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Inside My Bag!

Everything but the kitchen sink! Here is a peek at my beauty favorites that I always have on hand! T..xoxo

A. B. H.

C. G.

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Inside My Bag! I switch handbags a lot (depending on my outfit, trip or mood) but, I Always have these in my bag. A. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips ($8) Who knows when you’re in need of a quickie manicure? These dehydrated nail polish strips stick on just like stickers. You file off the excess and TA-DA a perfect manicure! P.S. No spills

B. Stila Convertible Color Lip and Cheek Compact (Fuchsia - $25) This versatile favorite brightens cheeks and lips with creamy, translucent color. Tap the sheer tint onto cheeks for a natural glow and press onto lips for fresh, radiant color.

C. Rosewater and Glycerin Face ($5) Hello soothing and hydrating! This is old-fashioned, yet still totally the go to soothe and rehydrate. I love using this after a flight or in the desert/dry climates.

D. Fresh Sugar lip treatment (Rose - $22)

Beside the lovely soft tint-This stuff has real sugar that seals in moisture to keep lips hydrated. Blackcurrant oil wraps lips with plumping fatty acids, shields skin against damaging sun rays, and antioxidant grape seed, vitamins A, C&E give extra protection. And it is SPF15!!! Yes please!

E. Everyday GLO Teeth Whitening Maintenance ($25) Keep your smile white and healthy while on the go with Everyday GLO™. The antioxidant and vitamin enriched formula instantly erases everyday stains from coffee, tea, and red wine while whitening and brightening teeth. Just click and rub the formula onto your teeth anytime, anywhere.

F. Cover Girl Clean compact sensitive skin powder ($8) Say Bu-Bye to shine with this 100% fragrance-free and oil-free, safe for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and won't-clog-pores powder!!! It's a total steal coming in at $8, and sometime you can buy one get one free!

G. EOS Everyday Hand Lotion ($3) I just love how well this travels, and it has saved my dry hand so many times! It's 97% natural formula, lanolin-free, dye-free, and a total steal! My favorite scent is cucumber, but the berry is a close 2nd.

H. Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara ($23) Show-stopping mascara! What I just love about this mascara is the brush. It's kind of like a paddle, so you can apply with the sides of the wand and then press the lashes up with the paddle for full extension. I figured I’d do something a little different then my regular long winded Hello - This Issue is based on How-To’s and fun Tips and Tricks to help make life a little easier. Here are the things in my bag I need to survive my day! T..xo

Burn the candle already. I love Candles. I'm a bit of a pyro and really love fire. I love the warmth and the alluring flicker of dancing color and light—yellow, orange, and the smell—the yummy essential oils that melt and drift into the air as a I breathe in. Burning a candle is such a romantic experience, and I can tell you that I am no romantic. And there is a power there too. Fire is dangerous—it has the capability to burn and hurt and leave NO trace that anything existed in the place it once stood strong. Candles represent strength, light, and a willingness to dissolve beauty in order to create something even more beautiful. I learned the power of candles at an early age. My mother threw candle parties; think Tupperware party meets sex toy party. There were always snacks and wine, and the host always got to pick a free candle to decorate her kitchen table or coffee table. But here was the stumper for me: the people who bought candles for decoration at these parties had NO intention of burning them. Ever. Ummm, What? Why? Why would you buy a candle that smelled so yummy and looked so pretty when it burned. It was a candle that did exactly what it was made to do. Why would you go through all the trouble to acquire it and then never light it? Why would you just have it as decoration that collects dust? And for the record, it is very hard to dust wax. I've watched my mother try for years, and it never really works. So how does this relate to how we live our lives? I have so many interactions with people who shelve their passions and their talents as some sort of decoration. I'm always perplexed as to why they make that choice. Is it Fear? Confusion? Lack of motivation? Concern that if they let their light shine too brightly, it will be snuffed out by someone who can’t appreciate their vulnerability? I don't know. All I know is that so many have amazing dreams and never "light them up." They are caught somewhere in between survival and easy living and have decided to shelve their "light" for another time. And another time turns into far too long


