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Director’s Message At its inception twenty years ago, the Wexner Center was fairly unusual in its mandate to be multidisciplinary: to encourage and embrace disparate creative practices in the visual, performing, and moving image arts. In the intervening years, numerous museums in the U.S. and abroad have expanded their scope of address to variously include film screenings, performances, and other non-gallery-based expressions. Yet as one colleague notes, “the Wexner Center is unique in presenting high caliber works in different disciplines—not as adjuncts, but on equal footing.” We do indeed place a high premium on being truly egalitarian and ecumenical in our programming. In fact, as I reflect on this fundamental aspect of our mission and mandate, it occurs to me that the term multidisciplinary is no longer quite adequate. In so many respects the Wex has become transdisciplinary: not simply or statically multidimensional, but rather vigorous in its pursuit of those artists who work across disciplines, navigating among and melding various art forms, sometimes to extraordinary effect. Such has surely been the case over the last year, spectacularly launched by our five-month run of Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms, among the most transformational exhibitions in the center’s history—not only in its design and installation, but in its very content, which exquisitely depicted the transmutation of the artist’s persona with his artistic production in every medium. If to transmute is to change from one form or state or nature into another, and to transduce is to change from one type of energy into another, then Warhol the person and Warhol the exhibition perfectly exemplify these terms. I daresay this unparalleled presentation transfixed our visitors and transcended expectations along the way, drawing our largest crowds ever. It’s intriguing to ponder just how compelling Warhol’s legacy remains to successive generations of artists and the general public alike. His near alchemical translation of daily life and popular culture into artistic gold, his persistent transgressions against social and artistic conventions, and his seemingly indiscriminate appetite for new media and modes of expression shaped the very bedrock of contemporary culture over the last several decades, and remain potent today. One need only think of celebrated designer Alex McDowell and his exhortation at this year’s Glimcher Lecture to “question everything.” In that spirit, the past season at the Wex was packed with exemplars of multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary inquiry

and investigation. Confounding expectations, renowned choreographer William Forsythe exhibited video and installation works and mounted a performance/installation piece in the center’s galleries (not on stage). We also presented the first U.S. museum survey for South African artist Robin Rhode, whose work ingeniously conflates drawing and photography with performance and cinematic techniques. Famed architect Wolf D. Prix, cofounder of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, whose work graced our galleries as well, creates designs rife with the political, social, and technological currents that sweep through urban life today, often finding inspiration in phenomena that might be considered filmic or performative. Among our many visiting filmmakers this year was Steve McQueen, initially and still best known as a visual artist and the 1999 recipient of Britain’s Turner Prize. He introduced his first feature-length theatrical film, the astonishing Hunger, on the eve of its commercial opening in New York. Two other filmmaking visitors—Jennifer Reeves and Ben Russell—literally performed their projected films in the theater. And Ellen Kuras, known primarily as an accomplished cinematographer, shared her powerful directorial debut, The Betrayal, with avid Wexner Center viewers. With his piece titled Siren, British composer Ray Lee offered a concert you could walk through or, alternatively, a sculpture composed of light and sound. Innovative work by ensembles touring in our Japan Dance Now showcase, and by techno-savvy theater company the Builders Association, was transfused with both visual arts and cinematic references. And directly inspired by Warhol’s own multimedia extravaganzas, musicians Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips performed their 13 Most Beautiful… Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests to projections of Warhol’s legendary Screen Tests. As always, the center’s programs spanned continents and cultures from around the globe, boldly dispelling the notion of Columbus as “fly-over” territory. The Warhol exhibition itself had a decidedly international flair, having originated at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Moderna Museet in Stockholm before making its only transatlantic stop here at the Wexner Center. That show in turn attracted to the Wex one of just two American stops for Australian music artist Robert Forster and his tribute to the Velvet Underground. And it inspired this year’s Lambert Lecture, a highly entertaining and irreverent conversation between filmmaker John Waters and longtime

Young visitors were delighted by the interactive qualities of William Forsythe’s City of Abstracts, a video installation that invites viewers to “dance” with their spiraling, stretched forms.

Wexner Center members and special guests celebrated the opening of Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms at a festive party with décor inspired by the “silver” Factory.

A roster of distinguished scholars and Warhol experts—including curator Eva Meyer-Hermann (who organized the exhibition), art historian Thomas Crow, actress and Warhol collaborator Mary Woronov, artist Francesco Vezzoli, and MoMA curator Callie Angell—gathered for Andy Warhol: Outer and Inner Dichotomies, a two-day symposium.

“The strength of our democratic society lies in a spirit of inquiry, experimentation, and free expression. The art center exemplifies these values, standing among those pillars of excellence that increasingly define and distinguish The Ohio State University and the Columbus community locally, nationally, and beyond.” Leslie H. Wexner Chair, Wexner Center Foundation Chairman, Limited Brands

Warhol collaborator Vincent Fremont, as well as a fascinating two-day symposium. Citing but a few of the artists who alighted here last year further attests to the diversity of our global scope and reach: Batsheva, Lionel Loueke, Marcin Wasilewski, Bajofondo, Improbable, and so many others lit up our stages; films by David Lean, Andrzej Wajda, Stanley Kubrick, Chantal Akerman, and Nagisa Oshima illuminated our screens. Columbus audiences enthusiastically welcomed perennial favorites Antony and the Johnsons and the Magnetic Fields, as well as newcomers to the region, including Zooey Deschanel and the Dirty Projectors. Fostering awareness of diversity in our world and in our community is also a hallmark of Wexner Center educational programming for adults, university students, and young people. Area families were transported by imaginative theater from Zurich and Montreal, and by our ever more popular Zoom international family film festival, while K–12 students and teachers gained insights from those and other signature programs. Equally important as the programs that bring the world to us, however, are those that develop at the Wex (or with our financial and production support)—and are then transmitted across the country and around the globe. For example, playwright and director Young Jean Lee’s provocative look at race in today’s America, THE SHIPMENT, was created during an artist residency at the Wex and premiered here last fall before appearing at The Kitchen in New York and in Brussels to enormous acclaim. It’s now on its way to Portland (Oregon), Seattle, and Chapel Hill, as well as to Zurich, Rotterdam, Paris, and Vienna, in a tour that continues through May 2010. Bebe Miller’s Necessary Beauty has traveled from New York to Montana and is being seen at the prestigious Bates Dance Festival in Maine this summer. Recent projects receiving support from our media arts program were shot in locales from China to Suriname to Portsmouth, Ohio, and are scheduled to screen at the Toronto, Sundance, and Rotterdam film festivals. It’s important to note that such projects often evolve from generous, extended Wexner Center artist residencies (sometimes spanning several years), with ripples that in turn last for many seasons. Guitarist Bill Frisell’s Disfarmer, released this summer on the Nonesuch label, got its start as a Wexner Center commission and had its world premiere here in 2007. Sadie Benning’s remarkable video installation Play Pause was shot and edited at the center over a three-year period and debuted here in the artist’s 2007 exhibition Suspended Animation. Just this year, Play Pause attracted much favorable attention when exhibited at the Whitney Museum in New York. Similarly, the exhibition Chris Marker: Starring Back, also produced in 2007, continues to be seen around the world: in Antwerp last fall and in Sãn Paulo in July 2009. In every possible respect, 2008–09 was a banner season for the Wexner Center, and despite the economic rigors shared by cultural institutions everywhere, we remain firm in our resolve to serve the Columbus community and the art world beyond

with programs of the utmost distinction. At the same time, we remain committed to providing multiple points of entry for our diverse audiences, recognizing that some are drawn more to indie rock than to indie film, while others may be attracted more to pop art than to its progeny. Which leads us back to that magic prefix, trans. If the Wex can be a place where new ideas are continually transmitted, remarkable creative combustion transpires, and illuminating

transactions take place between artists and curators and educators and audiences, we will achieve something truly epic…transvaluation (my new favorite word), which, according to my trusty Encarta, means “to reevaluate something using a different standard, especially one that differs from conventional or accepted standards and results in a very different assessment of the worth of something.” I truly believe as we approach the center’s 20th anniversary, just such a phenomenon is taking place. What was once considered an unlikely experiment (perhaps even folly) in the heartland is in fact being reevaluated by those near and far to be—by any standard—ahead of the curve. I hope as you glance back over the last year in the pages that follow, you will find yourself reminded of the power of art to transmit, transform, and transcend. It’s something we have the privilege and pleasure to witness every day. So, on behalf of everyone at the Wexner Center for the Arts—trustees, staff, and volunteers—we are and remain abundantly grateful for your encouragement and your engagement with this unique enterprise.

Sherri Geldin June 2009

Talk of the Nation host Neal Conan interviewed Sherri Geldin about Warhol and Other Voices, Other Rooms for a segment of the popular National Public Radio program broadcast live from WOSU@COSI.

Transmissions “It's one of the best Warhol shows that's ever happened.”—John Waters, filmmaker

Visitors from throughout the Midwest and far beyond flocked to see Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms—especially on the Free Thursdays underwritten by Nationwide Insurance. The exhibition featured paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, fascinating archival material, television projects, and films, all shown together in the galleries. Concerts and other special programs complemented the exhibition. Australian musician Robert Forster brought his Velvet Underground tribute to the Wex for one of only two stops in the U.S. Hip-hop standout RJD2 spun a DJ set for the popular Andyland party presented by our GenWex group, which is charged with developing programs for younger patrons.

Catch Air: Robin Rhode offered this intriguing younger artist’s first survey exhibition in a U.S. museum—accompanied by his first solo American publication. Rhode’s photo series, films, and installations draw on a signature blend of cinematic and performance techniques to address the politics and stereotypes of racism in his native South Africa and elsewhere.

Siren, by British composer and artist Ray Lee, presented a whirling, spinning spectacle of sight and sound. The audience listened to this “concert” while walking around the installation on the Mershon Auditorium stage. Lee talked about his work and ideas with university students from Ohio State’s art department and high school students in the Wexner Center’s Pages art and literacy program.

William Forsythe’s Monster Partitur, a performance installation hybrid, had its U.S. premiere at the opening celebration for the exhibition William Forsythe: Transfigurations. Dancer Alessio Silvestrin from the Forsythe Company performed the piece.

Undergraduate and graduate students from Ohio State’s dance department worked with company members to prepare the installation.

Experimental film/video artist Phil Solomon introduced selected projects, including Rehearsals for Retirement (above left), in a series focused on his work. He also previewed a major new installation project, American Falls, crafted from manipulated fragments of iconic American imagery (above right) and showed “EMPIRE”—a vanguard homage to Warhol’s famed film of the Empire State Building produced as a creative intervention in the Grand Theft Auto video game—for the first time anywhere.

← ↑

British artist Steve McQueen introduced a screening of Hunger, his searing debut film feature, just before its commercial release in New York. McQueen (left in inset) won the Caméra d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival for this unflinching account of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands (played by Michael Fassbender, right in inset) in his last days.

“For the size of their staff and budget, the bang for the buck is enormous. They are seen as being a cut above in terms of the breadth and the range and consistency of their program.” — Adam Weinberg, Director, Whitney Museum of American Art

Exceptional Artistry

Improbable’s Panic, the British theater ensemble’s playful look at life’s propensity to spawn chaos, insecurity, and unexpected opportunities, developed during two Wexner Center residencies, attracted capacity crowds for its world premiere at the center, and has gone on to engagements throughout England, including a five-week run at the Barbican Centre in London.

