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WGI Sport of the Arts 2009 World Championships

| Dayton, OH 45342 | 937.247.5919 | 937.247.9212 fax |

April 2-4, 16-18 | Dayton, Ohio

2405 Crosspointe Dr


WE PLAY SABIAN Redline Surround Sound Centerville High School Center Grove High School Ayala High School Plymouth-Canton High School Father Ryan High School Franklin Central High School Tyler Junior College

Rhythm X Matrix Odyssey Northcoast Academy Pulse Percussion Gateway Percussion Timber Creek Infinity

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Paragon Evolution Kennesaw Mountain High School Novi High School Jenison High School Vegas Vanguard Choctawhatchee High School Twin Cities Area Independent

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2009 WGI World Championships

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Table of Contents


Letter from Ron Nankervis . . . . . . . . . . . . Letter from Mayor McLin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Letter from Ed Devlin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Welcome. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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WGI Sport of the Arts

What is WGI?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Staff & Officers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9


The Judging System. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 List of Judges. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Hall of Fame . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



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WGI Sport of the Arts Dayton, Ohio

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Aaron Jenkins, WGI Sport of the Arts Dayton, Ohio Bart Woodley, WGI Sport of the Arts Dayton, Ohio

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Adam Alonzo, Robert Cawthorne, Julia Higbe, Jolesch Photography, Dan Scafidi, Sid and Linda Unser

Independent World . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scholastic World. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scholastic Concert World. . . . . . . . . . . . Independent Open . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scholastic Open . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scholastic Concert Open . . . . . . . . . . . . Independent A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scholastic A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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2009 Championships

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List of Advertisers Evans Drumheads. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Fred J. Miller. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Halftime Magazine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 Kramer Graphics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 McCormick’s Enterprises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Meekelle Costumes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Music for All . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Pearl Corporation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Photos clockwise from left United Percussion, Collage, Carmel HS, Pulse Percussion, Fantasia, Flanagan HS, Rhythm X, Darmouth HS, Claremont HS, Center Grove HS.

Percussive Arts Society. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Pro-Mark Corporation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Remo Incorporated. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Roland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Sabian, Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Inside Front Cover Vic Firth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Yamaha Corporation of America. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Zildjian. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 WGI Sport of the Arts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12, 18, 60, 74, 78 wgi sport of the arts


2009 WGI World Championships


ARts e th f o r t o r o ct p e r WGI S Di e tiv

u c e x E

April 2, 2009

Greetings to everyone gathered for the 2009 WGI Color Guard and Percussion World Championships. Over the course of two weekends the best of the best will come and vie for honors in two of the most diverse and passionate activities in the marching arts. The young people who will perform for you are all extraordinary and are deserving of your applause. This year we are taking a new approach to the weekend by expanding activities around the competition. I am pleased to announce our partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure© to create WGI’s first ever “Breast Cancer Awareness Day” at the World Championships. This disease which has touched so many families is relevant to an activity whose color guard participants are 85% young women. WGI can be a vital force in promoting awareness and help raise funds to find a cure. Another way WGI is expanding our event is by sponsoring educational opportunities such as our Master Class event on Sunday morning with acclaimed choreographer Mia Michaels. Our goal here is to give performers a life-changing experience to take class from one of the most popular artists in contemporary dance today. Another hope would be to have what is commonly known as percussion “drum circles” which if you’ve ever seen one, is an experience you won’t soon forget. The young people taking part this weekend will become the teachers of tomorrow.

2405 Crosspointe Drive Dayton, OH 45342 phone 937/247-5919 fax 937/247-9212

As one season closes, we are busy planning for the future. Spinfest!!, our very successful instructor educational event, is planned for September 18-19 in Orlando, Florida. Look for a bigger and more exciting third edition of the event that helps teachers teach color guard skills. In closing, let me thank you again for supporting WGI Sport of the Arts. In these tough economic times, I’m sure some of you are wondering about the state of our organization. We have more groups participating at WGI events than last year and while some groups are cutting back on travel, interest is at an all-time high. While school districts have drastically cut back on funding, our performers are resilient enough to follow their passion. It is something truly to admire and bodes well for the future of WGI. My best wishes to all the performers this weekend…have the time of your lives!


Ron Nankervis Executive Director, CEO

Photos left to right Ventures, Olentangy Libery HS wgi sport of the arts


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The Official Drum Company of WGI.

2009 WGI World Championships


r ton, Ohio Mayo of Day

April 2, 2009

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Winter Guard International, welcome to our 32nd World Championships. We are thrilled that the most spectacular event for both the winter guard and indoor percussion activities is once again here in Dayton, Ohio. Our color guard and percussion championship weekends are culminations of many months of hard work and dedication shown by the performers, teaching staffs, support staffs, parents, family, friends and alumni of our performing groups. The applause and appreciation you show for each performing group is not only for the group out on the floor but for all those behind the scenes. Thanks to all of you for the tireless efforts put in each and every year.

2405 Crosspointe Drive Dayton, OH 45342 phone 937/247-5919 fax 937/247-9212

I wish everyone a wonderful WGI weekend.


Edward J Devlin President, Board of Directors

t s n r o e d ct e si r Di f Pre o rd

Photos top to bottom Chino Hills HS, Gates Chili HS


wgi sport of the arts



you through 2014 800.221.8235

2009 WGI World Championships


e m o c l e W on t y Da To

yard Ma ip l hi By P

From the performance floor to the top row of the UD Arena, from the souvenir tent to the Marriott ballroom, take a look around this weekend, and you’ll see a lot of people smiling. While the “real world” (the actual real world, not the TV series) seems to be in an ever-complicated state of turmoil, for many of us who make the pilgrimage to WGI World Championships year after year, there isn’t a greater escape from reality than three days of flag-spinning, rifle-smacking, sabre-tossing, drum-pounding pageantry! However, while there will certainly be numerous stunning performances this weekend, what will likely remain in our collective memories, in more vivid colors than any props or flags, will be the experience of being together with friends, family and thousands of other like-minded people. Is there anything more life affirming than running into an old friend and regaling shared experiences from years past? Perhaps that’s why the results from a recent psychological study by Ryan Howell at San Francisco State University have caught the eye of so many, particularly those of us whose “discretionary income” may not be as sizeable as we’d like it to be. The research suggests that, in the long run, positive experiences – rather than material possessions - make people happier and lead to longer-term satisfaction. “Experiences provide memory capital,” Howell said. “We don’t tend to get bored of happy memories like we do with a material object.”

Another reason for increased happiness in experiences, the researchers found, was that people felt a greater sense of vitality or “being alive” during the experience and in reflection. “Whether they take someone with them or buy an extra ticket, most of our life experiences involve other individuals,” Howell said. People were fulfilling their need for social bonding while having these experiences. In other words, you’ll remember this championships experience long after you’ve lost your ticket stub, and those memories will continue to provide you with happiness. This is not big news for many of us. Years ago we accepted that while our commitment to winter guard and indoor percussion might not bring us great monetary wealth, it would bring us wonderful memories and lifelong friendships we wouldn’t trade for any fancy car or expensive condominium. During times of economic turmoil, the arts are sometimes dismissed as a frivolous luxury, but I would argue that the experiences we embrace as part of the WGI community

are not an extravagance: they are essential to our quality of life. And so, this weekend, let us stand up and cheer not only for our performers, many of whom have juggled school and jobs to get here, but also for the hard-working WGI staff and volunteers, who pull off this spectacular event every year. Let us congratulate the designers and instructors who create innovative and entertaining productions while miraculously scraping the funds together to bring their units here to compete. Let us applaud parents, friends and family members who sell candy, paint props and sew costumes; the fans who buy tickets and t-shirts; sponsors whose banners hang behind the performance floor; the generous city of Dayton; the videographer, the announcer and that man in the funny hat hawking raffle tickets. We’re all in this together and it’s going to be another unforgettable experience!

Photos clockwise from top right Carmel HS, Matrix, Velocity, Gateway Indoor wgi sport of the arts


Winning comes from the inside. Coincidentally, they always win inside.

System Blue TXDC50W

Riverside Community College is taking time from their busy schedule of winning practically everything they touch to tell the world they’re using Pro-Mark System Blue sticks and mallets exclusively. Seems Sean Vega, Jim Wunderlich and the rest of the Riverside Drumline found the formula for winning WGI indoor competitions and we’re a part of it. Visit and find out more about RCC’s winning strategy, and all the others who make us part of their formula. © Pro-Mark Corporation. “System Blue” is a registered trademark of Pro-Mark Corp.

Job#: 09-01-01-COR

Size: 8.5 x 11

2009 WGI World Championships

WGI Sport of the Arts

is What

? I G W

WGI Board of Directors

President Ed Devlin 1st Vice President Ruth Ann Medworth 2nd Vice President Caleb Rothe Secretary Charles Gumbert Treasurer Jim Olson Past President Randy Nelson Members Richard Berthelsen Peter Bretz Dean Broadbent Josh Conley Mike Gaines Tim Fairbanks Fred Feeney Mike Jackson Michael Lentz Gary Locke Jim Olson Noreen Roberts

Percussion Judge Coordinator Andy Sanders Percussion Administrators Ward Durrett Jimmy Haskell Percussion Regional Coordinator Kara Markworth Marketing and Communications Coordinator Aaron Jenkins Video Specialist Amy Wiggs Office Manager / Entries / Tickets Judy Doebereiner Receptionist / Finance Judy Bollman Webmaster Jay Owen, Design Extensions

Color Guard Steering Committee

Chairman Karl Lowe Members Executive Director Jeff Bridges Ron Nankervis Rob Jett Marketing Manager Mickey Kelly Bart Woodley Color Guard Michael Lentz Coordinator James Mahoney Dale Powers Jay Murphy Percussion Ron Nankervis Coordinator Kristen O’Melia Mark Thurston Dale Powers Director of Color Guard Shirlee Whitcomb Development Dale White Shirlee Whitcomb Dolores Zappala Color Guard Percussion Chief Judges Steering Jim Mahoney Committee Dale White Don Click Kristen O’Melia Dennis DeLucia Color Guard Regional Jim Dwyer Coordinator Lyera Hammons

WGI Staff

Tim Fairbanks Shane Gwaltney Jimmy Haskell Mike Jackson Dave Marvin Ron Nankervis Caleb Rothe Andy Sanders Matt Savage Mark Thurston Jay Webb

Northview HS Ruth Ann Medworth Onyx Michael Lentz Phantom Regiment Adam Sage Pride of Cincinnati Charles Gumbert Rancho Bernardo HS Rob Jett Sacred Heart Richard Rigolini Color Guard Santa Clara Vanguard Advisory Board Dave Meikle Aimachi Seminole HS Michael Gaines Carrie Short Arcadia HS Shenendehowa HS George Armenta Scott Snell Avon HS Stoneman Douglas HS Daniel Wiles Jorge Maldonado Beyer HS The Knights Oliver Bullock Michael James Black Watch Warren Central HS Claudette Wolfrom Jeff Wroblewski Blessed Sacrament Zydeco Colorguard Ed Devlin Byron Valentine Braddock Independent A & Open April Gilligan Representative Carmel HS Jeff Bridges Rosie Queen A & Open Center Grove HS Representative Josh Conley Jimmy Fursman Cheshire HS A & Open Mickey Kelly Representative Choctawhatchee HS Brian Greenleaf Chad Hannah A & Open Code Black Representative Robert Wang John Sullivan Corona Michael Shapiro Percussion Fahrenheit Advisory Board Robert Florentino Aimachi Fantasia Bret Kuhn Gary Locke Arcadia HS Flanagan HS Kevin Sherrill Dean Broadbent Avon HS Miamisburg HS Jay Webb Jim Olson Northeast Independent Jill Brennan

Ayala HS PSCW Caleb Rothe Ayala HS PSW Ike Jackson Beyer HS Oliver Bullock Blue Knights Peter Bretz Center Grove HS Josh Torres Centerville HS Tim Fairbanks Choctawhatchee HS Shane Gwaltney Chino Hills Jeremy Riley Dartmouth HS Tom Aungst Eastside Fury Jason Ihnat Escambia HS Terry Sanders Farmington United Percussoin Joseph Kuerzi Father Ryan HS Derek Schletzer Fountain Valley HS Iam Gram Forsyth Central HS Tom Tucker Freelancers Roger Carter Gateway Indoor Greg Hamilton Greenfield Central HS Jason Detec Infinity Percussion John Campese Los Alamitos HS Paul Nesbit Milton HS Mark Kapral Mission Viejo HS Mike Jackson

Music City Mystique Josh Nelson Muscle Shoals HS David Waters North Coast Academy Diane King Northglenn HS Dave Marvin Odyssey Percussion Eric Miller Pacifica HS John Mapes Pioneer Indoor Adam Hill Plymouth Canton HS Andrew Elbert Portsmouth HS Steve Cirello Pulse Perc Peter Lucero Redline Martin Harrison Rhythm X Craig Dunn Riverside Community College Sean Vega South Hills HS Tony Nunez STRYKE Percussion Ensemble Scott Hughes Timber Creek Independent Clif Walker Tunstall HS Tim Bray Trumbull HS Chris Rivera Tyler Jr College Tom McGowan United Percussion Chad Moore Walled Lake Percussion Nick Pourcho

WGI (Winter Guard International) Sport of the Arts is a non-profit umbrella organization guiding the competitive development of the winter guard and indoor percussion activities. WGI is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of representatives from all geographic areas of the country and representatives of the top winter guards and indoor percussion ensembles in the world. • WGI exists to foster positive experiences for all who participate, by promoting education, creativity, and freedom of expression through the unification of the marching arts. Known as the “Sport of the Arts”, WGI offers a unique blend of artistry and athleticism and is considered the leader in the winter indoor performing arts community. • WGI has chosen competition as its method for organizing youth activities in pursuit of high standards of achievement. This three-day Championship event will showcase over 300 winter guards and 180 percussion ensembles from over 33 states and five countries.

Photos left to right Pulse Percussion, Spanish River HS wgi sport of the arts



WHAT IS truecolors ? TC

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800.755.2248 800.755.9360

WGI09Program.indd 1


Call to request the new 2009 catalog! 2/26/09 9:06:03 AM

03 AM

2009 WGI World Championships


m e st y S g n gi Jud The

WGI Judges undergo a rigorous training program. Many are educators and professionals who share a common understanding of the gigantic role the marching arts played in their own lives. These judges offer a quality experience to the thousands of young people who grace our stage and give us their best expertise and knowledge.

Color Guard

Marching Percussion

Concert Percussion

Equipment 20 points

General Effect 40 points

Artistry 50 points

Equipment judges analyze the range and depth of the choreographic efforts of the flags, rifle, sabers or other props being manipulated. Equipment judges will also analyze the training, excellence and achievement of the performers in comparison to multiple responsibilities being asked.