and possibly never. I had a roommate in college. She had so much light and cool inside of her. I tried to reach it all the time, and I could see fear. Fear of what her family would think. Fear of what she might think of herself. Fear of being different. She was a candle keeper not a candle lighter. I remember walking into her room and holding a match over one of her candles, threatening to light it. She jumped in Fear and blew out my match. This transgressed into a deep conversation about Why. Why not light the candle? There are more candles out there. SO MANY MORE. Smaller ones, bigger ones, ones that smell, and ones that flicker. The candle world is so much more exciting than this one yellow starter candle she’d been treasuring. After we talked, she lit the candle. We hung out and chatted the rest of the night and watched the beautiful light dance around. She turned into a candle lighter that night and enjoyed the danger as much as I, and the beauty and the romantic thought that that candle could make everything disappear and then appear new, different, and possibly even better. We walked together on the side that had frightened her for so long. I was talking with a friend the other night. It was seventeen years after my college roommate light-your-candle chat. While we were chatting, she was telling me things I've inspired her to do. The first thing on her list was that I taught her to light her candles. I felt so proud of myself. I mean besides enjoying the romance of a candle, and the smell, and the light, I hope that was a small step to actually living a life that she isn't afraid to light up. But we'll see. She may have just been talking about wax. T..xoxo

Shit my Sister’s doing


Fantasy: I’m running six fluid miles around Lake Union under 40 minutes, and my shoes are awesome. Reality: I’m running on what feels like one working lung, stopping at the top of every mile to walk (all three of them), and it takes me 40 minutes. However, my shoes are still awesome. I’ve been logging miles alone for 20 years. I say alone because I count riding my bike next to my marathon-training mother, as the beginning of my lonely relationship with the pavement and the perfect running shoe. Given my long-standing subscription to Runners World, I also consider myself well versed in the running shoe department, but I wanted to put my knowledge to the test! While heading back to my car after a run and assessing the long Starbucks line (it was a Sunday and Father’s Day so I should have known better), I decided to check to see if Super Jock ‘n Jill was open. The seriously friendly sales associates, who interestingly don’t work on commission, greeted me at the door. They asked if I had any injuries or concerns and then had me run back and forth twice in my own shoe in order to analyze my gait and current footwear. It was a bit intimidating but the space offered is big enough to get a good pace but not too long to become self-conscious about it. The “runway” is toward the door so if you don’t pay attention you could collide with customers entering or get in the way of those leaving. After I finished that exercise without running into anyone, I sat down to hear the results. It turns out that my gait is basic, middle of the road (just like everything else in my life!), and the shoe I’m in works just fine for me. No purchase necessary. I could have walked out then. But since I needed more to write about I decided to keep going with a potential sale. The next step is for the sales clerk to pull suggested shoes from the back. I was presented with four different brands, ranging in price from $110 - $115. I put one brand on one foot and another on the other and was instructed to “take them for a spin.” It’s the process of elimination. Having my 7 month old with me made this part difficult, so I couldn’t run all the way up the hill on the side of the store as recommended but they offered to babysit which I’m sure is not in the job description! After completing this assignment, I narrowed my choices down to Saucony vs Asics. Both brands I know and owned in the past, but since I already purchased myself the right shoe (knowledge proven), I thanked them for letting me play and took my impatient little one home. If you are just getting started or are concerned you don’t have the right fit, I would suggest stopping in and getting a little help from experts, who know how help you find the right fit. If you’re a seasoned runner whose knees are quiet and hips don’t make a funny clicking sound, chances are you’re already in the right shoe! And if you purchased a minimal shoe like Nike Free, don’t worry they have a great return policy, so go get something you actually like running in! ...Sister xoxo


How To Protect Your Skin From The Sun Having beautiful skin is a lifestyle decision. Believe it or not you really do have control of how your skin will look when it’s older. Summer puts our best intentions to the test when we make the choice to expose our skin to the sun. I’m not the kind of Esthetician that is going to tell you to hide in the shadows all season. Instead, here are 3 easy ways to support your skin before, during, and after having fun in the sun.

