of innovators and social entrepreneurs across the world who have the same ethical values and the passion to create a better world now, and for future generations.

Professionals reported decreased professional isolation and improved motivation: 67% said “I have improved my professional network.”

63% said “I have better access to new and innovative ideas through WHIS.”

"I have learnt that I could control my emotions. WHISkids helped me see that." Boy Age 9 "To be more aware of people around me. Work together. I have enjoyed everything. " Girl, 8


Partnerships for the Goals UNGSII was initiated by UN Director General Michael Moller to provide scientific data and know how for SDG Implementation in 2014. The SCR500 Index was presented at the UN in New York on April 17th 2017. It illustrates that within the largest 500 stock listed corporations from around the world that the global goals has been accepted as a new guiding principle, it also demonstrated that being invested in those stocks and companies supporting SDGs brings competitive returns: the cumulative return after 4 years is 53%.

www.sdg-cities.org www.ungsii.org www.citiesinvestmentfacility.org

The Global Social Prescribing Alliance (GSPA) GSPA emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words.

Founding Members: The World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) CIC platform for sustainable development. The National Academy for Social Prescribing (UK) exists for people to live the best life they can. The UNGSII Foundation was created to assist and accelerate the implementation process. WHO's primary role is to direct international health within the United Nations' system and to lead partners in global health responses. www.gspalliance.com


COVID19 and WHIS Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has dramatically unveiled the health inequalities (Gender, Disability etc) that exist in societies across the world, alongside the fragile state of the world’s health. With climate change the next challenge how will we address these challenges while delivering the UN sustainable development goals? Health and Economics are intrinsically linked as we’ve seen with COVID19. By investing in early intervention we aim to enable people and communities to thrive and improve their health and wellbeing, support existing health services, create new and meaningful jobs while supporting the implementation of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDG Cities).

Vatican COVID-19 Commission A Commission created by the Pope

The Global Solutions Summit 2021 took place on May 27-28, 2021.You can watch recordings from all sessions below. The Summit supports the T20 and G20 under the Italian G20 Presidency. It brings together top researchers, policymakers, business leaders and civil society representatives in a renowned global problem-solving process. Policy Brief: Moving forward during COVID19 while implementing SDG3 Good Health & Wellbeing World Health Innovation Summit

The COVID-19 pandemic is the defining crisis of this generation, from which we can either emerge for the better or the worse. It has laid bare the inequities and injustices that threaten people’s well-being, safety, and lives, and exacerbated an interconnected set of crises – economic, ecological, political, social – that disproportionately impact the poor and most vulnerable. On 20 March 2020, Pope Francis asked the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development (DPIHD) to create a Commission,


2022 and beyond How do we create the future?

Thought Leadership As the world is challenged by COVID19 and our health services are faced with increasing challenges we need to find solutions that we can scale. We will look to the future and explore the following areas over the course of 2022:

Online open forum sessions: Friday January 28th, Friday April 29th, Friday July 29th, Friday September 30th, Friday December 30th 2022 @1pm UK GMT time

Each year, the World Economic Forum in Davos sets the agenda for the coming twelve months.

The UNGSII SDG Lab helps create global awareness for all participants and their lighthouse projects.

SDG3 Good Health & Wellbeing moving from disease management to prevention Healthcare - Economics and value creation opportunities Investments - Financing SDG projects Digital Healthcare Health Innovation - for public and social good Leadership Climate Change Media and Communications The future of business aligned to societal impact Trust The future of work