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BEHIND THE FLOATS The Adelaide Hills Equestrian centre monthly. ISSUE 3

March 2013

Sarah Martin with the ball at Naracoorte 16.2.13 Go Squealer Go!



FROM THE EDITOR Welcome readers to another edition of the magazine, I hope that you have all enjoyed the last two. It has been very exciting but tiring to put everything together and create the magazine. I thought I would share a story about something that happened the other day and I was just wondering how many people still think this way? This is why on pg: 11 you will find a medical write up about this issue. I was with one of my relatives who strongly! Believed that putting a heat pack on her son sore maybe injured neck after hip hop dance class was the correct decision. I have done basic first aid and every time I have had or seen an injury have used ice believing this is the correct procedure. So thinking about it, I just wondered how many people still believe heat is better than ice? I hope you all enjoy reading this issue and please if you have any article of questions you would like printed in the next issue I am very happy to receive them. Send to below email. email address at Thankyou Hayley Prior

Editor Hayley Prior



March 9th & 10th

Adelaide Polocrosse Tournament

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If you have an event and wish to hire the grounds, or you would like to know more information about costing, camping, use of club rooms, canteen, PA system please contact Craig Tremellen he will be able to help you with any enquires. The ground are not just for horse events we do hire to other clubs or groups for more information.

Welcome everyone to our grounds and hope people get to know we are here and come and enjoy the grounds.

Booking Officer Craig Tremellen Ph.: 0408226162 Email: Postal: P.O. box 91 Woodside 5244 SA

Adelaide Hills Equestrian Centre


Richard Illes



Vice President: Matt Prior




Jo-Anne Tremellen




Craig Tremellen





Sponsorship Co-ordinator: Shane Pike -


Booking Officer: Craig Tremellen


Head Coach: Tony Astbury

ALL CORRESPONDENCE: P.O. box 91 Woodside 5244 SA


We only ask if you are attending a polocrosse event that the following directives are adhered to: 1. NO DOGS be present at any time. 2. No Stallions be present. 3. Any persons on horse back at any time wear Australian approved helmet. 4. All gates are closed at ALL times. 5. No yards be made up, horses only to be in permanent yards. 6. Make sure you are aware of children and prams near horses and fields.

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Chatting in between games.

Julie Sherriff watching her girls.

What a sunset Saturday night @ Naracoorte

Too hot for the kids to sleep ↑↓

Oliver Burns and Jake Prior being very busy.

Glen and Damien Saturday night having a chat.

Aidan and Deanna watching Polocrosse


The Prior Men

Tori Winning best A grade Horse. The pressure of the game is showing

After a hard game Drew and Justin catching up. Its hot boys?

Enjoying nibble and dribbles.




LATEST NEWS The website for the 2014 Nationals is up and running, with plenty more information to be added over the coming months.

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Congratulations ♼ Matt and Hayley for their new little colt born 5/3/13.

Classic Beauty for all you beauty needs.

Websites: If you a looking for good quality horse feed please look no further and support our sponsors - Currency Creek fine Fodder:

What ever you might be wanting for mans best friend have a look at The Complete Canine Company, they stock a huge range of product for your dog

Australian Polocrosse

If you are looking for stock whips or equipment , training dvds etc. They have very reasonable prices.


Dressage club competition details

The website for the 2014 Nationals is up and running, with plenty more information to be added over the coming months.


Colour in Easter Bunny and send it to Hayley Prior P.O box 222 Lobethal SA 5241 or give it to Hayley Prior at Polocrosse by the 30th of March 2013 to win one of four prizes: 0-4 years, 4-6 years, 6-8 years, 8-10years. (winners will be printed in the next issue)


Should I Use Ice or Heat on an Injury?

increase bleeding and make the problem worse.

This leaflet gives a general overview of ice and heat in the treatment of injuries. If in doubt about the use of ice or heat, consult a health professional such as a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist or Chiropractor. Ice With any sprain, strain or bruise there is some bleeding into the underlying tissues. This may cause swelling, pain and delay healing. Ice treatment may be used in both the immediate treatment of soft tissue injuries and in later rehabilitation.

