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BEHIND THE FLOATS The Adelaide Hills Equestrian centre monthly. ISSUE 8

August 2014

High Point Winner Div 2, Overall High Point Winner High Point Horse Div 2 ‘Foxy’ Overall High Point Horse

‘Travis Tremellen’ Pictured State champs Naracoorte 2014


FROM THE EDITOR Wow what a fantastic year its been, the club has grown with new members, members returning, members having babies (a little bit longer to wait before we see them on a horse) I can’t wait for next season. I would love to take the opportunity to thank our wonderful sponsors this year we have had amazing support. I hope you all enjoyed the VIP treatment at our carnival we have a couple more events coming up this year that you will be invited to attend as our special guests so watch out for those. The Adelaide Polocrosse club has really pulled together this year and raised some much needed money to help run and develop our grounds you should all be very proud. We have a few new events coming up this year, APC amazing Car Race ( look out for this it will be a lot of fun), 2014 Music trivia night (Everyone had a fantastic night last time). A huge thank you to Don pike for critiquing every player it was a great edition to the statistic forms. If you would like to have something published in the magazine please Send an email Thankyou Hayley Prior




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Editor Hayley Prior

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If you have an event and wish to hire the grounds, or you would like to know more information about costing, camping, use of club rooms, canteen, PA system please contact Craig Tremellen he will be able to help you with any enquires. The ground are not just for horse events we do hire to other clubs or groups for more information.

Welcome everyone to our grounds and hope people get to know we are here and come and enjoy the grounds.

Booking Officer Craig Tremellen Ph.: 0408226162 Email: Postal: P.O. box 91 Woodside 5244 SA

Adelaide Hills Equestrian Centre


Matt Prior



Vice President: Clint Prior




Deanna Broughton




Craig Tremellen



Head Coach: Richard Iles



Sponsorship Co-ordinator: Hayley Prior Clint Prior


0417735634 0413450744

Booking Officer: Craig Tremellen



ALL CORRESPONDENCE: P.O. box 91 Woodside 5244 SA

We only ask if you are attending a polocrosse event that the following directives are adhered to: 1. NO DOGS be present at any time. 2. No Stallions be present. 3. Any persons on horse back at any time wear Australian approved helmet. 4. All gates are closed at ALL times. 5. No yards be made up, horses only to be in permanent yards. 6. Make sure you are aware of children and prams near horses and fields.

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STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014 Adelaide only filled 1 & ½ sides but was still a fantastic tournament 



What fun members and friends had at the States.

Matt and Charlie having a ball.

Dylan and his Grandpa (don) giving some much needed encouragement.

Steve, Kelly and Kylie looking angry or cold, I'm going with cold.

Someone just can’t not be with his beloved Adelaide club

Wendy and tiff walking the children and horses .

Wendy, Adam and Charlie enjoying a game.


Up bright and early to see what the visitor has left...

All the kids big and small enjoying the hunt.

Charlie with his loot.

Caught out eating chocolate ď Š.

The Loot.

Saturday night fire. A good joke.


THE ROYAL BATH AND WEST SHOW Yes It was a beautiful English summers day at last.... The drive to Shepton Mallet was through the picturesque countryside that I always remembered from my childhood. Tall oak, ash and sycamore trees. The hedgerows of Hawthorne and blackberry and that familiar whiff of silage...It's funny how certain smells bring memories flooding back. The English country side always reminds me of a patchwork quilt. So many different shades of green. Hills and valleys dotted with cows and sheep. The tiny villages..always with a pub. The lanes so narrow that you always have to be aware of oncoming cars because most of them are not wide enough for two cars. I would hate to be driving a goosey or truck over here. You would have to be a whizz at reversing..which I'm not. The Royal bath and West show is a four day show with every thing from Shetlands, Shires and show jumpers. Hacks, hunters and harness. Plus all the other country attractions and animals. It's only about thirty miles from Bristol BUT as my Mum pointed out.. We'd better get an early start because we've got quite a way to go. Isn't it funny how we get conditioned by the size of the country we live in...I travel further than that to put a lotto ticket on... We arrive safely after such a long the permanent site of The Bath and West Show. So much for The UK being in a recession... 22 quid to go in and no concessions either...for oldies or tourists. Nobody seemed to mind and all handed over their cash quite happily. The first thing you notice when ever you go to any horse event in England is the number of dogs there. Big, small, hairy, pure bred and mix. It's so true that The Pommes just love their pooches. Love me love my dog..Also lots of bowler hats, flat caps, Cornish pasties, good ole West Country cider and show specials.. The show jumping was just finishing..some big international names competing. Then coming from a hunting background both in OZ and The UK. The next attraction was a must see. The Avon Vale and The West Somerset Hunts proudly parading their hounds in the main ring..I remember ..a long long

