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November / December 2020

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Publisher’s Note Hello from Tammy!

In Abbotsford we are a resounding community of support, belonging and prosperity. Let’s finish 2020 strong and resilient. Support local, shop local, look out for one another and be kind.

As we move into the last stretch of 2020, an incredibly challenging year, supporting local is more important now than ever. Our local charities can always use a helping hand or donation, and our local businesses are relying on us to SHOP LOCAL for the upcoming holiday season. When our community comes together to support one another, be it big or small, it is felt in the hearts, and on the tables, of all involved.

Tammy Norman

whatsonabbotsford@gmail.com www.whatsonabbotsford.com

Owner, Publisher

Deadline for next issue: December 1, 2020 Credit: Landon Lucas

What’s In What’s On! Calling All Inventors......................................2 Breakthrough Weekend! .............................2 8 Steps to Prevent Dry Winter Skin........... 4 Getting Rid of Headaches with Dr. Marcy...5 Home Maintenance Minute....................... 6 Factoids...........................................................7 What’s On in the Arts....................................7

Puzzles Page............................................... 10 Holiday Skincare Packages........................ 11 Photos Page.................................................12 Fun Puzzles Solutions................................12 Toys for Tots.................................................13 Create Your Own Website.........................15

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Grand Gala 11 | 20 | 2020

Publisher: Tammy Norman 604-259-1912

Contributing Writers: Tammy Norman Dr. Marcy Kimpton Ed Cardinas Corey Cassel

Photo: Landon Lucas What’s On! Abbotsford is published by Norman Publications Inc under license from Blueberry Publications

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Harrison Hot Springs Resort or join us at the virtual gala $150 per person $900 for table of six Visit www.fvhcf.ca/gala for gala information and registration

Unit B 2309 McCallum Road Abbotsford, BC V2S 3N7 T. 604.850.2511 • F. 604.850.2581 • Email: info@newleafwellnesscentre.com

Call or email for advertising rates and sponsorship opportunities. Disclaimer: While we strive to provide the most up-to-date information on events and activities in Mission, all details of the events and activities are subject to change. We recommend that you contact the organizer directly to confirm details and avoid potential disappointment. The published material, adverts, editorials and all other content are published in good faith. Any opinions or claims expressed or made in any article or advert is the opinion/claim of its author and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of What’s On! Magazine. All rights reserved and nothing can, partially or in whole, be reprinted or reproduced without a written consent. What’s On! magazines are individually owned and operated, and published under license from Blueberry Publications.


Stay Healthy & Beautiful This Season

8 STEPS TO PREVENT DRY WINTER SKIN IT’S COMMON FOR MOST PEOPLE TO HAVE DRY SKIN DURING THE WINTER MONTHS. DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN PREVENT DRY, FLAKING, ITCHY AND/OR CRACKING SKIN? YES, YOU CAN! 1 COOL IT DOWN When the weather outside is frightful, it’s very tempting to take long hot showers or baths, because it feels good on your skin to soak in soothing water that makes us feel warm. However, exposing your body to hot water for too long can be extremely drying to the skin. Keeping your baths and showers short (no more than 15 minutes) and using warm water instead of hot water will ensure that your skin will retain its own moisture.

2 DELICATE ARE WE? The skin around your eyes as well as other areas of the face is thin and requires gentle cleansing and regular, quality moisturizing to keep skin soft and supple. Applying a good eye serum and facial cream often during the winter will keep dry skin (and wrinkles) at bay.

3 ITHCY, FLAKIE NO NO'S As for itchy and irritated skin, switching to a mild cleanser also can help reduce or eliminate the itchiness associated with very dry skin. After your bath or shower, be sure to gently pat your skin dry with a clean soft towel and apply an ointment, body oil or moisturizing body lotion immediately afterwards. Take special care not to rub your skin dry with a towel as this can irritate it and exacerbate itching and flakiness.


check the ingredients in skin care products because deodorant soaps and cleansers, alcohol-based toners and

products that contain fragrances can irritate dry, sensitive skin. Make sure your products are from a manufacturer you trust.