General Effect judges are evaluating two specific things during a performance: Music Effect (communication, creativity, blend and balance, expression) and Overall Effect (communication, audio/visual coordination, pacing through time, imagination/creativity, entertainment).

Here an intense look is given to the program and the fulfillment of those programmatic choices. Here communication, musicianship, presence, and expression make up a few of the components being evaluated.

Movement 20 points

Performance Analysis 40 points

Movement judges analyze the range and depth of the movement choreography while spinning equipment and while strictly dancing. Special consideration is made regarding the training, excellence, and achievement of the performers, as well as the uniformity from performer to performer.

Performance Analysis judges look at the composition of a show (musical and technical content, and simultaneous responsibilities) as well as the performance quality (musicianship, rhythmic clarity and uniformity).

Here the judge listens with a critical ear for the clarity of the intent of the composition, while considering performance qualities including musicianship, quality of sound, and technical excellence.

Ensemble Analysis 20 points

Visual judges consider the show composition as well as the performance quality. Compositional elements being analyzed include: visual musicality, attention to detail, creativity and unity of the elements composing the composition.

Ensemble judges analyze the quality of the design, and the depth of the composition of the program as a whole. Special consideration is given to the technical and expressive excellence demonstrated by the performers. A close look is given to each moment in time.

General Effect 40 points General Effect judges reward the plan of events or effects. Effects can be intellectual, (thought provoking, complex in design, literal to musical interpretation) emotional (adrenaline, broad range of human emotions), or aesthetic (color, shape, artistic). This caption is about the whole package and how it is brought to life through the performers.

Sal Adamo Rob Adams Ahmed AlShabibi Ed Argenziano Larry Bakko Eric Beastrom Lee Beddis Patty Beggy Bob Berry Dave Bishara Denise Bonfiglio Bette Brown Charles Brown Howard Brown Glen Buecker

Steve Calhoun Dan Campbell Jackie Campbell David Carbone JR Carlisle Lee Carpenter William Chumley Alyssa Cimino Christine Clayton Rita Connell Ruth Corder Joe Courtney Julie Davila Don Deems Dennis DeLucia Jim Dwyer

Performance 50 points

Visual 20 points

William Evans John Fisher Peter Furnari Sam Gervaise Jackie Gilley Darrell Goslin Gary Graves Tim Gray George Growcott Robert Hahn Mark Harasim Ralph Hardimon Ron Hardin Shane Harrell Doug Henderson Michelle Hernandez Chris Hestin

2009 Judges Michael Higbe Tom Hillenbrand Gifford Howarth Scott Johnson Rob Keller Rich Kemp Jay Kennedy Eric Kitchenman Jeff Krywinski Paul Lampkin Tim Landess Robin Love Phil Madden James Mahoney Charles Mascaro Jay McArthur Dave McCarthy Michael McIntosh

Mark Metz Dan Middlesworth Jeff Mitchell Al Moffatt Sandy Montana Frankie Morris Brian Murphy Jeff Namian Joe Nee Sue Nicholson Daniel Niebauer Patrick O’Donovan Kristen O’Melia George Oliviero Keith Overton Michael Pavlock Robert Philhower Cody Pileski Scott Pizani

Nathan Plamondon Maureen Prosba Tom Rarick Warren Rickart Kevin Roberts Grady Robertson Vincent Rodriquez Brent Rowland Billy Saccomanno Sal Salas Christine Sands Matt Savage Michael Scheiber Bryan Scheidecker Tom Slaughter Robert Solomon David Starnes Jeffrey Stewart Frank Suarez

Orlando Suttles Neil Sylvia Philip Tanner Michael Thompson Chris Tomsa Steve Ulicny James V. Vitagliano Don Wade Ed Warren Mark Wells Jeff Welsh Ted Wemhoff John Whelchel Dale White Donald Wiles J. Clarke Williams Michael Yoho

Photos left to right Heritage HS, Redline wgi sport of the arts

| 11


2009 WGI World Championships

Hall of Fame

l l a H e m a of F

Known as the organization’s most prestigious honor, the WGI Hall of Fame recognizes those outstanding individuals who through their exceptional work and achievements have made a significant contribution to the color guard and indoor percussion activity.


Dave Marvin Westminster, CO Jay Webb Avon, IN


Michael Gaines San Francisco, CA

Randy Nelson Ft. Walton Beach, FL


Cosmo “Gus” Barbaro Edinboro, PA

Dennis DeLucia Little Silver, NJ Mark Thurston Limerick, PA


George Oliviero Walnut Creek, CA

Mark Miller Dayton, OH Mike Miller Dayton, OH


Karl Lowe San Diego, CA Jeffrey Namian

Marlene Miller

Dayton, OH

Marlene is the matriarch of the Miller family for over 50 years. Along with Fred, her husband and WGI Hall of Fame honoree, she has been involved in all aspects of the pageantry arts activity. Long known for her keen eye and unerring senses of style, she was instrumental in building FJM into a leader in performance wear, supplies, equipment, clinics, and sponsorship for the marching arts. Since the 1970’s, Marlene has been known for her designs for the Miller Blackhawks and WGI Scholastic World Champion Miamisburg High School and has earned a reputation as a favorite design source, designer, and advisor. Starting with a few well made flags, she has turned FJM into the international standard for quality workmanship, fresh ideas, and personal service. In addition to her design trend setting styles, she also contributed greatly to the overall visual look of the Miller Blackhawks. While many may consider Marlene to be the “softer-side” of the Miller family, she was in fact one of the most commanding members of the creative and instructional team. She was excellent in the “cleaning process” of the guard, a job that she really enjoyed. Whenever Marlene worked with you as a performer it was always in a gracious manner. You felt you were a part of the Miller family when she was working with you. And more importantly, in Marlene’s mind you were. She served as the Treasurer of the Ohio Color Guard Circuit for some thirty years and worked in tabulation for approximately 20 years. Her love and dedication to the Color Guard world continued even after she retired from the circuit and became a positive influence and a significant contributor to numerous successful winter guards as she worked on costuming, flag design and other creative ventures. Today Marlene is a cornerstone of the success of the FJM business, a staple in the color guard, marching band, and drum corps field.

New York City, NY


Denise Bonfiglio Revere, MA Marie Czapinski Chicago, IL Ward Durrett Estes Park, CO


Scott Chandler Walnut Creek, CA Harry Sampson Stoneham, MA


George Lindstrom Arvada, CO Vincent Monacelli Rochester, NY


Mary Denniston Sayreville, NJ Fred J. Miller Dayton, OH Jay Murphy Walnut Creek, CA


Mickey Kelly Madison, CT Wayne Wengert Berthoud, CO Dolores Zappala Wakefield, MA


Sal Salas & Lu Ann Russell-Salas Madison, WI


Stanley Knaub Seattle, WA Lynn Lindstrom Arvada, CO Shirlee Whitcomb Walnut Creek, CA

Since the inception of the Hall of Fame in 1992, the policy was to only induct living individuals. Recently the members voted to allow a posthumous election. WGI is pleased to announce the induction of the following individuals. Their contribution were made through artistic standards, administrative leadership, or adjudication.

Donald Angelica A visionary and one of the founders of WGI, he was a force in challenging designers to push boundaries while mentoring creative minds in a young WGI. A fierce advocate of the “new”, he was on the front edge of color guard at the beginning.

John Brazale Leading the Phantom Regiment to consecutive championships in 1979 and 1980, he created the “total concept” show still in use today. His creative exploration of soundtrack and costumes to tell a story set the direction for a new generation.

Steve Brubaker A cornerstone in the development of staging concepts, his work with the Cavaliers led to a string of world championships. His unique approach to entertainment still remains a standard for today’s designers. Tam Easterwood A key player with the State Street Review instructional staff, he took the rifle and its role in show design to a new level. Swearing he would never “just spin”, long and intricate phrases became his signature. Bruce Leo Through his work with St. Anthony’s Imperiales, he was a strong voice in the early days of WGI. Inspiring many instructors with his approach to classical color guard, he paved the way for a new era of the activity. Bob Wiles Most known for his tireless work as a key player on the championship volunteer staff, he also was director of Anthron who turned the concept of traditional color guard upside down and challenged both audience and judges with a bold new approach. Harvey Wingo Known as “Mr. UD”, he was the face of the world championships for decades. His passion and enthusiasm was his motivation to lead WGI volunteer staff in creating memorable performance opportunities.

George Zingali Unquestionably one of the most creative minds of the first generation of WGI, his innovative design led Quasar to the first WGI championship. Erte Productions cemented his legacy as one of the architects of modern indoor color guard.

wgi sport of the arts

| 13

2009 WGI World Championships



ship r a l o ch S ents Recipi Chelsey Allen The Cast

WGI recognizes the young performers of our activity who pursue academic excellence. All groups who participate in the World Championships are invited to submit one applicant from their ensemble who is a high school senior or already enrolled in college. A committee of volunteers, instructors, and judges review dozens of applications for these awards and select students who stand out in qualities of academic, artistic, and personal standards. Since its inception, the WGI Scholarship Program has provided over $375,000 to deserving young people. You, the patrons of WGI, remain the major source of revenue for the scholarships awarded. Corporate and private donations also enrich the fund that

Chelsea Bollman Norwin High School

Ethan Brooks Santa Clara Vanguard

Melissa Crandall Alter Ego

Stephen Dailey Northcoast Academy Yamaha/Dennis DeLucia Scholarship

Valerie Estrada Americas Independent

Sebastian Galleguillos Blessed Sacrament

Lauren Gentile Chippewa Valley High School

Anna Hatzispiros Forsyth Central High School

Cassandra Hawkins Palm Dessert High School

Jacqueline Pasqual Fantasia

Deanna Reed Flower Mound High School

Alicia Walter Marion Catholic High School Bob Wiles Memorial Scholarship

offers assistance to these worthy

Thank you


The following is a list of WGI Scholarship fund contributors for June 1, 2008 - March 1, 2009. Bay HS Brookville HS Croatan Croatan HS Dan McMenamy Edward McLaughlin Eric Dissenger Forest Lake HS

Fusion Percussion Theatre Gates Chili HS Harry and Marjorie Flasher Hatboro-Horsham HS Imperial Percussion Theatre

Interplay Jeffrey M Fiedler – In Memory of Steve Brubaker Jennifer Garske Jo Angela Woods Lamar HS Ledford HS Lowell Area Schools

Marian Catholic HS Mary Anne Wiles Masocoutah HS Mineloa HS Norristown Area HS Onyx / O Foundation Powhatan HS

Rancocas Valley Regional HS Santaluces HS Shades Valley HS Stoneman Douglas HS Stryke Percussion Ensemble Top Hats

Tyler Junior College United Percussion Walled Lake HS West Johnston HS Western HS Yamaha Corporation of America wgi sport of the arts

| 15

Independent World

2008 Color Guard Finalists

ia n r o if tasia l FanRiverside, Ca dalist e M d l Go


The White Table: A Reflection on Youth Director Gary Locke Staff Karl Lowe, Scott Chandler, Mykail Costner, Tim Mikan, Robby Jacobson, Rob Jett, Sheila Locke Costume Design Michael Raiford, Karl Lowe Set Design Michael Raiford, Karl Lowe Sponsor Riverside Community College

2008 Members Joseph Avalos

LeAnne Hlavka

Michael Cabrera

Cassandra Jones

Thomas Conway

Yen Le

Mykail Costner

Kimberly Lewis

Alicia Davis

Yoshino Maekita

Ashley Ellis

Patrick Mayuyu

Gabriel Escobedo

Zachary McWhorter

Luis Flores

Crystal Mejia

Manuel Garcia

Daniel Miller

David Rodriguez

Krystal Garcia

Jacqueline Pasqual

Richard Ruzinok

Lauren Gary

Stephanie Peterson

Jacob Soto

Joe John Gonzalez

Tracy Pomerantz

Hilary Van Messel

Carla Hernandez

Phaidra Reed

Brandt Wright

16 | wgi sport of the arts

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Independent World

f o e d Pri ti Cincinnati, Ohio a n n i c 98.10 Cin st

edali Silver M

Bridge Over Troubled Water Director Charles Gumbert Staff Mike Gaines, Keith Potter, Andy Toth, Bart Woodley, Charlie Gumbert, Johnny Amos, Jim Moore, Rosie Queen, Rory Duffey, Melissa Ganser, Mathew Follo Costume Design Tommy Keenum of The Band Hall, Bart Woodley, Keith Potter Set Design Kathy Houghton, Mike Gaines, Keith Potter, Bart Woodley Sponsor Pride Youth Development Foundation

t s orida l a F , e e l h l Nort ndent Jacksonvi e p e 96.60 d n I st

Medali e z n o r B

Quietus Director Jill Brennan, Robby DuFresne Staff Randy Nelson, Matthew Richardson Costume Design Jill Brennan, Algy Set Design Matthew Richardson wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 17

| 17

3/10/09 2:08:34 PM

September 18 & 19, 2009 Orlando, Florida

Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort

Winter Guard International

presents a gathering of the best creative and technical color guard minds for an intensive two day instructor educational event.


is your opportunity to meet and learn from the industries top designers and gain hands-on training that will enhance your teaching and designing skills. This event has been specifically designed to help instructors with all aspects of designing and managing a successful winter guard program.


will include topics like: • basic to intermediate equipment • movement classes • roundtable discussions • management of your unit • adjudication topics PLUS MORE!

Don’t Miss it! Call 937-247-5919

Visit 09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 18

3/10/09 2:08:37 PM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Independent World

a r ornia a l C a, Calif a r a t l C n a Sa Sant d r a u g Van5.00 ce 4th Pla

0n A Breath

Director Dave Meikle Staff Jon Vanderkolff, Jim Moore, Carol Abohatab, Denise Bonfiglio, Kathy Pearson, Suko Quan, Andy Mroczek, Dave Meikle Costume Design Bobby Moffett Set Design Jon Vanderkolff Sponsor Santa Clara Vanguard Booster Club


tts d Blesset Cambridge, Massachuse Hypnosis en m a r c a S

ce 5th Pla


Director Edward J. Devlin Staff Kathy Aruda, Brandon Block, Ed Devlin, Karen Devlin, Karine Fettu, Andrew Hanenberg, Richard Kim, Kathy Kerrins, Fred Marier, Chris Raichle, Eric Schrader, Tom Strachan, David Vega, Dolores Zappala Set Design Eric Brust Sponsor Fred J Miller, Inc.

na Cor9o 1.50

ce 6th Pla


ifor es, Cal l e g n A Los

It Is Well With My Soul

Director Michael Shapiro Staff Krystal Shepherd, Elizabeth Price, Sean Cooney, Tavius Cooper Costume Design Michael Shapiro with Creative Costume and Design Set Design Michael Shapiro with Marc Sylvester and The Art Department Sponsor Creative Costume and Design

Zydecorguard Dayton, Oh United Flight 93 — A Memorial Co1.0l0o io

Director Byron Valentine Staff: Joe Sowders, Laura Gasper, Eric Jones, Robin Wells, Michael Townsend, Kelly Stephens, Sheldon Apo, Amanda Gutheil, Matt Miller, Lynsey Tyson, Byron Valentine Costume Design Byron Valentine for Fred J Miller, Inc. Set Design Joe Sowders, Scott Winters Sponsor Fred J Miller, Inc., G&S Products, Dave Gasper ce 7th Pla



, Ohio Dayton

The Circus Dies at Midnight

Director Michael Lentz Staff Michael Lentz, Kim Booher, Jason Combs, Carla Burgess-Tomsa, Vincent Thomas, Stephanie Miller, Peter LePage, David Crook, Leah Whitfield, Wanda Conway, Beth Calhoun Costume Design Creative Costuming and Design Set Design Katie Rex Sponsor Creative Costuming and Design, The O Foundation for the Arts

.80 lace 89

8th P

hts g i n K e Th

ce 9th Pla


o, Orland

Florida It’s Your Right!