time little welsh mountain pony, who was a little over 13 hands, would always break out in a sweat and become totally uncontrollable. I found out why. His previous owner, a farmer..used to ride him to hounds with The Banwen Minors Hunt in Wales. The sound of the horn and hounds would remind him of his hunting days . After quite a few face plants I learnt to dismount pretty sharpish and hide him behind the biggest horse truck... Anyway Back to the now...after a few laps all the children are invited to come into the ring and pat the hounds. Not only children but mums dads prams dogs on leads and of course me..all making a fuss of these beautiful animals. Two separate packs of hounds..all happily mingling together..Then a quick command from their master and they all " packed up " and eagerly looked up as if saying..Ok what's next? One of the disappointing aspects of Ossie show rings..I found is the lack of excitement when you get your Blue Ribbon. Over here they yahoo it round the ring..and so they should. A good strong canter. They deserve it. Even the Hacks do stuffy Red Coats here. I was one of those Red Coats at The Royal one year. You had to lead the winners out of the ring at a walk.I always used to say..would you like to canter out.. Oh no It might upset him/her..Please. Some times I misheard them...yeh right and purposely trotted them out. I mean so many princess out there. Learn to ride why don't you..sorry getting carried away.. There was The Double Harness Scurry Championships. Two little ponies galloping flat out between cones. Two passengers... One being the driver desperatly trying to keep control and the other acting as an anchor of sorts to keep all wheels on the ground as they did wheelies in and around the cones. Pairs with names like Bubble and Squeak, Minny and Mouse and Murder and Mayhem who missed a left hand turn whilst in top gear and very nearly ended up eyeballing the spectators on the other side of the safety rail. A pair called Rip and Tear eventually won it. Also The Prince Phillip Mounted Games. About a hundred kids, in teams of five riding nippy little Welsh, Fell and Dale ponies..all competing for a place in the finals at The Horse of the Year Show


One thing I noticed is the strong push for people to understand the country way of life over here. The Countryside Alliance is very big over here. There was a whole area set aside for different country sports. The British Deer Society. The Salmon and Trout Society. The fly Fishing Society, The Young Farmers. The Hedge Laying and so on.. and of course ferret and terrier racing..soon funny. And so after a long and enjoyable day, I gather up my bargains, my dear ole Mum, Jessie the whippet and try to remember where I parked the car. Of course we had the usual traffic jam to look forward to but eventually was out and chugging back to Bristol..You know for moment I imagined I was heading back to my cottage in a quaint little village...Maybe ...The weather may not always be the best, the beer a little warm BUT they do play polocrosse over here you know ...

150th Royal Bath & West Show



LATEST NEWS The website for the 2014 Nationals is up and running, with plenty more information to be added over the coming months.

Hatched, Matched and Dispatched. Congratulations to May and Shane pike on the birth of their beautiful daughter Mila Sydney Pike. Congratulations to Steve and Kelly Crowe on the birth of their beautiful daughter KiKi Grace Crowe.

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OTHER CLUB NEWS ď ś Sally Macintosh is doing really well after her last lot of surgery, thank you for everyone's support and kind thoughts. ď ś Thank you to all members for running a very successful VIP tent at the tournament, it was a lot of work and everyone had a great time.

Websites: If you a looking for good quality horse feed please look no further and support our sponsors - Currency Creek fine Fodder:

What ever you might be wanting for mans best friend have a look at The Complete Canine Company, they stock a huge range of product for your dog


Australian Polocrosse

If you are looking for stock whips or equipment , training dvds etc. They have very reasonable prices.

Dressage club competition details

The website for the 2014 Nationals is up and running, with plenty more information to be added over the coming months.