“Your [residency] program is certainly a model for the nation and we are proud to support it. In a tough economic time like this, I am delighted that the Nimoy Foundation can continue funding your important work.”—Katharine DeShaw, Nimoy Foundation

← ↑

THE SHIPMENT, leading playwright and director Young Jean Lee’s bold exploration of race and African American identity, was also developed and premiered here and has been seen in New York and Brussels with upcoming dates in Zurich, Rotterdam, Paris, and Vienna, as well as Portland, Seattle, and Chapel Hill. Lee and her company

and cast held open rehearsals and talked with audience members in Q & A sessions after the performances. Lee (at left, above) was delighted by the response to opening her show in Columbus. “We had the most diverse and engaged audience we've ever had in our six years of making shows,” she commented.

← ↑

COOP HIMMELB(L)AU: Beyond the Blue presented over four decades of work from the iconoclastic Austrian architecture firm. Community leaders attending a breakfast hosted by Wexner Center Trustee Michael P. Glimcher, and guests at the exhibition's opening, were intrigued by the “City of Models,” a display of some 180 designs arranged to create an imaginary city.

Consulting curator Jeffrey Kipnis, a professor of architecture at Ohio State (right), and Wolf D. Prix (left), COOP HIMMELB(L)AU’s cofounder and continuing design principal, discussed the firm’s work, and the process of making the exhibition, in a lively public conversation.

Actress/singer Zooey Deschanel and indie-folk singer M. Ward came to the Wexner Center for a live concert as She & Him, the duo they debuted in Volume One, an acclaimed countrytinged recording for Merge Records.

Among the host of distinguished filmmakers who visited the Wexner Center last year were Iranian director Dariush Mehrjui, who introduced Santouri, his latest evocative drama; Ellen Kuras, the respected

cinematographer, who presented her directorial debut, the moving documentary The Betrayal; and Gary Hustwit, director of Helvetica, who continued his explorations of design ideas with Objectified.

My Winnipeg is a perfect example of a movie that film fans in our area won’t see anywhere else. Guy Maddin’s affectionate, acerbic, and typically baroque “docu-fantasia” (his term) about the hometown to which he is inextricably linked screened in August 2008.

The Wexner Center strives to insure that the performances we offer for young people are as remarkable, thoughtful, and creative as all the other theater and dance events on our schedule. At Nightfall, from Sursaut compagnie de danse based in Montreal, Canada, delighted viewers from preschoolers on up at public and school performances in April 2009.

“The Wexner Center is very clearly amonst the finest institutions in A active learning.”—Jock Reynolds, The Henry J. Heinz II Director, Yale University Art Gallery

Shown at the Wexner Center on World AIDS Day (December 1), Derek is a lyrical and radical homage to one remarkable visual artist and independent filmmaker—Derek Jarman, the director of Caravaggio and Blue, who died in 1994 from AIDS-related illness—from another: Isaac Julien, known for both gallery installations and theatrical films such as Looking for Langston and Young Soul Rebels.

Fans of actress Meryl Streep, playwright Bertolt Brecht, and theater luminary Tony Kushner all enjoyed the film Theater of War, which offered a rare and intimate behind-the-scenes look at the process of mounting a theater production: Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children as directed by Kushner with Streep in the lead. The film, screened in May 2009, also reveals the current (and eternal) relevance of the play’s themes.

The subjects of major retrospective film series at the Wexner Center this year ranged from Stanley Kubrick— famed for such movies as 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, and Eyes Wide Shut—to Polish filmmaker Andrzej Wajda and Japanese director Nagisa Oshima, both renowned figures in international cinema who are significantly less familiar to American audiences.


In the Box, our exhibition space for video, visitors find projects that are a long way from typical television programs. German-Japanese artist Kota Ezawa’s Medley included Lennon, Sontag, Beuys and five more of his deceptively simple animations. In these works he employs hand drawing and computer manipulations to place images familiar from their pop culture uses in unexpected contexts and combinations.


Singer/songwriter Jenny Lewis, formerly of the band Rilo Kiley and now establishing herself as a leading independent talent, sold out her June 2009 show, thrilling fans of her blue-eyed soul.

America when it comes to supporting contemporary art, living artists, and

Research & Education “When a world-class university partners with a top-tier contemporary art museum, the result is nothing short of spectacular. I am so proud of the Wexner Center’s rapid rise to eminence, and we are all the beneficiary. For our students, faculty, and staff, the Wexner Center is an unparalleled resource that stimulates our thinking. For visitors from around the world, its innovative work enriches lives in wondrous ways.” E. Gordon Gee president, the ohio state university

The annual Glimcher Lecture and Lambert Family Lecture, each established and funded through generous endowment gifts to the Wexner Center, offer unparalleled opportunities for our audiences to hear directly from leading figures in contemporary culture. In this year’s Glimcher Lecture, Alex McDowell, the renowned production designer responsible for the look of such films as Watchmen and Minority Report, shared insights on his innovative work and on the unconventional development of his career and ideas.

Filmmaker John Waters (Pink Flamingos, Crybaby) and producer/director Vincent Fremont, a longtime collaborator with Andy Warhol, traded stories about the artist in the annual Lambert Family Lecture. Their talk was one of many events that enriched and complemented visitors’ experiences of the Other Voices, Other Rooms exhibition, along with tours, gallery talks, a panel discussion on Warhol’s connections with popular music, and a two-day scholarly symposium.

Experimental filmmaker Ben Russell took a 16mm film camera that belongs to the center to Suriname in Central America, where he transported it by canoe to location shoots for his film Let Each One Go Where He May. Equipment loans are one way that our media arts program offers production support to artists. In addition, film and video artists come to Columbus each year to work in residence in the center’s Art and Technology postproduction and editing suite.

↑ ↗

Bebe Miller, a professor in Ohio State’s highly regarded dance department, is a vital contemporary dance artist with a strong international reputation. She gathered her company and collaborators to create Necessary Beauty at the Wexner Center last year, developing her ideas onstage with technical support from our production staff. This kind of residency at the center has been cited as a model for the national “creative

campus” movement, in which universities provide diverse resources to artists. Such support can also assist artists, such as Miller, in balancing their commitments as educators with their careers as working and touring artists. Miller greeted fellow choreographer William Forsythe (above, left) at the opening of his Wexner Center exhibition.

The opening of the exhibition William Forsythe: Transfigurations in April coincided with the launch of Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced, a remarkable web project choreographer Forsythe developed with Ohio State’s Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) and Department of Dance. In the exhibition, visitors could explore the project on interactive computer monitors or watch selected animations from it in high-definition video. These complementary projects with Forsythe (a former Wexner Prize recipient) are one example of the partnerships between the center and other departments on campus that add value to research and academic life at the university.

“It was great working with the überprofessionals of the Wexner Center. Their attention to details in creating the best experience for artists and public alike is remarkable.” —William Forsythe, The Forsythe Company

Forsythe and Synchronous Objects co–creative directors Maria Palazzi (director of ACCAD and associate professor in the design department) and Norah Zuniga Shaw (director of the dance and technology program and assistant professor in the dance department) worked with a dedicated team of specialists and students for four years to bring the project to fruition. Many of those collaborators— from fields including cognitive science, architecture, statistics, geography, design, and dance—participated in the Choreographic Objects symposium at the center.

In ThinkTank, a new program in 2008–09, teams of educators from different disciplines earned graduate credit while learning strategies to aid them in collaborating with one another and integrating arts into their curriculum. Students in the Pages art and literacy program toured Other Voices, Other Rooms and then expressed their responses to the show in prose and poetry.

→ ↓

High school students (11–12th graders) in the center’s eye-opening Art & Environment course for 2009 visited an educational farm and a model power plant as part of their exploration of environmental issues and contemporary artistic practice. The students also visited a Columbus City Council meeting to accept a proclamation recognizing their achievements. The course concluded with an exhibition at the center of the students’ own environmentally informed artworks, which were seen and discussed by other school groups visiting the center.

“The Wexner Center’s reputation as a global leader in contemporary art and culture has become a hallmark of excellence in our city.” —James Lyski, Executive VP/Chief Marketing Officer, Nationwide

Outreach & Engagement The Wexner Center's always-popular long weekend of outstanding film and fun for children got a zippy new name for its fifth anniversary: Zoom Family Film Festival. The festival continued to welcome many newcomers to the center, as well as numerous longtime fans and members. JUMP!, a documentary about the world of competitive jump roping, was accompanied by an aweinspiring live performance by some of the young athletes who appeared in the film. Children of Heaven from Iran, the beautifully animated Nocturna from Spain, and an ice cream social with Jeni's were among the highlights of the weekend. Zoom coincided, as it typically does, with the annual appreciation days for our members, which featured free admission to Nocturna, a behind-the-scenes tour of the Warhol exhibition, and four days of special savings at the Wexner Center Store, just in time for the holidays.

Strong partnerships throughout the community are one way the center reaches out to new audiences while also engaging our members and patrons in fresh and timely discussions. Bare Walls: An Intro to Art Collecting, presented by the center's GenWex group in partnership with The Ohio State University Alumni Association, featured a spirited conversation on

how to start down the lifelong path of art collecting and appreciation. Wexner Center Senior Curator of Exhibitions Catharina Manchanda and Curator of Exhibitions Christopher Bedford were joined on stage by gallerist Rebecca Ibel, ChopChop Gallery's Craig Dransfield, and collector and Ohio Art League President Haley Boehning.

“The Wexner Center is one of those places that make Columbus more attractive as a city to live in or visit.”—Matthew M.,

↑ ↗

The center strives to welcome and engage with audiences from throughout our diverse community, just as our programs celebrate global perspectives on contemporary culture. Bajofondo, a superb ensemble of Argentine and Uruguayan musicians led by composer Gustavo Santaolalla (best known in this country for scoring such films as Brokeback Mountain), energized listeners at their concert/ dance party with South American flair. "I haven't had so much fun at a concert in ages," commented one fan.

Events that address difficult, often-controversial issues invite our audiences to join in the discussion and provide them with crucial information about developments throughout the world. The film A Jihad for Love showed viewers how gay and lesbian Muslims are struggling to negotiate a new relationship with their Islamic faith. In the words of director Parvez Sharma, the film, made secretly for six years in twelve countries, opens "a completely different discourse on Islam."

A trio of film events during 2008–09 piqued the interest of our city’s many sports fans and also brought many first-time (as well as frequent) visitors to the center for cinematic treats with an athletic flavor. Harvard Beats Yale 28–28 offered a "fascinating feat of cultural archeology" (according to the New Yorker) through the lens of a famed 1968 football game between the Ivy League rivals. Director Kevin Rafferty and former players including Harvard fullback Gus Crim attended the screening.

↑ ←

Pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee, one of the best left-handed pitchers in baseball in the mid-1970s and an outspoken maverick throughout his 14 years in the major leagues, visited the Wexner Center to introduce the film High and Outside, which chronicles his life on and off the field. Our spring program of Rare Films from the Baseball Hall of Fame has been a fan favorite here for six years. This year, film curator Dave Filipi also took it on the road to the Cleveland Museum of Art and Northwestern University.

→ ↓

Former Del Fuegos rocker Dan Zanes—a superstar entertainer for our youngest music fans—led a funky family-friendly concert incorporating music as varied as contemporary Spanish salsa and old English maritime tunes. Zanes typically invites a local band to participate in his concerts, and for this show, the Arts Impact Middle School Steel Drum Ensemble were the special guests.

↖ ↑

At our Welcome Week Student Party in September, Ohio State students filled the center for pizza, T-shirts, the Warhol exhibition, and an introduction to all the Wexner Center offers. Trying on different appearances was very much a part of Andy Warhol's investigations of identity, and it also became a playful entertainment for visitors of all ages at Warhol First Sundays, free community celebrations on the first Sunday

of every month from October to February. Drag Day, the October Warhol First Sunday, featured a poetry reading, a drag show, and grown-up dress-up stations.

