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A cut above the rest

“I chose Allen Brothers steaks for my new restaurant, the Chop House, because I want to serve only the best to my customers. The flavor and marbling are superb. Having great beef is part of the foundation for a great steakhouse. That’s why Allen Brothers is on my team.” — chef emeril lagasse

Chefs and restaurateurs depend on us Outstanding products, industry-leading practices and unrivaled service are a few of the reasons we continue to thrive as one of the few independently owned purveyors of great steak and other products. It’s a work ethic that has driven our company since its founding in 1893, and what America’s finest restaurants confidently stake their reputations on every day. From the hand-selection of our meats to our meticulous aging methods and hand-cut custom portioning — every step of our process is precise,

time consuming and performed to your exact specifications. And the reward is real — the finest meat products available. Once you order from Allen Brothers you’ll understand our value difference.

The ultimate in juiciness, flavor and tenderness We provide the quality products and responsive service that are so critical to your continued success. 

Strong industry relationships that enable us to have consistent product sourcing of exceptional quality.

Wet- or dry-aging to accommodate any menu or flavor profile.

Hand-selected & hand-cut products by skilled butchers to your portion-control specifications for uniform appearance, appealing presentation and consistent food cost control.

Ordering flexibility We can also provide aged, hand-selected sub-primal cuts.

Deliver on demand bringing you exactly what you want, when you want it, and how you want it.

Highest standards  We maintain the highest food safety standards.

Guaranteed quality We never compromise quality, and we stand behind every cut of beef, veal, lamb, poultry and pork we sell.

Legendary taste that becomes synonymous with your signature dishes and strengthens customer loyalty and repeat patronage.

The finest cuts wet-aged or dry-aged Exact aging means even more flavor and tenderness. From the old-world custom of dry-aging to the popular practice of wet-aging, Allen Brothers has the state-of-the-art facilities and the expert know-how to elevate USDA Prime beef to its flavorful best.

wet-aged  Our wet-aged products start with hand-selected USDA Prime and USDA Choice beef that meets our stringent standards for quality. The beef is stored in our climate-controlled cooler and, while vacuum-sealed, aged in its own juices to seal in the meat’s natural flavor. The result is an exceptionally moist, tender product. 

Vacuum packed to age in its own juices

Tenderized by natural enzymes

Exquisitely moist

Robust, uncompromised beef flavor

dry-aged  At Allen Brothers, the time-honored tradition of dry-aging begins with hand-selected USDA Prime and USDA Choice bone-in beef sub-primal cuts aged in our state-of-the-art, custom-designed dry-aging room to ensure optimal flavor and tenderness. During that period, such factors as time, temperature, circulation, and humidity are carefully monitored by our quality assurance team. 

Aged in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment

Exceptionally tender and concentrated flavor

Distinct nutty taste and buttery texture

cOmpLete-trim & cLOSe-trim fiLet miGnOn

bOne-in Strip Steak

bOne-in ribeye

tenDerLOin rOaStS

miLk-feD VeaL rib cHOp

miLk-feD VeaL LOin cHOp

Lamb LOin cHOp

pOrk cHOp

Pure excellence Our commitment to food safety is unparalleled in the industry and reflects the company’s continual efforts to provide the safest possible food products to our customers. Setting these new standards are our comprehensive supplier requirements and state-of-the-art interventions that reduce the risk of contamination at all Allen Brothers plants in Chicago. Over the last five years, Allen Brothers has worked diligently with food safety experts to develop ground-breaking systems that exceed USDA requirements and offer new paradigms for the meat industry. These include air treatment units that provide a clean and sanitary environment for cutting steaks and for dry aging all cuts of beef. In addition, these wholesale cuts are treated with specially designed ultraviolet light panels that successfully reduce the risk of microbiological contamination prior to cutting. Independent research has confirmed the effectiveness of these technologies for controlling both Salmonella and E. coli O157:H7. High level government officials, including the USDA Undersecretary for Food Safety, have visited the Allen Brothers plants in Chicago to personally witness how our food safety investments are setting the bar for steak purveyors nationwide. Allen Brothers continues to seek out and evaluate emerging food safety technologies to assure that the company maintains the highest possible standards. When it comes to food safety, Allen Brothers leads the way.

Our name offers assurance that you will receive only the very best From the fabled streets of Chicago’s historic Union Stock Yard, Allen Brothers has risen to become synonymous with exceptional quality. Our past generations have perfected the art of hand-selecting and aging beef. Their legacy, history and teachings have enabled us to provide you with the most expertly crafted USDA Prime available today. As fifth-generation stewards of Allen Brothers, our team of culinarians is committed to preserving and enhancing the legacy of the Allen Brothers name. We have built our business distributing the finest products in the world to the top chefs in the country, our relationships standing as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Building upon the knowledge of our past leaders, we are proud to steward the Allen Brothers tradition today and beyond. Christopher Pappas, Chairman Allen Brothers 1893

“Allen Brothers, America’s oldest and finest purveyor of USdA Prime, is served at my table — from celebrity homes to my restaurant. Those who care about using the best ingredients will not be disappointed. get your family ‘back to the table’ with Allen Brothers meats.” — chef art smith

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Allen Brothers: A Cut Above The Rest  
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