Director Michael L. James, Trevor Cox Staff Michael L. James, Adam Sage, Marcus Rankin, Willie Agustin, Erin Brown Costume Design Michael L. James, Greg Lagola. Set Design Michael L. James, Erik Nordstrom wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 19

| 19

3/10/09 2:08:43 PM

Northeast Independent

Stoneman Douglas

Trumbull Premonition Alter Ego




2 0 0 9


440 NE First Avenue | PO Box 090490 | Hallandale, FL 33008 954.457.8100 | Toll Free: 1.800.458.ALGY | Fax: 1.888.928.2282

buy online at

photos courtesy of

Proud corporate partner of


09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 20

3/10/09 2:08:44 PM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Independent World

Illinois Phantom kford, Roc nt e m i g e R 88.00

ace 10th Pl

h tc a W k Blac

ace 11th Pl

It Takes Time

Director Adam Sage Staff Stephanie Boisjolie, Jonathan Meader, Andria Foerch, Rick Subel, Michael L. James, Greg Lagola, Jay Jernigan, Adam Sage Costume Design Greg Lagola Set Design Adam Sage, Michael Gaines Sponsor Fred J Miller, Inc., PG Display, Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps

sey New Jer , l e r u Mt. La Swimming in the Moonlight


Director Claudette Wolfrom Staff: Joe Heininger, Jude Boughton, Joyce Wolfrom-Roos, Matt Hurley, Toni Tunstall, Sam Brooks, Jay Murphy, Mickey Kelly, Michael Cesario Costume Design Joe Heininger Set Design Joe Heininger Sponsor Rosemont College


c a l B e d Co 0

s n, Texa


The Affair

Staff Marty Adamson, Sean Bass, Joe Cataneo, Sara Day, Corian Ellisor, Michael Floyd, .8 ace 84 12th Pl Cyndi Robbins, Allen Truong, Robert Wang, Marcie Webb, Charles Williams Costume Design Sean Bass Set Design Joe Cataneo, Dena Wallace Sponsor Cici’s Pizza, Lowes, Sherwin-Williams, Wal-mart, Taylor High School, Klein High School, Klein Collins High School, Cy Woods High School, Katia Liever, Frank Wang

s husett c d a s e s a Sacr art Roslindale, M He With Love, Elvis 84.20

Director Marie Marshall, Betty Warren Staff Richard Rigolini, Lennie Machado, Gilles Ouellette, Bruno Zuccala, Bridgette Mulvanity, Jen Holske, Jen Warren, Mary O’Brien, Kevin McLoud Costume The Band Hall Set Design The Band Hall Sponsor Sacred Heart Parish

ace 13th Pl

k orida Braddoc iami, Fl M t en d n e p e Ind 84.00

ace 14th Pl

it e h n e r Fah

Just Being Us....

Director April Gilligan Staff April Gilligan, Jay Murphy, Lopez Reese, Michael Rosales, Greg Lagola, Alex Perez, Ray Acevedo, James Lazaro, Travis Estler, Marc Sylvester Set Design April Gilligan, Michael Rosales Sponsor Miami Youth Inc.

ida o, Flor


La Chanson Des Vieux Amants


Director Jim Van Romer, Bob Florentino Staff: Jim Van Romer, Jack Pursifull, Chad Berkstresser, Tiffany Barnett, Shelba Waldron, Robert Hargrove, Patty Stetson, Greg French, Tom Harrington, Shawn McKaig Costume Bob Florentino Set Design The Art Dept Sponsor The Greater Orlando Performing Arts Company ace 15th Pl

wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 21

| 21

3/10/09 2:08:48 PM

Scholastic World

2008 Color Guard Finalists

n a g a n a l F

l ida r oo o l h F , Sc es n i h P e g i k o H Pembr .90 st

edali M d l Go


Post Secret Director Dean Broadbent Staff Emma Roberts, Matt Winans, Keith Campbell Costume Design Greg Lagola Sponsor Falcon Sound Alliance

2008 Members Kristina Blalack

Sara Jones

Vanessa Rodriguez

Andrew Blandina

Ashleigh Lebron

Alexandria Sarsour

Jeni Bouza

Sabrina Llera

Kristie Schmidt

Ashley Bruce

Briana Lyon

Jessica Style

Carlos Cruz

Kaesey Martinez

Sarah Westerfield

Jamie Davis

Cassandra Naranjo

Samantha DeGennaro

Taylor Newton

Christina Diaz

Sasha Ortiz

Katrina Fernandez

Melissa Pompos

Caroline Fischetti

Cristina Prada

Michelle Hargis

Sarah Reinstein

Kristin O’Farrill

22 | wgi sport of the arts 09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 22

3/10/09 2:08:56 PM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Scholastic World


diana n I , n o v A l oo h Sc ist 96.20

Highver Medal Sil

Which is Witch Director Daniel Wiles Staff Jennifer House, Sarah Weimer, Keith Potter, Leon May, Michael Townsend, Richard Hinshaw, Thom Vindiola Costume Design Thom Vindiola Set Design Kathy Houghton Sponsor Avon Marching Black and Gold Boosters

e v o r G diana r n I , e d t Cen Greenwoo l Schoo

Highronze Medalist 94.00 B

Nothing Gold Can Stay Director Josh Conley, Michael Bolla Staff Michael Townsend, Darrick Betro, Keith Potter, Jenny Wippermann, Gwen Stiles, Ronnie Bynum, Jennifer House, Marlieta Mathews, Tommy Keenum, Steve Manning Costume Design Tommy Keenum of The Band Hall Set Design Keith Potter, Steve Manning, Kathy Houghton Sponsor Center Grove Trojan Band Boosters wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 23

| 23

3/10/09 2:09:02 PM

09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 24

3/10/09 2:09:06 PM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Scholastic World

icut hirCe Connect , e ir h Chehsoo s l he

High 1Sc .60

ce 4th Pla


Reflections From Within

Director Captain Mike Forte Staff Mickey Kelly, Vin Monacelli, Philip Traini, Jim Zulick, Michael Kinner, Erika Meads, Michael Amador, Brian Forte Costume Design Algy Sponsor Cheshire High School Band Parents’ Association, Inc., Cheshire High School

rg Miamisburg, Ohio bu s i m a Mi h School Hig


Director Jim Olson Staff: Ed Devlin, Fred Marier, Jonathan Colvin, Todd Peters, Lindsey Jo Vawter, Ashley Kate, Kelly Stephens, Kristen Wrenn, Cathy Barnes-Miller Costume Design Fred J Miller, Inc. Sponsor Miamisburg Winter Guard Booster Association

ce 5th Pla


a ark, New York ow h e d nP n Shene ool Clifto h High Sc

ce 6th Pla


If Only Director Scott Snell Staff Jeff Namian, Nick Charles, Sonya Borrell, Jennifer Lawrence, Christine Mertes, Bill Ryan, Scott Snell, Nichole Keiper, Gretchen Shyne Sponsor Band Boosters of Shenendehowa

e ach, Florida e h tc a wh l Fort Walton Be a oct h C Schoo High


9.50 Place 8


Director Randy Nelson Staff Dee Dee Watson, Sue LaBrecque, Ashley Johnson, Rodney Bailey Costume Design Tommy Keenum Set Design Randy Nelson, Jim Powell Sponsor Choctawhatchee Band Parents

iewzil, Indiana v h t r No ool Bra

h High Sc ce 8th Pla


doo, California r a n r e o B hool San Dieg RancHh igh Sc ce 9th Pla


The Ripple Effect

Director Bob and Ruth Ann Medworth Staff Jon Vanderkolff, Michael and Katie Townsend, Daniel Holland, Jim Moore Costume Design Tommy Keenum Set Design Kathy Houghton Sponsor Northview Band Boosters


Director Tom Cole, Gary Horimoto, Vince Hernandez Staff Rob Jett, Robby Jacobson, Michele Whalley, Swaga Deb, Allan Dekko Costume Design Thom Vindiola Set Design Rob Jett Sponsor RBHS Royal Regiment Music Boosters wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 25

| 25

3/10/09 2:09:11 PM



8:39 AM

Page 1

Performance photo by Jolesch Photography


AND AS YOU REACH FOR THE STARS, WE’RE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY! From the time you place your order until your flags and costumes are delivered, McCormick’s makes sure you’re never in the dark. Not sure exactly which direction your group should take? Our friendly, free design service can provide you with just the right colors and costumes to give your guard the perfect look. No question is frowned upon. No concern is overlooked. From our quality designers to our experienced sewing staff, we’re with you every step of the way. Innovative design… Competitive color selection… Quickest delivery in the activity. Call McCormick’s. YOUR GUARD WILL SHINE!

09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 26



3/10/09 2:09:19 PM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Scholastic World

melCarmel, Indiana Car hool

High Sc 5.90

On Cloud 9

Director Rosie Queen ace 8 10th Pl Staff Rosie Queen, Joshua Benningfield, Kim Bolduc, Mike Gaines, Matthew Follo, Keith Potter, Andy Toth, Michael Townsend, Amanda VanDreumel, Mike Pote Costume Design Tommy Keenum at The Band Hall Set Design Rosie Queen, Kathy Houghton, Mike Gaines, Keith Potter, Katie Hunter Sponsor: Carmel H.S. Band Boosters

al lis, Indiana r t n e C n ianapo WarigrheSc hool Ind H

ace 11th Pl


Director Jeff Wroblewski Staff Rory Duffy, Stephenie Wise, Christian Vincent, Ed Meckes, Andy Wroblewski Costume Design J. Enterprises Inc. Set Design J. Enterprises Inc. Sponsor Warren Central Band Boosters



ool h Sc h g Hi

ace 12th Pl

, Modesto




Bartok Director Brandon Price Staff Shavon Garcia, Karl Lowe, Tara Martinez, Lynette Smith Costume Design Karl Lowe Set Design Karl Lowe

adiAa lifornia a C , ia Arcoo d l rca

h High Sc ace 13th Pl

The Eyes of Butoh

Director George Armenta Staff Mindy Cobb, Pancho Torres, Susie Ferrera, Greg Mar Costume Design Creative Costuming and Design Set Design G.M. Art & Design Sponsor Arcadia High School Music Club


lasida g Dou an Parkland, Flor m e n Stogh School Hi


A Life Unfinished

Director Daniel Riley Staff Diane Hauck, John Williams, Michael Rosales, Amy Hernandez, Tiffany Pereda, Johnny Amos, Anthony Scudero, Marcus Rankin, Erika Meads, Trey Aligood Costume Design Algy Set Design Rob Potter, Sharon Collins Second Site Studio, Rose Poster Sponsor Eagle Regiment

1.60 Place 8

e ool Seminole, Flo l o n i m Se Sch



ace 15th Pl



Director Carrie Short Staff Chad Guess, Alan Smith, Chavis Cook, Michael James, Stephanie DiMartino, Michael Floyd, Sara Hambleton Costume Design Tommy Keenum for The Band Hall Set Design Chad Guess Sponsor Seminole High School Band Boosters wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 27

| 27

3/10/09 2:09:27 PM

Independent Open

2008 Color Guard Finalists

rsey e J w e r N Alte go West New York, E 98.20 st

edali Gold M

Footprints of Angels Director Mary Ann and Joseph Cinque Staff John Lemire, Scott Marshman, Margie Vitale, Jackie Coladonato, Richard Mercado, Nick Ashley, Brian Kenny, Omar Heikal, John Vega Costume Design John Lemire Set Design John Lemire

e t n a m a Di


r , Califo m i e h a An .30 list 96

eda Silver M

Requiem of Angels Director Mario Ramirez Staff Mario Ramirez, Tj Doucette, Jack Pursifull, Austin Bean, Rob Guzman, Karl Lowe Costume Design Mario Ramirez Set Design Mario Ramirez

The Arizona , e mp e T my e d 93.80 Aca Bronze



Into the Mist

28 | wgi sport of the arts 09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 28

Director Brandy DuBose Staff Allan Dekko, Brandy DuBose, Denise Hudson, Rob Jett, Liza Noriega, Mattie Tomasik Costume Design Rob Jett Set Design Rob Jett, Kathy Houghton Sponsor Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts, Arizona State University

3/10/09 2:09:33 PM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Independent Open

K s e r tu Ven 0

io, , Ontar oo l r e t a hener-W



ce 4th Pla


Essential, Evolving, Elusive

Director Jacquie Renaud Staff Greg Cann, Laura Kehn, Mark Kozma, Craig Raymond, Sonya Borrell Costume Design Dance Sophisticates

ld Go k c Bla

, Texas

ce 5th Pla




Directors Mikel Burress, Roman Montoya, Melanie Erskine Staff: Chad Duggan, Eric Babula, Dane Chung, Matt Weathersby, Matt Johnson, Matthew Meckfessel, Mike Blade Costume Design Chad Duggan, Dance Sophisticates Set Design Eric Brust Sponsor North Texas Performing Arts Association, Dance Sophisticates


nsy gh, Pen r bu s itt

P s t a H Top.40

ce 6th Pla


Intimacy & Isolation Director Arlene Meisner Staff Paula Sikorski, Mark Yohe, Elena Antolik

nia dy o s p Califor , a o n s h e R t Fr n e Angelic Ascension d n e p e d n I


Director Sean Lopez Staff Sean Lopez, Eriq Escalon, Erin Smith, Jeffrey Larsen Costume Design Sean Lopez, DA Designs Set Design Sean Lopez Sponsor Realty Concepts Ltd. and Lori & David Michael

0.00 Place 9

ht g i l F t s Fir .30

ce 8th Pla




Waiting for My Real Life to Begin

Director Jeffery Dale Staff John Leonard, Andy Hudson, Jody Jones, Jenny Durko Hudson, Kim Corder, David Kelly, Karen Prince, Kia Lemmon, Grace Duque, Jillian Powers, Jean Coulet DuGard, Jay Jernigan Costume Design Tommy Keenum Set Design Andy Hudson, Jeff Hurr Sponsor Needham B. Broughton Band Boosters

itio s po a t Jux

ce 9th Pla


lin th Caro r No , y Car

hio ville, O Wester KINETIC ENERGY!