What's New—What's Better

← ↓

Recycling and sustainability are on many minds. Here at the Wexner Center we've partnered with local company Seagull Bags to recycle used banners into stylish messenger bags. We've also gained certification from the Forest Stewardship Council for several of our publications, including our bimonthly calendar of events and season previews.

In spring 2009, the center began to regularly stream selected lectures and symposia live on USTREAM.TV. This is part of our ongoing commitment to actively engage virtual audiences in the life of the center and to make our programs accessible to broad audiences—even if they can’t make it to Columbus for an event. The live webcast of the Choreographic Objects symposium (pictured, Wexner Center Director of Performing Arts Charles R. Helm and choreographer William Forsythe) attracted viewers from as far away as England and Australia.

↓ The Wexner Center's landmark

building is now fully rendered and viewable anywhere in the world as a “3D Building” on Google Earth. Brian Lapolla, a graduate student in the Knowlton School of Architecture and Wexner Center graduate associate, developed the detailed threedimensional digital model, which was approved by Google this spring.

This past fall COTA (Central Ohio Transit Authority) and the Wexner Center partnered to create a bus shelter near the corner of 15th Avenue and High Street to promote the Warhol exhibition—and bus ridership. Through this partnership, the center’s first with COTA, patrons could simply ask their bus driver for a “Warhol coupon” good for discounted admission to the exhibition.



William Forsythe and The Forsythe Company


ON TOUR 2008–2009

Jeff Smith: Bone and Beyond*

Chris Marker: Staring Back

Catalogue published by the Wexner Center and distributed by DAP. Organized by the Wexner Center and the Cartoon Research Library (now Cartoon Library & Museum), The Ohio State University.

Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp SEPTEMBER 25, 2008–JANUARY 4, 2009

Jane Hammond: Fallen Brochure published by the Wexner Center. Organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Mary Heilmann: To Be Someone

Chris Marker: Quelle heure est-elle? Peter Bloom Chelsea, New York MAY 16–JULY 31, 2009 Featuring Chris Marker’s Silent Movie (Wexner Center Residency Award project, 1994–95).

Catalogue published by the Orange County Museum of Art. Organized by the Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, California. Major support provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc., and Altria Group. Significant funding provided by the National Endowment for the Arts.

SEPT 13–FEB 15

Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms Catalogue published by NAi Publishers, Rotterdam. Brochure published by the Wexner Center. Organized by the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, and Moderna Museet, Stockholm, in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Museum, one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. Curator: Eva Meyer-Hermann. Scenography: chezweitz & roseapple, Berlin.


Catch Air: Robin Rhode* Catalogue published by the Wexner Center and distributed by DAP. Organized by the Wexner Center.

COOP HIMMELB(L)AU: Beyond the Blue* Catalogue published by MAK, Vienna, and Prestel Verlag, Munich. Organized by MAK, Vienna.

William Forsythe: Transfigurations* Brochure published by the Wexner Center. Organized by the Wexner Center. Residency project.

*The featured artists or curators of these exhibitions participated in discussion sessions, master classes, or other programs with students at Ohio State and other regional colleges/universities.

Performing Arts


Young Jean Lee's Theater Company Improbable Bebe Miller* Necessary Beauty OCTOBER 1–5

World premiere. Co-commissioned by the Wexner Center. Residency project. Post-performance Q & As with Miller and company members.

Programs from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009

William Forsythe's Monster Partitur* APRIL 1–5


Amir ElSaffar and the Two Rivers Ensemble APRIL 10

The Builders Association* CONTINUOUS CITY APRIL 16–18

Lionel Loueke Trio APRIL 24

Presented in conjunction with Israel@60 programs in Columbus.

Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company* THE SHIPMENT OCTOBER 30–NOVEMBER 2

World premiere. Co-commissioned by the Wexner Center. Wexner Center Residency Award project. Open rehearsals, community preview, and post-performance Q & As with Lee and company members.

Hoipolloi* Hugh Hughes in Story of a Rabbit MAY 14–17

U.S. premiere.


Marcin Wasilewski Trio NOVEMBER 10

with Leprechaun Catering JULY 23

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb Mayim Rabim / Great Waters

Extra Golden

Presented in conjunction with Israel@60 programs in Columbus.


Bon Iver

Jon Hassell and Maarifa Street

with Bowerbirds AUGUST 3

BalletMet Columbus Jazz Moves Take 2

She & Him


FEBRUARY 5–8, 11–14 COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP. Jointly presented by BalletMet Columbus and the Columbus Jazz Orchestra in association with the Wexner Center.

Batsheva Dance Company* Three

+ Pre-performance Talk with John Giffin FEBRUARY 10 Presented in association with BalletMet and in conjunction with Israel@60 programs in Columbus.

chelfitsch* Five Days in March

FEBRUARY 12–14 Air Conditioner FEBRUARY 14

Japan Dance Now BABY-Q*, Nibroll, and Sennichimae Blue Sky Dance Club

featuring Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward with Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond AUGUST 4

Robert Forster plays The Velvet Underground** SEPTEMBER 13

Fleet Foxes

Los Campesinos!

with Titus Andronicus FEBRUARY 11

Times New Viking ♥ the Velvets** with Psychedelic Horseshit FEBRUARY 14


King Khan & the Shrines

with Mark Sultan + Tweet&Greet hosted by the Wexner Center and the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism MAY 14

Jenny Lewis

with The Sadies + Welcome to Van Nuys screening JUNE 6

James Blackshaw

with Greg Davis and Chris Weisman JUNE 16

Dirty Projectors with Skeletons JUNE 21

Camera Obscura with Anni Rossi JUNE 29

Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise OCTOBER 19

The Magnetic Fields with Shugo Tokumaru OCTOBER 24

No Age


with Matteah Baim + GenWex Warm-up Party FEBRUARY 4


Ray Lee* Siren

World premiere. Co-commissioned by the Wexner Center. Wexner Center Residency Award project.

Antony and the Johnsons



Improbable* Panic


with Frank Fairfield OCTOBER 8




with DJ Ray Ritmo APRIL 3



with The Whiles JANUARY 16

U.S. premiere. Residency project.

Co-commissioned by the Wexner Center.

Avishai Cohen After the Big Rain

Department of Eagles

with Moon High NOVEMBER 3

with Soft Circle and Silk Flowers NOVEMBER 19

Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips** 13 Most Beautiful… Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests NOVEMBER 20

*These artists or representatives of these companies participated in discussion sessions or master classes with Ohio State students. ** These shows were presented to complement the exhibition Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms.

Media Arts and Film/Video


Guy Maddin


Lana Z. Caplan, Boston Home is…where the heart is? (in progress)

Ann Hamilton, Columbus

Documentation of The Quiet in the Land (in progress)

William E. Jones, Los Angeles

Youngstown (2008), Steeltown (2008), Discrepancy (2008-2009), No Product Compilation (2009), Killed (2009)

Liza Johnson


Zoom Family Film Festival

Retrospective: Stanley Kubrick

Girls Rock! (Arne Johnson and Shane King, 2006, USA) + Performance and discussion with local band the Mary Anns Jump! (Helen Hood Scheer, 2007, USA) + Introduction and Jumps & Stunts demonstration featuring athletes from film Saturday Morning Cartoons: Disney Classics + Saturday Morning Cereal and Pajama Party Children of Heaven (Majid Majidi, 1997, Iran) Meet Me in St. Louis (Vincente Minnelli, 1944, USA) + Ice cream social Nocturna (Adriá Garcia and Victor Maldonado, 2007, Spain) The Golem (Paul Wegener and Carl Boese, 1920, Germany) + Live music by David Krakauer and the Carpe Diem String Quartet.

Barry Lyndon (1975) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, 70mm print) Spartacus (1960) Paths of Glory (1957) Lolita (1962) Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) The Killing (1956) Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Full Metal Jacket (1987) Killer’s Kiss (1955) Fear and Desire (1953) Clockwork Orange (1971) + Afterparty with Sweatin’ featuring DJ Dave Espionage and Beta Movement The Shining (1980) JULY 10–AUGUST 22

Circus School (working title, in progress)

Wex Drive-In

Daniel Kramer, Columbus

A Housewife’s Journal (in progress)

The Lady from Shanghai (Orson Welles, 1948) 20 Million Miles to Earth (Nathan Juran, 1957) The Talk of the Town (George Stevens, 1942) Screened at Ohio Statehouse West Plaza The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock, 1963) Welcome Week Student Film The Wolf Man (George Waggner, 1941) + GenWex Warm-up with DJ trueskillz

Lucy Raven, New York

JULY 17, AUGUST 21, AUGUST 28, AND SEPTEMBER 23, 2008; JUNE 18, 2009

Kitchen Hamlet (2009)

April Martin, Cincinnati The Color of Justice (in progress; Wexner Center Residency Award project, 2007–8)

Xan Palay, Columbus

China Town (2009)

Emily Roysdon, New York/Stockholm

A Motion Picture (2009), Story of History (2009), Untitled (3 scenes) (2009)

Ben Russell, Chicago

Let Each One Go Where He May (2009)

Bill Seaman, Durham, NC

A China of Many Senses (2009)

Deborah Stratman, Chicago O’er the Land

(2009; Wexner Center Residency Award project, 2006–7)

Leilah Weinraub, Los Angeles Shakedown (in progress)

Amy Yoes, New York

Untitled (working title, in progress)

The Journal of Short Film 14 (Winter 2009) Profiled the Art & Technology residency program and featured projects by artists Jem Cohen, Andrés Denegri, Leah Gilliam, Sam Green, Vanalyne Green, K8 Hardy & Wynne Greenwood, William E. Jones, Kelly Reichardt, Natasha Spencer, Joe Sola and Will Eno, and Deborah Stratman.

Retrospective: David Lean Great Expectations (1946) Brief Encounter (1945) Lawrence of Arabia (1962, 70mm print) Summertime (1955) Oliver Twist (1948) Blithe Spirit (1945) In Which We Serve (1942) This Happy Breed (1944) The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) The Sound Barrier (1952) The Passionate Friends (1948) OCTOBER 2–30 Presented in association with the British Film Institute and featuring eight of the first ten films directed by David Lean, which have been restored by the BFI National Archive and Granada International, in association with Studio Canal, and with the generous support of the David Lean Foundation.

Political Season Government Radiation and Other Cinematic Referendums (works by Bryan Boyce, Martha Colburn, Jacqueline Goss, Julia Meltzer & David Thorne [aka The Speculative Archive], and James June Schneider. Scott Stark) Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind (John Gianvito, 2007) + Observando el cielo (Jeanne Liotta, 2007) Swing State (Jason Fisher, 2008) Secrecy (Robb Moss and Peter Galison, 2008)) +Introduction by Robb Moss OCTOBER 22, OCTOBER 23, OCTOBER 26, NOVEMBER 1

Copresented by Ohio State’s Melton Center for Jewish Studies and the Lenore Schottenstein Jewish Arts Fund of the Columbus Jewish Foundation. Mr. Krakauer is exclusively represented by Bernstein Artists, Inc. (

Tainá 2: A New Amazon Adventure (Mauro Lima, 2004, Brazil) DECEMBER 4–7

Cinema Latino The Pope’s Toilet (Enrique Fernández and César Charlone, 2007) + Reception hosted by Fronteras de la Noticia Silent Light (Carlos Reygadas, 2007) Made in L.A. (Almudena Carracedo, 2007) The Old Thieves: The Legends from Artegio (Everardo González, 2007) Macario (Roberto Gavaldón, 1960) Cochochi (Israel Cárdenas, Laura Amelia Guzmán, 2007) Encarnación (Anahi Berneri, 2007) JANUARY 9–29

Out@Wex Equality U (Dave O’Brien, 2008) + Q & A with Kate Bonewell Love Songs (Christophe Honoré, 2007) + Out@Wex party Otto, or Up with Dead People (Bruce La Bruce, 2008) The Edge of Heaven (Faith Akin, 2007) Born in Flames (Lizzie Borden, 1983) Straightlaced: How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up (Debra Chasnoff, 2009) + Post-film discussion The Lollipop Generation (G.B. Jones, 2008) MARCH 12–14 Cosponsored by BRAVO, Equality Ohio, HRC Columbus Steering Committee, Kaleidoscope Youth Center, Ohio State’s GLBT Alumni Society, Ohio State’s Multicultural Center, and Stonewall Columbus.