Take Precautions. The truth about sun protection is that it’s not how high the SPF number is, but how generously you apply it. Use an SPF of 30 or higher as the finishing step of your morning skin care routine. Make sure to remember your neck, chest, ears, lips, and your scalp if you have a part. How much is enough? The rule of thumb with sunscreen is a tablespoon on the face and a shot glass on the body. Be sure to apply your sun protection 20 minutes before you plan to go outside. Photo:Beth Dixon

Be Prepared. Pack a survival kit to keep you sun-safe. Make sure to include:

*Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 45 – Your go-to broad spectrum sunscreen, spray mist allows for easy application and the oil-free formula won’t clog pores. *MD Moms Baby Silk Sunscreen Towelettes – These convenient wipes are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. Perfect for in the car touch ups to sun exposed face and arms. https:// *UPF 50+ Sun Sarong – When there is no shade in sight, you can wrap up in this. Clothing is the single most effective form of sun protection, and this accessory is as stylish as it is practical. http:// Treat Yourself. After a day in the sun treat your skin with care. Just as you should wash off any makeup before going to bed, you should remove sun protection before going to sleep. Take a tepid shower and pat dry with a towel to help lock in moisture. To restore your face, neck, and chest skin, mask with the Bio Calm Repair Masque by Renée Rouleau

BioCalmRepairMasque.aspx On the rest of your body use Burt’s Bees Aloe & Linden Flower After Sun Soother http:// For an extra yummy soothing effect keep after sun products in the refrigerator. Your over-heated skin will love you for it! Susan.xo

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Keep It RED!

Don’t let the Spring and Summer pastels fool you. Summer is the perfect time to pop on a little red. There are several shades and textures of lip colors. If your shy about step yourself into a tinted stain or balm. If your feeling brave try a matte lipstick. Here are a few of my Top Picks!!

Summer Reds

One Of My Favorites! And It Has A SPF15!!!

MAC Matte LipstickRuby Woo Love It! Everyone should own it! this a a Fantastic 1950’s style and feel kinda red. This is the kind of tone that can make your smile look whiter! ($15)

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Tint- Fiery This is a fun way to wear red. This is a lip tint that you can layer on for a less or more dramatic effect ($24)

Fresh Sugar LipTreatment-Passion SPF 15 This has a very sheer tint,smells great, and softens lips.($22)

CoverGirl OUTLAST Lipstain-Wild Berry Wink #440 I Just love this- Its like a marker, goes on very easy and stains your lips- You can add gloss over it for shine. ($8)

Benefit-Benetint I just live how very light this sheer almost water like formula is- It’s the “I just ate a Popsicle” kind of look!! ($30)

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate-Top Tomato This lipstick sets on your lips and stays all day.($10)


HELLO SUNSHINE Your Must-Have SPF Solutions!

C) Bethesda- Sunscreen Soap($8)

A) Banana Boat Baby SPF50 spray on Sunscreen.($9)

B) Coppertone- Sensitive Skin Sunscreen SPF50($8) D) Peter Thomas RothInstant Mineral Powder SPF 30($30)

E) Dermalogica- Solar Defense Wipes SPF15($22)

F) Kiehl’s Super Fluid SPF50($38) and LA Roche-Posay SPF60($23)


Not Losing  Your  Mind:  A  How-­‐To  Guide (Spoiler  alert,  it  takes  lots  of  wine)  

With a Kiddo...

