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8 habits of great laboratory technicians

A great laboratory technician is often key to the success of laboratory management.


protective equipment (PPE). Great laboratory

important as maintaining safety standards in the

technicians are aware of OHS procedures and follow

laboratory. They also keep a record of time and

standard operating procedures (SOPs) to assist in the

perform tests as per the defined lab protocols, stand

reduction of risks associated with potential hazards.

rules and methodologies. They record the result as

rrespective of the type of laboratory environment,

They have the locations of emergency telephone

soon as possible to ensure data integrity. On top of

great technicians adapt and take on a few common

numbers, spill kits, eyewash fountains, emergency

that, a clean and uncluttered workspace not only

habits that facilitate laboratory-based scientific

exits and evacuation routes at their fingertips!

provides a pleasant environment to work in, but

investigations in the best way possible.

also helps keep the head clear and focused!

Attention to detail Knowledge

Great laboratory technicians are attentive to detail

Great laboratory technicians know the end from the

in all aspects of their role from the purchasing of

Maintaining the lab area by creating a schedule

beginning. Knowledge of the procedure and desired

laboratory consumables and equipment to the

They have a regular schedule for daily and weekly lab

outcomes is important when deciding what equipment

operating procedures of instrumentation in their

activity and make certain that everything in the lab is

and consumables will be needed. They are not afraid

laboratory. Great lab technicians know that accuracy

in great working order. That schedule often includes

to ask questions if unsure of needs and requirements.

is crucial for a valid outcome to any laboratory test.

(but is not limited to) some of the following items:

Safety first


• Calibration of equipment

They have a great habit of enforcing the OHS in their

They have a habit of doing everything in an

• Cleaning of glassware

space to ensure a healthy and risk-free environment.

organised manner. They know and understand that

• Placement of equipment

They understand the importance of wearing personal

maintaining quality control standards is equally as

• Tidiness of storage areas

• Cleaning the work area |

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