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nasal devices Susan Williamson

Medical devices on trial


in improved power output for athletes. For example, wearing the Turbine enables cyclists to travel further when compared to not wearing edical technology company

the device. The device is now being used by

Rhinomed (ASX:RNO) is using their BreatheAssist

pro and amateur cyclists, including last year’s

technology platform to develop nasal devices for sport,

Tour de France winner - British Team Sky rider

snoring, sleep apnoea and drug delivery.

Chris Froome.


The first of Rhinomed’s products, which is aimed at treating night-time nasal congestion (snoring) and

Alleviating nasal congestion

sleep quality, will be launched later this year as an

Rhinomed’s sleep device also inserts into the

over-the-counter nasal device.

nostrils but is a different design to the Turbine.

Rhinomed successfully launched its first nasal

“The sleep device needs to stay in the nose

and respiratory device, the Turbine, earlier this year.

for eight hours or more,” said Rhinomed CEO

The Turbine widens the nasal passages and

Michael Johnson. “It is more comfortable and

increases airflow through the nostrils, resulting |

opens the nostrils in a slightly different way.”

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