“The theme  the  next  WTF  issue  will  be:  How  To!”   When  I  first  received  this  email,  I  panicked.  WriFng  a  “how  to”  arFcle  implies  that  you  possess  some  superior  skill   worthy  of  imparFng  to  others,  something  that  pops  into  people’s  minds  whenever  they  think  of  you.  For  example,   “boy  that  Jenny,  she  is  really  good  at  chainsaw  sculpFng.”  Sadly,  (or  fortunately)  for  the  world,  I  don’t  wield  a   chainsaw.  Period.  I  sing  off  key,  I  could  never  coax  art  or  music  from  these  hands,  and  despite  10  years  of  lessons,   my  dancing  is  sFll  just,  well…it’s  okay.   I  was  preQy  stumped.  So  I  thought  about  it.  A  lot.  The  gracious  editor  even  extended  my  deadline.  Bless  her  heart.   Because  all  I  could  muster  up  was  the  following:  a  list  of  Fps  and  tricks  to  help  you  keep  your  sanity  if  you  happen   to  be  the  mother  of  a  small  child  (I  can  only  ASSUME  that  by  the  Fme  my  child  is  4  or  5  he  will  be  completely  self-­‐ sufficient,  right?) So  here  you  go.  My  accumulated  knowledge  on  the  topic: Edit  your  wardrobe.  For  real.  Find  a  few  pieces  that  make  you  feel  good,  and  preferably  aren’t  made  of  white  silk.   I  am  a  strong  advocate  of  purchasing  the  same  piece  in  mulFple  colors  if  you  know  it  works.  I  can  get  dressed   confidently,  in  minutes,  with  one  small  human  hanging  off  my  leg,  walk  out  the  door,  and  know  that  my  ou\it   works.   If  possible,  go  blonde.  This  makes  less  than  daily  washing  of  hair  much  easier  as  the  chemicals  make  your  hair   much  drier.  For  some  this  may  not  be  a  desirable  result,  but  for  anyone  with  fine,  long,  sFck  straight  hair  with  a   tendency  toward  the  oily,  it  is  fantasFc.  Also,  dry  shampoo  is  wonderful.   Never  forget  the  sauce.  My  boy  loves  his  boQle,  but  it  is  not  always  feasible  to  have  milk  on  hand.  So,  the  next   best  distracFon  is  the  sauce  pouch  (apple  that  is).  And  if  you  don’t  know  what  that  is,  you  are  probably  not  the   parent  or  grandparent  of  a  small  human.  Regardless,  like  the  wardrobe,  this  is  the  go  to  move  to  get  you  through   any  number  of  situaFons  that  might  come  up  wherein  your  toddler  will  be  less  than  pleased  to  cooperate  –  the   line  at  the  supermarket,  ge_ng  in/staying  in  the  car  seat/stroller/high  chair,  changing  the  diaper,  whatever.  I  keep   them  everywhere:  in  the  car,  in  the  bag,  in  the  pocket  if  we  go  to  the  park.  Yup,  it’s  bribery,  and  I  100%  support  it.   A  liDle  dirt  won’t  hurt.  This  was  sooooooo  hard  for  me,  but  my  boy  is  all  B-­‐O-­‐Y.  He  loves  dirt,  he  loves  water,  and   he  double  loves  the  dirt  AND  water  combo.  And  he  gets  dirty  on  the  daily.  And  you  know  what?  He  has  so  much   fun  doing  it  that  I  just  gave  in.  I  wash  clothes  a  lot  –  but  on  the  plus  side,  he  can  work  out  a  lot  of  energy  outside,   and  it’s  one  less  mess  for  me  to  clean  up  inside. And  finally,  give  in.  Having  a  glass  of  wine  at  4:00  PM  is  completely  ok  if  you  got  up  at  5:30  AM  and  are  going  to   bed  at  8:00.  Reading  People  magazine  is  sFll  reading.  SomeFmes  you  really  just  need  two  baths  in  one  day.  Fake   lashes  are  100%  worth  the  money.  I  ate  only  mashed  potatoes  and  macaroni  for  dinner  tonight,  and  that  is  just   fine.  Now  that  this  piece  is  wrapped,  I  will  absolutely  get  into  bed  while  it  is  sFll  light  out,  watch  an  hour  long  TV   show  even  though  the  sunset  is  spectacular,  because  I  love  a  good  sunset,  but  I  love  sleep  just  a  liQle  bit  more   tonight. XO  Jenny



I Know It’s HotIt’s HumidYou’re Melting!!! Now Here is How to look Hot and Not Melting in the Heat of Summer.

Photography: Rosemary Photography Hair/MUA: Tiffany Colors Models:SMG AMBIKA & ANN-MARIE


SUMM Beau Now that you just got used to BB Cream - CC Cream sneaks up! CC=Color Correction cream. It bumps it up a notch with its antiaging, acne healing, and dark spot removing qualities, and helps keep it that way with its SPF30.

Have some fun with your new highlights and add color chalk. Just like the celebs you’ve seen, you too can experiment with this non-permanent color and add a lil Zazz to your Summer Night. Just color on your locks and spray hairspray on to seal the color until you wash. NOTE: this product is for all hair colorsIt shows up best on lighter hair.

