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WILL DUFFY OUGD301 Brief 3 “Nickelodeon”

“Create a set of short stings for the television channel Nickelodeon based on the theme of children’s nursery rhymes.”

The concept for this brief revolves around creating animations that aren’t just for children. The resolutions went down a ‘square based’ route to link them all together and differentiate from other animations on the channel.


WILL DUFFY OUGD301 Brief 3 Character Development

This character creation is based around the nursery rhyme of the ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’, During development, it became clear that a square shape was more unique and interesting than other designs.


WILL DUFFY OUGD301 Brief 3 Further Character Development

The other two nursery rhyme stories worked with were ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘One, Two, Three, Four, Five’. Both character creation examples went down the same route as the spider to create a link across the range.


WILL DUFFY OUGD301 Brief 3 Storyboards

The characters are propsed to each animate out their own individual stories through five 10 second stings as those used between advert breaks. These will each work chronologically and sequentially on the television channel.


WILL DUFFY OUGD301 Brief 3 Digital Storyboards

Making some scene storyboards digitally gives a much better idea of what the characters will look like and includes a much more effective and easier use of colour definition.


WILL DUFFY OUGD301 Brief 3 Logo Edit

In fitting with the theme of each proposed animated short, the Nickelodeon logo has been redesigned simply in a similar square-based format.