When an injury is older than 48 hours, heat can be applied in the form of heat pads, deep heat cream, hot water bottles or heat lamps. Heat causes the blood vessels to dilate (open wide) which brings more blood into the area. It also has a direct soothing effect and helps to relieve pain and spasm. If heat is applied to the skin it should not be hot, gentle warmth will suffice. If heat is applied there is the risk of burns and scalds. The skin must be checked at regular intervals.

During immediate treatment, the aim is to limit the body's response to injury. Ice will: • Reduce bleeding into the tissues. • Prevent or reduce swelling. • Reduce muscle spasm and pain. • Reduce pain by numbing the area and by limiting the effects of swelling. These effects all help to prevent the area from becoming stiff by reducing excess tissue fluid that gathers as a result of injury and inflammation. In the rehabilitation, phase of recovery the aims change to restoring normal function. At this stage the effects of ice can enhance other treatments such as exercise by reducing pain and muscle spasm. This then allows better movement. If you have to do exercises as part of your treatment it can be useful to do them with ice in place or immediately after it is removed when the area will still be a little numb. This reduces pain and makes movement around the injury more comfortable. How long should ice be applied for? Ideally, ice should be applied within 5-10 minutes of injury for 20-30 minutes. This can be repeated every 2-3 hours or so whilst you are awake for the next 24-48 hrs. After the first 48 hours, when bleeding should have stopped, the aim of treatment changes from restricting bleeding and swelling to getting the tissues remobilised with exercise and stretching. Ice helps with pain relief and relaxation of muscle tissue. Heat Do not use heat on a new injury (for example, soaking in a hot bath, using heat lamps, hot water bottles, deep heat creams, etc.). These will

Ice often gives better and longer-lasting effect on the circulation than heat provides. The painkilling properties of ice are also deeper and longer-lasting than heat. Precautions when using heat and ice Do not use cold packs or heat: •Over areas of skin that are in poor condition. •Over areas of skin with poor sensation to heat or cold. •Over areas of the body with known poor circulation. •If you have diabetes. •In the presence of infection. Also, do not use ice packs on the left shoulder if you have a heart condition. Do not use ice packs around the front or side of the neck. Original Author: Dr Tim Kenny Tim Kenny Last Checked: 16/06/2010

Current Version: Dr

Disclaimer: This article is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions. We have used all reasonable care in compiling the information but make no warranty as to its accuracy. Consult a doctor or other health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. Article care of


HEALTH SPOT Jump-starting the Healing with Manuka Honey Who could have predicted that a pair of bickering bunnies would set off a chain of events that would heal a Kansas ranch horse’s mangled leg and save his career? Certainly not his owner, a registered veterinary technician who was working miles away at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Chances are, not even his veterinarian, Andrea Arbuckle, DVM, a mixed practitioner in Grenola, Kan. But today, they both believe that manuka honey worked a miracle in healing the horse’s horrific wound. “We think the horse kicked through a guard rail,” Dr. Arbuckle recalled. “In the process, he ripped a laceration right down to the cannon bone on the right hind leg. It was so severe; there was a small fracture, significant periosteal stripping and minor tendon damage.” Tradition First For more than two weeks, Arbuckle treated the leg with traditional mainstream products including Nitrofurazone Ointment, povidone-iodine (Betadine), Corona Ointment and tetracycline topical powder. “At that point, the horse’s wound had 11/2 to 2 inches of bone exposed, and proud flesh was becoming exuberant around the edges,” she said. “A small-animal colleague had told me about using honey, right out of the cupboard, on fight wounds on a rabbit, and it had worked really well. So I began researching the use of honey in wound healing.” Arbuckle floated the idea to Sue Huck, RVT and owner of Freckles Day 1. Ranch horse Gunner “Gunner” Buckshot, the injured horse. kicked through a guard rail and lacerated his hind leg down to the cannon bone

Day 4. Dr. Andres Arbuckle trimmed away the extra skin because it wasn't viable. The wound was then kept wrapped.