ER ty

Say YES to these Hypoallergenic makeup removing wipes that are loaded with soothing aloe vera, green tea and cucumbers. I just toss a packet of these in my cooler when I’m on my way to the beach for a soothing refreshment midbeach day!!

Shiseido came out with a limited edition SPF30 compact. So if you can, run out and snag one! This year has been a hit with the powder sunscreens. It’s WAY easier to repowder your face then to goop it up with liquid sunscreen. Other Brands to try; Peter Thomas Roth and Susan Postnick

Don’t Let the sun fry your tresses. Snag some John Frieda full repair style revival heat-activated styling spray lightweight Inca Inchi oil. It makes tresses ultra silky and glossy. *TIP* Mix a teaspoon on oil-free sunscreen in the bottle to add extra sun protection!!

*MY MUST HAVE This YSL ROUGE VOLUPTESPF15 Radiant Lipstick is my go-to for sun protection, hydration and just to straight up look pretty. My IT color suggestion is #27 Rose Paris coral/pink!


HOW TO: 1.) With your pointer finger, dip into the yellow pigment and blend shadow onto the lid of your eye. 2.) Next line the upper lash line with your bright, metallic peacock pencil liner. 3.) Then on lower lash line, use the bright iridescent teal. 4.) Apply false lashes on lashes that has mascara already applied (Tip* Dip false lash in glue and let dry for 25 seconds before you apply for better stick) 5.) Line inner rim (tearline) of lower lash line with black liner for more impact and pop!

Food for your Brain!!! Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn “Read This!� was what I was told sternly. That's it. No other explanation. I waited a while until I needed something really good! It's shocking. It may make you never want to fall in love. But that's not something we can control now, is it?

The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball Inspiring! If only we could all be so lucky....and brave! I love farmers! This is a book about a lady who falls in love with a farmer and leaves her New York City life behind. One of my favorite parts was her walking through the field in a mini skirt thinking about what a slut she must look like.

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen This book is great! It really feels like you know the characters or maybe even are one of them. And you can't believe the F'd up shit they pull. It's a page turner. You can't wait to read on for the next train wreck. Loved it!

ALWAYS Providing you with Great Reads!! Feed your Brain!! 19.

You Know It. We Know It. Everyone Tells their Hair Stylist their Secrets. Now Here are Some of Ours...

HOW TO HAVE THE BEST EXPERIENCE WHILE YOU ARE IN “THE CHAIR.” 1. If  you  want  a  change  in  your  look:   Always  come  with  pictures  that  you  like  and  even  some  that  you  don’t.  Photos  will  help  you  best   communicate  what  you  do  and  do  not  like,  and  there  is  no  room  for  confusion  or  misunderstanding  on   bangs  or  colors  tones,  etc.  If  you    trust  your  hairstylist,  ask  them  their  thoughts  and  to  show  you  a  few   pictures  of  what  they  are  thinking.   2.  Keep  your  cut  even:   Legs  uncrossed,  head  still,  and  sit  up  straight  during  a  cut  if  you  want  your  cut  to  be  even.  I  know,  I  know.   It’s  hard  to  not  move  around  when  you  talk,  but  it  drives  me  and  every  other  hairstylist  CRAZY  when  we   are  trying  to  evenly  cut,  and  you’re  turning  your  head  to  see  who  just  walked  in  the  door.  So  stop  it.  And   trust  me,  I’ll  tell  you  if  something  really  exciting  happens.   3.If  you  want  to  Kigure  out  your  “Identity”  hair  color:   I  often  ask,  “What  color  is  your  hair  in  your  dreams?”  This  will  get  you  thinking.  If  you  are  blonde  in  your   dreams,  then  you  see  yourself  as  a  blonde  and  will  possibly  regret  going  very  dark  brown.  It  may  seem  like   a  fun  and  exciting  idea,  but  in  the  end  you  will  end  up  spending  a  lot  of  money  trying  to  get  your  hair  back   to  the  tone  it  was  before.  Just  take  that  money  and  go  on  a  fun  trip. 4.Is  your  hairstylist  right  for  you?   Ask  yourself  these  questions:  Are  they  on  time?  Do  you  enjoy  their  personality?  Do  you  like  the  space  you   are  sitting  in?  Do  you  get  compliments  on  your  hair?  Can  you  communicate  well  with  each  other?  Is  the   end  result  what  you  were  expecting?  Do  you  respect  their  expertise?  If  you  answered  yes  to  all  of  these,  

then you  are  on  the  right  track.  If  not,  you  may  want  to  rethink  who  you  are  seeing.