Director Stephanie Furniss Staff Pat Altman, Johnathan Colvin, Trisha Gooley, John Leonard, Rory Duffey Costume Design Fred J. Miller, Inc. Sponsor Juxtaposition Inc. wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 29

| 29

3/10/09 2:09:41 PM

Turn our next Drum Corps International event into a fund-raiser for your group! Drum Corps International is the world leader in producing events for the world's most elite and exclusive marching ensembles for student musicians and performers‌ and now, our events can be great fund-raisers for your group! Group members will experience all of the amazing action, with spellbinding live performances which bring the excitement of these outstanding performances to life with the passion, motivation and excellence that only Drum Corps International corps deliver.

Call 317.275.1212 to speak with one of our Group Experience specialists today! Or write for additional information



09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 30

3/10/09 2:09:43 PM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Independent Open

ast The C 87.50

ace 10th Pl

a v No s r A 85.40


lin h Caro Sout , e Upstat


Director Bud McCarter Staff Aaron Gantt, Victor Mooney, Bud McCarter, Michael Floyd, David Duffey, Rodney Bailey, Scott Beck, Byron Valentine Costume Design Byron Valentine Set Design Victor Mooney, Aaron Gantt, David Duffey

exas orth, T W . Ft / s Dalla


Director Matt Garrett Staff Matt Garrett, Junior Marquez, Steve Turner, Chris Kichline, Emell Eley, Christin Alkhazshvilly, Danny ace Martinez, Megan Hibbets, Ronald Wilson, Alex Cruz Costume Design Junior 11th Pl Marquez, Team Go Figure Set Design Junior Marquez Sponsor Team Go Figure, Mansfield HS

lorida ampa, F USF T d ar u g r e t Win 85.20 1000 Airplanes on the Roof

ace 12th Pl

Director Mary Dooley Staff Michael James, Donald Sienkiewicz, Amy Solmon, David Rodriguez Sponsor USF Herd of Thunder Marching Band

ama b a l A bama f o sa, Ala ty i oo l s a r c Unive area Tus

aM Alt .50

ace 13th Pl


Director Steve Simpson Staff Brandy Keeton, Randy Nelson & Trey Gaines Costume Design Tommy Kennum, The Band Hall Sponsor The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band


of e d i r P ate The St i r Mis83s.2ou 0


sou ield, Mis f g in r Sp

Sketches of O’Keeffe

Director John Sullivan Staff Maxine Sullivan, Heather Huggins, ace Kim Kras, Jennifer Sadler, Steve Huggins, Chris Putnam, 14th Pl Chad Duggan, Karl Lowe, Josh Votaw, Jerry Hoover, Dr. Belva Prather Costume Design John Sullivan Set Design Brandon Johnson Sponsor Missouri State University Bands

de Etu 1.00

ace 15th Pl



lin h Caro Sout , l il Fort M

Dark Road

Director Philip Rainer Staff Michael Floyd, Jenn Rysso, Jenn Barton, Alisha Rudd, Will Archie Costume Design Tommy Keenum Set Design Judy Gibbs

of e d i r P s d n The a l r he t e N e h t 80.90 ace 16th Pl


her The Net , n e iz Hu

Gabriel’s Trip Director Robby Overvliet Staff Tamara Zuijdervliet, Sylvia Vos, Erick Bacon, Ilonka Zuijdervliet, Robby Overvliet wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 31

| 31

3/10/09 2:09:48 PM

Scholastic Open

2008 Color Guard Finalists

t n mo h n, Ohio t yto r a l No lC oo 96.50 h Sc h g Hi edalist Gold M

A Stranger’s Love Director Traci Williams Staff Tommy Allen, Rebecca Fieler, Johnny Amos, Daniel Riley, Matt Heard, Chris De Leon, Melissa Greier, Jessi Yantis, Tyler Teran Costume Design Tommy Allen, Jonah Levine Set Design Tommy Allen Sponsor Nothmont Band Boosters

a edom o, Forid d n a l r FreSc 95.00 hool O



edalis Silver M

Love is Blindness Director Erin Brown Staff Michael L. James, Willie Agustin, Stephanie Black, Mandy Bumgarner, Marie Goltara Costume Design Greg Lagola Set Design Michael L. James, Erik Nordstrom

e g n a r O t Jersey w s e N e , W l West Orange

hooist 94.20 HighBrSc edal onze M

32 | wgi sport of the arts 09WGIyb_SIG2_p17-32_031009.indd 32

Lift Up Your Faces

Director Louis Hellinger Staff Louis Hellinger, Jen Lube, Sherenne Simon, Brian Brown, John DeSimon, TA Snow Costume Design Louis Hellinger, Jen Lube, Irwin Liss Set Design Russ Passomano, Anthony Demarino Sponsor West Orange HS Music Boosters, M & I Dancewear

3/10/09 2:09:52 PM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Scholastic Open

xas aso, Te P l E mericas A h School


4th Place

Leonardo Dreams


Director Cecil Crabtree Staff Brian Greenleaf, Andrew Toth, Michael Gaines, Michael James, Solomon Ruth, Chris Meadows, Arleen Fanning, Keila Garcia, Valerie Estrada, Karen Garcia Costume Design Bobby Moffett Set Design Michael Gaines Sponsor Americas HS Flag Parents

ali Chino, C Chino ool h c gh S




Director Doug Bowden Staff Peter Gomez, Kari Kaucher, Robyn Echevarria, 92.00 Ben Contrevas, Sergio Marquez, Joe Paul, Shirley Dorritie, 5th Place Becca Blee, James Goodrich Costume Design Creative Costuming Set Design Peter Gomez & James Goodrich Sponsor Chino Music Boosters, 77th Cavalry

nston, North Carolina h o J Benson West ool h c S h g Hi

6th Place

A Voice of Reason

Director David S. Duffy Staff Joey Powell, Katie Hurr, Jennifer House, Michael Townsend, M. Lance Britt, Garrett Griffin, Jason Minnix Costume Design M & I Dancewear Set Design Josh Mobley Sponsor West Johnston Band Parents Association


k Jersey nswic u r k, New B h nswic t u r u B h o S chool Sout

High S



9.10 Place 8

Director Virginia Kraft Staff Chris Carbone, Ashley Delgado, Kara Eisen, AJ Kise, Anthony Tanasy, Jim Cardaneo Sponsor Band Director Mark Kraft

uahnker Hill, Indiana q Bu acona


hool High S0cTIE

8th Place


MEDITATIONS Director Brayton Mendenhall Staff Jack Pursifull, Patty Stetson, Chad Burkstresser Costume Design Brayton Mendenhall

, Illinois atholic Heights C hicago C hool Marian High Sc

87.50 TIE h Place


Can I Change the World?

Director Jamie Oakley Staff Lamar Branson, Lionell Moore, Joshua Smith, Virgil Hernandez, Debbie Wiles-Isoda Costume Design Jamie Oakley, Lamar Branson Set Design The 2008 Winter Guard Staff Sponsor Marian Band Parents wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 33

| 33

3/11/09 12:39:55 PM

Become a fan of Music for All, Bands of America and Orchestra America musicforalltv

Bands of America and Orchestra America are programs of Music for All


Carolina Crown, In Residence

Concerts & Events:

June 22-27, 2009 Illinois State University, Normal, IL

Student Leadership Preview Weekend: June 20-22 America’s camp! Color guard division for all levels, on flag, rifle, sabre and Master Class for advanced students. National Percussion Symposium tracks: choose Marching, Concert/Comprehensive or Drum set. Instructors: Color Guard Instructor Academy and Drum Instructor Academy, earn up to three hours graduate credit.

Each evening features a live concert or event by renowned performing groups including: • Yamaha Young Performing Artists • The Canadian Brass • Barrage • DCI Central Illinois, including: Blue Stars, Boston Crusaders, Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, Colts, Glassmen, Phantom Regiment and Spirit • More announcements online!

Learn more and enroll online at 800.848.2263 • 39 W. Jackson Pl., Ste. 150, Indianapolis, IN 46225-1010

National Presenting Sponsor

Official Uniform Sponsor

WGI Ad_MFA 09.indd 1 09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 34

Official Corporate Sponsor

Official Corporate Sponsor

Corporate Sponsor

Corporate Sponsor

Associate Sponsors

Strategic Partners

3/6/09 12:40:00 9:58:53 AM 3/11/09 PM

53 AM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Scholastic Open

ge , TEXAS id R k a O hool Conroe

High S6c .60

10th Place


Hometown Glory

Director Tom Harrington Staff KC Michel, Cheryl Wimberley, Dawn Dipple, Damon Padilla, Kelly Simon, David Jessee, Kelsey Gleason, Chad Berkstresser, Mary Agnus Costume Design Bobby Moffett Set Design KC Michel Sponsor The Oak Ridge War Eagle Band Boosters

ETTS gional e R SACHUS S A M , ilip Click Your KingghPShchool Wrentham Heels Three Times...


11th Place


Director Richard Kim Staff Richard Kim, Ed Devlin, Peter Tileston, Shalyn Simmer, Christina Giacolone, Karen Prince , Ashly Lasko, Tara Rukstalis Costume Karine Fettu, Richard Kim Set Design Richard Kim Sponsor King Philip Regional School District and the King Philip Music Association

ces , FLORIDA u antal S hool Lantana

c High S .40

12th Place


gs prings, FLORIDA prin S S Tarpon Tarpon ool h c gh S Hi

13th Place


These Old Walls

Director Amy Belcher Staff Tim Lee, Jeff Bridges, Darren Smith, Lorena Zambrano, Evan Rogovin, Andrea Duque Costume Design Tim Lee, Algy Set Design Tim Lee Sponsor Santaluces High School Band Boosters

The Bridge

Director Jeannine Ford Staff Michael Shapiro, Jeannine Ford, Emily Biener, Tracey Nettler, Kristen Kachurak Costume Design Michael Shapiro Set Design Michael Shapiro, Kevin Ford Sponsor Tarpon Springs Leadership and Music Conservatory

LIFORNIA iejo V iejo, CA V Between the Words Mission Mission School


14th Place


Director John Hannan Staff George Armenta, Michael McNulty, Jennifer Permer, Christine Higgins, Jay Murphy, Panacho Torres Costume Design Creative Costume & Design Set Design Mission Viejo High School Music Boosers Sponsor Mission Viejo High School Music Boosters

rg hanicsburg, PENNSYLVANIA u anicsb ec

M ool h Mech c S High


Director Kristy Templin 81.90 Staff Joe Heininger, Jeff Kahley, Kristy Templin, 15th Place Rich Templin, Will Calloway, Bart Sword Costume Design Joe Heininger Set Design Kristy Templin, Bill McVitty, Russ Fertenbaugh Sponsor Mechanicsburg Band Boosters wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 35

| 35

3/11/09 12:40:09 PM

Independent A

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Cascades 96.50 Independent


SHINGT A W , ver Vancou

edalist Gold M

Revolution Director Becca Sullens Staff JC Caceres, Angie Haugejorden, Charlotte Morrow, Andy Mroczek & Ryan Valencia Costume Becca Sullens Set Design Becca Sulllens, JC Caceres Sponsor Cascade Youth Music Association

y Michigan , apids R Interpla Grand 95.30 edalist Silver M

The Rain Is Gone...

Director Derek Smith, Bernie Stewart Staff Marci Carlberg, Michelle Ehrhardt, Nicki Evans, Paula Jenison, Michelle Ladd, Michelle Langley, Mike Novak, Joe Huls, Rob Billings Costume Design Alan Spaeth, McCormick’s Set Design Derek Smith, Joe Huls Sponsor West Michigan Winter Guard, Marci and Peter Carlberg, all the wonderful parents of our members

, Tennessee ordova apella C C ard 94.50 TIE u g Winter Bronze


The Shadow Within 36 | wgi sport of the arts 09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 36

Director Emily Abramson Staff Sara Abramson, Elizabeth Heath, Drew Solomonson

3/11/09 12:40:14 PM


2008 Color Guard Finalists

Independent A

hOeit , Florida ren rlando h Fa E 94.50 TI Bronze


On a Rainy Day Director Jim Van Romer, Bob Florentino Staff Jim Van Romer, Tiffany Barnett, Jack Pursifull, Chris Plau, Mike Plau, Tony Jenners, Chad Berstresser, Patty Stetson, Greg French, Shawn Mckaig, Dominica Strader Costume Design Algy Set Design Jim Van Romer Sponsor The Greater Orlando Performing Arts Company

ate ia , Georg Northg Madras Have You Got It In You Independent 92.90

Director Ginger Armstrong Staff Matthew Richardson, Sal Salas, Brandon Dailey, Rodney Bailey Costume Design Matthew Richardson, IS Couture Set Design Matthew Richardson Sponsor Northgate High School Band Boosters

5th Place

gs prin S gham Lan 0.40

6th Place


, Texas


6 Billion to One

Director Tim Newburn Staff Tara and Jon Haworth, Juan Artavia, George Staib, Jennifer LeSeth Costume Design Joe Heininger Set Design Lindsay Kusmierczak Sponsor Langham Creek and Cypress Springs Boosters

, . Worth Ft / allas

D ova N S AR 89.50 TIE 7th Place

Texas Birds of ‘A’ feather

Director Chris Kichline, Matt Garrett Staff Danny Martinez, Emell Eley, Christian Alkhazshvilly, Matt Garrett, Junior Marquez, Darla Turner, Steve Turner, Megan Hibbets, Ronald Wilson Costume Design Team Go Figure Set Design Junior Marquez, Chris Kichline Sponsor Team Go Figure, Mansfield HS

ut el onnectic C h , el h Bet ard Bet u g Winter 0 TIE

7th Place


Director Hieu Nguyen, Cindy Keane Staff Marc Sylvester, Hieu Nguyen, Jamie Goldman, Karen Prince Costume Design Chad Duggan of Dance Sophisticates Set Design Marc Sylvester Sponsor Bethel Winterguard Association wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 37

| 37

3/11/09 12:40:22 PM

09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 38

3/11/09 12:40:25 PM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Independent A

A S N f o ark The M 89.50

Urban Gibberish

Director Matt Humphrey, Stacie Flood-Popp Staff Josh Davis, Zack Hooten, Amanda Stone, Lissie Muniz, Nomi Eniafe, Mary Drungo, Rory Duffey Costume Design Stacie Flood-Popp, Josh Davis Set Design Matt Humphrey Sponsor Nashville School of the Arts

9th Place

Patriots 88.00

, Tennessee


k New Yor , ester


One Worth Leaving

Director Sarah Cole, Dick Hoppe Staff Gordon Quackenbush, Barbara Tomisino Costume Gordon Quackenbush Set Design Steve Soeffing

10th Place



, CAlifornia

Angeles East Los

Memoria In Aeterna

Director Enrique Miramontes Jr Staff Randy Badillo, Don Gallagher, Aldo Trevino, Frank De La Rosa, 86.70 lace P h Eric Melgoza, Patty Stetson, Paul Luna, Amelia Rivera, Stephanie Byrd, t 11 Colin Hayakawa Costume Creative Costuming and Design Set Design Don Gallagher Sponsor Gold Drum & Bugle Corps, Pasadena City College, Law Offices of Stella E. Browne Esq.


