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Media Overview L ate May THROUGH EARLY october 2011

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Institutional NEA Annual Report

02 September 20, 2011 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

NEA head stops for pep rally By Jeffrey Sheban Columbus provides a model for other communities seeking to marshal the arts for economic development, the chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts said yesterday. ‘There’s hardly a speech I give nowadays that doesn’t mention the Short North,’ said Rocco Landesman, who, during a swing through Ohio, took part in a panel discussion in Mershon Auditorium at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

The panel participants, from left: Rocco Landesman, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts; Leslie H. Wexner, chairman and CEO of Limited Brands; Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman; and Douglas Kridler, president and CEO of the Columbus Foundation

About 800 people—many of them arts administrators, educators and practitioners—attended the event, ”A Way Forward: Arts and Economic Development.” ALSO featured on



Institutional Collective for Women Summer 2011 (glossy magazine published three times a year by The Women’s Book)

Every mother counts: Christy Turlington Burns Activist and former model Christy Turlington Burns presented her documentary No Woman, No Cry Wednesday, April 13 in Mershon Auditorium. The 2010 film is about at-risk pregnant women in Bangladesh, Guatemala, Tanzania and the United States. The free showing was followed by a panel discussion with the director, Columbus Health Commissioner Teresa C. Long, and Ohio State University professors Walter B. Hull and Mark B. Langdon.

Collaboration with OSU College of Public Health Pictured above, from left: WBNS 10TV Anchor Andrea Cambern, Christy Turlington Burns, Walter B. Hull, OB/GYN The OSU Medical Center

Columbus Monthly July 2011 Critiquing the Wex “It’s easy to take the Wexner Center for granted. It imports such a large


amount of arts and entertainment that those in the city may forget just how

(Cincinnati) July 14, 2011

Your Weekend To Do List How about a little roadtrip? The Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus is an engaging space that celebrates visual art, music, performance art, film and everything in between. Open Saturday and Sunday during the summer, the space’s galleries are currently showing three sexually-charged multimedia exhibits. Read all about them here and make the trip soon - these exhibits end July 31. In addition, Wexner’s Contemporary Screen series continues

Friday and Saturday night. This series promises area and regional premieres, international film festival favorites and all kinds of flicks you certainly won’t find at Showcase Cinemas. This weekend you can check out The Arbor, based on the life and autobiographical writings of the late British playwright Andrea Dunbar. Be sure to check out the Wexner Center Store because, well, museum gift shops are always sweet as hell.

A selection of Tweets…

media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

bleak the cultural offerings were before the center opened in 1989.”—Jory Farr


September 22, 2011

Reels of Warhol at the Whitney “The Whitney Museum of American Art’s new home in the meatpacking district of Manhattan doesn’t open until 2015, but it already has a star attraction. Who else but Andy Warhol? Donna De Salvo, the Whitney’s chief curator, plans to organize a Warhol retrospective there in 2016. The show will include Warhol’s famous images, but also some of his films....

Smithsonian, is the book’s editor. He has put together a team that includes Bill Horrigan, curator at large at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio; Bruce Jenkins, professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; and Claire K. Henry, the curatorial assistant to the Whitney’s Andy Warhol Film Project....”

This time around John G. Hanhardt, consulting senior curator for film and media arts at the

Institutional | Partnerships | Wex-STAR 04

Columbus Monthly July 2011

media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

@florasdevils Lucky, lucky people who work @wexarts and OSU. This Heirloom Cafe is *really* good. #gilamonster #eyeopenerburrito #cookies 23 September  

Education | GenWex | Off the Grid Columbus Monthly July 2011

05 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

@aarkae The #HackAndTheHacksaw and #DarkDarkDark gig last night at @WexArts was one of the better shows I’ve seen in a while. #CheckEmOut 22 September 

Fall Exhibitions

September 25, 2011

06 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

@NurseKirsten @wexarts musictapes & oliviatremorcontrol were great. Amazing harmonies, singing saw and a huge metronome - oh my! #nextatwex rocks! 15 September

Fall Exhibitions

September 18, 2011

07 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011


@annasiriano Wex cafe is always OSU’s food gem. RT @ColumbusCrave Check out Heirloom, the new localfoods-focused cafe at @wexarts: 13 September  

Fall Exhibitions Columbus Alive September 14, 2011

08 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

@Prof_BearB Lunch at Heirloom @Wexarts cafe. Definitely worth a visit. 13 September  

Fall Exhibitions The Other Paper September 15, 2011 Wex exhibits show the beauty of being green

“The Wexner Center is no stranger to eco-friendliness.


