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what’s new LIMS The Thermo Scientific SampleManager is a fully integrated laboratory platform encompassing a laboratory information management system (LIMS), scientific data management system (SDMS) and lab execution system (LES). The product can be connected to users’ existing informatics infrastructure, regardless of which or how many instrument vendors they use. This enables labs to execute and manage all their laboratory processes easily, with the data rigour and intelligence that labora-

Elastin glycation assay kit Elastin is one of the extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins containing collagen that exists in hydrophobic amino acids such as alanine, glycine, valine and proline. It is an elastic fibrous protein which is located in the aorta, ligaments, lungs, skin and connective tissue. Elasticity and flexibility acting on blood vessels are maintained by elastin. Elastin in the vessel wall and skin tissue is also glycated by diseases such as ageing and diabetes. It has

tory management requires to drive efficiency and profitiability lab- and business-wide. Thermo Fisher’s tightly integrated informatics platform now features more intuitive dashboards and an enhanced statistical quality control (SQC) capability designed to detect non-conformance trending before it reaches predefined thresholds. For pharmaceutical QA/QC labs, enhanced SampleManager stability is said to improve study management, substudy execution and planning and maintenance of study inventory. The system also automatically calculates the expiration date throughout a study to verify label claims. Thermo Fisher Scientific - Informatics

been reported to cause sclerotic change and ageing of blood vessels and skin. The Elastin Glycation Assay Kit, from Cosmo Bio, is a complete assay system designed to measure the fluorescent advanced glycation end products (AGEs) formed in elastin, when

3PP gas generator

the elastin is glycated with glyceraldehyde. The

Peak Scientific’s Precision Series has been made available by Agilent Technolo-

fluorescent AGEs can be detected with the

gies as a 3PP gas generator. The move will make it easier for users to enjoy

fluorescence microplate reader equipped with

the benefits of Peak’s on-demand GC gas solution for those requiring nitrogen,

a 370 nm excitation filter and 440 nm emission

hydrogen or zero air for carrier, detector or make-up gas.

filter. The kit provides sufficient reagents to perform up to 192 assays. United Bioresearch Products Pty Ltd

Precision’s gas generator technology is designed to meet the specific requirements of GC applications. Models featuring custom blue LED lighting have been introduced exclusively for Agilent, as well as a dedicated water bottle included with all hydrogen generators. The product has minimal annual maintenance requirements. Peak Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd

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