5 CRACKING REPAIRS Most people tend to wash their hands more often in the winter time to get rid of potentially harmful germs and bacteria, covid has amplified this. Counter this by applying a moisturizing hand cream afterwards. If your hands are extremely dry and require more attention, dabbing thicker cream on them and covering that with gloves at bed time is a good way to repair dry, cracking skin overnight.

6 HUMIDITY ANYONE Using a humidifier to add moisture to the air in your home is another important step to preventing dry, itchy skin.

7 THE FABRIC OF OUR LIVES You also can wear soft fabrics that breathe, such as 100% cotton. If you wear wool or other rough fabrics, you should wear a soft fabric underneath.

8 HYDRATION Hydration is key! Nourishing your body with 8 to 10 glasses of water per day is a must to keep you healthy, vibrant, clear minded, and with clear and hydrated skin. Mineral water is one of the best sources to provide peak nourishment.

For more information on how you can have soft, supple skin during the winter and year-round, reserve a consultation with Tammy and let her help YOUR skin look and feel its very best! Call 604-259-2193 or email elegancemdskincare@gmail.com today!


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Do you or someone you love suffer from headaches? Tension-type headaches are one of the most common forms of headaches, yet they are not well understood. Most people describe having a band of pressure around their head that can last from 30 minutes to a week. Tension headaches can be related to muscles tightening in the back of the neck, and improper alignment of the joints of the spine. Often, a headache is triggered by poor posture habits. Q. What can I do to help decrease my headaches? A.Dr. Marcy is happy to provide lifestyle tips for optimizing your care outside of your appointments. Try out these tips! Exercise regularly to decrease the impact of stress on your health, and decrease your headaches. Relax your muscles by applying heat to sore muscles in the shoulders. Massage, and a warm bath, will also relieve muscle tension. Correct your posture to keep your muscles from tensing up, and reduce strain on your body. A jutting head, combined with slumped shoulders, can cause fatigue and tension in your neck and upper back. Record when your headaches occur, and what you were doing before they started. Try to recognize the factors that cause, or aggravate, your headaches. Be sure to tell your chiropractor if you’ve noticed any changes in your usual headaches, such as: frequency, duration; intensity; or if your headaches begin to worry you. Q. How Can Chiropractic Help? A. Dr. Marcy can perform a chiropractic assessment to find out if you need help with the following: • Managing your headaches by identifying triggers • Increase range of motion of your neck and shoulders • Decrease muscle tension • Correct your posture

Book your assessment today! Dr. Marcy has 20 years experience providing chiropractic care with a focus on family wellness. Her patients are all ages, and include women during pregnancy. She uses gentle, safe, and effective techniques that can be done by hand, or instrument. Dr. Marcy is Webster Certified.

To Book...

www.cheamwellnessgroup.com 604-776-2432 Direct billing available and ICBC approved

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ABBOTSFORD EVENTS CALENDAR Ongoing Events The Knights of Abbotsford Toastmasters- Want to sharpen your public speaking and leadership skills? Gain the confidence to speak up? Every 2nd and 4th Mon of each month. 7-9pm. To receive the Zoom meeting link RSVP: Céline & Michael, 604-7512979, ahodekonc@hotmail.com BNI Thrive Abbotsford – Meeting online Thursday mornings, 7am to 8:30am To get the invite link email whatsonabbotsford@gmail.com Grow your business with BNI. Soroptimist International Abbotsford-Mission- Monthly club meeting, 2nd Wed every month. Due to COVID-19 our meetings are virtual, if you wish to participate please contact us 604-613-2334 or email siabbotsford.mission@ soroptimist.net. Women helping women & girls to be their best. Toast of the City ToastmastersCome hear interesting speeches along with supportive and helpful feedback during a fun and informative meeting. Everyone will learn something! We will be meeting online until further notice, 12:00-1pm every Wednesday.  Guests Are Always Welcome! Join Zoom Meeting, https://us02web. zoom.us/j/83755003863, Dial option for audio: 778 907 2071 Canada, Meeting ID: 837 5500 3863 . Connect Now Business Networking- Connect Now Business Networking- 9 meetings per month to choose from. 11:30am-1pm. Make connections, expand your community, and grow your business! Join us and meet other professionals and discover new business opportunities. Connect Now is the place to get connected, learn, and collaborate! fb.com/ connectnowcommunity Fraser Valley Messengers of Hope Motorcycle Ministry-  (a chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association) invites you to come ride