It’s hosted a farmers’ market, pasture, a live webcam that followed a flock of sheep.”


@VIVABROTHER Columbus Ohio, that was an absolute pleasure. 25 July

media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

eco-friendly films and a virtual

Fall Exhibitions


september 29, 2011

10 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

Winter 2012 Exhibition September 18, 2011

DAVID SMITH: CUBES AND ANARCHY The sculptor’s passion for geometry inspires this thematic survey, which supplements some 60 sculptures, drawings and paintings with rarely seen sketchbooks and photographs. Oct. 6 at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Manhattan; (212) 570-3600, Travels to the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio (Jan. 28 through April 15). @frankisibberson Just returned from 11 yr old’s fashion show-celebration of week of art camp at Wexner Center.Amazing what kids can do w/time for creativity. 22 July  

Fall Exhibitions

september 2011

Annual Guide 2011–2012



October 2011

“With The Tender Room, an exhibition by Swiss artist


may/june 2011

“Easily the most compelling and disturbing exhibition the

Pipilotti Rist (and title of its central work), affect and in-

Wexner has mounted thus far.” ­—on the spring exhibi-

tellect came face-to-face this summer at the Wexner....a

tion Human Behavior: Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg

work of visual art forging a radically new rapport with contemporary architecture.” — on the spring exhibi-

tion Pipilotti Rist: The Tender Room

@DougFlowersOSU My dAugusthter and her friend are excited to again participate in Project Fashion Show@ wexarts 18 July

media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

spring Exhibitions

Performing Arts | The Builders Association Alive September 12, 2011


WOSU: All Sides with Ann Fisher September 29, 2011

media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

Featuring The Builders Association’s Marianne Weems and the Wexner Center’s Chuck Helm

September 19, 2011

The Wexner Center Presents HOUSE/DIVIDED 10/6-8 The Wexner Center for the Arts presents the world premiere of HOUSE / DIVIDED, a multimedia theater show about the foreclosure crisis by The Builders Association, October 6-8, 2011 at 8 pm in Ohio State’s Thurber Theatre. Coproduced by the Wexner Center, HOUSE / DIVIDED combines live performance with sophisticated video and digital technology (with an additional augmented reality component) to tell current stories of the mortgage meltdown through the lens of John

Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath. The Builders have been engaged in a series of cross-campus, cross-disciplinary creative residencies at Ohio State over the past year to develop this show, and they’re currently completing their final residency. Tickets to the performances, part of the Wexner Center’s season, are $10-$18, available at wexarts. org or 614-292-3535.

@lohleegaggle Just saw Dijkstra’s photographic portrait Annemiek at the Wexner Center. Searing and vulnerable picture of adolescence. Just wow. 27 June  

Performing Arts | The Builders Association Columbus Monthly October 2011

13 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

This Week Community Newspapers September 14, 2011

Fall Arts season preview “October’s HOUSE / DIVIDED program by The Builders Association multimedia theater troupe at the Wexner Center for the Arts is the kind of interdisciplinary program with both artistic and community interests that few

For features and reviews about house/divided landing october 6 and 7, go to

organizations have the kind of connections to present.”

@Yoneedah: Making time for @wexarts this week :) #dowhatmakesyouhappy 27 June  

s extensive impressionist holdings, along with by Monet and pissarro and a pastel by cassatt. rks now hang in the museum’s galleries, gifts from and the late John Haas.

Performing Arts

“The Beauty contest: Human Beauty and its Social construction,” a roundtable featuring cross-dressing literary “it” boy Jon-Jon Goulian (The Man in the Gray Flannel Skirt) and French choreographer and dancer François chaignaud. Oct. 19 through 28 at various New York venues;

