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Surface Pattern Yearbook - Print/ Promotion/ Identity Brief: Collaborate in designing the 2012 BA(Hons) Printed textiles & Surface Pattern year book from concept to print.

Surface Pattern & printed Textiles is a course that has won countless awards for the work that it produces; a broad range of mixed media and creative process from hand drawn and crafted to completely digital. The breadth of range is shown using a diamond pattern that crops the student’s work to a defined format, showing off each student to the same degree.

Will Duffy OUGD303 Final Major Project Brief 4/ Yearbook 1/5

Surface Pattern Yearbook - Title pages The concept for the identity of this years Surface Pattern yearbook is to show off the course and it’s students in an equal and professional way. The diamond pattern tesselates perfectly to help regulate the equality of everybody’s work and allows a cropped view of final pieces. The three title pages have been designed to this format, each representing its own chapter in the

final yearbook. The three capters are Process, Material, and Print, with each title page holding 26 examples of work that fit into that chapter.

Will Duffy OUGD303 Final Major Project Brief 4/ Yearbook 2/5

Surface Pattern Yearbook - Cover design The cover is the centre of the identity as it is the first thing that is looked at when handling the book. The original design had no gaps with missing diamonds, but the client decided on a change of design that ultimately resolved in this form. The cover shows work from as many of the students as possible in this design template, showing off all students to the same light and avoiding

favouritism wherever possible. The cover consists of 50 diamonds for 50 completely different pieces of third year work.

Will Duffy OUGD303 Final Major Project Brief 4/ Yearbook 3/5

Surface Pattern Yearbook - Website This design for a webiste fits in line with the entire visual identity of the graduating yearbook and works as an online extension of the yearbook itself. It follows the same diamond pattern across an elongated design, allowing the user to scroll through and click on pieces of work that interest them. This then opens a simple window that displays the students’ work with the ability to view

more third year final pieces and have access to name and contact details for that student. The rest of the website is kept very simple and minimal, much like the rest of the yearbook. It is clean and professional, allowing a small about section to put the whole website in context and contact details for the course as a whole.

Will Duffy OUGD303 Final Major Project Brief 4/ Yearbook 4/5

Amy Gibbons


Isabel Ford





Rebecca Miller

Bryony Dewhirst

Stephanie Dodd

Lucy Haylett

Lisa Martin

Emma Rose


Elizabeth Atkinson

Surface Pattern Yearbook - Inside Spreads The identity created for the cover and inside chapter spreads also conforms to the design and layout throughout the main body of the yearbook. Each chapter shows work relating directly to pieces shown within the cover design and the chapter title spread for that section. The main body spreads have also been designed with the same kind of sporadic layout as the diamonds.



Anna Taylor




Kat Oxley

Will Duffy OUGD303 Final Major Project Brief 4/ Yearbook 5/5