with us. Each Tues at Tim Horton’s on 2255 Sumas Way in Abbotsford, by Costco at 6:45pm. Ride leaves at 7pm. All welcome. For more information contact https://www.facebook. com/MOH.Abbotsford or Bernie 604-799-2061.  We’ve Got You Covered Fundraiser- Soroptimist International AbbotsfordMission are making and selling contour face masks for $10 each. Men’s and ladies’ fabrics. Proceeds go towards our many programs including our Live Your Dream Awards. Check out our Facebook page or email siabbotsford.mission@ soroptimist.net. Women helping women & girls to be their best. The Abbotsford Stroke Recovery Program After Stroke March of Dimes afterstroke.marchofdimes.ca Abbotsford Stroke Recovery Group will meet virtually every Thursday, 12:30-3pm. Join us for Cognitive Activities, exercise and a bit of fun! Call 604-3166718 or leave an email message here to join. We would love to have you!   We also have free provincewide Stroke Recovery programs: Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9:00, join us for free seated exercise classes. Every Wednesday and Friday afternoon from 1:00-3:30, join us for lively discussion, Cognitive Activities & Exercise.  To join you must pre-register (just once). We will get back to you ASAP with a link to the meeting and a password. For caregivers:  After Stroke - March of Dimes  also offers virtual support groups, cafés, and webinars available to caregivers through this national website. Come together with other caregivers to discuss your needs and share information. For a full list of programs offered by the SRABC please visit: https://strokerecoverybc. ca/virtual-programs/ or email abbystrokerecovery@ gmail.com



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service@washmeproperty.ca washmeproperty.ca Find us on social media!


Maintenance Minute The lower mainland’s moist environment creates prime conditions for moss and algae growth. Some of the most common deterioration on homes is caused by Moss (sheds and �lls gutters � causing over�ows) and Algae (eats through paint in a few seasons, allowing moisture to seep in). Keeping a clean roof, clear gutters, and washed siding surfaces will prevent a broad range of potential damages related to these two types of plant species.

We make your home’s prevenative maintenance easy! Our team effectively neutralizes and gently washes away moss, algae, mould, mildew, & dirt to refresh any style of home or property.

We Service Residential, Strata, and Commercial Properties. WorkSafe BC Clearance $5 Million Liability Coverage Professional & Friendly Team

Have questions? Need a Quote? Give us a call...

Save 10% on our Top-To-Bottom Combo Includes roof, gutter, and siding cleaning.


To advertise call 604-259-1912 or e-mail whatsonabbotsford@gmail.com

Dapi Garewal

Ph: 604-832-1984

#2 - 33555 South Fraser Way


Abbotsford BC V2S 2B7



Dapi Garewal


15 FACTOIDS 1 H awaiian pizza is a Canadian invention.

2 T he word “emoji” comes from the Japanese words “e” and “moji”, which mean “picture” and “character”.

3 A ncient Romans painted extra doors opposite real doors to makes rooms look bigger.

4 Every year, the Netherlands sends Canada 20,000 tulip bulbs.

5 Q ueen Victoria could read and write in Urdu and Hindi.

7 Tears contain a natural pain killer which reduces pain and improves your mood.

8 D ogs prefer humans who are kind to other humans.

9 A company in Taiwan makes

13 A group of ladybirds is called a

‘loveliness’. 14 O ctopuses spend 3% of their

time tidying. 15 C anada has 9% of

the worlds forest.

dinnerware out of wheat, so you can eat your plate! 10 S ix million years ago, otters

were bigger than leopards. 11 T he smallest bone in your body

is in your ear. 12 T he average person walks the

6 S quirrels forget where they hide about half of their nuts.

What’s On! • www.whatsonabbotsford.ca

equivalent of five times around the world in their lifetime.