media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

dominated his output. in total, it presents his work is underscored 160 of degas’s paintings, sculptures and photographs and a 1915 works on paper, sometimes juxtaposed Washington, master in action. Using Washington, DC, DC, and and New New York York with pieces by ingres, delacroix, Matisse nd other techniques, conDUETTO/DUO Junewho 26, 2011 and other masters either inspired or vered that the artist—in Jean-paul Fouchécourt, best known for drew inspiration from him. Oct. 9 through utation for spontaneity— performing the haute-contre (high tenor) Feb. 5, 2012, at the Museum of Fine Arts, ece many times over the roles typical of French baroque opera, Boston; hrough Jan. 22, 2012, at joins soprano Gaële leroi and memWexner Center scours globe for talent Art Museum; bers of the Opera lafayette Orchestra for Duetto/Duo, a program of 17thDallas The Wexner Center for the Arts will present artists century works by lully, lambert, Vittori, JEAN PAUL GAULTIER from the Unitedshowcasing States, Canada, Congo, France,cavalli and Monteverdi. Oct. 24 Melani, whether men’s the skirts or Mali next season. at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater sending plus-size models down the runro’s importance toIreland the and and Oct. 30 at Weill Recital Hall at Carnway, Jean paul Gaultier has consistently and post-impressionist egie Hall; embraced an irreverent and fun-loving ided not only in his own READ THE FULL PIECE ONLINE aesthetic that celebrates individualhis role as a mentor to ity. The Fashion World of Jean Paul colleagues as cézanne Atlanta Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the rawing on new research, ASPHALTE Catwalk marks the 35th anniversary of choreographer pierre rigal’s compagple is the first major exhihis first prêt-à-porter collection with a on the artist’s fascination nie dernière minute performs Asphalte, retrospective of his work. Emphasizing man, illustrated by some an hour-long show in which five hiphaute couture, the show presents 120 nd works on paper from hop dancers interpret urban myths and outfits, most never before exhibited. career. The show offers stereotypes in the glow of a huge light A wide assortment of other materials— se pieces by examining box. The piece is part of the program of from sketches to film clips to stage with friends and family as France-Atlanta 2011 (Oct. 26 through costumes—highlights the designer’s agement with contempoNov. 12), a series of scientific, cultural, fondness for collaborating with fellow nomic and political ideas. humanitarian and business events aimFall 2011 as pedro Almodóvar, artists as varied h Jan.14 22, 2012, at the ing to promote innovation and strengthMaurice Béjart and of course Madonna. r; en transatlantic ties. Oct. 30 at the Nov. 13 through Feb. 12, 2012, at the Rialto Center for the Arts; rialtocenter. Dallas Museum of Art; org,


m show devoted excluubject, Degas and the e evolution of the artist’s e human body over the ears. Organized chronohibition opens with early m his student years in the ws with sections on such brothel monotypes; his es shown performing their final years, when bathers

e • Fa L L 2 011


choreographer and dancer rachid Ouramdane takes to the stage in World Fair, a multimedia inquiry into the roles of the human body in society, from promoting luxury goods to advancing

Minneapolis, Columbus and Boston CÉDRIC ANDRIEUX

This hour-long one-man show is narrated and danced by the performer for which it is named. The piece offers an intimate look at the everyday life of a contemporary dancer through a series of snapshots from Andrieux’s career, which has included stints with the Merce cunningham dance company in New york and the lyon Opéra Ballet.

political ideologies. with a live score performed by composer Jean-Baptiste Julien. Oct. 20 through 22 at the Wexner Center for the Arts;


gium, two-time winners of the cannes palme d’Or for Rosetta (1999) and The Child (2005). Oct. 27 through Nov. 2 at the San Francisco Film Society | New People Cinema (opening night screening and reception at the Embarcadero Center Cinema);


like “cédric Andrieux” (above), Jérôme Bel’s 37-minute film Véronique Doisneau (2005) offers an insider’s view of the world of a professional dancer. codirected by pierre dupouey, the piece shows a sujet, or mid-level member, of the paris Opéra Ballet on the day of her retirement at age 42. Alone on the bare stage of the palais Garnier with no accompaniment but her own voice, she reflects candidly on her career, performs favorite solo passages and demonstrates the relatively thankless art of the corps dancer, forever holding poses. Oct. 7 through Dec. 31 at the Institute of Contemporary Art;

New York FAUST

The Metropolitan Opera opened its doors in 1883 with a performance of Gounod’s then wildly popular Faust. This fall, the company reprises that work under the Tony and Olivier Award-winning director des McAnuff, whose credits include “Jersey Boys” and “The who’s Tommy.” in this modern take, Faust is an aging physicist haunted by his role in creating the atomic bomb. with Jonas Kaufmann, roberto Alagna and Joseph calleja in the title role, rené pape and Ferruccio Furlanetto as Méphistophélès and Marina poplavskaya as Marguerite. Nov. 29 through Jan. 19, 2012, at the Metropolitan Opera House; —Tracy KendricK For a regularly updated listing of cultural events, go to

conceived and directed by Jérôme Bel. Oct. 28 and 29 at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN,; and Nov. 1 at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH,; Nov. 4 through 6 at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA,