, Canada

Pacificaires 85.90

, Surrey

12th Place

x Eclecti 85.50 13th Place

Columbia British

Candlelight & Memories

Director Alan Dyck Staff Florence Dyck, Cheryl Patch, Lucas Derr, Bobby Newman, Jennifer Brooks, Salima Ladak Sponsor Pacificaires Booster Club

oma , Oklah


Torn Between Two Director Veronica Johnson Staff Brandon Fink, Jamie Anderson, Adrienne Fink Sponsor University of Central Oklahoma School of Music

ield , North h f g e k alei R Wa Independent 84.80

carolina Center Stage

Director Joshua K Potter, Shannon Proctor Staff Shannon Proctor, Paul Orsett 14th Place Costume Design Shannon Proctor, M & I Dancewear Set Design Wakefield HS Band Boosters Sponsor Wakefield HS Band Boosters

, Virginia Bassett Bassett Mindless Menace of Violence Independent 0 .9 3 8

Director Trey Harris Staff Todd Russell, David Dickerson, Andy Hudson, John Leonard, Tim Dolan Costume Design The Band Hall Set Design Andy Hudson Sponsor Bassett Band Boosters

15th Place

wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 39

| 39

3/11/09 12:40:30 PM

Scholastic A

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Colonial h

, FLorida

Orlando ool Sch 97.20


1st Place

Beneath the Moonlight Director Sarah Roland, Stephen Porter Staff Stephen Porter, Sarah Roland, Michael Rodden Costume Design Stephen Porter, Linda Caldwell with N’Styl (design), B-Wear (construction) Set Design Stephen Porter Sponsor Colonial High School Band and Guard Boosters

ornia armel C o, CAlif g . ie t D M hool San

Sc 0 Highlace 96.4 2nd P

Pulling Strings Director Jaycee Clarke Staff Jaycee Clarke, Jamie Roscoe, Adriana Irwin, Reed Richardson Costume Design Creative Costuming and Design Set Design Jim Goodrich Sponsor Mt. Carmel Band Boosters

IA , GEORG Pope hool Marietta

Sc 0 Highlace 94.9 3rd P


40 | wgi sport of the arts 09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 40

Director Brian Giddens Staff Brian Giddens, Jenni Giddens, Katrina Velez, Julie Akers Costume Design Tommy Keenum Set Design Brian Giddens, Jenni Giddens, Kathy Houghton Sponsor Pope Band Parents Association

3/11/09 12:40:35 PM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Scholastic A

efield aroon Wak chool M

arolina North C , h g Ralei

High hSPlace 94.80

A Nurse’s Diary

Director Joshua K Potter, Shannon Proctor Staff Shannon Proctor, Nikita Abeyta, Stacey Lundy, Megan Moretz, Sara Arden, Paul Orsett, David S. Duffy Costume Shannon Proctor, M & I Dancewear Set Design Wakefield HS Band Boosters Sponsor Wakefield HS Band Boosters


nd Mound, TexasNocturne MouFlower

Flower gh School

Director Darla and Steve Turner Staff Matthew Meckfessel, Daniel Wiles, Blake Dutton, Ronald Wilson, Matt Weathersby, Matt Johnson, 94.50 Eric Babula, Megan Yankee Costume Design Bobby Moffett 5th Place Set Design Darla Turner, Matthew Meckfessel Sponsor Flower Mound High School Band Boosters,, Coats Orthodotics, GE Foundation, Allstate Foundation, Microsoft



, INDIA orte P orte a L P La chool

High S

6th Place


These Old Walls

Director Rick Quarles Staff Matt Anderson, Dan Rancourt, Ashley Metzger, Jamie Lawrence, Will Frankenberger Costume Design Teri Stisher, Phyllis Kukla Set Design Elden Anderson, Matt Anderson, John Soplanda, Ethan Butt Sponsor LaPorte High School Music Boosters

ree, FkLORIDA C Cypress rlando chool O

High S

Wide Awake

Director Derek Shapiro Staff Michael L .James, Amanda Kanaan, 0 .3 9 8 7th Place Andrew Lock, Ashley Duckworth. Wiilie Agustin Costume Design Fred J. Miller, Inc.. Michael L. James Set Design Michael L. James. Tom Lanna Sponsor Cypress Creek HS Band Boosters

Crestview hool High Sc 8th Place

hool Riverban High Sc 88.60




9th Place

A , FLORID Crestview Director Jeff Welsh Costume Design M.A. Zing Dancewear Set Design Jeff Welsh Sponsor Crestview Band Parents




Hable Con Ella Director Samora Mellor, Sonia Duarte Staff Jay Murphy, Sonia Duarte, Samora Mellor, Pancho Gurerro, Carolina Drago Set Design Carolina Drago wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 41

| 41

3/11/09 12:40:40 PM

09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 44

3/11/09 12:40:42 PM

2008 Color Guard Finalists

Scholastic A


MISSOU dessa,

O Odessa gh School


.40 lace 88

10th P

, California lls I H ovina C h t est W Sou chool

High S0

11th Place

Fugue in G Minor

Director Lindsey Hansen Staff Kim Kras, Chris Putnam, Liz Wohletz, Courtney Corbit Costume Design Georgie Girl Costumes Sponsor Odessa High School Band Boosters


Director Pancho Torres Staff Masahiro Kajiwara, Mike Gurrola Costume Design Bobby Moffett Set Design George Armenta Sponsor South Hills High School Band Booster Club




Orlando ool Universit h c S h Hig 12th Place


IA , GEORG Lassiter arietta M ooL

ch High S 85.20


Director Jen Karp Staff Jarret Thompson, Billy Sullivan, Chris Lowery Costume Design The Band Hall Sponsor ‘Stretch’ Performance Dance Wear

Slow and Steady

Director Michelle Owens Staff Scott Beck, Allie Stuckey, Donald Shorter, Jeff Sacktig Costume Design IS Couture Set Design Jeff Sacktig Sponsor Lassiter Band Boosters Association

13th Place

RK Central , NEW YO

Hinsdale Hinsdale ool h c S h g


14th Place

Kell gh School Hi



Director Karen S Watt Staff Bert Cousins, Karen Watt, Ken Magara Costume Design Karen Watt, Bert Cousins, Ken Magara Set Design Bert Cousins, Karen Watt, Ken Magara Sponsor Hinsdale Central School, Hinsdale Color Guard Boosters



Love Letters

Director Susan Hanggi 83.90 lace P Staff Susan Hanggi, Rick Subel, Andy Allen, Andria Foerch, Lindsey Swanson h t 15 Costume Design Tommy Keenum Set Design Rick Subel Sponsor KBBA Booster Club

yton ClaHi gh School 16th Place


A CAROLIN H T R O N , Clayton A Native’s Journey

Director John Pearson, Jake McAllister Staff Jean Coulet DuGard, Sarah Gamsey, Bobby Richardson, Andy Hudson, Jenny Hudson Costume Design Jean Coulet DuGard Set Design Jean Coulet DuGard Sponsor Clayton H.S. Band Boosters wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 45

| 45

3/11/09 12:40:47 PM


9 ures 200 Pict in

Blessed Sacrament

Warren Central HS

Black Gold Northeast Independent

Flanagan HS

Zydeco Colorguard LaPorte HS

Cedar Park HS


Pacificaires 46 | wgi sport of the arts 09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 46

La Luz Alter Ego


3/11/09 12:40:57 PM



Granada Hills HS

Kings HS

Riverside Community College

Pariah Full Force

Rancho Cucamonga HS

Rhythm X

Speed Percussion

Victor HS

Arcadia HS

Avon HS Vegas Vanguard Music City Mystique 09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 47

wgi sport of the arts

| 47

3/11/09 12:41:09 PM


2008 PERCUSSION Finalists

HIO O , s u olumb

C X m h t y 96.90 Rh edalist Gold M

Gone Director Craig Dunn Staff Andrew Markworth, Tim Fairbanks, Tim Jackson, Geoff Kolb, James Sparling, Ryan Lamb, Ryan Kilgore, Kelsey Behl, Josh Brickey, Diaz Clark & Joe Eck Costume Byron Valentine & Tim Fairbanks Set Design Tim Fairbanks Sponsor REMO, Innovative Percussion, Dynasty, Sabian, Dinkles, Treeworks, Fred J. Miller, Inc.

2008 Members Josh Bollman

Matt Moore

Andy Soloman

Jeff Brooks

Erin Conen

Byron Lewis

Bryan Byrer

Sarah Jung

Mary Kate Tompkins

Niles Abel

Mike Leitzke

Haley Townsend

Joel Hilbert

Justin McGruder

Kate Morris

David Isaacs

Akira Robles

Stephen Osborne

Ted Leith

Jordan Smith

Kevin Thorburn

Thomas Sparling

Sam Cope

Brad Waits

Chris Delvecchio

Adam Drexler

Matt Hahn

Kyle Bella

Craig Myers

Bobby Trick

Matt Smith

Justin Marquis

Matt Bowers

Scott Berry

Ryan Claus

Andrew King

Brian Hanley

Jeff Moore

48 | wgi sport of the arts 09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 48

3/11/09 12:41:13 PM

2008 PERCUSSION Finalists


e g olle Riverside C y IA N nit R O u F I L , CA Comm 95.80 Riverside edalist Silver M

City of Light Director Gary Locke Staff Sean Vega, Jim Wunderlich, Mike Jackson, Paul Locke, Brian Dinkel, Chad McCormick, Pete Sapadin, Fernando Miller, Jared Andrews, Daniel Wahl, Jenny Jackson, Chris Velez & Sheila Locke Costume Bobby Moffett Set Design Michael Bierek Sponsor Riverside Community College, Dynasty, REMO, Vic Firth Inc., Zildjian, Pro-Mark Corporation, Xymox & Taye

i h apan J , a y o imac A Nag Medalist Bronze


Drum Roll Director Kiyokazu Sekine Staff Michael Gaines, Jim Moore, Bret Kuhn, Erik Johnson, Tim Fairbanks, Uichi Kajiyama, Kimio Iimori, Yoshie Ishii, Kiyomi Fukuzaki, Kazue Sekine & Yasutaka Ieda, Costume The Band Hall Set Design Michael Gaines, Kanefusa Oshika & Matsuo Sakura Sponsor Aimachi Churchi wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 49

| 49

3/11/09 12:41:18 PM

Zildjian is...

marching percussion Concert band, marching band, indoor percussion, wind ensemble, jazz band or orchestra. Zildjian has the sound to complete any ensemble. “ Whether it is indoor or outdoor marching percussion, Zildjian is the easy choice. The service, quality and variety of cymbals available for my marching groups are matched by no other c o m p a n y. T h a n k s a n d k e e p u p ©2009 Avedis Zildjian Company

t h e g o o d w o r k .” - To m A u n g s t Director of Percussion, Cadets Drum Corps and Dartmouth, MA High School


A Zildjian Stadium Medium, Pairs

A Zildjian Z-MAC, Pairs

14” 16” 18” 20”

14” 16” 18” 20”

#A0452 #A0468 #A0483 #A0485

y y y y

# A 0 47 1 #A0457 # A 0 47 7 # A 0 47 9

y u u u

Z H T a n d Z B T, P a i r s

14” ZBT #ZBT14BP 16” ZBT #ZBT16BP 18” ZHT #ZHT18BP

y y y

Key: Thin r | Medium Thin t | Medium y| Medium Heavy u

09WGIyb_SIG3_p33-48_031109.indd 50

3/11/09 12:41:21 PM

2008 PERCUSSION Finalists

Independent WORLD

y it C Music que Mysti 0

le, Tennessee


The Adventures Of...

Director Josh Nelson Staff Shane Gwaltney, Erik Johnson, Meagan Hills, Carl Eppler, Tim Maynard, Joel McCauley, Corey Roberson, Matt Grimes, Rob Pastor, Craig Loeffler, Jeremy Thompson, Mario Taylor, William Mitchell, Chris Finen Costume Design The Band Hall Set Design Daniel Brown Sponsor Pearl Corporation, Adams Mallet Instruments, REMO, Innovative Percussion, Zildjian

.6 lace 94

4th P

y cadem A oast C h Nor9t2.30


A , MICHIG w ina g Sa


Director Diane King Staff Martin Hotte, Tony Shuker, Nick Pourcho, Scott Allen, John McFarland, Greg Young, Vincent Libiran, Dan Schmatz, Bill Boswell, Josh Peeples, Landon Ewers, Scott Idle Costume Design Chad Duggan, Dance Sophisticates Set Design Scott Allen Sponsor Saginaires Youth Organization

5th Place

hts g ni K Blue 91.75

, Denver



Director Peter Bretz Staff Joe Fant, Ray Ulibarri, Sean McElroy, 6th Place Alvin Ramos, Eric Ridenour, Jeff Gleason, Brian McKelvey, Leah Bretz, Jason Herron, Colin McAllister, Dana Slabaugh Costume Design Sean McElroy, Sandy Entin Set Design Megan Buchholz, Sean McElroy Sponsor Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps

rs rnia ance l , CAlifo Free amento r Sac


Director Don Silva, Jeff Collins Staff Roger Carter, Jaime Holly, Vince Oliver, Casey Brohard, 0 .6 0 9 7th Place Rudy Garcia, Joaquin Gomez, John Grant, Joe Haworth, Steve Maldonado, Ryan Odello, Cameron Spencer Costume Design Scott Chandler for Fred J. Miller, Inc. Set Design Jeeti Singh, Vince Oliver, Rob DuPriest Sponsor Dynasty, Vic Firth Inc., Yamaha

y Gatewa r Indoo 5


, Missou St. Louis


Director Greg Hamilton, Alexis Abril Staff Chad Schaedler, Mike Davis, Kent Lineberry, Chris Sakowski, .0 90 8th Place Lauren Sakowski, Dave Gronnenberg, Brian Fronzaglia, Tim Linsenbardt, Jodi Leeker, Adam Clay, Jason Palmer, Brad Palmer Costume Design Lauren Sakowski Set Design Lauren Sakowski, Chad Schaedler Sponsor Pearl Corporation, Evans Drumheads, Innovative Percussion, Sabian, Tree Works, Mozingo Music