“I was pretty sceptical about the efficacy of this type of treatment, but thought that it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try,” Huck said. Her position as a veterinary technician at a major teaching hospital provided access to samples of medical-grade manuka honey wound care products manufactured by Links Medical Products Inc. in Irvine, Calif. Armed with a Manuka honey arsenal and an open mind, Huck set out for Grenola to check on Gunner and join forces with Arbuckle. “We began applying the honey to the center of the wound, over the bone, and using Proudsoff Proud Flesh Ointment around the edges,” Arbuckle said. Four days and two bandage changes later, Huck said the improvement was “drastic...the proud flesh had greatly decreased, and the colour of the tissue was less yellow-brown and much more pink.” “Within five days, the bone was completely covered and could only be felt with deep palpation,” Arbuckle said. “I couldn’t believe how quick it started filling in when we started the honey. Within two to three weeks, it went from complete bone exposure to the tissue being level with the skin surface.” The Power of Honey Medical-grade Manuka honey is gaining favour among some equine practitioners as a way to jump-start the healing process by neutralizing the bacteria that lead to infection and inflammation, said Chad Muhr, marketing director for Links Medical Products Inc.


Honey made from nectar collected from the Manuka bush, a native New Zealand plant, possesses a high level of non-peroxide antibacterial components comparable in strength to that of phenol, or carbolic acid, Muhr explained. This was borne out in tests by the biological sciences department of New Zealand’s University of Waikato. “The honey has such a low pH that bacteria can’t survive,” Muhr said. Manuka honey’s pH is in the range of 3.2 to 4.5, whereas bacteria thrive and multiply in the 6.0 to 7.8 range, he said. Moreover, the honey’s high sugar levels exert osmotic pressure on compromised tissue, which helps promote autolytic debridement of necrotic tissue and cuts down the odour, he said. Medical-grade Manuka honey wound care dressings are recommended for trauma wounds, surgical wounds, ulcerated wounds, first- and seconddegree burns, lacerations and abrasions, Muhr said. Huck said that within two weeks, “The proud flesh was completely gone and the wound was filling in nicely. After 28 days, there was smooth epithelial tissue. At that time, we switched from the filler (ointment dispensed from a tube) to a honey-impregnated pad that kept the wound moist and healthy,” she said. “Within three weeks, the margins of the wound were visibly less, and the heavy compression bandages were changed to a light bandage with a non-adhering gauze pad impregnated with the honey. “Now, 14 weeks after the initial injury, there is a scar, but the horse is sound and back to work,” Huck added.

Day 16. The wound looked similar to this two days later when the honey was first applied. The bone is visible in the center


Day 9

By Day 23, Rd. Arbuckle had to palpate deeply to feel the bone. All photos courtesy of Dr. Andrea Arbuckle


Arbuckle believes the treatments halted bacterial growth and prevented bone sequestrum formation. “Three factors must be present for sequestrum formation: bone separation (fracture), loss of blood supply (damaged periosteum), and infection,” she said. “With the fracture and periosteal compromise, we felt sequestrum formation was likely if infection wasn’t properly controlled.” Gunner was treated for 10 days with injectable ceftiofur (Excede), “But most of the work needed to be done in the wound,” Arbuckle said. “There was still ample drainage from the wound when we began the Manuka honey, and we felt certain surgery would be necessary in the future to remove bone sequestrum.” Gunner’s dramatic recovery gave Arbuckle and Huck a new-found respect for Manuka honey in Wound Healing. “I can’t say it wouldn’t have healed without the honey, but it was a night-and-day difference once we started using it,” Arbuckle said. Disclaimer: The information and recommendations in this article have been presented as a guideline based on veterinarian information given to the editor. Whilst all care and diligence “I was kind of amazed. It was fantastic!” said Huck is taken in producing this information, the editor accepts no responsibility or liability for unforseen consequences resulting from the advise given in this article. All information in this article is thanks to : veterinarian, Andrea Arbuckle, DVM