5. How  to  look  like  you  just  came  out  of  the  salon: Yes  you  need  hair  products  to  recreate  what  we  just  did.  No,  you  cannot  just  get  up  and  go.  Talk  with  your   stylist  about  your  lifestyle  and  expectations  on  how  much  time  you  allow  for  your  look  and  ask  for  a  few   ideas  for  a  look  that  time  allows.  You  may  be  surprised  at  our  tips  and  tricks  and  end  up  looking  fantastic   in  under  10  minutes.

New to the area? Ask all the people whose hair you like who they go to! People are a walking advertisement for your next stylist!


THE PROCESS Photography: Robin Marsh/ Rosemary Hair/MUA: Tiffany Colors

THE PROMISE Hair color: Davines color #6/64 Lip color: MAC Ruby Woo







How to Live Without a Man My husband left me 10 days before my 35th birthday. On the big day, my friends tried to cheer me up by taking me wine tasting. I tried dutifully to make the best of it, even smiling painfully for several pictures. The whole day was a blur of forced joviality and genuine gratitude towards my friends for trying to do the impossible. I do, however, remember one winery distinctly. Rather, I remember the bathroom of one winery. It was a homegrown winery, with the tasting room a last-minute addition to the house, replete with a bathroom painted yellow with hand-stenciled flowers. The décor was the exact antithesis of my mood. I remember staring into the mirror, trying to compose myself, and realizing that on this day I was 35, and these were the facts of my life: I was going to get divorced from the man I had been with for 11 years. We would not have children together, and I might not ever have children. We would no longer live together. We were done; I couldn’t trust him anymore. I would find out months later that he had been having an affair with a 21 year-old. For the first time since I was 24, I was going to live without a man. Could I do it? How could I do it? It was one of the deepest moments of despair in my life, but it was also the moment that I decided I could. Here is what I’ve learned: 1. Don’t settle for just any old man: They actually won’t all do. In fact, most of them won’t do at all. It may be tempting at first to settle or compromise, but you are still the same kick-ass woman you were before you found yourself single. 2. Seek therapy: We’re all responsible when it comes to a breakup, so learn what negative patterns you reinforced and attracted, so you can make better choices during the next round(s). 28.

3. Find a good mechanic, handyperson, chef, etc. for the jobs you may have relied on him for: He probably wasn’t that handy anyway, and remember how long it took him to get things done? Ask friends for recommendations and hire someone to do jobs that you don’t want to/ have time to tackle. 4. Don’t buy furniture at IKEA: You’re a grown up after all, and no one has the time to put that shit together! 5. Get the training you need: If you do decide to, say, tackle hedge trimming, don’t just figure that you’ll learn how to use the equipment on the job. You may learn, or you may almost cut your hand off. Trust me. True story. 6. If it’s a one-shot deal, ask friends for help: I had several friends express displeasure that I didn’t ask them for more assistance. One friend actually loves to mow the lawn, and another loves to decorate, and hung pictures and my bike rack for me, without me even asking. Give them a beer or a glass of wine and all will be well! 7. Pat yourself on the back: Take stock periodically of all that you do now that you never thought would be possible. For me it was assembling a shoe rack and putting my front bike tire on properly, but you probably have a totally different, less lame list of things you think you can never do. Be grateful that now you have the chance to prove yourself wrong. I was at the Home Depot a few weeks ago struggling to fit all of my purchases into my tiny little Toyota Corolla when a man sitting in his truck a few cars over yelled at me, “Don’t you have a man to help you with that?” When I nodded no, he said, “Well someone as pretty as you should have someone to help.” Well, sir, I thought, I don’t. And I’m okay with that. You will be too.