Matrix 9th Place





Director Rob Ferguson Staff Rob Ferguson, Kevin Stahl, Brian Bennett, Mike Laird, Eric Carraway, Kate Ferguson, Jon Merrit, Dave Clark, Rod Owens Costume Design Rob Ferguson, Kevin Stahl Set Design Kevin Stahl Sponsor Dynasty, REMO, Innovative Percussion, Sabian, Glassmen, Electratarp wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 49

| 49

3/12/09 11:54:27 AM


Riverside Community College

Dartmouth High School

Music City Mystique

Stryke Percussion

Penn State Indoor

Centerville High School

Pacifica High School .... And Many More

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 50

The Best Drumlines + Remo Drumheads = Success 3/12/09 11:54:29 AM


2008 PERCUSSION Finalists

Independent WORLD

line Red 89.10

ace 10th Pl

y Infinit .80

an , MIchig



Director Martin Harrison Staff Jonathan Ovalle, Andrew Ebert, Andre Dowell, Brennan MacFarland, Michael McKenna, Erin Rigelman, Justin Alvis, Jon Gustin. Costume Design Andrew Ebert Set Design Andrew Ebert Sponsor West Bloomfield School District

, FLorida


The Code

Director John Campese, Tom Hurst Staff Lee Hansen, Omar Carmenates, Ralph Stewart, David Catogni, Jared Johnson, Arienna Jordan, Justin Robards, Mike Marino, Mark Smith, ace 87 11th Pl Leonard Woods, Anish John, Angela Tull, Dale Black Costume Design Ralph Stewart, Jeremy Hunt, Irwin Liss Set Design Jeremy Hunt, Ralph Stewart, Jason Palmer Sponsor Pageantry Arts Concepts, Backline Pro Florida, Yamaha, Vic Firth Inc., REMO, Zildjian, Tree Works, Dinkles

Pulse Percussion 87.30

ace 12th Pl

United cussion Pe7r .00


R , CALIFO Ontario


Director Pete Lucero Staff Eric Shriver, Niko Jazniewicz, Kendal Karch, Clinton Zachua, Ernie Mclaurin, Danielle Collins, Rudy Arzaga, Alexis Masingill Costume Design Bobby Moffett Set Design Pete Lucero Sponsor Yamaha, Evans Drumheads, Sabian, Pro-Mark Corporation



y , Penns County


Director Chad Moore, Esq. Staff Mike Nevin, Bill Woodward, Christine Vanacore, Chet Tietsworth, Mike Dow, Nicole Monte, Lou Randazzo, Peachie Moore, John Strada, Edwin Roos, Leslie ace 8 13th Pl Woodward, Nicole Schlett, Kelly Howell, Jason Majerczak, Mike Russ Costume Design Irwin Liss, M & I Dancewear Set Design Chad Moore, Mike Nevin, Bill Woodward, Jason Majerczak Sponsor Vic Firth Inc., Zildjian, 2 Cool Percussion, M & I Dancewear, Pearl Corporation, United Percussion and Arts, Inc, REMO

Fury MIchigan wnship, o T Eastside Harrison Percussion 5

The Hive

Director Jason Ihnat, Ralph Biggs Staff Laura Skok, Nick Saputo, Tom Hinsman, Paul Loos, Dan Cenci, .2 6 ace 8 14th Pl James Reece, John Salamay, Jeff Sacktig, Colin McNutt Costume Design Ralph Biggs Set Design Ralph Biggs Sponsor Vic Firth Inc., Zildjian, REMO, Yamaha,the L’Anse Creuse High School Band Boosters

reek C r , FLorida Timbe Orlando Independent 4.60

The Way Up

Director Clif Walker Staff Matt Verburg, Jeff Wright, ace 8 Brian Baldauff, Mike McIntee, Pat Seidling, Michael James 15th Pl Set Design Sengi Adams Sponsor REMO, Pro-Mark Corporation, Stanbury, Sweetwater Music INC, Yamaha, Zildjian wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 51

| 51

3/12/09 11:54:33 AM

Scholastic World

2008 PERCUSSION Finalists

h Dartmout l oo h c

husetts ac S S S A HighDartmouth, M Gold



Mightier Than the Sword: Modern Day Gladiators Director Tom Aungst Staff Tom Aungst, Darcie Aungst, Neil Larrivee, Jeff Sacktig, Ian Flint, Jen O’Neil, Jason Medeiros, Stan Moore Costume Design Darcie Aungst and parents Set Design Darcie Aungst and DSMA Parent Group Sponsor DSMA, Vic Firth Inc., Yamaha, REMO, Zildjian

2008 Members Kelsey Avila

Laura Kolbeck

Robert Southerland

Shawn Baptista

Sara Kolbeck

Christopher Souza

Keaira Belanger

Janathan Ladino

Christopher Szala

Nicholas Bernardo

Angelina Machado

Taryn Theriault

Chloe Bernert

Amy Medeiros

Sarah Thompson

Cassie Bolarinho

Brittany Medeiros

Jason Trahan

Ashley Braga

Joseph medeiros

Madison Brooks

Richard Medeiros

Taylor TravassosLomba

Christopher Cate

David Merill

Jeremy Ventura

Yan Che

Jasmyne Nunes

Paul Winterhalter

Adam DeFrias

Tyler Oliver

Sarah Dwyer

Marissa Pavao

Patrick Faria

Jonathan Piva

Sarah Frade

Sarah Purgus

Anna Frantz

Paul Raposo

Elizabeth Gomes

Alyson Rego

Skyler Grillo

Morgan Sleight

Nicholas Jesus

Raymond Smith

52 | wgi sport of the arts 09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 52

3/12/09 11:54:37 AM

2008 PERCUSSION Finalists

Scholastic World

jo Viejo, CAlifornia Vie Mission Mission l oo 5 h Sch Hig

edalist Silver M


Walking In Your Footsteps Director Mike Jackson, Jim Wunderlich Staff Jenny Jackson, Jared Andrews, Eileen Chen, Mike Gerard, Chris Velez Costume Design Bobby Moffett Set Design Mike Bierek Sponsor Mission Viejo High School Instrumental Music Boosters & Band Directors John Hannan, Doug Meeuwsen

ifornia l A C , emont Clar Claremont

l oo h c 94.70 ist HighBrS l eda onze M

From Dusk ‘til Dawn Director Rick Barclay, Whitney Stanton Staff Luke Kim Costume Design Bobby Moffett wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 53

| 53

3/12/09 11:54:49 AM

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 54

3/12/09 11:54:53 AM

2008 Percussion Finalists

Scholastic WORLD

ee Beach, FLorida atct h h w lton For Wa l Chocta oo ch High S

I Hope

Director Shane Gwaltney, Chad Hannah Staff Phil Christenot, Benja Russel, 0 .3 93 4th Place Jim Powell, Antonio Brum, Jeremy Thompson Costume Design The Band Hall Set Design Jim Powell Sponsor Dynasty, Innovative Percussion, Sabian, Evans Drumheads, Choctawhatchee High School

illleCenterville, OHio v r Cente oo h High Sc


Director Tim Fairbanks Staff Andrew Markworth, Ryan Lamb, 92.50 Jeff Brooks, Joe Eck, Matt Hahn, James Sparling 5th Place Costume Design Byron Valentine, Tim Fairbanks Set Design Tim Fairbanks Sponsor Centerville Band Boosters, Innovative Percussion, Dynasty, REMO, Sabian

ls Hills, CAlifornia l Hi ino Ch ool Chino

ch High S 91.60

6th Place


Director Justin Wallin, John Mapes Staff John Mapes, Jeremy Riley, Eileen Chen, Ian Grom, Ryan Anderson, Brian Horan Costume Design Incredible Colors Set Design John Mapes Sponsor Vic Firth Inc., REMO, Yamaha, Zildjian

rby, OHio a D d r Hillia l Hilliard hoo High Sc


1.40 Place 9

Dirty Little Secrets

Director Jon Merritt Staff Rodney Arcaro, Dave Clark, Mark Reynolds, Matt Stevens, Andrew Hensel Costume Design Matt Stevens Set Design Matt Stevens, Mark Reynolds Sponsor Hilliard Music Boosters

e A rov G , INDIAN r ood w een l Gr Cente hoo High S0c

8th Place



Director Josh Torres Staff David Reeves, Jeff Gentry, Chris Hodgson, Joe DeJean, AJ Cowall, Kevin Meyer, Carrie Gentry, Doug Hall, Scott Koter Costume Design Dance Sophisticates Set Design Jeff Gentry Sponsor Innovative Percussion, Pearl Corporation, Adams, REMO, The Center Grove Trojan Band Boosters

ill , TEXAS h c r u h C San Antonio

l Winston gh Schoo Hi

9th Place

Underground Remix (The Music of Steve Reich)

Director Chris Retschulte, Mike Sloan Staff Chris Retschulte, Mike Sloan, Bobby Hoyt, Kevin Sweeney, Thom Hannum, Brian Perez, Travis Watson, Steve Ferenczy, Glen Crosby, Heather Hampton, Randi Miles Costume Design Mike Sloan, Tommy Keenum Set Design Mike Sloan, Travis Watson Sponsor Churchill Band Parent Organization, Pearl Corporation, REMO, Vic Firth Inc., Zildjian


wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 55

| 55

3/12/09 11:55:04 AM

The Blue Devils’

Secret Weapon

“Roland’s top-of-the-line electronic music products and experience will help to lead us forward, and provide our performers with the very best equipment in the world.” - David Gibbs, Executive Director - Blue Devils “RMP-12 Rhythm Coach® is an incredible rehearsal and performance tool, and is an integral part of our daily practice routines.” - Scott Johnson, Percussion Director - Blue Devils

The new RMP-12 electronic marching instrument is a great add-on for any electronic or acoustic set with its mesh head, explosive new sounds and unique Rhythm Coach® functions.

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 56

3/12/09 11:55:06 AM

2008 Percussion Finalists

Scholastic WORLD

Canton an h , MIchig mout anton y C Pl h School



Director Andrew Ebert, Jed Leach Staff Brian Williams, Matt Smith, Lee Falvey, Jonathon Ovalle, 0 .8 ace 88 Jed Leach, Andrew Ebert Costume Design Diane Maielli 10th Pl Set Design Andrew Ebert, The Crew Sponsor Plymouth-Canton Music Boosters, Innovative Percussion, Evans Drumheads, Pearl Corporation

Avon School


diana Avon, IN

Director Jay Webb Staff Jeff Queen, Drew Schnieders, Richard Hinshaw, Ryan Claus, Emily Jones, Nick Smith, Ian Sheppard 87.80Costume Design Richard HinshawDance Sophisticates Set Design Kathy Houghton ace l P h 11t Sponsor Avon Band Boosters, Vic Firth Inc., Zildjian, Evans Drumheads, Pearl Corporation


rnia , CAlifo Arcadia cadia r A hool

High 8S7c .55


Director Kevin Sherrill Staff Tony Nunez, Jeff Doolittle, Kevin Shah, Oliver Bullock Costume Design Oliver Bullock Set Design Oliver Bullock, Tony Nunez Sponsor Arcadia Music Club, Symes Automotive Group

ace 12th Pl

COlorado enn , l enn g l g Grooves Off the Beaten Path l North North

choo High Slace 87.10

Director Jason Buckingham, Dave Marvin Staff Jimmy Bell, John Crouch, Kathy Marvin, Dave Marvin, Scott Reno Costume Design Lyndee Montemayor Set Design Kathy Marvin, Keith Laubhan, Dave Marvin Sponsor Northglenn High School Band Boosters

13th P

yan R r e h FatSchool Nashville, Tennessee


7 Countries in 7 Minutes

Director Jeff Schletzer, Derek Schletzer .00 ace 87 l P Staff David England, Dustin Schletzer, John Harvill, Kelly Durcholz h t 4 1 Costume Design Father Ryan staff, The Band Hall Set Design Father Ryan parents and staff Sponsor Innovative Percussion, Dynasty, Sabian, REMO, Father Ryan Band Boosters

al rgia r ent C h l Cumming, Geo t y s r o F gh Schoo Hi


Prismatic: The Spectrum of Colors

Director Tom Tucker Staff Max Mullinix, Phillip Morgan Costume Design Tom Tucker Set Design Tom Tucker Sponsor Forsyth Central Band Boosters, Innovative Percussion, Evans Drumheads, Pearl Corporation ace 15th Pl

Escambia hool High Sc


ida la, FLor

Anger Management

Director Terry Sanders Staff Michelle Nelson, Rodell Castillo, Elanders Frazier, Mario Taylor, Jerry Charvat, .15 Terry Pritchard, Jeff Gentry, Tommy Nelson, Ira Fernandez, Nekesha Keyes ace 86 16th Pl Costume Design Terry Sanders Set Design Terry Sanders, Doug Holsworth Sponsor EHS Boosters, Pro-Mark Corporation, REMO, Pearl Corporation wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 57

| 57

3/12/09 11:55:17 AM

Scholastic Concert WORLD

2008 Percussion Finalists

emont r a l l C oo h Sc rnia CAlifo Higlh , aremont 6.05 C

edalist M d l Go


Kala Director Rick Barclay, Whitney Stanton

henl Goshen, INdiana Gos 0 Schoo

High Silver Medalist 95.3

It’s Alive!!! 58 | wgi sport of the arts 09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 58

Director Chris Smith, Tom Cox Staff Scott Simon

3/12/09 11:55:23 AM

2008 Percussion Finalists

Scholastic Concert WORLD

l l unsta


, Virginia e l l i v Dan l oo h c S .00 list 94

High Bronze Meda

Help me say goodbye..... Music from ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ Director Tim, Debra, Alicia Bray Staff David Reeves, Kristen Bray, Ryan Stowe Sponsor Dynasty, Evans Drumheads,Vic Firth Inc., The Tunstall Music Boosters, Virginia Helmsmen


diana Communit w rsaw, IN sa r Wa l Wa Schoo


4th Place


Guitar Guiro Director Mickey Ratliff, Emily Mikel Staff Mickey Ratliff Sponsor Vic Firth Inc., Dynasty, Evans Drumheads

s Springs, FLorida ingrpon r p S l Ta TarHipon oo h c S gh 5th Place


All Things New Director Kevin Ford Staff Justin Ebach Sponsor The Tarpon Springs High School Leadership and Music Conservatory

Sol,Arizona l e D Tempe Corhona School Hig

6th Place


Rhythmic Variations Director Scott Werner Staff Scott Werner Sponsor Corona del Sol Band Boosters wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 59

| 59

3/12/09 11:55:36 AM

EvEry World Championships Prelims Performance OnlinE!!

— ALL World Championships Prelims Performances

— WGI Archives from 2001 – 2006. More years coming soon!