What a wonderful turn out to our end of season presentation, it was a great night with the fantastic hospitality from one of our wonderful sponsors at the Lobethal Hotel. Thank you Tim and Kath for setting up your dinning room and TV so I could run the power point presentation. This year we introduced a high point voting system, her is a small explanation of this – each game was scored by the team coach, every player in the team was given a score between 6 -1 with 6 points being the best player and so on, this was added together for a final score for each tournament and finally end of year. Horses were scored per game with only one horse getting one point in that game. This edition of Behind the float has every players end of year statistics certificate it shows all of their point gathered throughout the year, I hope you enjoy reading them, and a few words from a couple of the coaches. Presentation started off with a little confusion on how the new point system worked and understanding the power point presentation, after a little explaining (maybe a lot) we got the ball rolling. Division 4 High point winner was Dylan Prior on 56 points, but it was extremely close with only one point between 1st and second place in Vanessa Rosback. Division 4 high Point Horse Kiwi, (Dylan Prior) on 7 points with a very close second again with only one point difference Sienna (Vanessa Rosback). Division 3 High Point winner was Jacob Lucey on 40 Points and coming in second was Drew Lucey on 27 points. Division 3 High Point Horse was a draw between Stormy and Roo, both ridden by Jacob with a bit of help with points from Dad riding Stormy at Adelaides tournament. Division 2 High Point winner was Travis Tremellen on 84 Points, Ebony Sherriff coming in second place on 53. Division 2 High Point Horse was Foxy on 7 points with Jack (Clint Prior) and Lili (Shane Pike) both on 4 points coming in second, what a good result with both only playing a couple of tournaments and Lili’s first season






COLIC THE MYTHS Colic has been recognized in horses for a long time, but only recently have veterinarians been able to accurately diagnosis, and effectively treat, colic cases. Nevertheless, many myths about colic persist today – here’s to trying to dispel some of them! 1. Horses do not colic because the weather changes. That’s right. The weather changes all of the time. Horses colic all of the time. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other, but since they both occur often, it’s easy to make an association. A couple of studies have even shown this. But this durable myth persists.

2. Horses don’t twist their intestines when they roll. Have you ever seen a horse lie down and roll, happily scratching his back in the dirt? Have you ever seen a horse develop a twisted intestine afterwards? Didn’t think so. Horses that are uncomfortable from the pain of colic will often lie down and roll. They are trying to find a way to get comfortable, just like when you lie down on the couch after, say, some bad restaurant food. That often means that they’ll change positions, just trying to get comfortable. However, the pain that occurs from a twisted intestine is extreme, and horses with intestinal twists (volvulus, strangulation, entrapment, and such) show that extreme pain by rolling around. But it’s the twist that comes first, not the other way around. If a horse is beating himself up from rolling around frantically in pain, there’s certainly ample reason to keep him from doing so. However, if your horse rolls, the gut isn’t in danger of twisting.

3. Walk your horse, no matter what. The idea that horses need to be walked because they have a colic probably comes from the concern over twisting a gut. Walking is not directly therapeutic for colics, and if a horse is relatively comfortable lying down, there’s no real reason to get him up just so that he can walk. Imagine you, on the couch, feeling bad after that restaurant food; if someone got you up and made you walk, you probably wouldn’t appreciate it. That said, there may be some slight benefit to walking a horse with colic. It may help distract the horse with colic, and help him forget about his pain. That’s at least humane. It also gives the owner something to do until the veterinarian arrives!

4. Banamine® (flunixin meglumine) is a potent pain reliever if your horse has colic. Flunixin was heavily advertised as the”drug to treat colic, when it was first released a few decades ago. Since then, it seems that horse owners have learned that the drug is a “must” for treating horses with colic. In fact, some people even say that it works within minutes of its administration, which, given what we know about how the drug works, isn’t possible. Some veterinarians even believe that it’s something of a wonder drug when it comes to suppressing pain, but there are others (including this one) that disagree. In fact, experimental studies on the drug have shown that it’s not very effective at all at treating the pain of colic. It is a useful drug, but it’s not a miracle drug. That said, there’s no reason at all to give any drug for any condition, without a proper diagnosis. If you have flunixin in a medicine chest or tack box, don’t give it to your horse with colic without consulting with your veterinarian first. 5. Add “alternative” treatments to help your horse with colic. Some people may add things such as acupuncture or massage to their efforts to help a horse with colic. There’s no evidence at all to indicate that such things are helpful, and, in the case of acupuncture, there’s good evidence that it doesn’t help at all. If your horse has a colic, focus on getting quick and proper diagnosis and treatment, and don’t look for any “alternatives” to that! Information from David Ramey, DVM