How to do everything better for summer "Dear LLG: How do I know if my shorts are TOO short? I don't want to be inappropriate. I'm in my 30's, I realize I shouldn't be wearing Daisy Dukes, but I also don't want to look Amish. Help!" -Shortie Shortieson Dear Shortie, I'm going to tell you two helpful rules. Rule Number One (and feel free to think of this as The Golden Rule): If you think your shorts are too short, they probably are. You know those young girls who walk around with their butts hanging out of their jean "shorts" cut up to their bikini lines? Do you think they are at all worried about showing too much leg? No, they are not. That internal alarm doesn't usually develop until age 25 (and we usually ignore it until age 29). Listen to your intuition, and don't wear anything that you feel weird about. Rule Number Two: stand up straight, face a mirror, put your arms straight down at your sides, fingers pointing to the ground. Your shorts should hit right where your fingertips touch your thigh. If they are much shorter, you had better have really, really nice legs! Also, do yourself a favor and ALWAYS practice sitting in your shorts before you buy them. I call this the "sit test," and really you should do this every time you try anything on, but it is especially important when you are considering shorts. If you sit down and your thighs stick to the chair, get a longer pair of shorts. My favorite pair of chic long(ish) shorts can be found right now at GAP. They're called Boyfriend Roll-up Shorts, and I love them because you can easily roll them up or down to customize the length to make sure they fit you perfectly. "Dear LLG: How do I find the right style of sunglasses for my face shape?" -Blinded By The Light Dear Blinded, First of all don't fret about this too much. I do not think there is a huge epidemic of people running around offending others by wearing horribly unflattering sunglasses. When was the last time you heard someone say, "Oh my God, can you believe she's wearing those sunglasses? They are totally wrong for her!" Probably never. However, the "right" pair of sunglasses will definitely make you look extra amazing, but before you venture out to find them, you must first know your face shape. Do you know your face shape? If not, you can find out by standing in front of a mirror and tracing your face with a dry-erase marker. Stand back, and look at the shape drawn on the mirror. What does the shape most resemble? A square? A heart? A Circle? An Oval? Once you know your face shape, you can use this cheat sheet to find your best sunglasses: Square-shaped face=round sunglasses Circle-shaped face=boxy/angular sunglasses, like classic Ray Bans Heart-shaped face=cat-eye sunglasses (i.e. glasses that curve up at the temples) Oval-shaped face=lucky you, pretty much everything looks good on your face, you can buy whatever you want If this all seems too complicated, then just go buy aviator-style sunglasses, because they look good on everybody!


office and in the colder months, I always wear a suit. But in the summer, it's just too hot! I need to look dressed up without getting overheated, and I can't look like I'm going to a garden party." --I Hate Florals Dear Hater, Here's what you're gonna do: you're gonna get a basic (read: boring) lightweight black shift dress. Make sure this dress has a lining, as this will prevent it from wrinkling and will also act as a sweat guard. Next, you're going to get a button-down v-neck cardigan. Opt for a color, but don't go crazy. Stick with a jewel tone: blue, purple or green (avoid bright or pastel hues or trend colors like neon yellow, obviously). Wear the sweater over the dress and fasten the buttons between your bust and your belly button. Finally, you're going to get a black patent leather belt, and you're going to fasten the belt over the sweater. The belt will pull the entire look together, elevating it to the level of a suit. Throw on some pearls and a closed-toe kitten heel (Hint: I like a nude pump if you're rocking a nude leg), and use your own best judgement on the panty-hose vs. bare leg issue. You know your office dress policy better than do. And ALWAYS carry a serious, structured bag.


For summer style, you're going to want something simple, easy, and

effortless. If you keep a balance of these three ideas, you'll have your jewelry

needs covered all summer long. I also suggest keeping them in a similar color palette - so you can wear them together easily.