ZOOM MUSIC BINGO FUNDRAISERS with Cory Cassel Productions

Cory Cassel Productions is all about building community through events, and with the current restrictions for hosting live events, we have found ourselves searching for ways that we could continue to bring people together and support nonprofit organizations whose work is vital to our communities. Music Bingo has been a crowd favourite in our local pubs for years and now we can enjoy playing online. Zoom Music Bingo started in April after the pandemic shut down pubs and restaurants and people began looking for ways to have fun at home. I was having a lot of fun playing Zoom Music Bingo from our home in Japan, so I connected with Sean Constable, the owner of Music Bingo Worldwide, and asked if there might be an opportunity to host fundraisers on Zoom for nonprofits. Our first 2 events in support of the Mission Firefighters’ Charitable Society were successful and we raised $2800 to support their work in our community. We have also hosted Zoom Music Bingo Fundraisers for Fraser Valley Youth Society, Sasquatch Lions Club and St. Joseph's Food Bank, with thousands of dollars raised to support the work of those organizations. Zoom Music Bingo is a fantastic opportunity to raise money, have fun and stay safe in the comfort of our homes while connecting with others. If you think a Zoom Music Bingo Fundraiser might be an opportunity for your organization to raise money, or if you are a business owner looking for a great way to promote your business online, please contact me at cory@musicbingo.com or at Cory Cassel Productions on Facebook. I will be happy to give you information about how our events work and the support we offer to ensure your fundraiser is successful. You can also find out about other Music Bingo events online and also live in some of our favourite pubs at www.musicbingo.com. Covid-19 hit Mission Firefighters’ Charitable Society hard. We were forced to cancel all our fundraising events. Cory suggested we try a Zoom Music Bingo fundraiser. Our first event was so well received we quickly planned a second and will be doing more.- Mike Todd, Mission Firefighters’ Charitable Society.

Join us on Zoom to support these great organizations... November 7 - Mission Skating Club November 14 - Mission Minor Lacrosse November 20 - HMS (Hatzic Middle School) Journal of Contemporary Writers & Artists November 21 - Empty Stocking Fund November 28 - "Movember" (Mission Firefighters' Charitable Society) December 1 - CKNW Kids' Fund December 5 - Rotary Club of Mission Sunrise Events & Entertainment Production - Hospitality Management - Travel Consultant @CoryCasselProductions @CorysFoodJournal @CoryCasselTravel 8

To advertise call 604-259-1912 or e-mail whatsonabbotsford@gmail.com

Credit Counselling Society of Abbotsford – If you need help, we’re still open and providing assistance over the phone. Simply call us at 1-888527-8999 and speak with a counsellor now. For helpful financial tips and resources relating to the coronavirus (COVID-19) visit us online at

www.nomoredebts.org/ Abbotsford Farm & Country Market- “Abbotsford Farm & Country Market - Every Saturday, May 16th to November 14th from 9am to noon. Due to COVID-19 regulations, there is one entrance, one exit and oneway traffic. No pets please. Find your local fruits, veggies, crafts, wines, beer and more. Real farmers. Real food. Real fun.”





The Abbotsford Legion is hosting music bingo every Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 2 to 5.