Cinematheque: Andrzej Wajda A Generation (1966) Kanal (1957) Ashes and Diamonds (1958) Everything for Sale (1969) Maids of Wilco (1979) Katyn (2007) Screened in conjunction with the 2009 Midwest Slavic Conference hosted by Ohio State’s Center for Slavic and East European Studies.

*These filmmakers participated in discussion sessions with Ohio State students.

Programs from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009

The Promised Land (1975) Man of Marble (1977)


Gary Hustwit

Selected works

APRIL 2–30

Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD).

Objectified (2009) MAY 15–16

Tour organized by The Polish Cultural Institute, New York. Series partners: Polish Cultural Institute, Polish Film Institute, Filmoteka Narodowa.

Retrospective: Nagisa Oshima James Quandt: In the Realm of Oshima (lecture) Night and Fog in Japan (1960) Cruel Story of Youth (1960) In the Realm of the Senses (1976) Pleasures of the Flesh (1965) Violence at Noon (1966) Empire of Passion (1978) Boy (1969) Diary of a Shinjuku Thief (1968) Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983) Death by Hanging (1968) Japanese Summer: Double Suicide (1967) May 1–28 Organized by Cinematheque Ontario. The following individuals and organizations made the retrospective possible: Nagisa Oshima, Tokyo; Marie Suzuki, The Japan Foundation, Tokyo; Masayo Okada, Yuka Sukano, Atsuko Fukuda, Kawakita Memorial Film Institute, Tokyo; Eiko Oshima, Oshima Productions, Tokyo; Peter Becker, Kim Hendrickson, Fumiko Takagi, Sarah Finklea, Janus Films, New York; Jonathan Howell, New Yorker Films.


Ken Mills and Jeff Smith

Dariush Mehrjui

The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith, Bone, and the Changing Face of Comics (Ken Mills, 2009) + Book signing with Jeff Smith. MAY 22

Santouri (2007) NOVEMBER 23

Anne Aghion and Dr. Adam Lewis Ice People (Anne Aghion, 2008) JANUARY 14 Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Byrd Polar Research Center and the University Libraries Polar Archival Program.

Nina Paley Sita Sings the Blues (2008) FEBRUARY 27–28

My Winnipeg (Guy Maddin, 2007) AUGUST 15–16

Introduced by the director on February 27.

Ben Russell: Recent Anthropologies* Daumë (2007) Tjúba Tén (codirected with Brigid McCaffrey, 2008) Trypps #5 (Dubai) (2008) Trypps #6 (Malobi) (2008) The Black and the White Gods (2008, performance/film) MARCH 4

Lucy Raven*

Phil Solomon

China Town (2008) MARCH 5

Phil Solomon: In Person Twilight Psalm II: Walking Distance (1999) Crossroad (for David Gatten) (2005) Rehearsals for Retirement (2007) Last Days in a Lonely Place (2007) Still Raining, Still Dreaming (2008) OCTOBER 1 Phil Solomon: Collaborations with Stan Brakhage and Other Films Nocturne (1980/89) The Secret Garden (1988) Concrescence (codirected with Stan Brakhage, 1996) Clepsydra (1992) Seasons… (codirected with Stan Brakhage, 2002) Rare footage of Stan Brakhage assembled by Phil Solomon OCTOBER 9 Phil Solomon: Twilight Psalms and Other Films Remains to Be Seen (1989/1994) The Exquisite Hour (1989/1994) The Snowman (1995) Twilight Psalm I: The Lateness of the Hour (2003) Twilight Psalm III: Night of the Meek (2002) Yes, I Said Yes, I Will, Yes (1999) OCTOBER 16

CONTEMPORARY SCREEN Alexandra (Alexander Sokurov, 2007) JULY 18–19

VISITING FILMMAKERS AND ARTISTS Two Installations “EMPIRE” (2008), world premiere. American Falls (2008), preview. SEPTEMBER 26–OCTOBER 1

World premiere. Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Cartoon Library and Museum.

Art & Tech residency project.

Steve McQueen Hunger (2008) MARCH 18

Jay Delaney

XXY (Lucia Puenzo, 2007) SEPTEMBER 24–25 Presented in conjunction with National Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Best of the Ottawa International Animation Festival NOVEMBER 13 Wonderful Town (Aditya Assarat, 2007) NOVEMBER 20–21 Azur and Asmar (Michel Ocelot) January 10–11 Momma’s Man (Azazel Jacobs, 2008) JANUARY 30–31 Mock Up on Mu (Craig Baldwin, 2008) FEBRUARY 26 The Secret of the Grain (Abdel Kechiche, 2007) MARCH 6–7 + Cleveland International Film Festival Preview Party on March 6

Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie (2008) MARCH 19

One Day You’ll Understand (Amos Gitai, 2008) MARCH 26–27

Ellen Kuras

In the City of Sylvia (José Luis Guerín, 2007) APRIL 24–25

The Betrayal (Ellen Kuras and Thavisouk Phrasavath, 2008) APRIL 3–4

Tulpan (Sergey Dvortsevoy, 2008) JUNE 5–6

Introduced by the director on April 3.

Michael Snow: Two Films* So Is This (1982) <-> (aka Back and Forth, 1968–69) APRIL 15 Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Department of Art and supported by the Batelle Endowment for Technology and Human Affairs.

Jennifer Reeves When It Was Blue (2008, performance/film) MAY 8 Wexner Center Residency Award project (2006–07).

Wayne Alan Harold and P. Craig Russell Night Music: The Art of P. Craig Russell (Wayne Alan Harold, 2008) + Book signing with P. Craig Russell MAY 12 Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Cartoon Library and Museum.

24 City (Jia Zhang-ke, 2008) JUNE 12–13 Revanche (Götz Spielmann, 2008) JUNE 25–26 CLASSICS Why Be Good? Sexuality & Censorship in Early Cinema (Elaina Archer, 2008) Ladies They Talk About (Howard Bretherton & William Keighley, 1933) JULY 22 It Always Rains on Sunday (Robert Hamer, 1947) AUGUST 8–9 Recognizing the Enemy and Other Helpful Hints: WWII-Era Public Service Films (collection of shorts) NOVEMBER 6 The Exiles (Kent Mackenzie, 1961) NOVEMBER 14–15

*These filmmakers participated in discussion sessions with Ohio State students.

Media Arts and Film/Video

CLASSICS (cont.) Alain Robbe-Grillet X 4 The Immortal Woman (1963) Trans-Europ Express (1968) The Man Who Lies (1968) Eden and After (1970) NOVEMBER 19 AND DECEMBER 3 Vivre sa vie (Jean Luc Godard, 1962) DECEMBER 12–13 Kagemusha (Akira Kurosawa, 1980) DECEMBER 19–20 Vitaphone: Talking Pictures (collection of shorts) FEBRUARY 5 Bigger Than Life (Nicholas Ray, 1956) FEBRUARY 6–7 Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958, 70mm print) FEBRUARY 14 Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (Chantal Akerman, 1975) FEBRUARY 20–21

Screened in conjunction with World AIDS Day.

My Name is Albert Ayler (Kasper Collin, 2007) JANUARY 10 Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, the Mistress, and the Tangerine (Marion Cajori and Amei Wallach, 2008) JANUARY 23–24

Beautiful Losers (Aaron Rose, 2008) FEBRUARY 12–13

Also presented at the Cleveland Museum of Art (May 2009) and the Mary and Leigh Block Gallery at Northwestern University (July 2008 and June 2009).

Harvard Beats Yale 29–29 (Kevin Rafferty, 2008) MARCH 20–21

Film Studies Lecture

Of Time and the City (Terence Davies, 2008) MARCH 28 Examined Life (Astra Taylor, 2008) APRIL 17–18 Ashes of American Flags (Brendan Canty and Christoph Green, 2009) APRIL 18 Theater of War (John Walter, 2008) MAY 29–30

Secret Cinema

Made in the U.S.A. (Jean-Luc Godard, 1966) JUNE 19–20

Constantine’s Sword (Oren Jacoby, 2007) + Reception and Q & A on August 2 AUGUST 1–2 Q & A with Michael Weinstein, Casey Weinstein, and Amanda Weinstein. Reception sponsored by the Columbus Jewish Foundation.

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired (Marina Zenovich, 2008) AUGUST 23 Up the Yangtze (Yung Chang, 2007) SEPTEMBER 4–5 High & Outside (Peter J. Vogt, 2007) SEPTEMBER 9–10 Introduced by Bill Lee on September 10.

Chris & Don: A Love Story (Guido Santi & Tina Mascara, 2007) SEPTEMBER 18–19 It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School (Debra Chasnoff, 1996) It’s Still Elementary (Debra Chasnoff, 2007) + Panel discussion and dessert reception. OCTOBER 7 Panel moderated by Brad Mitchell and teachers from the Pink T.I.G.ers. Additional support provided by Equality Ohio, Groundspark, Indianola K–8 PTO, Kaleidoscope Youth Center, the Ohio State University GLBT Alumni Society, Stonewall Columbus, and Ohio State’s Multicultural Center, Sexuality Studies program, School of Teaching & Learning, and Mansfield Campus Education Department.

Andy Warhol: A Documentary (Ric Burns, 2006) NOVEMBER 2 Screened in conjunction with Warhol First Sunday: Celebrity Soup.

The Universe of Keith Haring (Christina Clausen, 2008) NOVEMBER 5 Derek (Isaac Julien, 2008) DECEMBER 1

Rare Films from the Baseball Hall of Fame

+ Introduction by David Filipi APRIL 10–11

Leave Her to Heaven (John Stahl, 1945) JULY 8


Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Department of Recreational Sports Outdoor Adventure Center and Outdoor Source.

Stranded (Gonzalo Arijón, 2008) JANUARY 31

Pre-Code Columbia Virtue (Edward Buzzell, 1932) Cocktail Hour (Victor Schertzinger, 1933) MAY 21

A Jihad for Love (Parvez Sharma, 2007) JULY 25–26

Banff Mountain Film Festival


Ryan Friedman: African Americans in Early Hollywood Films APRIL 29

Ohio Short Film and Video Showcase Ohio Short Film and Video Showcase Youth Division

+ Reception MAY 9

A Tribute to Frank Gabrenya SPECIAL EVENTS

White Woman (Stuart Walker, 1933) DECEMBER 11 Angel (François Ozon, 2007) FEBRUARY 19 Outrage (Kirby Dick, 2009) JUNE 30

2008 Manhattan Short Film Festival

Melvin and Howard (Jonthan Demme, 1980) + Introduction by Frank Gabrenya JUNE 4

Jerry Beck Introduces

101 Dalmatians (Wolfgang Reitherman, Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi, 1961) + The Brave Little Tailor (1938) + Leprechaun’s Gold (1949) + Book signing JUNE 27 Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Cartoon Library and Museum.