1.Statement Pieces:A great statement necklace or a pair of statement earrings can make a simple tank and shorts look amazing - with no effort at all! 2.Basics: Don't forget about your "finish the look" pieces. These are the items that take a backseat to your statement jewelry. These are also great to have around to wear with your more detailed or embellished clothing. 3.Stacked Wrist:A huge trend right now is layering up your wrist with a curated selection of bracelets. This is a super fun way to customize your look. This is otherwise known as “the arm party”. My favorites Statement Pieces: The Spring Awakening Necklace I love the fresh clean colors in a style that looks like a great vintage find.  I love to wear this over a printed blouse or dress.  The necklace starts to blend in with the print - making your whole look multidimensional. For another idea, I love this piece with a white button down shirt and jeans. When wearing a bold necklace with a collared shirt, you can button your shirt to the top, and lay the necklace under your collar. For jeans -I would suggest a light washed or worn in denim to keep this vibe casual and cool for summer.   The Valentina Chandelier Earrings I usually wear stud earrings, so this was a new look for me this summer. These are very lightweight and I love that they have a post - instead of the traditional hook.  These earrings look amazing with a maxi dress.  When the weather really starts to heat up, this style of earring is great, because it doesn't sit against your skin - like a bracelet or necklace would.  You can also change your look with how you decide to wear your hair.  Keep it down for a more beachy look, or pull your hair back for more drama. 


My favorite Basics: The Essential Ball Studs I wear these 80% of the time. They just add a great polished finish.  Love them in gold and in silver.   The Stackable Band Rings - set of 5: The set comes with 3 silver and 2 gold bands. Stacked simple rings are another great way to finish your look.    The On the Mark Necklace Simple delicate necklaces are great to have on hand. You'll find they start to become a part of you.  Great every day piece.   The Layered Wrist: This has been my favorite combo The Christina Link Bracelet with The Julep Bangle in Ivory with The Vintage Twist in Turquoise!


Want to “Bump” up your make-up colors? Here’s How!

Brighter Eye Shadow For more intense color, add an eye shadow primer to your routine. They have the ability to smooth out your eyelid, keep your shadow in place and provide a great even skin one to help really POP your eye shadow’s pigment to its brightest.

Brighter Blush To brighten up your blush, go snag yourself a cream blush close to the color you have. This will actually act like a cheek primer and provide a great colored base to catch your powder blush. It will intensify your look and help your blush last longer.

Brighter Lipstick Get yourself the closest color lip liner to your actual lipstick, line your lips, and then fill in your lips with the pencil. This will keep your lipstick the color it is without your natural lip color taking away from its pop. Photo

Brighter Nail Polish Before applying your nail polish, apply a coat of white nail polish and let dry completely. This will act as a blank canvas and really bump your color up to its true pigmented potential! Prepping the area that you want to really PoP will take you to that next Level of color! T...xo


Mother Knows Best

How to Look Great Pounding Pavement I got hooked pounding pavement accidentally. I was helping a friend through a rough relationship. She was a runner and needed someone to talk to. I joined her and before I knew it, I could jog 3 miles! In a year, I was training for marathons. Prior to this, I was a workout club junky. Thanks to the 80's, aerobics classes were a favorite of mine! But it was hard getting there for all the classes I wanted to take. My children's activities and my work schedule didn't allow that convenience. Power walking, jogging, and running became my new and continued free form of exercise. Here’s how you can join the workout trend that has survived all the fads: 1. Get a good pair of shoes. These are a great investment to protect your legs, knees, and feet. Go to your local running store and have someone knowledgeable help you pick out a pair of shoes that suit your pavement pounding style. Power walking and running, although similar, could mean different styles of footwear. 2. Wear what feels right. I pretty much wear what I want, but I have never conformed to all the fashion must-haves. If fashion is important to you, by all means, go and try on all of the running gear. Just remember that whatever you wear, a good sports bra is a must. Also dress for comfort: depending on the weather it will be important to wear clothes that keep you warm, dry, cool, and most of all comfortable. You should be able to move freely and not be weighed down. 3. Start slow and work your way up. If you are a beginner, start out with one-mile walks, and add length gradually. Trail walking counts too, so step into the woods and go for it to get a change of scenery. Some of you may want to pick up the pace and go into a slow jog every once in a while. You can do a 3-mile power walk/slow jog in about 30 minutes. Do some sit-ups and push-ups, stretch, and you are good to go. Workout complete in a half hour! 4. Get your friends in on the action. Go with your friends or your child, who can ride a bike or sit in a jogging stroller so you can have some nice one on one time. Your partner can join you too. It is a terrific way to catch up on your day before dinner, or plan your day before breakfast. As a long-running pavement pounder, I decide when, where, and how long I want to go. I can make exercise fit in around any busy schedule and any vacation. Summer is coming and the days are longer, now is the time to try it for yourself! MOM xo



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