Providing virtual services as well as ‘in-person’ services by appointment


Get Straight Coaching. Are you a business owner, stressed, overworked, can't remember the last time you had a moment of peace? Get Straight Coaching is future focused coaching, creating a better life, for you and your business. Call to claim your complimentary calming session TODAY! An insured affiliate of Accomplishment Coaching, the brand that has been producing the World’s Finest Coaches since 2001

CALL: 778-203-9048

GetStraightCoaching@gmail.com What’s On! • www.whatsonabbotsford.ca





17 Gentle bell-like sound (6)


Outskirts of a city (7)

18 Castle tower (6)


Follow orders (4)

20 Ceremony, celebration (5)

10 In good physical shape (3)

23 Skittish, highly-strung (9)

11 Rotor blades that power a plane (9)

24 Admiration (3)

12 Ogle (3,2) 13 Clothes-maker (6)

25 Celtic stringed instrument (4) 26 Spotty infectious disease (7)

15 Rounded paving stone (6)


Disentangle, release (5)

3 Abhorrence, disapprobation (12) 4 Increase, improve (5) 6 Sandra _______, Speed actress (7) 7 Woollen thread (4)

WORDSEARCH Arthur Christmas Babes in Toyland Bad Santa Deck the Halls Die Hard Elf Four Christmases Gremlins Holiday Affair Holiday Inn Home Alone It’s a Wonderful Life Jingle All the Way

Joyeux Noel Love Actually Meet Me in St Louis Mixed Nuts Nativity Rudolph Scrooged The Bishop’s Wife The Family Stone The Holiday The Polar Express The Santa Clause The Snowman Trading Places White Christmas



See solutions on page 12

8 9 14 16 19 21 22

Crime, infraction (7) Unhesitating, resolve (12) Small falcon (7) Nightclub doorman (7) Chart, diagram (5) Delete, abolish (5) Netting, tracery (4)


Get Your Holiday Skincare Package with contactless pickup or delivery




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Paraben free, cruelty free and makeup is talc free!

WHAT IS TREES OF CARING? Trees of Caring is our annual event that provides Abbotsford businesses the opportunity to share in the spirit of giving during the holiday season. Trees of Caring is a fantastic opportunity to decorate and ‘brand’ a Christmas tree to showcase your business, as well as support Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation and Abbotsford Regional Hospital.

SET UP INFORMATION The Trees of Caring Decorating Party takes place: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the main atrium of Abbotsford Regional Hospital (time is subject to change).

DON’T HAVE TIME TO DECORATE? For $100 extra you can supply your own decorations and our volunteers will be happy to decorate the tree for you!

TAKE DOWN INFORMATION Tree décor must be removed Thursday January 4, 2020 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (subject to change).

INFORMATION ON TREES OF CARING Trees are on display in the main atrium of ARH Sponsors are provided with an artificial pre-lit tree (only 10 trees available!) Signage will be provided with your businesses name and/or logo. Deadline for registration, payment & logo is November 11, 2020 Ensure that all ornaments are secured to the tree Please do not use glass ornaments to decorate your tree. Please bring a small ladder or step stool to help you in reaching the top of your tree.

What’s On! • www.whatsonabbotsford.ca

November 1, 2020 Pumpkins in the Park REGISTRATION Jubilee Park (2552 McCallum Company Name Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2B9), 3:30pm - 6:00pm The Abbotsford Downtown Business Association invites Contact Name the community to bring their pre-carved pumpkins to Jubilee Park and walk the Pumpkin Address Pathway. The pumpkins will be lit up for a little end of the weekend spirit for all to Phone Number person with a enjoy. Each pumpkin will receive a goodie bag and all kids 12 and younger will receive Email Address a FREE Kids size Ice Cream cone from Banter Ice Cream. Pumpkins in the Park will be a fun and safe way for families to dispose of their JackPAYMENT INFORMATION O-Lanterns. Preregistration $500 - Sponsorship of a tree required. $100 - Tree decorating & take down You provide the decorations we handle the For More info: and Aimee decorating and take down for you! admin@downtownabbotsford. WAYS comTO PAY Online Ashleigh - events@ www.fvhcf.ca/ARHTrees ashleighwatters.com In Person and by mail

Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation 32900 Marshall Rd Abbotsford, BC V2S 0C2