Halloween Horror

Stealing Beauty (Guy Ben-Ner, 2007) JULY

The Innocents (Jack Clayton, 1961) The Mad Doctor and Trick or Treat OCTOBER 31

Not a matter of if but when (Julia Meltzer and David Thorne, with Rami Farah), 2006) AUGUST

Criterion Collection DVD Release Party

Gone (Cecilia Dougherty, 2001) MARCH

Simon of the Desert (Luis Buñuel, 1965) + Talk by Kim Hendrickson + Reception and Criterion DVD sale FEBRUARY 9

Of Other Spaces: Three Films Introduced by James Voorhies Metropolis, Report from China (Maya Schweizer and Clemens von Wedemeyer, 2006) Will there be a sea battle tomorrow? (Laurent Monaron, 2008) She Might Belong to You (Eva Meyer and Eran Schaerf, 2007) MARCH 11 Presented in conjunction with the Columbus College of Art and Design’s Bureau for Open Culture and an exhibition titled Of Other Spaces currently on view at CCAD.

Melody Set Me Free (Kalup Linzy, 2007) APRIL Medley (Kota Ezawa, 2000–2005) MAY Phantoms of Nabua (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2008) JUNE

Education and Public Programs

Programs from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009



Gallery Talks

Tours for school groups (Grades K–12)

Summer Workshops 2008 Summer Workshops 2009 Fusion Fest 2008 JULY 18

Jeffrey Kipnis on COOP HIMMELB(L)AU MAY 5

Zoom Family Film Festival

Catharina Manchanda on Robin Rhode MAY 21

Expanded Classroom: Contemporary Art in Practice (Grades K–8) Art Happens: Creative Encounters in the Galleries (Grades K–8) World View: Cultural Intersections in Contemporary Art (Grades 9–12) Pages: An Art & Writing Program (Grades 9–12) Featured arts experiences: Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms (exhibition); American Blackout (film); Ray Lee’s Siren or William Forsythe’s Monster Partitur (performance).

(see complete program list in the media arts section)

Charles Helm on William Forsythe MAY 13

DECEMBER 4–DECEMBER 7 International Performing Arts for Families RainArt Productions The Frog Bride with David Gonzalez OCTOBER 12

SELECTED ADULT PUBLIC PROGRAMS Drawing Words and Writing Pictures: A Graphic Novel Workshop JULY 26

Theater Sgaramusch Wolf Under the Bed JANUARY 17

Kaira Sturdivant Rouda Real You Incorporated: A Panel Discussion with Bev Bethge, Jeni Britton, Kim Holzer, Elizabeth Lessner, and Kaira Sturdivant Rouda SEPTEMBER 16

International Performances for School Groups (Grades K–12; adult learning programs)

Dan Zanes and Friends with Steel Drum Ensemble from Columbus City Schools' Arts Impact Middle School MARCH 28

Nicole Hollander Tales of Graceful Aging from the Planet Denial: A Reading OCTOBER 21

RainArt Productions The Frog Bride with David Gonzalez OCTOBER 13–14

Sursaut compagnie de danse At Nightfall APRIL 25

Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Cartoon Library & Museum, Department of Women’s Studies, Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology, and the Wexner Center.

Theater Sgaramusch Wolf Under the Bed JANUARY 15

Wex Lab Workshops

Art & Environment (Grades 11–12) JANUARY 21–JUNE 3 Interventions: Students Respond to the Environment (exhibition) MAY 28–JUNE 3

Sursaut compagnie de danse At Nightfall APRIL 24 International Films for School Groups (Grades K–12; adult learning programs) Children of Heaven (Iran) Nocturna (Spain) Jump! (USA) Tainá 2: A New Amazon Adventure (Brazil) DECEMBER 5 AND 8 PROGRAMS FOR EDUCATORS

Video Room NOVEMBER 23 Time Change JAN 10–11 Project Fashion Show MAY 9–10

John Lennon Educational Bus Tour APRIL 22–23

Andy Warhol Symposium: Outer and Inner Dichotomies

Teacher Tour Night APRIL 23 Hip-Hop in the Classroom with Dr. Elaine Richardson and artists Traci Meister and Keith “Speak” Williams JUNE 11–12

Cosponsored by the Columbus Council on World Affairs.

Remembering Andy: A Conversation with John Waters and Vincent Fremont Lambert Family Lecture OCTOBER 3



Video Remix/Mashups with Mindy Faber from the Media Youth Network MARCH 11

John Perkins Transforming Turmoil into a New Economy + Book signing FEBRUARY 5

Group exhibition tours Walk-in tours Endowed Lectures

Alex McDowell Glimcher Lecture APRIL 7

Warhol and Printmaking Today: Classroom-Friendly Printmaking and Contemporary Concepts with artist/educators Anja Bruggemann and Ian Ruffino OCTOBER 18

Presented as part of Design40, a celebration of the Ohio State Department of Design’s 40th anniversary. Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Department of Design.

Remix/Mashup 2009: The Future of Creative Production and Ownership Keynote presentation by Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky) MARCH 12–13

Tech Camp: Intro to Graphic Stories Workshop for Teachers and Families with artist/educators Dan Gerdeman and Corey Aumiller JULY 23–JULY 25

Teacher Open House with guest speaker Cynthia Weiss from Columbia College SEPTEMBER 25


Symposia and Artist Conversations

Keynote conversation by Wayne Koestenbaum and Francesco Vezzoli. Additional speakers: Sherri Geldin, Eva Meyer-Hermann, Callie Angell, Richard Meyer, Mary Woronov, Bill Horrigan, Thomas Crow, Morgan Fisher, and Catharina Manchanda

NOVEMBER 14–15 William Forsythe Symposium: Choreographic Objects with William Forsythe, Mark Goulthorpe, Charles Helm, Alva Noë, Maria Palazzi, Norah Zuniga Shaw, and additional participants APRIL 1 Presented collaboratively by Ohio State’s Department of Dance, Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, and Wexner Center for the Arts, with additional support from the Knowlton School of Architecture.

Wolf D. Prix in conversation with Jeffrey Kipnis APRIL 1 Presented collaboratively with the Knowlton School of Architecture.

Hybrid Spaces: A Panel Featuring Robin Rhode with Robin Rhode, Catharina Manchanda, Claire Tancons, and Hamza Walker APRIL 2

Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Moritz College of Law, I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society, and the Wexner Center.

Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Women in Technology group and Digital Union, the Wexner Center, and the University Area Enrichment Association (UAEA).

Buckeye Showcase: An Evening for the Arts APRIL 22 Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Major Campus Events Committee.

Josiah McElheny and David Weinberg From the Big Bang to Island Universe MAY 6 Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP).

Frederick Luis Aldama Your Brain on Latino Comics Reading and Signing MAY 21 An Evening with Amy Tan MAY 22 Cosponsored by Ohio State's Office of Minority Affairs, the Greater Columbus Arts Council, and the Wexner Center.

Russell Howze Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art Talk and Signing JUNE 19 Cosponsored Writer’s Readings Sue Miller, John Hemmingway, and Lucille Clifton Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Creative Writing Program in the Department of English.

Education and Public Programs

Cosponsored Artists’ and Curators’ Talks Mark Gunderson, Patty Chang, Dennis Oppenheim, Marius Watz, Dan Graham, Mary Lum, Michael Snow, and Barbara London Cosponsored by Ohio State’s Department of Art.

Read Aloud Weekly programs during academic quarters.



Peel Slowly and See: Warhol, Music, and Image with Dean Wareham, Mark Richardson of Pitchfork, and Ohio State Professor Barry Shank + Book signing NOVEMBER 20

Private exhibition tours

Cosponsored by The Ohio State University Libraries.

Andyland: A Late-Night Feast for the Senses NOVEMBER 8


Bloggers Unmasked: A Columbus Social Media Café Meet-up JANUARY 22

Free Sundays Free Thursdays (after 4 pm) Warhol First Sundays Drag Day OCTOBER 5 Celebrity Soup NOVEMBER 2 Faces and Places DECEMBER 7 Pop Rocks JANUARY 4 Over and Over and Out FEBRUARY 1 Presidential Inauguration Telecast JANUARY 20 Warhol Farewell Party FEBRUARY 14 Spring Exhibitions Opening Celebration APRIL 1 OHIO STATE STUDENT EVENTS Welcome Week Student Party SEPTEMBER 23 Project Runway Viewing OCTOBER 15 Presented by the Wexner Center Student Council.

Andy Warhol Student Party January 22 Presented by the Wexner Center Student Council.

For Our Members

Fall Season Launch Party with video conference by Eva Meyer-Hermann JULY 31 Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms Exhibition Preview SEPTEMBER 12

Trivia Night JANUARY 29

Member-Only Film The Gates (Antonio Ferrera and Albert Maysles, 2007) + Introduced by Antonio Ferrera SEPTEMBER 17

Antony and the Johnsons Warm-Up Party FEBRUARY 4

Wexner Center Gala 2008 NOVEMBER 8

Third Coast Festival Listening Room FEBRUARY 18

Invited guests include participants in the center’s Donor Circles (Director’s Circles level and up) and Corporate Council (Chairman’s Council level and up) membership groups.

Cosponsored with Ohio State's Digital Media in a Social World Conference and the Digital Union.

FOUND Magazine’s Denim and Diamonds Tour 2009 APRIL 28 Bare Walls: An Intro to Art Collecting hosted by Catharina Manchanda and Christopher Bedford, with Haley Boehning, Craig Dransfield, and Rebecca Ibel MAY 7 Cosponsored by The Ohio State University Alumni Association.

Wex Drive-In Warm-Up with DJ trueskillz JUNE 18

Curator’s Talk Eva Meyer-Hermann on Other Voices, Other Rooms NOVEMBER 13 Columbus Museum Partnership Day NOVEMBER 28 Member Appreciation Weekend Featuring behind-the-scenes tours, free tickets to a Zoom film, and additional benefits DECEMBER 4–7 Members’ Reception with Batsheva FEBRUARY 10 Members’ Reception with Improbable MARCH 6

Thanks to You— Our Donors The Wexner Center thanks all our contributors and members for their generosity. We are proud to receive support from The Ohio State University and from individuals, foundations, corporations, and public agencies in this community, across the nation, and around the world. This public/private collaboration enables the center to pursue and strengthen our mission to serve as a creative laboratory, a place where diverse audiences can discover the arts of our time and where artists can realize and share their work and vision.