2013 ADELAIDE POLOCROSSE CLUB Sponsorship Opportunities The Adelaide Polocrosse Club The APC was established in 1989. Today we have around 30 members, including playing, social and life members. Our home base is the Adelaide Equestrian Centre at the Lobethal Sport & Recreation Grounds in the Adelaide Hills. We take pride in our three well-maintained fields, many yards, large camping areas and other facilities. Members Polocrosse is a sport that attracts a wide range of people. The Adelaide Polocrosse Club welcomes new members from all walks of life and with different skill levels. APC members have a strong commitment to the club and diverse social networks. Our members come from far and wide, even from interstate, to be a part of the great club atmosphere. We work together to provide coaching and development opportunities for all members, from juniors and beginners to seasoned players. Richard Iles - APC President

Level 1: $200 o D or C grade winners/runners-up trophies o Company promotion and recognition over PA over the weekend and on tournament program Level 2: $300 o B or A grade winners/runners-up trophies o Company promotion and recognition over PA over the weekend and on tournament program o Company name and logo on sponsors board in clubroom o **Sponsor to supply electronic (.psd file) or hard copy of company logo for A4-sized poster, to be laminated** In-kind sponsorship o Donation of 6 or 12 items for prizes (practical horse- or polocrosse-related prizes, such as feed, headstalls, lead ropes, bell boots, polocrosse balls, feed/water buckets, grooming gear, saddlecloths etc.) o Company name and logo on sponsors board in clubroom o **Sponsor to supply electronic (.psd file) or hard copy of company logo for A4-sized poster, to be laminated** General Sponsorship

Club Sponsorships Our club sponsors are highly valued and supported throughout the playing season and the rest of the year. The APC understands that sponsorship is about reciprocal value. There are several sponsorship packages available to suit different needs and budgets. If an existing package does not suit your needs, we can tailor something for you. Tournament Sponsorship Tournament sponsorship is a very visible and affordable form of support. Businesses or individuals can sponsor with cash or in kind, on a tournament-by- tournament basis.

General sponsorship opportunities include supplying equipment or other services to the club for its year round operation. Donation of items can be negotiated to suit the club's needs.


Sign Sponsorship The rare opportunity exists to purchase a display sign (A2 paper size, approx 60cm x 42cm) for an annual fee of $200. It will be situated in a prominent location on the APC clubrooms. If you choose not to renew, the sign will be stored and can be reinstated for an annual fee of $200. **Sponsor to supply A4-sized electronic copy (.psd file) of company logo for enlargement to A2 paper size (approx 60cm x 42cm), to be printed onto metal sign** Major Sponsorship A major sponsorship opportunity is advertising on the club uniform, the chance to have your business' logo on the APC shirts. Each sleeve is available for logo placement, at $1,000 per sleeve per year. Exclusive of this cost, sew-on logo patches will need to be provided by the sponsor for each club member. This is encouraged to be an ongoing sponsorship opportunity, and form a mutually beneficial relationship with APC. For further promotion, the sponsor's name and logo will also appear in the tournament program, on a poster in the clubrooms, and on a sign in a prominent location on the clubrooms. **Sponsor to supply electronic (.psd file) or hard copy of company logo for A4- sized poster, to be laminated** **Sponsor to supply A4-sized electronic copy (.psd file) of company logo for enlargement to A2 paper size (approx 60cm x 42cm), to be printed onto metal sign** Club Contacts President - Richard Iles o Phone: 0885366019 o Mobile: 0432538814 o Email: Secretary - Jo Tremellen o Phone: 0883897660 o Mobile: 0414862240 o Email: Grounds hire - Craig Tremellen o Phone: 0883897660 o Mobile: 0408226162 o Email:

Adelaide Polocrosse Club o Email: o Website: o Post: PO Box 91, Woodside, SA 5244 OR! /groups/26389698204/