The Knights of Abbotsford Advanced Toastmasters Club is Deadline registration invitingforyou to its isOpen House November 2020. Special.11, Every six months we hold an open

house - a chance for you to experience a Toastmasters meeting and an opportunity to meet our current members. We look forward to meeting you, chatting with you, and telling you about the benefit of a Toastmasters Membership. Join us!!! Date: Monday, Nov 9, 2020 Time: 7:00PM -9:00PM The Knights of Abbotsford TM Club meets the 2 nd & 4 th Mondays of each month. We are currently meeting via Zoom. Our meeting link: https:// us02web.zoom.us/j/64368910 52?pwd=emhQWmxIeVZXSE9Y UTVFSFc2TTlWQT09 Meeting ID: 643 689 1052 Password: 6Z1eaw Questions? Ready to Book your Guest Seat? Contact: ahodekonc@hotmail.com or 604-751-2979 November 20,2020 Fraser Valley Grand Gala Harrison Hot Springs Resort – 100 Esplanade Ave, Harrison Hot Springs BC V0M 1K0 or Virtually Receptions begins at 6:00PM with dinner and the program



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Help g ive hop e and sh are joy TITLE








Volunteers provide service within the hospital and fundraise for much needed patient care equipment and provide sponsorship of patient programs. If you would like to be part of a committed organization working to improve the lives of our patients and clients we want to hear from you!

Email us today for a link to our online application: arhvolunteerresources@fraserhealth.ca Or call 604-851-4891 for more information

What’s On! • www.whatsonabbotsford.ca




What’s On! Ridge Meadows A great opportunity has arisen to acquire a successful & established magazine in it’s third year of publication!


Jeff Bodner Secondary Characters Musical Theatre Society

A What’s On! Magazine business gives you FANTASTIC earning potential to give you financial freedom, and time for your family... as well as a fun lifestyle! Full training and support provided. No experience necessary. Other Territories Available • Surrey East & West • White Rock / South Surrey • Coquitlam

GET IN TOUCH TODAY TO LEARN MORE email: whatsonbc@live.ca www.whatsonbc.ca

Real Farmers. Real Food. Real Fun. Abbotsford’s original farmers market!

We’re back!! -but modified due to COVID-19 Food & Beverage vendors only. Saturdays, 9am to noon (May 16th to Nov 14th) Jubilee Park, 2552 McCallum Rd. Visit our website for our new online market.


Find us on Facebook Abbotsford Farm & Country Market


to follow. Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation is pleased to announce the 2nd annual Fraser Valley Grand Gala presented by Snowcrest Foods. This gala will support the greatest need at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Mission Memorial Hospital, Chilliwack General Hospital and Fraser Canyon Hospital. In person and virtual options are available. For more information please visit https://www.fvhcf. ca/gala/ For more info: Tracey Rouillard tracey.rouillard@ fraserhealth.ca 236-332-2545 November 24th, 2020 – January 4th, 2020 Trees of Caring Abbotsford Regional Hospital – Main Atrium Trees of Caring is our annual event that provides Abbotsford businesses the opportunity to share in the spirit of giving during the holiday season. Trees of Caring is a fantastic opportunity to decorate and ‘brand’ a Christmas tree to showcase your business, as well as support Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation and Abbotsford Regional Hospital.

It also provides a wonderful atmosphere for those visiting loved ones or patients staying in the hospital over the holiday season. Contact for more info: Tracey Rouillard tracey.rouillard@ fraserhealth.ca 236-332-2545 November 1-30 Anonymous Art Show Digital Art Exhibition & Fundraiser for the Abbotsford Arts Council.  All pieces on sale for $100 each.   View and purchase online at abbotsfordartscouncil.com For more information, contact gallerycoordinator@ abbotsfordartscouncil.com November 16-20 Perception - Digital Art Exhibition In partnership with TEDx Abbotsford View online at abbotsfordartscouncil.com For more information, contact gallerycoordinator@ abbotsfordartscouncil.com

To advertise call 604-259-1912 or e-mail whatsonabbotsford@gmail.com


What’s On! • www.whatsonabbotsford.ca




(604) 556-6500 info@geraldlucas.ca www.geraldlucas.ca

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