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Michael Council Crane Group Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Express Nancy and Dave Gill Greater Columbus Arts Council Agnes Gund Huntington Bank Ingram-White Castle Foundation Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Martha Holden Jennings Foundation Mary G. and C. Robert Kidder John S. Kobacker and Catherine Chapin Kobacker Bill and Sheila Lambert Toby Devan Lewis Dorothy Lichtenstein Limited Brands The McGraw-Hill Companies The Harry C. Moores Foundation National Endowment for the Arts National Endowment for the Arts: American Masterpieces: Three Centuries of Artistic Genius National Performance Network Nationwide Nationwide Foundation Nationwide Insurance New England Foundation for the Arts/National Dance Project Nimoy Foundation Ohio Arts Council The Ohio State University College of Engineering Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture UniPrint Olentangy Village Apartments Orange Barrel Media Pam’s Market Popcorn Ron and Ann Pizzuti The Puffin Foundation Reed Arts Resource Interactive Rohauer Collection Foundation, Inc. The Judith Rothschild Foundation Scholastic, Inc. Joyce and Charles Shenk Target Tiffany & Co. Time Warner Cable The Trueman Family Univar USA The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Abigail and Leslie Wexner Wolfe Associates, Inc. ZenGenius Promotional Support CD101, The Alternative Station The Columbus Dispatch Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) NBC 4 Ohio Magazine Orange Barrel Media The Other Paper Out in Columbus Outlook Weekly Suburban News Publications

Surly Girl Saloon Time Warner Cable Used Kids Records WBNS FM Mix 97.1 WOSU Public Media CORPORATE COUNCIL The following corporations have made unrestricted gifts or matched their employees’ giving to the Wexner Center for the Arts and/or the Wexner Center Foundation. The foundation is a private, nonprofit partner of The Ohio State University Board of Trustees, established to provide trustee guidance and financial support for the Wexner Center. International Council: $100,000+ National Council: $50,000–$99,999 Trustees Council: $25,000–$49,999 Benefactors Council: $10,000–$24,999 Chairman’s Council: $5,000–$9,999 Investors Council:$2,500–$4,999 Corporate Partners Council: $1,000–$2,499 International Council Limited Brands National Council Capgemini Colucci & Umans The Columbus Foundation William C. and Naoma W. Denison Fund Charlotte R. Haller Fund Florence E. K. Hurd Fund Fred R. Place Fund William O. Queen Fund Janet Leonard Reading Fund Ben J. Throop Memorial Fund Mills James Nationwide Foundation Triumph International Spiesshofer & Braun Kommanditgesellschaft Valco Associates, Inc. Vorys Sater Seymour and Pease LLP Ward & Olivo Trustees Council Acloché Alliance Data Bank of America Commercial Contractors, Inc. Concept Creator Fashion Ltd. Corna/Kokosing Construction Company Davis Polk & Wardwell The Forbes Company General Growth Properties, Inc. The Georgetown Company GLIMCHER Global Lead Management Consulting LT Custom Furnishings Inc. The Macerich Company MANCHU Microsoft Corporation NCR Carole & Morton Olshan Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust Sogeti USA The Taubman Company

Teradata Tri Tech Laboratories, Inc. Vee Pak, Inc. Benefactors Council Ace Style Intimate Apparel Inc. American Airlines/American Eagle American Electric Power Aronov Realty Artistic Carton Company AT&T Avery Dennison Bogart Lingerie Ltd. Capitol Light & Supply Company CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. Central City Title Agency, Ltd. Clover Garment Manufactory, Ltd. Continental Office Environments/Continental Real Estate Companies Cosmetic Essence, Inc. Developers Diversified Diversified Distribution Systems, Inc. Fontheim International L.L.C Forest City Enterprises Gregory Greenfield and Assoc., Ltd. Guest Supply, LLC Hansoll Textile Ltd. Hewlett Packard Hing Shing Looping Mfg. Co. Ltd. International Intimates Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate Jeyes International Jim Wilson and Associates The Kraft Group Makalot Industrial Co., Ltd. Manhattan Associates MAS Holdings Matrix Psychological Services Merit Tat International, Ltd The MG Herring Group Namyang Int'l Co., Ltd. New England Development Parawin Industries Limited Pioneer Elastic Poag & McEwan Lifestyle Centers Regina Miracle International Limited Related Russco Retail General Contractors Salans Sprint Nextel Corporation Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, L.L.P. Stephen Gould Corporation Tainan Enterprises Triangle Worldwide Troutman Sander L.L.P Ventura Enterprise Co., Inc. Verizon Business Vornado Realty Trust Chairman's Council Accel Inc./David and Tara Abraham ADT APL Logistics/APL Lines Asia Master International Ltd. Atlas Industrial Holding L.L.C Atrium Corporation

Bocchi Laboratories The Boston Consulting Group Brandix Lanka Limited Brickman Group Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, Inc. Business Furniture Installations The Cafaro Foundation Carmen’s Distribution Systems Caruso Affiliated CASTO Catterton Partners Centrum Properties, Inc. Cochran Group, Inc. Color Carton Corporation Cosmetic Laboratories of America Cousins Properties Incorporated Dancor, Inc. DAVACO Davis Street Land Co. DEBS Corporation Doris International, Inc. Drinker Biddle Eckinger Construction Company E. C. Provini Company, Inc. Emerson Network Power/Liebert Esquel Apparel Essential Ribbons, Inc. Eyethink Fenwick & West LLP Fifth Third Bank Firmenich Fitch Fortune Footwear, Inc. Forward Air Solutions Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo/Rose Schwartz Fred Olivieri Construction Company Garlock Printing and Converting Corporation Glavan Fehér Architects Golden Win Group Limited Hanin Garment Manufactory Heinz Glas USA, Inc. Information Works, Inc. Infosys Technologies Limited Innomark Communications International Trimmings & Labels, Inc Jones Day Joseph Freed and Associates JP Morgan Kurimoto & Co., LTD Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc. Lee Hecht Harrison Li & Fung Trading Company The Marketplace McCall Design Group M• Corporations, Inc. MC Packaging Corp. Medicia Corporation MJB Electric MOL (America) Inc. The Morrison & Forester Foundation Nelson's Seasonal Décor NFI Industries Noyon N.A. Inc. NYK Line (North America) Inc. Ochsendorf Promotions

Ontario Potato & O.P.D.I Logistics Onyx Packaging Corporation Orchard International,Inc. Pinaccle Construction Plaza Packaging Corp. Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur LLP Precise Packaging Prime Retail, LLP Project Control Systems Pyramid Controls RCS Logistics, Inc. Robert B. Aikens & Associates, LLC Robin Enterprises Ronis Brothers Russell James Sancoa San-Mar Laboratories, Inc. SEA, Ltd. The Sembler Company ShopperTrak RCT Shremshock Architects Simon Property Group Smoot Construction of Ohio Star Global (North America), Ltd. Stingray Studios, Inc. Strategen Creative Partners The Superior Group Takbo Limited Tiffany & Co. Time Warner Cable Trademark United Parcel Service Urban Retail Properties Valley Lane Industries Vargo Material Handling W/S Development Associates, LLC Xerox Investors Council Arent Fox Cameron Mitchell Restaurants C. J. Segerstrom & Sons Commercial Cutting & Graphics Comosoft Inc. Dove Building Services Innovative Marble & Tile Interior Crafts, Inc. Jefferson Wells Jones Lang LaSalle Retail, Inc. Lee Smith & Associates Co. LPA Live Technologies Shanghai HuaXiang Woolen Dressing Co., Ltd Sovereign Logistics Inc. Standwill Packaging, Inc. TEI Communications,Inc. Corporate Partners Council ABM Janitorial Services Acorn Distributors Ann Arbor Distribution, Inc. autodessys Bailey Cavalieri L.L.C Baker & McKenzie Belmay, Inc. Blossom Wealth Enterprises, Ltd. Capital City Awning

Cartel Management for Marisa Miller Cottingham Paper Co. De Jager Construction Inc. Dematic Corp. FAMECO Real Estate Fullcharm Knitters Intimark, S.A. Lehr Construction Luen Thai Mainline Information Systems MBH Architects Our Country Home, Inc. Pacific Textiles Permit Resources, Inc. SML (USA) Inc. Speer Mechanical Unimix Limited VFP Fire Systems, Inc. Warehouse Equipment, Inc. WEI, Inc. DONOR CIRCLES MEMBERS Donor Circles members belong to our highest categories of individual annual giving. They provide essential funding for all Wexner Center programs, while enjoying special member privileges year-round. Trustees Circle: $25,000+ Benefactors Circle: $10,000–$24,999 Armory Circle: $5,000–$9,999 Producers Circle: $2,500–$4,999 Director’s Circle : $1,500–$2,499 Vanguard Circle: $1,000–$1,499 Trustees Circle Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation Agnes Gund Mary G. and C. Robert Kidder Bill and Sheila Lambert The Pizzuti Family Foundation Marshall Rose and Candice Bergen Joyce and Charles Shenk A. Alfred Taubman Trueman Family Foundation Abigail and Leslie Wexner Ann and John F. Wolfe Benefactors Circle Carol and David Aronowitz Loann W. Crane Barbara K. Fergus Nancy and Dave Gill Linda I. Heasley and Stephen F. Coady Huguette and Dennis Hersch John S. Kobacker and Catherine Chapin Kobacker Nancy Kramer and Christopher Celeste Mark A. Morrow and Jeffery D. Chaddock Judy and Dick Ruhl Armory Circle Stacy and Dennis Armstrong Michael and Denise Glimcher Donna and Larry James Merilynn and Tom Kaplin Mary and Tom Katzenmeyer Elizabeth Kessler and Gregory Henchel

Nancy Wolfe Lane Bob and Bonnie Larson Ben Maiden Terry and John Morgan Lynne and John Muskoff Diane Neal Michael A. Petrecca and Dr. Heather Grant Lou Ann Moritz Ransom and H. R. Ransom Lynne and Martyn Redgrave Kaira Sturdivant Rouda and Harley Rouda, Jr. George A. Skestos Joy and Bruce Soll Joan and Press Southworth III Ric Wanetik and David Hagans Janice and Herbert Wolman Producers Circle Jenni and David Belford Teresa and Dr. Brian Biernat Trish and John Cadwallader Sheila A. Clark and Elizabeth A. Boster Ann and Ari Deshe Sherri Geldin DeeDee and Herb Glimcher Linda and Bob Gorman Lisal and Don Gorman James Henderson and Katherine Kuck Scott Henningsen and Kelly Mooney Ian Hinz Una and Ken Hunter Charlotte and Jack Kessler Robert F. Klaffky Ellen and Edward Klopfer Mary and Robert Lazarus Charles and Caroline McGuigan Robert Meister Mary Beth and David R. Meuse Karen and Neil Moss Helene and Rick Paul James E. Phillips Janet A. Radakovich and Paul Michael Schmucker Jane and Rich Ramsey Susan and Jerome Scott Heidi and Stefan Selig Thekla and Donald Shackelford Linda B. and J. Scott Taylor Judy and Steve Tuckerman Randall Walters and Cynthia Mushrush Arlene and Michael Weiss Ms. Sandra West and Dr. Stephen Hasley David J. White Bea Wolper and Dick Emens Kathy and Fred Yaffe Sarah Ziegler Director's Circle Dana and Brent Adler Jakki and Jerry Allen Drs. Jamie and Steve Allen Jackie and Wendy Berkowitz Ashley and Jamie Bersani Anne Marie Blaire Janis and Michael Bloch Haley Boehning Ms. Louise Bourgeois Mrs. Andrew Broekema

Hon. Paula Brooks and Greg Kontras Jeffrey and Michelle Byars Andrea and Brett Cambern Kelly Carter Tina and Augie Cenname David Charlowe Sharon K. Cohodes Marjie and Jeffrey Coopersmith Deborah Countiss Steven Cox and Kerry Thompson Shannon and Rob Crane Richard P. and Carole Crystal Foundation Roxana and Bill Deadman Lucy Soares-Demelo and Euclides Demelo Kathy and Phil Fankhauser Mollie Fankhauser-Cavanaugh and Kelly Cavanaugh-Fankhauser Jim and Gail Ferber Pia Ferrario Gigi and Sam Fried Drs. Patricia and Steven Gabbe Dareth Gerlach Marcie and Ivan Gilbert Senator and Mrs. John Glenn Ellen Glimcher Babette T. Gorman Roy Gottlieb, DDS Dedrea and Paul Gray Lori and David Greeley J. Ronald Green and Louisa Bertch Green Tom Grote and Rick Neal Dr. Robert and Marcia Hershfield Lee Hess and Irene Levine Ken Hewes Cindy and Larry Hilsheimer Charleen Hinson Lisa and Alan Hinson Celeste and John Holschuh Kim Holzer David G. Horn and Victoria E. Powers Susan and David Hostetler Sue and Ford Huffman Rebecca and Sebastian Ibel Marci and Bill Ingram Jack Jackson and Robert Storbeck Penny and Rick Jackson Susan and Michael Jeffries Matt Kallner Katrina Kantner Suzanne Karpus Lindsey and Morgan Kauffman Keesha and Tom Keiser Linda Knapp and Bill Rogers Victor Krupman Denise Landman and Walter Palawsky Dr. and Mrs. Mark B. Landon Sharon A. Lessard Katherine S. LeVeque Susan W. and Robert A. Liebert Fran Luckoff and Elliott Luckoff Nancy and Tom Lurie Mary and James Lyski Andy Magisano Peg Mativi and Donald Dick Molly McArdle Amy and Bob Milbourne