Sponsors Application Form Sponsor Details Organisation: ____________________________________________________ Street Address: ___________________________________________________ Suburb/Town: ____________________________________________________ Post Code: __________________________ State: _______________________ Contact Name: ___________________________________________________ Contact Phone Number: ____________________________________________ Contact Email: ____________________________________________________ Type of Sponsorship Tournament








Sponsorship Amount $__________________ Other Information ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________









Ian Iles

Crystal Vanstone

Cavendish Shearing Tony Astbury & Velia Hartley

Decadence beach house Kate O'Connell

Mclaren HarvestingPty Ltd Broughton Family



Name: Sarah Martin Age: 21 Occupation: Retail assistant for a fashion/electrical business in Yorketown Years Playing Polocrosse: Well I have been coming to polocrosse since I've been a little girl but this season 2013 has been my first real playing season. Greatest Polocrosse Influence: I have always idolised my friend Ebony Sherriff we have grown up together and ever since we started talking all I wanted was to be like Ebony. As we grew into our teens nothing really changed and I was always so jealous of how well ebony could play polocrosse, she is an amazing player and looks so graceful when she plays its always a pleasure of mine to watch her play. Ebony plays a massive role in my polocrosse as we ride together and practice together its great having a personal coach 24/7 I don't know what id do with out the old girl. So to answer that one my greatest polocrosse influence would be Ebony Sherriff. Most memorable polocrosse experience: My most memorable polocrosse experience wasn't that long ago it was the 2012 Warwick Nationals, it was great to go up to QLD and see the best players in our country play against each other. It was very exciting polocrosse to watch. Short story about my life hey- Well I come from a big family of 7 my parents live in the Barossa Valley, my family is the most important part of my life. I have a 23 year old sister 20 year old sister and 8 year old twin brother and sister. My family own a crane company in the Barossa which I worked at for the first two years I finished school. My love of horses started when I was a little girl. I was always staying with my Aunties Anne Sheply and Trish Barlow these two women were the ones to introduce me to polocrosse I was there little tag along every where they went. I moved to the Yorke Peninsula in august 2011 to live with my good friend Ebony. I was borrowing a horse to learn to

play polocrosse on and was having the time of my life, I was slowing out growing that horse but didn't realise it myself. Until I get home from work one day (To the Sherriff farm) and find this horse I hadn't seen before in the back yard I look at Julie Sherriff who I lived with at the time and she says 'Well Sezza that's your new wheels' I couldn't believe it this gorgeous little gelding called Squealer Martin. He is perfect for me and I am so grateful. I am extremely lucky to have the Sherriff girls in my life they support me more then people realise. I would like give a special mention to Julie, Ebony and Tori Sherriff for giving me the opportunity to play polocrosse :)


Julie Morris


Pam Prior riding at Beachport with friend Robyn.

Hayley Prior back when it was Pike Jo Cooling Laura down at Naracoorte in 42째C weather.

Don pike, Matt and Clint Prior, Ben and Wendy 1994.

Ebony and her Dad Rob Sherriff. How Cute!

Hayley Prior playing (not falling this time) 1999

Matt and Dave Prior 1993 (how skinny are those legs)


Narelle Iles our first person to be anointed princess of the weekend. Then Deanna thought she was the real princess and took it away from Narelle (with not much fight I might add)

So a warning to all club members be very careful you don’t get caught acting like a princess or you will be here next time. Then Casterton the winner our very own Princess Tony.


UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT Julie Morris “The old duck” Born in the 50s..into a horsey family on my Fathers side. My Mum didn't know the ass end from the front end of a horse.. My Father was the Lord Mayors Coachman in Bristol. But he also use to break in ponies and was a bit of a dealer in the ole horseflesh. So being the oldest of 3 Julie became “The Test Crash Dummy”. I have many memories of horses and ponies bolting, bucking and rearing. Much to the absolute fear of my poor mother who had to attend to my injuries or visit me in hospital on several occasions.