Disclaimer: The information and recommendations in this article have been presented as a guideline based on veterinarian information given to the editor. Whilst all care and diligence is taken in producing this information, the editor accepts no responsibility or liability for unforseen consequences resulting from the advise given in this article. All information in this article is thanks to : David Ramey, DVM

PRIOR BUILDERS new homes - extensions - renovations Prior Builders is a family owned business with over 35 years of building excellence. David and Matt both passionate builders who invest in your dream head an approachable team providing personalised service and trusted tradespeople. They have experience matched with ingenuity in problem solving and design interpretation. Their superior craftsmanship delivers a level of quality to last and be noticed meeting your needs in both traditional and modern design. Member of Master Builders Association since 1988 Transforming your ideas into creative design with unique results

David 0412808214 Matt 0412895482


AT STUD Golden palomino colt, rising 3yo, mature 15.2hh Registered Heritage Australian Stock Horse (All foals eligible to apply for ASH registration). Sunny is ideal for breeding well balanced, agile, responsive and softmouthed polocrosse mounts, possessing all these qualities himself. He has a fantastic ground covering smooth canter and lovely ability to sit into his stops, with a big over-tracking walk. He was broken in by Colin Byron, who could not speak highly enough of his potential for top level competition in any field. Sunny has won multiple Supreme awards and led Championships. Sunny's sire Tintaras Chandra was exported to Japan to breed performance horses and is predominantly of TB blood, adding speed and quality to progeny. Sunny's dam has done polo practice chukkas and is to commence her polo career this next season. She is by Master Herbert, sire of numerous quality polo ponies.

If you're wanting to breed a top looking polocrosse horse with plenty of ability and potential, don't look past Chalani Sunstream as your next sire.

2013 service fee $880. Standing at Chalani Australian Stock Horses, Monarto SA. Email | Phone 08 85344263. Visit our website or find us on Facebook for more photos and details.

This photo was taken the first day Sunny was ridden



Julie Morris Side Saddle.

Dave and Pam with 5 of their Grandchildren.

Dylan and Aidan on Caddie

Julie Morris a few years ago

Ebony & Rob Sherriff few years ago .


Clint Prior Chiropractic

Decadence beach house Kate O'Connell

Lyndsay Young Vet Clinic

Hair Sculpture By Nikki

Chase n' Dreams Hair & Beauty Salon

Clint Prior Chiropractic

Chiropractic For Horse and Rider Dr Clint Prior and Dr Caitlin White are the principles of mt barker chiropractic. They both specialise in a technique called Gonstead Chiropractic. This technique is very specific, safe and effective. Common conditions that respond well to this form of chiropractic are; Low back pain, headaches, neck and mid back pain, knee and ankle sprain & strains, sporting injuries, pregnancy related aches and pains, colic and reflux. Dr Clint Prior is also an animal chiropractor with a particular interest in Horses. He has treated elite horses for over 11 years in the racing industry, and professional level horses (including Olympic representatives), as well as pleasure horses. He has an in depth knowledge of both rider and horse anatomy and function, which enables accurate diagnosis of both horse and rider issues.

Call (08) 8398 4855 (Clinic) or 0413 450 744 (Clint-Horses)


Your friend will be with you forever


RAFF 2006 to 2012 Raff got his name because he was the little gelding that was the raffle prize at The World Cup Polocrosse in Warwick in 2007. I feel so fortunate to have been part of this little horse’s short life because he was such a big part of mine. Raff was probably the best horse I will ever ride. I've never ridden a horse that had so much natural balance and ability. When I rode him he just felt that he had this unique style of movement that was so unreal. He didn't have that many quirky habits . I do remember that he always had to be the centre of attention and I swear that he would get jealous if I rode other horses. The future was looking pretty good because not only was he an awesome polocrosse pony, he was also my best buddy and wingman. I never had the time to really enjoy this special little horse because he was diagnosed with a bone chip between his short pastern and pedal bone. To operate would have caused him so much pain .So I had to make the agonising decision to have him put down. I only had him for about eighteen months and I really do miss him. RIP RAFF You will always remain in my memories.. Such a short life taken much too soon. Written by Nick Harvey