Michael L. Mott Craig S. Myers Veda Nami Jacob Neal A. Mark Neuman The Nitzberg Magic Fund of the Merrill Lynch Community Charitable Fund of The Chicago Community Foundation Cicely Wylde-Oubrerie and José Oubrerie D. Scott Owens and Kevin J. Kowalski Floradelle A. Pfahl Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Lisa Pinzone Judith Politi Ellen and Art Pollack Mr. Douglas J. Preisse Sara Purcell and John Reagan Janet and Vikram Rajadhyaksha Shyam and Ram Rajadhyaksha Kathy and Fred Ransier Michael Rayden and Diane Nye Edward Razek Michael R. Reese Sue Reiss Jordanne Renner Tasi and Kent Rigsby Mr. and Mrs. Jaquelin T. Robertson Cordelia W. Robinson and Dr. Grant Morrow Neil Rosenberg Betsy and Bryan Ross Charlotte and Bob Ross Janice Roth Ann and L. Jack Ruscilli Steven Sare and Peter Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Saxbe Marcy and Jonathan Schaffir J. Daniel Schmidt and Beverly Bethge Kristin Scott and Jamie Dulick Suzanne Scrutton and M. Reneé Bostick Mark J. Shafer Ezra Singer Susan Tomasky and Ron Ungvarsky Ginny Trethewey Una Tsou Hunter Audrey and Brian Tuckerman Sharen and Charles Turney Susan and Matthew Ungar Leslie Viragh, Jr. Karen and Kirk Wade Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Wasserstrom Mr. and Mrs. Paul Watkins Douglas L. Williams Bob Wood Vanguard Circle Pamela and Jack Beeler Carol L. Campbell Paige and Michael Crane Gerald and Jill Dannemiller Dr. William and Sara Jane DeHoff Mr. and Mrs. Peter Edwards Mary L. and Richard Gray Karen and Jonathan Hook Hon. Cynthia and Stuart Lazarus Gerald M. McCue Tibor and Gyongyi Nadasdy The Ohio State University College of the Arts

Ellen and David Ryan Marilyn and Lee Skilken Sheila and Martin Torch Joan Wallick Angela Westwater and David Meitus Shirle Nesbitt Westwater F. Leon Wilson Alexandra and Chris Yessios GENERAL MEMBERSHIP Members contribute to the vitality of the Wexner Center and the contemporary arts while enjoying generous benefits. Memberships are also available at the Patron ($125), Household ($75+), and Friend ($50+) levels. Fellows: $500–$999 Sponsors: $250–$499 Fellows Drs. Joseph Alutto and Carol Newcomb-Alutto Randy Arndt and Jeff Baker Frank M. Byers, Jr. Sidney Chafetz and Adrienne Bosworth Drs. Bunny and Thomas Clark Beth Crane and Richard McKee Jane Erickson and Jeremy Baskes Michael Flamm and Jennifer McNally Susan and Frank Franano Nancy Friedman and Charles Perin Louise B. Guthman Larry Hartman and Steve Winner Anne and Robert H. Jeffrey II Audrey W. Kaiser Charles Kleibacker Jeff and Kathy Lipps Barb and Doug Martin Jean Mervis Marek Milewicz and Donna Cerutti Rosanna and Pierluigi Porcu Susan and Mark Real Dr. Joan Simon and Dr. Hugh Clark Vickie M. Stringer Anne Valentine and Kent Thompson Melissa and Ron Weber and anonymous donors Sponsors Katherine Addison Doug Aschenbach and Beth Wilson Beth and Cris Assif James Bach and Kimberly Hutchinson Eliot and Elizabeth Bank John Behal and Jim Elliott Mary Beth and Ron Berggren Barbara Brandt James and Lynne Browne Mike Cadwell and Jane Murphy Hon. and Mrs. Donald Calhoun, Jr. Dr. John Casterline Suzanne and William Childs Josh Coldwell Phylis and Ray Crook Stacy Daily and Anthony Allman Eugene C. D'Angelo, Jr. Bette and Jerry Dare Nicholas and Betsy DeFusco

Dr. Johanna S. DeStefano Anita and William Donaldson Carl Faller and Mary Finnegan Stacy and Matt Feeman Brad and Abby Feinknopf David Filipi Kristine A. Flaherty and Thomas E. Delach Lisa Florman and David Weinberg John Ford Allan and Carol Forsythe Ann and John Fowble Bonita G. Fraim Domenico Franano Miriam Freimer and Edward Levine Jerry Friedman and Julie Robbins Judy and Jules Garel Gladys Geanekopulos Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gonsiorowski Esther Gottlieb and Brian McHale Lenore and Bernard Greenberg Marty Greenberg and Lois Ungar Mr. and Mrs. Archie Griffin Nedra Hadley Beth and Bob Hamilton Donald and Marilyn Harris Ann Heineman Christopher J. Henneforth Christopher and Pamela Hill Paul S. Hinders Diane M. Hockman Richard A. Hollingsworth and Elsie M. Sanchez Paul H. and Elizabeth K. Hysell Steven and Patty Kalbfleisch Ira and Debby Kane Harold D. Keller Richard Kimbrel David A. Kretin Randy Kuklinski Rhonda and John Lahey Lori and John Lane Marlene and Fred Levinson Elaine Lewin Kimberly S. Lightle Deborah M. Lisheid James I. Luck Jack R. Marchbanks Jane and Richard Mattlin Carol McGuire William and Julia McLemore Shereen Midkiff Valerie and Jeff Milgrom Cynthia Miller Dr. Michael Mizenko Marta L. Morris Patricia T. Mueller Antonia Mulvihill and Fred Long Judith and Joseph Neidig Annegreth T. Nill Gloria Noel Julie Parsons and Roger Fox Sandy Pfening Allan and Romaine Pollchik David Reiser Julie and Yoaz Saar Robert Salmen Lenore Schottenstein

Jennifer and Steven Schroeter Sharon and John Seiling Barry Shank, Shari Speer, and Claire Shank Dr. W. Michael Sherman and Dr. Betty L. Rider Patricia Shorr and Donald Tidwell Dr. and Mrs. Norman Shub Susan Simms and Bob Palmer Carol and Michael Singer Kazimierz M. Slomczynski and Jerzyna Slomczynska Constance and Harrison Smith Allison Snow and Peter Curtis Mark Spurgeon Richard and Vicki Stoddard Sandra J. Tanenbaum Thomas G. Thacker Jane and Michael Trask Craig and Connie Tuckerman Mutsuyo and James Unger Donn F. Vickers Jeffrey Taylor Vincent Patrick Wadsworth Claudia and Blane Walter Amy and Mike Weisbach Lisa R. Wente Amy Wharton David Whitaker and Roger Barker Katherine and Franklin Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Winters Lorraine C. and John P. Wright Edith Yamasaki and Robert Snapka Bernard and Miriam Yenkin Aaron Zechman and anonymous donors We have made every effort to recognize all our generous donors in this listing. If we have failed to acknowledge a gift accurately, please accept our apologies and call (614) 292-2620 so that we may include more accurate information in the future. All lists reflect gifts in the past year and are current as of June 2009.

Our Volunteers

COMMUNITY DOCENTS Ellen Bazzoli Dolores Blankenship Anja Bruggemann Carole Dale Monica Dunn Joan Folpe Susie Gerald Herb Gross Chris Hill Erin Hoppe Gisela Josenhans Sue Levin Becky Lowther Justin Luna Jean Mervis Judy Nevai Pat Pound Stephen Rigden Ellen Sheffield Angie Snapp Jeri Sutton Joan Tallan Irene Tesfai Rachel Trinkley Debbie Verona Gisela Vitt DONOR CIRCLES COUNCIL Judy Tuckerman, Chair Joyce Shenk, Vice Chair Jamie Keller Allen Trish Cadwallader Nancy Gill Jeffrey Glavan Lisa Hinson Rebecca Ibel Morgan Kauffman Michael Reese Janice Roth Kaira Sturdivant Rouda Bobbie Ruch Sandy West Fred and Kathy Yaffe VOLUNTEER USHERS Emily Ach LaDonna Adams Lynn Adinaro Jan Alloy Lisa Anfang Erin Anthony Andrew Belz Laura Bidwa Dolores Blankenship Kyla Booher Shelley Bowden Derek Bower Diane Brant Whitney Brooks Emily Brown Monica Brown Elise Burgess Monica Cantu Constance Carroll Beverly Carter

Grace Chang Vicki Chay-Wilkins Chu Young Chon Esther Connors Patrick Copeland Sally Crandall Jo Ann Damon Charlotte D'Augustine Galia Davidovitch Doris Davis Jack Davis Samantha Desilva Greg Dew Pauline Dickey Catherine Doran Jim Dorsey Nancy Dorsey Justin Adam Dowell Katie Dowling Joan Droughton Nick Droughton Matthew Ducmanas James Forbes Michael Frangiamore Monique Ganucheau Katie Gibson Marina Goldshteyn Steve Goldsmith Eva Goode Ann Grabowsky Amy Graff Megan Greene Deborah Guy Abby Hollingshead Nick Holtkamp Kirsten Houck Nicholas Iannone Joe Inglis Naomi Jacobs Matt Jepsen Rachael John Bill Johnson Rob Keely Kate Kennedy Anand Khurma Kristi Kloss Loribeth Kowalski Natalia Krutovskaya Lindsay La Roche Julie Lapp Angie Lawson Faith Leibowitz Anna Levin Zac Little Holly C. Longfellow Joseph Lusher Heather Mackling Angela Malorni Fariba Massah Richard McClure Anne McGorum Erin McGovern Kelly Meyer Katye Miller Joan M. Moore Eleshia Morrison Alex Naegele

Ryan Neil Maggie Neola Caryn Neumann Brady O'Callahan Ryan Pavlovicz Ryan Peters Sergio Pierluissi Joe Pimmel Jim Portman Marquita Queeley Dena Rapoport Michael Rex Virginia Reynolds Hannah Risher John Roberts Tammy Roberts Teresa Roberts Robin Robinson Susan Roche Rachel Ross Thomas Sharkey Emily Siemer Erin Silvert-Noftle Carolyn Slebodnik Laura Smales Rachel Smith Christine Soliman Tricia Stanson Bryan Straub Yukari Sugiyama Peg Tefft Tracie Tuss Susan Van Ausdal Kevin VanScoder Maria Villanueva Mariona Vitans Amjad Waheed Collin Ward Richard Warren Jen Washco Laura Wies Mike Wilkins Hertha Williams Lisa Wilson Russell Wilson James Winslow Sarah Wise Barbara Woodall Sofia Zinkovskaya INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEERS Elizabeth Alwes Rachel Arnsdorf Bryn Bachman Jordan Becker Amanda Benowitz Alyson Benson Rae Berent Amy Bergen Brienne Billman Brad Block Jessica Boggs Jennifer Bonner Andrea Boutelle Rachel Branham Benjamin Brooke

