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what’s new Total organic carbon analyser The OI Analytical Aurora 1030 Total Organic Carbon Analyser (TOC) uses the heated persulphate wet oxidation technique to analyse organic contamination levels in aqueous samples. Virtually all organic compounds dissolved in water can be oxidised by heated sodium persulphate (Na2S2O8). Concentrated solutions (1 or 1.5 M) can effectively oxidise organic matter present in the form of colloids, macromolecules and suspended solids. For difficult-to-oxidise, high-molecular weight organics (eg, humic acids), the hightemperature combustion technique may be the most effective at levels >500 ppb C. For nearly all applications, the 1030W Wet Oxidation instrument will perform well. In the event a laboratory has difficult-to-oxidise samples requiring high-temperature combustion, OI Analytical offers an instrument combining both oxidising techniques on the one machine: the Aurora 1030D Dual Oxidation Mode TOC Analyser. The company’s heated persulphate and high-temperature combustion techniques have been approved and adopted in numerous regulatory compliance methods and standards including USEPA, ASTM and ISO. To further enhance the analysis capabilities on a single platform, the company also offers an 88-position autosampler and the 1030S Solids module for solid materials.

Chemical safety services Chemical Safety International (formerly ACOHS) is offering an expanded range of chemical safety management, audit, training, documentation, risk and advisory services. The company supplements and support its clients’ in-house technical and safety resources with regulatory monitoring, advisory services, auditing, compliance and inventory management. It ensures chemical manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and users are up to date, safe and compliant. The company has also announced a comprehensive redevelopment of its Infosafe CSI software and services. Chemical Safety International

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