— The 2009 Regional Season

All for only $39* Only on *All WGI Fan Network memberships expire January 15, 2010. 09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 60 ####WGI_FN_Ad_031209.indd 1

3/12/09 11:02:05 11:55:39 AM AM 3/12/09

05 AM

2008 Percussion Finalists


r Junio exas T , r r e l e y Tyl ollege T 94.35 C edalist Gold M

Body Language Director Tom McGowan Staff Karman Trotter-Yoder, Richard Kearns, Shane Gwaltney, Mark Reynolds Sponsor Innovative Percussion, Dynasty, Evans Drumheads, Sabian

tate S Pennr Drumline ylvania e, Penns



State C 92.85 edalist

Silver M

Stained Glass

Director Brett Baker Staff Brian Stoudt, Jim Ancona, Brian Tinkel, Tollie Contento, Frank Franko, Erin Odore, Kevin Consorti, Mike Windish, Matt Rutherford Sponsor Yamaha, Vic Firth Inc., Zildjian, REMO Costume Design M & I Dancewear, Brian Stoudt Set Design Brian Stoudt

ida Percussion h, FLor eac B e Palm l The Program Ensemb 1.90


Director Scott Hughes Staff Rudy Flores, Tony Del Rivero, Ray Donato, Bronze Jon Kersten, Jorge Maldonado, Christopher Infante, Cisco Hance, David Karpinski, Tony Gamble, Alain Brodeur, Sr., Ben Freedman Costume Design Ray Donato, Jon Kersten, Scott Hughes Set Design Ray Donato, Jon Kersten, Alain Brodeur, Sr., Scott Hughes Sponsor Pageantry Arts Concepts, Inc., Dynasty, Vic Firth Inc., REMO, Zildjian, Dinkles, Olympic Heights Community H.S., TreeWorks



wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 61

| 61

3/12/09 11:55:49 AM

To all the... Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, Friends, Band Directors, Teachers, Principals, Instructors, Bus Drivers, Arrangers and Creative Directors, Thank you for believing. Thank you for being there. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for painting the props. Thank you for sewing the uniforms. Thank you for your help with fundraising. Thank you for driving to and from rehearsals. You are the unsung heroes of the indoor percussion activity. Without your support none of this would be possible. Thank you for your continued support of music education.








Š2009 Yamaha Corporation of America. All Right Reserved. Photo courtesy of Jolesch Photography.

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 62

3/12/09 11:55:53 AM

2008 PERCUSSION Finalists

Independent Open

Creek le

Tatesr Ensemb Indoo 0.40

4th Place


PalPmetto ercussion 5th Place

, Lexington



The Speed of Life

Director Brian Flack Staff Justin Fisher, Michael Collins, Vince Petrillo, Sarah Allen, Louis Kelly, Daniel Schmitt Costume Design The Band Hall Set Design Tates Creek Indoor Ensemble Sponsor Innovative Percussion, REMO, Yamaha

rolina South ca Instant Message , umbia


Director Erik Crook, A.J. Pace Staff Colin Brown, Alex Mowery, Joel Gardner, Tim Davis, Kenny Kominic, Brad Meyer, Reid Paxton, Matt Nadonly Costume Design Tim Davis, Erik Crook Set Design Erik Crook, Tim Davis, Zach Sykes Sponsor Dynasty, Zildjian, REMO, Vic Firth Inc.


nia CAlifor , d ndependent l I Bakersfie Valley

Percussion 5

6th Place


Pure Adrenaline Director Jorge Brodt Staff Alex Herrera, Robert Bowen, Glen Guevara, Travis Vernon Set Design VIP Staff Sponsor Dynasty, Vic Firth Inc., Zildjian

y k S , Arizona k r a D Flagstaff

Fresh Snow

Director Seth Woodard, Sharon Woodard Staff Dave Authement, Alison Brightwell, Chris Elias, Drew McCrea, Shalamar Georgia, Tanner Woodard, Seth Woodard, 86.15 7th Place Sharon Woodard Costume Design Tanner Woodard Set Design Eileen, Jimmy Burke, Sharon Oviedo, Dave Alston Sponsor Coconino County Board of Supervisors, Arizona Music Pro, Wyatt Woodard Family Practice, Sinagua HS, Budget Rent-a-Truck


, OHio Indoor le Zanesville Waves Ensemb Elements mance Director Todd Harney r fo Per 83.40 Staff Tim Pence, Greg Miller, Vince Lucente, Dan Danch,

8th Place


, Minnesota St. Paul

Shoe Voss, Mark Reynolds, Shane Gwaltney Costume Design M&I Dancewear Set Design Shane Gwaltney Sponsor Dynasty, Evans Drumheads, Innovative Percussion


Director Ann Jones Staff Joel Matuzak, Nick Moreno, Mike Ferry, Scott Palmer, 5 E 80.4 Matt Ferry, Dan Johnson, Andrew Angle, Mike Cambronne, Matt Richards 9th Plac Costume Design Joel Matuzak Set Design Joel Matuzak Sponsor Minnesota Brass Drum and Bugle Corps, Dynasty, Innovative Percussion, REMO, Paiste wgi sport of the arts

09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 63

| 63

3/12/09 11:56:03 AM

Scholastic Open

2008 Percussion Finalists

Pacifica Garden l hoo

High ScGold Medalist 95.70


lifor A C , e v Gro

Overlap Director Joe Miller, John Mapes Staff John Mapes, Ian Grom, Paul Nesbit, Matt Jones Costume Design Incredible Colors Set Design John Mapes Sponsor REMO, Vic Firth Inc., Yamaha and Zildjian

l l rumbu


l oo h c S Highlist 95.45

eda Silver M

l, Connecticut

l Trumbu

The Science of Music

Director Thomas Whitmoyer Staff Chris Rivera, Dave Dumont, CJ Barrett, Dan Csukas, Bryan Crawford, Austin Avery Costume Design The Dancer’s Shop, Bal-Togs Dancewear Set Design Eric Brust, Big Picture Studios Sponsor THSGEMB Parents Association, Trumbull Public Schools, the Town of Trumbull

y Valeyl, Ce Alifornia

Vall Fountain ool Fountain

h HighBrSoncze Medalist 95.30

64 | wgi sport of the arts 09WGIyb_SIG4_p49-80_031109.indd 64


Director Mark Irons, Gary Wampler Staff John Mapes, Ian Grom, Jeremy Riley, Jack Mitzutani Costume Design John Mapes, Ian Grom Set Design John Mapes Sponsor Yamaha, Vic Firth Inc., REMO, Zildjian, Randall May

3/12/09 11:56:13 AM

2008 Percussion Finalists

Scholastic Open

k dswood, Texas o o r B r Frien l o Cleia o gh Sch H

e 4th Plac

Beyond the Atmosphere


Director Dusty Norris, Don Click Staff Kyle Stahl, Justin Arenas, Jacob Garcia, Robbie Green, Justin Zimerman, Bryan Harmsen, Jason Smith, Seth McPhail Costume Design The awesome Clear Brook Band moms Set Design Don Click Sponsor Pro-Mark Corporation, Pearl Corporation, REMO, Clear Brook Band Boosters, The Compliance Alliance, STARCON

ip l hi P g Kin


u Massach , l m a Region School Wr9e1n.4tha 5 e High 5th Plac

A Spark of Imagination Director Zachary Schlicher Staff Olin Johanessen, Ryan Loud, Jim Foulis, Nick Ferzoco, Chuck Moulton Costume Design Zach Schlicher Set Design Zach Schlicher Sponsor King Philip Regional School District, King Philip Music Association, Pearl Corporation, Evans Drumheads, Vic Firth Inc., Zildjian

d r ecticut n o n o f C , rd Stam Stamfo

l o o ch S High th Place 91.30 6

Teenage Wasteland

Director Tim Holcomb Staff Chase Bronstein, Sal Flores, Tim Holcomb, David Reyes Costume Design The Band Hall Sponsor Stamford High School Band Parents Association, Dynasty USA, Vic Firth Inc., Zildjian

n lvania y s n n n e e P P , th nsdale r La o l N igh Schoo H

e 7th Plac



Director Rich Hammond, Jeff Piscitello Staff Eric Kitchenman, Gary Cuzzocrea, Aaron Barns, Niki Eash, Frank McGuigan, Adam Benner, Amanda Borchers, Frank Franko, Greg Boland Costume Design M&I Danceware Set Design Floor Mat by Shelia Smart Photography Sponsor North Penn Music Aides wgi sport of the arts

| 65



9:47 AM

Page 1



---- Brighter tone for improved projection ---- Increased resonance for a rich sound ---- Sharper and more pronounced attack ---- Holds tuning over a prolonged period ---- Series includes tenor & bass heads

D’Addario & Company, Inc. I PO Box 290, Farmingdale, NY 11735 USA I Evans, and EC2, are registered trademarks or trademarks of D’Addario & Company, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. © 2009. All rights reserved.

2008 Percussion Finalists

Scholastic Open

s e n o J Bobchool Madison, Alabama

High S8th Place 89.55

Director Keith Anderson Staff Keith Anderson, David Waters, Kevin Enfinger, Bryan Barley, Joe Cayse, Nathaniel Michal Costume Design Chelsea McCoy, Fred J Miller Sponsor The Bob Jones Band Boosters


Andrew chool High S 8.00

e 9th Plac

nois rk, Illi a P y e l Tin



Director Alan Barone Staff Mike Zuziak, John Kelly, Abby Nevell, Amy Kristinat, David Reeves Costume Design Alan Barone, John Kelly, Cindy Lindemulder Set Design Ashley Wrobel Sponsor Vic Firth Inc., Pearl Corporation, Evans Drumheads, Andrew High School Music Parents


ed ed.

A Journey Through Fear

y b sylvania r n n e P , Da l r ool Drexel Hil Uppe h Sch 65 Hig

ace 10th Pl


It’s What YOU Do!

Director Mike Behrle Staff Jason Majerczak, Mike Behrle, Robert Cizmarik, Bridget Benson, Mike Lalli, Tim Becker, Jeff Ormsby, Yvonne Brandt, Chris Grasso, Mike Nevin, Tim Fairbanks Costume Design Joseph Heinenger Set Design Jason Majerczak Sponsor Upper Darby Band and Orchestra Parents

l Indiana a r t n e C Indianapolis, n i l k n a Fr High School 87.30 ace 11th Pl


Director Jeff Huffman Staff Daniel Fyffe, Derek Felix, Tyler Bongen, Mark Harasim, Mark Roach, Travis Beck, David Reeves, Jeff Gentry, Sarah Huffman Costume Design Dance Sophisticates Set Design Jeff Gentry, Jeff Huffman Sponsor Franklin Central High School Band Boosters, Pro-Mark Corporation

iet Juliet, Tennessee l u J . Mt chool Mt.

High S12th Place 87.05


Director Rudy Gowern, Tony Cox Staff Craig Loeffler, Kevin Smart, Chad Burroughs, Joe Hobbs, John Harvill, Gilles Ouellette, Nick Phillips, Ondrea Gowern, Jeremy Thompson Costume Design The Band Hall Sponsor Mt. Juliet High School Band Boosters wgi sport of the arts

| 67

Scholastic Concert Open

2008 Percussion Finalists

d l e i f s Man

l setts u o o , Massach 0 d l e i f High Sch s 98.9 Man edalist Gold M

Echoes Of Metheny Director Peter J. Conti, Matt McGuire Staff David Cavanaugh, Laurie Sklar Sponsor Mansfield Public Schools, Mansfield Band Parents

ton ool Clay igh Sch H

e 4th Plac


lin th Caro r o N , n Clayto


Distant Memories

68 | wgi sport of the arts

Director John Pearson, Jake McAllister Staff Mike Worley Sponsor Clayton H.S. Band Boosters

2008 Percussion Finalists

Scholastic Concert Open

k e e r orado l C o C , r d Beachool Lakewoo 94.65

High S

edalist Silver M

Once Upon A Time Director Lauren Ryals Staff Tammy Ahmed Costume Design Lauren Ryals Set Design Lauren Ryals Sponsor Bear Creek High School Instrumental Music Boosters

s l a o h ma S aba l e A , l s l le Shoa sc Musc u M 3.10 chool

High S

Medalist Bronze


Bacchanale Director David Waters Staff Iain Moyer, Mandy Quinn Sponsor Vic Firth Inc., MSHS band boosters

e n Daph


m , Alaba e n Daph

ol o ch S h e 91.30 Hig 5th Plac

Roller Coaster Ride Director Mark Foster Staff Mark Foster, Rick Faison, John Dunlap, Josh Harper Sponsor Daphne High School, Daphne High School Band Boosters, Baldwin County Schools wgi sport of the arts

| 69

Independent A

2008 Percussion Finalists

r e e n linois l I , Pio e l l i omeov R r 94.90 Indoo edalist Gold M

On a Roll Director Adam Hill Staff: Matt Janes, Allan Zwettler, Brandon Estes, Charlie Krueger, Elizabeth Krueger, Mike Coers, Matt Rice, Jen Tarka Costume Design Itsy Bitsy Costume Company Set Design Tom Savage, Monica Cunningham, Deborah Estes, Kevin Cunningham, Design to Print Tarp Company Sponsor Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps, Evans Drumheads, Pro-Mark Corporation, Dynasty, Zildjian, Romeoville HS

Full dena, California Pasa e c r Fo 93.20 edalist Silver M

A Futuristic Game of Capture the Flag

Director Luis Garcia Staff Jose Iraheta Jr, Carlos Sanchez, Andrew Ramirez, Drew Gonzalez, Bruno Cilloniz Costume Design Andrew Ramirez Sponsor Vic Firth Inc., Zildjian, Evans Drumheads, VK Youth Arts Organization

n o t g n i gan m Michi r , s l l i Fa nH mingto r Fa 90.75 United Bronze


The Path

70 | wgi sport of the arts

Director Joseph Kuerzi Staff Joseph Kuerzi, Mike Yoskovich, Rich Hogan, Paul Williams, Gary McCombs, Rob Simko, Tom Machowski, Tim Leach, Sarah Harrison Set Design Mike Yoskovich, Kelly Williams Sponsor Vic Firth Inc., Farmington Public Schools

2008 Percussion Finalists

Independent A

a e r A nnesota s Mi e , is l o iti Minneap t Twin Cp n da n e e d In 90.45 Anthem — Melody — Effect

Director Tyson Smith, Scott Hirsch Staff Kevin Bongers, Mike Brown, Robb Brueger, Jesse Dubuque, Peter Wagner, Scott Wochnick Costume Design Michael Andrle, Tyson Smith Set Design Phillip Mckeown, Tyson Smith Sponsor Yamaha, Innovative Percussion, Sabian

e 4th Plac

usetts it r Massach , s n pi S Orlea ica r e of A9m 0.25

In the Beginning...Light, Sky, Earth

Director Richard Pugsley Staff Jeff Hope, Colin McNutt, Colby Kuzontkoski, James Sparling, Laura McKendree Costume Design Peter Shannon, Cori Shannon, Isaac Haig Set Design Peter Shannon, Cori Shannon, Isaac Haig Sponsor REMO, Vic Firth Inc.

