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what’s new Flow cytometers Merck Millipore microcapillary flow cytometry systems are said to be simpler to operate than traditional sheath fluid-based instruments and easier to maintain. They utilise small-sample volumes, generate minimal waste and have low operating costs. As a result, guava easyCyte flow cytometers are amenable to on-demand use in the laboratory environment and help scientists achieve insightful cellular analysis. The flow cytometry systems are easy to use and deliver complete and comprehensive cell analysis right on the benchtop. The culmination of over a decade of flow cytometry expertise, the instruments are

Sealing film

claimed to consume less sample, generate less waste and be easier to use

UltraFlux RT is a clear polyolefin film suitable for real

and maintain than traditional flow cytometers, all while providing good analytical

time-PCR. Its premium materials are claimed to ensure

power. Single blue (488 nm), dual blue and red (642 nm), or triple blue, red

high quality and clarity.

and violet (405 nm) excitation lasers provide up to 12 simultaneous detection

The film only sticks to the surface of the plate when

parameters, including 10 fluorescent colours, plus forward and side scatter for

pressed down onto it, so it feels non-tacky when the

size and granularity determination.

user handles the film. Once pressed onto the plate,

The range also meets the user’s sample throughput needs by offering both

the microencapsulated beads of silicone provide a

single- and multi-sample processing. The guava easyCyte HT instruments

protective seal. No sticky residue is left to interfere

provide high-throughput analysis with a robotic sample tray that automatically

with the results.

handles a 96-well microplate and up to 10 sample tubes. The guava easyCyte

A free applicator paddle helps ensure a good seal

system meanwhile enables single-sample processing.

each time.

Merck Pty Limited

Interpath Services Pty Ltd

Nothing’s worse than an illegibly stained or partially-dissolved slide label. Brady StainerBondz™ labels are designed to withstand extreme chemical penetration including the H&E staining process, xylene exposure and substances like DMSO, IPA, and ethanol. |

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