Adelaide Polocrosse Club Inc. Club:



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Emergency Contact Name:

Number: Adelaide Polocrosse Club Direct Deposit Detail : BSB 105-057 Account 029 295 540 I have read the Rules and By-By-Laws of my state association and hereby agree to be bound by these rules. I Acknowledge that Polocrosse activities are dangerous and that incidents causing death, bodily injury, disability And property damage can, and do happen. Being fully aware of this I whish to involve myself in Polocrosse activities. I acknowledge that my membership includes compulsory player insurance for playing categories.

Signed:_____________________ Parent or Guardian if U18:________________________


JODIE ROGERS AND THE LOVE OF POLOCROSSE Jodie Rogers was a very talented Nurse, wife, mother, and nanni. She loved nothing more than to be with her family and today I'm going to talk about Jodie's life at Polocrosse. The first thing I thought of when starting to write about Jodie was in 1991 when my family moved from Happy Valley to Lobethal she turned up on our door step with a casserole so my mum didn’t have to think about cooking, that was just how kind thinking Jodie was. Jodie loved horses and when Emma wanted to play polocrosse Jodie couldn’t have been happier going straight out and buying her a horse, with Lady and senna Emma started playing for Adelaide Polocrosse club at our Mt Crawford grounds. Mt Crawford was a dusty place with not very many amenities, Jodie was always there helping the club running our tournaments, cleaning the long drops, working the canteen which wasn’t much more than a shed and a concert floor with an old table or two to work on, she was a fantastic worker from the time she was out of bed until after tea was served only taking time out to watch Emma, Jodie never complained about any job she just got on and done it. She was also the club secretary for a couple of years. But the most important thing to Jodie was Emma’s playing so the following is a recall of what Jodie did so that Emma could play. Very quickly it was realised that Emma would need a new horse if she wanted to continue with this game so Jodie set out to find her daughter one of the best old horses that would set her up to be able to improve she purchased Heckle and Emma soon after was chosen to represent the State at the Nationals at Forbes in 1992 in the junior side, Jodie was so excited getting in a car with Sheryle pike, Wendy Curno, Sharyn Tilbrook, Hayley Prior and driving the long distance to Forbes. This was just the start by the time the Nationals had come around again Jodie had bought Emma a new horse BJ and she was once again selected to represent the state at Walkaway in the under 21’s mixed competition. Jodie and this time Graham had to bus it over to Walkaway as their flights had been delayed and they wouldn’t have made it in time, they were so happy to finally make it they shouted the entire team out for dinner when they arrived, the team played so well and came RU. In 1996 the Nationals were held in Werribee Emma was chosen to represent the State once again in the under 21’s mixed competition, as my bother Shane and my self were also in the side our families camped together having a tarp over two floats both mums had cooked all the meals even cooking us a roast one night, we all had the best time and everyone was rewarded with us winning the under 21’s mixed comp the first time SA has ever won, Jodie was so proud. Soon after Jodie bought another horse for Emma, Skippa who was in foal when purchased with Dakota, Emma was picked to represent the state once again in the mixed competition in QLD in 1998, so Jodie and her best friend Glenis drove the long distance to Warwick it was so cold I remember Jodie wearing two jackets and gloves most of the time, Jodie really enjoyed watching Emma play unfortunately they didn’t win a game. In 2000 the Adelaide Polocrosse club had moved into Lobethal to our new grounds this made Jodie very happy she didn’t have to clean the dusty dirty old shed any more. The next Nationals in 2000 was held at Naracoorte and Emma was playing in the Mixed team again, as Jodie didn’t like to drive long distances Emma’s new beau David Schulz drove down with Jodie. But most of all Jodie was a very supportive parent, Emma told me that she offered to pay Emma’s fees every year, she just wanted the best for her daughter and what ever she could do to help make that happen. In more recent times Jodie’s grandchildren were her world she even had a number plate made for her car Nanni 03 so everyone would know how special they are. Jodie you have been a massive supporter of the Adelaide Polocrosse club, we will miss your generosity, and the love you gave your family. RIP Jodie.



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