Walls and Bridges, Season 3 is the last of a trio of 10-day series of city- San Francisco wide events pairing prominent American FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL thinkers and creative figures with peers The San Francisco Film Society hosts from France and elsewhere in Europe. French Cinema Now, showcasing recent Highlights include “we (nearly) grew releases the it French-speaking world. @paulha8 Nice to see Mark Bradford’s show in Chicago afterfrom seeing in Columbus at the Wexner. 26 June   older together,” a dialogue between The lineup includes French screenwriter/ catherine Millet, art critic and bestselling director Alix delaporte’s debut feature author of the provocative memoir The film Angèle and Tony, a slow-building love ” (1879) by Alfred Sisley. Sexual Life of Catherine M., and robert story set in a fishing village in Normandy,

Performing Arts Alive September 8, 2011 Fall arts guide


JOHN JASPERSE The composer Hahn Rowe, the artist Tony Orrico, such marvelous dancers as Kennis Hawkins and Burr Johnson: Mr. Jasperse’s new dance, “Canyon,” offers an embarrassment of riches, even before you consider that this choreographer’s best works are among the best out there. “Canyon” will also be performed April 26-29 at the Wexner Center, a co-commissioner, and Mr. Jasperse’s “Fort Blossom Revisited” (20002012) will be at New York Live Arts May 9-12. Nov. 16-19. (212) 375-8283, Brooklyn Academy of Music.

@darekjerome How have I never really seen the Wexner Center in Columbus before? This building is amazing! Gotta love Peter Eisenman. #ArchitectureTweets. 25 June  

media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

September 18, 2011

Film/Video | Kinema Japan | Wex Drive-In The Other Paper July 7, 2011

Columbus Parent August 2011

Summer flicks with and without subtitles “The Wexner Center will spend the summer immersing its viewers in Japanese cinema.”

16 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

(Weekender cover)

June 16, 2011

Big-screen lawn parties reel in film fans As part of the Wex Drive-In series outside the Wexner Center for the Arts, moviegoers walk onto the plaza, set up their chairs or lay down their blankets and munch on Pam’s Market Popcorn. And the price is right. ‘You know everything’s going to be safe, fun and free,’ said Ian Boyland, a former series volunteer, 43, who continues to see the movies with his family.”


@markpfeiffer Saw beautiful prints of BADLANDS and DAYS OF HEAVEN tonight @wexarts. And what did you do this evening? 23 June  

Film/Video | Guy Maddin

September 22, 2011

17 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

@jkertzer The Bourgeois/Bellmer show at @wexarts is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t done so already. 9 June  


July 31, 2011

18 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

@NaomiBays Saw some awesome art @wexarts Double Sexus: Hans Bellmer and Louise Bourgeois 6 June


September 11, 2011

(New Season)

19 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

Café | Heirloom

Alive September 29, 2011

Columbus Underground August 24, 2011 John Skaggs Opening Heirloom Café at The Wexner Center

Business First August 24, 2011 Columbus restaurant vet takes over Wexner Center cafe operations

“Looks like the glass slipper finally fits…..The Wexner Center seems to have discovered the restaurant it’s long been waiting for in the inexpensive, seasonal, local, organic and healthyleaning new Heirloom. This pronouncement might sound premature considering Heirloom’s still-evolving menu is in its infancy, but I felt duty-bound to announce that this baby has hit the ground running.”

The Lantern (front-page story) September 22, 2011 New café cooks up healthy food at Wex

“Definitely intriguing.”


Columbus Monthly September 2011 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

Columbus Alive Under the Table blog September 13, 2011

Good food looming at the Wexner Center “Open only two days in the Wexner Center, Heirloom looks to be the food winner the arts center has long been waiting for. Chef John Skaggs’ Northstar roots shone through on the place’s menu and in this terrific Big Salad I had for lunch. It was a skillfully assembled (I could tell the intensely green broccoli had been ‘set’) melange that arrived with an excellent tart/ sweet dressing and on a chilled plate. Some tough-to-please Wexner friends of mine seemed surprisingly excited about this place, and told me the egg sandwich, breakfast burrito and Southwestern Caesar salad were ‘better than Northstar.’”

Café | Heirloom

September 20, 2011

21 media overview / may 2011–oct 2011

The Other Paper September 22, 2011

Wexner Center for the Arts | The Ohio State University | 1871 North high street | columbus, ohio |

Media Overview October 2011  

Wexner Center for the Arts - Media Overview - Late May through October 2011

Media Overview October 2011  

Wexner Center for the Arts - Media Overview - Late May through October 2011