e 5th Plac

a , Indian o m ach o k e o K e Br c n e l i of S 90.05 e 6th Plac


Director Chris Neuhauser, Mark Snelson Costume Design Chris Neuhauser, Mark Snelson Set Design Chris Neuhauser, Mark Snelson, Beth Metcalf Sponsor Chops Percussion, Pro-Mark Corporation, Evans Drumheads, Yamaha

ee enness T , e l l d i Legenpendent Clarksv Inde .65 e 7th Plac


Chain Reaction

Director Jamie Millis Staff Jim Reed, Jamie Millis, Chris DeBerry, Adrian Baker, Brandon Wilson, Theresa Holonich, Davin Smith, Chris Johnston. Shawna Millis Costume Design Dawn Reed, Jackie Whittstruck Set Design Jamie Millis, Jim Reed, Joe and Kim For Sponsor Music City Legend Drum & Bugle Corps, Innovative Percussion, Evans Drumheads, Planet Waves, HQ

bia an , Michig n y l Columo k o Bro n ssi Percu4.50 e 8th Plac


Standing In Motion, The Music of Yanni

Director Ed Warren Staff Ed Warren, Peggy Warren, Nick Matthews, Jason Ihnat, Ed Warren Costume Design Warren Creative Designs Set Design Warren Creative Designs Sponsor Columbia Music Association, Columbia Community Schools, Vic Firth Inc. wgi sport of the arts

| 71

Scholastic A

2008 Percussion Finalists

rnia s o f l i l l a i C H vina, o C th st u e So h School W97.20


edalist Gold M

Crush Director Mike Wooten Staff Jesus Alcantar, Tony Nunez

l a r t n diana eld-Ce

i f n ield, In f e n e e e r G Gr 94.65 chool High S

edalist Silver M

Rain Director Jason Detec Staff Steve Angel, Kelsey Behl Costume Design Dance Sophisticates Set Design Steve Angel, Yur Maum Sponsor Innovative Percussion, Greenfield-Central Band Boosters

onton, Georgia Milt ol Mil

o 1.05 alist 9 High BSroch d e M e nz


72 | wgi sport of the arts

Director Mark Kapral Staff Bronwyn Thomas, Dinesh Dhungana, Tom Fleming, Alan Sears, Justin Paladino Costume Design Mark Kapral Set Design Mark Kapral

2008 Percussion Finalists

Scholastic A

rolina a C n th a u rg, So Dorm rtanbu

Spa l o o Sche 90.95 High4th Plac Dichotomy — The Balance Of Opposites Director Jonathan Duke Staff Del Burton, Keith McNabb, Ricky Perez, Shane Gwaltney, John Dunlap Costume Design Tommy Keenum Sponsor Dorman High School Band Boosters, Dave Bruce - Band Director

o gboro, Ohio r o b g n Spri ool Sprin e 90.55 High Sch 5th Plac

Searching, Finding, Believing Director Jeff Runge Staff Kelly Martin, Jeff Howard, Josh Brickey, Mark Reynolds, Matt Stevens Costume Design Matt Stevens Set Design Matt Stevens Sponsor The Springboro Band Boosters, Pro-Mark Corporation

e l l i a v s n , Indian e l ti l i v r s tin Ma ool Mar

High6thSPlch .10 ace 88

Shades of Autumn Director Nate Wilkerson Staff Jake Harpster, Blake Walters, Michelle Bingaman, Kelsey Atkins, Rick Van Doel Costume Design Linda McHargue, Donna Whittle, Nate Wilkerson Set Design Jim Carnahan, Nate Wilkerson

n l Hilliard, Ohio o s d i v Da High Schoo e 7th Plac


Cosmic Revolutions Director Don Ley Staff Barry Canan, Chris Thompson, Dan Johnston Costume Design Creative Costuming Designs Set Design Barry Canan, Don Ley wgi sport of the arts

| 73



WWW.HALFTIMEMAG.COM, wgi_ODHfPgybAd_031609.qxd:Layout 1



3:06 PM

Page 1

Halftime_WGI_8.5x5.5.indd 1

3/10/2009 3:20:14 AM

A Build-your-own DVD Experience! WGI ON DEMAND is an amazing system which allows you to select performances from various years and classes, and place them all on one DVD. Now color guard and indoor percussion fans can create their very own “Favorite Fifteen”. Each WGI ON DEMAND DVD includes five individual shows for only $20.00. Similar to an iTunes concept, you can add shows to your disk for only $1.99 per show. Each disk can contain up to fifteen shows maximum.

Have fun creating your own DVD!

4 AM

2008 Percussion Finalists

Scholastic A

st , Florida e r o F e a Pin l Pensacol

oo ch S h g i H 7.55 Place 8 8th

We Are

Director Tommy Nelson, Pete Krostag Staff Christian Jones, Jerry Charvat, Mario Taylor, Chad Robbins Costume Design Tommy and Michelle Nelson Set Design Tommy and Michelle Nelson Sponsor Innovative Percussion, Pine Forest High School Band Boosters

do t n Colora , o t n o m m Long ool Long

High Sacch e 86.05 9th Pl

Dinner and a Show

Director David Merrill, Dave Marvin Staff John Crouch, Dave Marvin, Lance Scoggins, Shilo Stroman Costume Design Dave Marvin Set Design Dave Marvin Sponsor Longmont Band Boosters

l ia n n e t Georgia , n l l e e C Rosw

ool ch S h g Hi .70 lace 85

. . . Bounce

Director Dave Giddens 10th P Staff T. Dean Giddens, Lee Layne, Michael Marks, Kyle O’Brien, Dustin Tanner, Jessica McDonald, Phil Christenot, Shane Gwaltney Costume Design IS Couture, Diane and Sandy Yarosz, Dave Giddens Set Design Bob Shreve, Jim Detrich Sponsor Innovative Percussion, Evans Drumheads, Pearl Corporation, Hertz-Penske International, Centennial High School Band Boosters, James A. Warner, Director of Bands

o l l o on, Ohi t r y Da r l Ca Schoo


ace 11th Pl


Closing In Director Carl Soucek Staff James Sparling, Matt Hahn, Jon Pischl Costume Design Tim Fairbanks Set Design Tim Fairbanks Sponsor Carrolleers

ld l e i f m o oo Br High S5ch .10

ace 12th Pl



lora eld, Co i f m o r B

In Motion: Newton’s Three Laws

Director Jimmy Bell, Mike Kreeger Staff Michael Dye, Keith Laubhan, Joe Vaccarelli Costume Design Keith Laubhan Set Design Keith Laubhan, Mike Adamson Sponsor Broomfield Band Parents Association wgi sport of the arts

| 75


The Percussive Arts Society’s

Marching Percussion Festival Nationally recognized two-day festival for high school and college individuals and ensembles. All participants receive written and/or audio evaluations and full PASIC registration.

New Interactive Clinic and Ensemble Categories photo by

Josh baker

Thursday 11/12 NEW! Small Ensemble Competition

A competitive festival for bass drum, cymbal, and small percussion ensembles.

Individual Competition

Individuals compete for national honors on snare, tenors, keyboard and timpani.

photo by

Josh baker

Friday 11/13 NEW! Interactive Clinic Format

An interactive, non-competitive clinic providing students and educators up to 30 minutes with two renowned clinicians to work on director’s choice of cadences, exercises or show music.

Marching and Standstill Competition Marching ensembles compete for the coveted Fred Sanford Award.

photo by

Josh baker

WGIChampionship.indd 1

Registration Packets Available Now at 3/2/09 3:57:43 PM

43 PM

2009 WGI World Championships

Thank You

u o Y k n Tha2009 ships n o pi m ha C d l Wor taff


WGI Sport of the Arts would like to

recognize and thank all of our volunteers for

their countless hours of hard work. Without their passion and commitment, these World Championships events would not be possible. The following is a list volunteers as of March 1st, 2009.

Mark Ackerson Ahmed AlShabibi Diana Anderson Scott Anderson Jon Aumann Rachel Aumann Mandy Bahny Regina Bahny David Baker Sharon Baker Virginia Balcerek Cathy Barnes-Miller Frederick Bartelt Gary Bartelt Joe Bartko Eric Beastrom Matthew Becker Jeanne Beggy Brad Bell Thomas Beresford Joe Bloomer

Judy Bollman Stephanie Bonebrake Michael Boo Laura Johnston Bratt Laine Broad Bette Brown Pam Cabanski John Capellupo Robert Cawthorne Tony Christofano Pat Cooney Terence Cooney Kenneth Coultas Joe Courtney Russ Courtney Brandt Crocker Dave Davis Dean Decker Philip Dennesen Alyssa Dickens Ken Dining Judy Doebereiner Tim Dolan Ward Durrett Donna Ebert Sara Field Bob Fields John Flower

Tim Gallagher Bryan Gaston Estelle Gravois Murr Ronnie Gray Keith Guier Jeffrey Hachmeister Thomas Hachmeister Lyera Hammons Mark Harasim Larry Harper Danielle Hart Jimmy Haskell Tyler Hess Julia Higbe Michael Higbe Matt Hollingsworth Jim Hollis Alison Hunyady Aaron Jenkins Brian Johnson Peggy Kosin Tom Kosin Richard Kramer Jeffry Krywinski Sean Lampkin Jerry Link Robin Love Christopher Lowery

Debi Luft Kara Markworth Irving Matchen Sharilyn Maurer Sharon Maurer Philip Mayard Cheri Meier John Meyers Dan Middlesworth Dr. Jim Miller Tina Milyiori Matt Mize Howie Mogil Vicki Mogil Roberta Morgan Kevin Morris Todd Mowry Ron Nankervis Paul Orsett Nora Osby Jason Parent Jennifer Parent Juli Parent Shawna Patach Mary Peterson-Ferris Ashley Platts Dale Powers Dave Priester Chad Pritchard Amy Racic

Michael Reed Anne Rosso Harry Sampson Andy Sanders Aldo Sandoval Daniel Scafidi Bryan Scheidecker Mel Schenck Fredrick Shapiro Kathy Shapiro Marty Shapiro Bill Skudlarek Henry Spafford Patricia Strachan Jeanne Strong Jim Strong Stephen Surina Jim Taylor Mark Thurston Chris Tomsa Gregory Turner

Steve Turner Linda Unser Sid Unser Michael Vaughn Kendra Whelchel Karen Widener Maryanne Wiles Tracy Williams Heather Wolfe Bart Woodley Jan Zebrowski Pauline Zimny

Photos clockwise from top Crown Guard, Summerville HS, Avon HS, NGI Frequency, Greater Johnstown HS, Walton HS wgi sport of the arts

| 77


WGI World Championships Products >>>

World Championships T-shirts All competing groups are listed on the back. Black $20.00 White $17.00

World Championships Souvenir Patch $6.00

World Championships Souvenir Pin $6.00

<<< WGI T-shirts

<<< Susan G Komen

WGI Spins for a Cure

Susan G. Komen T-shirt Limited Quantity. $10.00

Love It T-shirt $20.00

Wings T-shirt $20.00

NEW Fans Favorite DVDs >>> Only $20 this weekend at the DVD booth in the expo tent. Color Guard Volume 6 2003 Blessed Sacrament “The Music of Earth, Wind and Fire” | 2002 Crown Guard “What the World Needs Now” | 2001 Emerald Marquis “Malaguena” | 2002 Fantasia “Images of India” | 2005 Flanagan HS “This is My Moment” | 2001 Franklin Central HS “Earthquake” | 2005 Freedom HS “I Dream a World” | 2003 James Logan HS “Carmen Lives!” | 2003 Northeast Independent “Everything But Today” | 2005 Paradigm “Typical Situation” | 2002 Pope HS “Serenade” | 2004 Pride of Cincinnati “Sideshow: Alive on the Inside” | 1998 Shaktai “Amazing Grace” | 2004 Stoneman Douglas HS “My Immortal” | 2004 Trumbull HS “Dream”

Percussion Volume 3 2003 Aimachi “Voice of the Soul” | 2002 Avon HS Percussion “Stack O’Wack” | 2003 Black Knights “X” | 2003 Blue Knights “The Zodiac” | 1998 Capital Regiment “Latin Adventure” | 2005 Centerville HS Percussion “In Perspective” | 2005 Everett HS Percussion “An American Trilogy” | 1994 Father Ryan HS Percussion “Hoedown” | 2004 Mission Viejo HS Percussion “Vinyl, Paint & PVC” | 2004 Music City Mystique “Seven” | 2004 North Coast Academy “Chromatic Velocity” | 2005 Rhythm X “Wired” | 2002 Riverside Community College “The Sound of Silence” | 2001 Spirit “Spy vs. Spy” | 1998 Thunder “Lament for B-612”

Stop by the WGI Booth at UD Arena or visit the shop @


2009 WGI World Championships

Thank You

u o Y k s r n o s n o Tha p S I G W 9 00 2

Thanks to the WGI Partners and Sponsors

for their continued support of the Sport of the Arts.

Presenting Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Championship Sponsors

Strategic Partners Photos clockwise from top Oakdale HS, Atlanta Quest, La Quinta HS wgi sport of the arts

| 79

Dayton 2010

WGI World Championships

0 1 0 2 n o t Dayorld

WGI W mpionships Cha rd a u G r o l Co on ssi u c r e P

-10, April 8 0 -17, 201


5 April 1

In 2010, WGI celebrates 33 years of competition! The World Championships in 2010 will mark the 24th time the competition has been held in the city of Dayton

Tickets for the 2010 World Championships will go on sale August 2009. Be sure to mark your calendar so you can get the best seats available!

Photos from left to right Bunnell HS, North Coast Academy, Dorman HS, USF Winterguard, Light Brigade, Center Grove HS, Ledford HS 80 | wgi sport of the arts


WE PLAY SABIAN Redline Surround Sound Centerville High School Center Grove High School Ayala High School Plymouth-Canton High School Father Ryan High School Franklin Central High School Tyler Junior College

Rhythm X Matrix Odyssey Northcoast Academy Pulse Percussion Gateway Percussion Timber Creek Infinity

Pure bronze

2-year warranty

Paragon Evolution Kennesaw Mountain High School Novi High School Jenison High School Vegas Vanguard Choctawhatchee High School Twin Cities Area Independent

innovative sabian design

Hear more at

WGI Sport of the Arts 2009 World Championships

| Dayton, OH 45342 | 937.247.5919 | 937.247.9212 fax |

April 2-4, 16-18 | Dayton, Ohio

2405 Crosspointe Dr

2009 WGI World Championships Program  

The official program for the 2009 WGI World Championships

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