And so I progressed through the show ring...I used to ride for other owners and made quite a bit of money thinking back....Pony club and The Prince Phillip Mounted Games on my Little Welsh Mountain pony Toddy Jones. Also hunting with my sister, with Banwell Hunt on my same trusty little steed...No horse floats in those days for us. Two hours of riding to get there. Probably half an hour hunting and then the rest of day galloping over ploughed fields and up country lanes the trying to find the hunt because we lost them.. Arriving back at the field on darkness and having to be lifted off of our ponies by our Father because we were frozen to the saddle.

At 21 the world didn't seem that small. So I emigrated to South Africa and lived in Johannesburg. By day I was quite normal and worked as a computer operator for Leyland South Africa. However on weekends I worked in a club and this is where I discovered Casinos. ILLEGAL ONES.. Very exciting .... until the club got raided.. I remember clamouring over the roulette table and escaping out the back door. Them South African police weren't nice and you didn't mess with them. After this little adventure I returned to London and decided casinos could be fun.. My first interview was with The Playboy Club. How exciting I thought.. I had to walk up and trot back wearing a bikini in front of the judges. Thought I was back in the show ring....BUT they decided no amount of padding was going to make me look like a bunny.. I was gutted, no frolicking in the playboy mansion for me. But I did go on to work in London at The International Sporting Club Casino in Berkley Square. No bunny costumes needed there...Plus casinos in Tasmania, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide. Plus a few others in between like Fortitude Valley ,Tweed Heads and Kings Cross BUT therein lies other stories. Oh dear ..sooo much corruption in Oz...Oh yes I nearly forgot A Touch Of Class In Surrey Hills.. Let your imagination run wild...


Met my husband in Perth. Married Adelaide in 91 and escaped in 2000 PHEW.. My love of hunting FOXES.. continued in Australia Perth was quite fun Not many foxes but heaps of kangaroos.. Alan Bond hunted with us hopeless rider.. Laurie Connell and a few other choice villains often came out with The Peel Hunt. Which was OK except that was the time of the scandal of WA Inc. It was always in the news so very often we had The Channel Nine news helicopter following us just as well we couldn't find many foxes because that bloody racket would surely sent them to ground permanently. I then hunted with The Adelaide Hunt for many years. I Whipped In for The Master....Get your minds out of the gutter....And spent many a Wintery Sunday and Wednesdays chasing fox and hound over hills and down dales always of course with a full hip flask full port or what ever poison took my fancy..

Discovered Polocrosse much too late in life...Love It......Live It... But you still have to pay for it.. I'm now an accident/sickness rep for Combined Insurance.. Very appropriate as I seem to be continually injured shouldn't say that because the season isn't quite over yet... Currently have two horses playing happy Feet and Summertime and Alleycat.. Who I think should be very suited to Rodeo..

About this time I discovered “A bit on the side” Please get your minds out of the gutter again....Riding “Side Saddle” was always a passion of mine so.. After reading a few books.. One Sunday I surprised The Field and myself and hunted Side Saddle ... and I survived.. Loved It. Had a great Clydie cross mare called Mrs Bucket. She was big a mare big feet, big shoulders and an even bigger ass.. when I think about it. Even if I got it wrong over the jumps she would catch me the other side...In fact hunting to hounds side saddle was more exhilarating than going round Oakbank over the steeples in a Hunt Club Point to Point the only thing I remember clearly about that race was the finishing post. How welcoming a site that was....especially as Id forgotten to breath for the whole race ...How blonde was that....I did have a leg either side for that one so not quite so blonde...

Managed to snag a Toy Boy by the name of Mark trying not to let him escape and am working very hard to get him hooked on polocrosse.. Think its working because he already prefers to watch The A Grade instead of supporting me in the lower grades. That's about it.... Any insurance needs see me sorry Once a sales person ..Always a sales person he He. Written by Julie morris


Margot Hirst (right) on Springmead Mary after winning best polocrosse pony at Sydney Royal

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