Alana Brooks Jacob Brown Anja Bruggeman John Carins Liz Celeste Joyce Chan Roberta Cibin Gayle Cohen Ruth Cornell Jen Davenport Amy Delahanty Sara Eilert Adriana Fonseca Adrianne George Corey Gerlach Brenda Gertmenian Sarah Gibbons Marina Goldshteyn Jason Gonzales Caitlin Gosnell Katie Guagenti Cathy Hardesty Julia Harrington Scott Hartman Lydia Hess Mariel Hilts Stacy Hunt Seunghyun Hwang Akina Ikudo Kristin Inkrott Jessica Jackson Leah Kandel Brittany Kerr Ashley Klein Tracy Kraner* Jenna Krivonic Amber Ladd Frances Lazarus Bernice Lee Hayley Levanthal Clifford Lewis Abby Long Dana Martin Tricia McLinden Mandy Miles Anne Packard Shaina Parrish Michelle Patterson Anna Pellechia Vishala Persad Amy Picknell Michelle Porreca Jessica Prunty Ian Pugh Kaveri Raina Nick Reshan Kelsey Rodaway Emily Rose Kathleen Ruffalo Ryan Schlagbaum Margaret Schmidt Anne Shackleford Amishi Shah Pragya Sharma Seth Shaw Kathrine Smith Rachel Smith

Emily Sollenberger Jatin Srivatava Jamie Stamm Tricia Stanson Courtney Streithorst Samantha Sudai Steven Sutters Maggie Tate Susan Tesfai Pamela Thomas Kristi Thompson Steve Tsentserensky Jane Tuss Zoe Van Dyke Dries Vandorpe Natalie Warren Erin Watrous Kelly Wei Alvin White Courtnie Wolfgang John Woodruff Amanda Zeimer Special thanks to Ohio State's Department of Dance for helping realize the Monster Partitur installation in William Forsythe: Transfigurations. Student Volunteers DeAngelo Blanchard Alexandra Bowden Lindsay Caddle La Pointe Ale Jara De Marco Victoria Derenzo Kathryn Enright Caitlin Ewing Sarah Gibbons Katherine Gilmore James Graham Eran Hanlon Meredith Hurst Ann Kloppenberg Bernice Lee Leigh Lotocki Ariadne Mikou Sara Mitchell Michael Morris Teoma Naccarato Kelly Onder Mara Penrose Joanna Reed Maree Remalia Yolanda Royster Katherine Stehura Rodney Veal Katie Vickers. Faculty Susan Van Pelt Petry, Chair Norah Zuniga Shaw David Covey

Wexner Center Staff

DIRECTOR/DEPUTY DIRECTOR Sherri Geldin, Director Jack Jackson, Deputy Director Jim Petsche, Administrative Associate, Director’s Office Misty Ray, Administrative Associate

Ben Mamphey, Accountant John Smith, Technical Services Manager Mike Sullivan, Design Engineer

COMPUTER SERVICES Sherri Finley, Senior Systems Manager Derrek Ludwig, Systems Specialist Don Nelson, Systems Specialist

MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS Ann Bremner, Publications Editor Jerry Dannemiller, Director Joel Diaz, Community Engagement and Marketing Manager Robert Duffy, Web Editor Tim Fulton, Media Relations Coordinator Stephanie Frakes, Graduate Associate Molly Molenaur, Publications Coordinator Charles Pellerite, Outreach and Marketing Coordinator Molly Reinhoudt, Graduate Associate Karen Simonian, Director of Media and Public Relations

DEVELOPMENT Jeffery Byars, Director Jorie Emory, Graduate Associate Nico Franano, Membership Manager Halle McGuire, Graduate Associate Lisa Wente, Senior Development Officer, Proposal Services Bobbie Zajkowski, Graduate Associate Jeff Zelli, Program Assistant DESIGN Erica Anderson, Senior Graphic Designer Chris Jones, Director Brian Lapolla, Graduate Associate Todd Timney, Graphic Designer EDUCATION Shelly Casto, Director Dionne Custer, Educator for School Programs Michele Fuchs, Graduate Associate Christina Mathison, Graduate Associate Tracie McCambridge, Educator for Teacher and Docent Programs Jean Pitman, Educator for Youth Programs Amanda Potter, Educator for Public and University Programs Teresa Roberts, Graduate Associate Morgan Routson, Education Assistant EXHIBITIONS Christopher Bedford, Curator Megan Cavanaugh, Head Registrar Jill Davis, Exhibitions Manager Dave Dickas, Preparator Catharina Manchanda, Senior Curator Cathleen Reis, Curatorial Assistant Christine Timney, Exhibitions Assistant Mark Van Fleet, Assistant Registrar Patrick Weber, Chief Preparator FACILITIES MANAGEMENT AND ENGINEERING Julie Benchea, Office Associate Tim Steele, Facilities Support Specialist Jayne Williams, Director FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION Scott Austin, Design Engineer Bill Barto, Mershon Auditorium Stage Manager Bruce Bartoo, Film/Video Theater Projectionist/Manager Victor Davis, Controller Kevin Hathaway, Senior Accountant Andy Hensler, Performance Space Stage Manager Steve Jones, Design Engineer

HUMAN RESOURCES Peg Fochtman, Manager

MEDIA ARTS Dave Filipi, Curator, Film and Video Paul Hill, Studio Editor Bill Horrigan, Director Jennifer Lange, Associate Curator, Art and Technology Mike Olenick, Studio Editor Chris Stults, Assistant Curator, Film and Video PATRON SERVICES Zachary Bodish, Patron Services Coordinator, House Management/Ticketing Claudia Bonham, Patron Services Manager, Event Services/Scheduling/Rentals Helyn Dell, Patron Services Coordinator, House Management/Event Services Johanna Hammer, Patron Services Coordinator, Ticketing/Store Ashley Hrovat, Patron Services Coordinator, Store/ House Management David Gibbs, Patron Services Assistant Madeline Khurma, Patron Services Manager, Event Services/House Management Michele Mooney, Director Matt Reber, Store Manager Mark Spurgeon, Patron Services Manager, Ticketing Stephanie Varnacini, Patron Services Assistant PERFORMING ARTS Chuck Helm, Director Sarah Swinford, Performing Arts Assistant Barbara Thatcher, Performing Arts Assistant WEXNER CENTER FOUNDATION Elaine Gounaris, Campaign Manager

Special thanks also to all the Wexner Center’s student employees and part-time staff, as well as to the officers and staff of the university’s Division of Security and Fire Prevention Services. Lists current as of June 2009

Wexner Center for the Arts The Ohio State University 1871 North High Street Columbus, Ohio 43210-1393 (614) 292-0330



Leslie H. Wexner, Chair E. Gordon Gee, Vice Chair C. Robert Kidder, President

Kutlug Ataman Petra Blaisse Iwona Blazwick Anne Bogart Ken Brecher Ian Buruma Maria de Corral Peter Gelb Susanne Ghez Yuko Hasegawa Philip Kaufman Barbara Kruger Phillip Lopate Bruce Mau Josiah McElheny Joseph Melillo Bebe Miller Michael Morris Jonathan Sehring Catharine R. Stimpson Lynne Tillman Billie Tsien John Vinci John Waters Lawrence Weschler

Trustees David M. Aronowitz Michael J. Canter Carl L. English Sherri Geldin Ann Gilbert Getty Michael P. Glimcher Elizabeth Kessler Nancy Kramer James E. Kunk Bill Lambert James Lyski Ronald A. Pizzuti Marshall Rose Robert H. Schottenstein Joyce Shenk Alex Shumate A. Alfred Taubman Barbara Trueman Ric Wanetik Abigail S. Wexner John F. Wolfe

Lists reflect board and IAAC roles in 2008–09. Ex Officio Joseph A. Alutto Karen A. Bell Bruce A. Soll Mark E. Vannatta

PHOTO/IMAGE CREDITS Cover Cory Piehowicz: installation view of a Factory Diary (The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh; Contribution The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.) viewing station in Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms at the Wexner Center (front cover). Lucy Chenhalls: young visitor at a Warhol First Sunday: Celebrity Soup activity station (inside back cover). Director’s Message Kevin Fitzsimons: Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms preview party; Neal Conan and Sherri Geldin at WOSU@COSI. Al Zanyk: installation view of William Forsythe’s City of Abstracts video installation (2000; software development: Philip Bußmann; courtesy The Forsythe Company) in the exhibition William Forsythe: Transfigurations; panelists at Andy Warhol Symposium: Outer and Inner Dichotomies. Transmissions Kevin Fitzsimons: Ray Lee and Siren; William Forsythe’s Monster Partitur performed by Alessio Silvestrin at the Wexner Center. Courtesy of IFC Films: Hunger and Steve McQueen image. Cory Piehowicz: installation views of Catch Air: Robin Rhode. Courtesy of Phil Solomon: Rehearsals for Retirement, American Falls, and “EMPIRE” images. Al Zanyk: Warhol Free Thursdays in Other Voices, Other Rooms; RJD2 at the Andyland party; young visitors tour Catch Air: Robin Rhode.

Exceptional Artistry Courtesy of Cinema Guild: The Betrayal image. David Filipi: Gary Hustwit. Courtesy of Film Sales Company: Derek image. Kevin Fitzsimons: Community breakfast and exhibition preview guests in COOP HIMMELB(L)AU: Beyond the Blue. Tim Fulton: Darius Mehrjui. Courtesy of Murray Guy: Lennon, Sontag, Beuys image. Courtesy of Gary Hustwit: Objectified image. Courtesy IFC First Take: My Winnipeg image. François Lafrance: Sursaut Dance Company’s At Nightfall. Tim Mitchell: Improbable’s Panic. Alex Oliveira: Ellen Kuras. Kim Rottmayer: Jenny Lewis. Courtesy of White Buffalo Entertainment: Theater of War image. Al Zanyk: Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company’s THE SHIPMENT; Q & A with Young Jean Lee and company/ cast members. Research and Education Julieta Cervantes: Bebe Miller Company’s Necessary Beauty. Kevin Fitzsimons: Alex McDowell; Bebe Miller and Bill Forsythe; Choreographic Objects symposium; Pages students; Art & Environment students at Columbus City Council; installation view of Art & Environment exhibition. Jodi Miller: Think Tank course. Courtesy of Ohio State’s Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD): Maria Palazzi, William Forsythe, and Norah Zuniga Shaw; Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced, image from annotated video illustrating the complex system of alignments in One Flat Thing,

reproduced. Courtesy of Ben Russell: Let Each One Go Where He May location image. Al Zanyk: John Waters and Vincent Fremont; students watching video from Synchronous Objects in the Transfigurations exhibition. Outreach and Engagement Courtesy of Bajofondo: Bajofondo. Courtesy of Eephus Films: High and Outside image. Courtesy of Filmax International: Nocturna image. Courtesy of First Run Features: A Jihad for Love image. Kevin Fitzsimons: Jumps and Stunts demonstration. Courtesy of Kino International: Harvard Beats Yale 28–28 image. Jodi Miller: Bare Walls panel. Courtesy of Miramax Films: Children of Heaven image. Al Zanyk: ice cream social; Arts Impact Steel Drum Ensemble and Dan Zanes; student party; visitors at a Warhol First Sunday: Drag Day activity station. What’s New, What’s Better Kevin Fitzsimons: Charles R. Helm and William Forsythe at the Choreographic Objects symposium. Additional photos and images by Wexner Center staff.


Now Transmitting: 2008-2009 in Review  

Highlights from the 2008–2009 year at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Now Transmitting: 2008-2009 in Review  

Highlights from the 2008–2009 year at the Wexner Center for the Arts.