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Microplate analyser The Micro Plate Read is a user-friendly microplate analyser which is designed to measure and interpret in-vitro enzyme immunoassay results. The device can read an entire plate within seconds. The reader can take both flat and round bottom plates. It uses 405, 450, 492 and 630 nm filters, as well as the option for two extras. The compact, lightweight reader has a small footprint on the lab’s benchtop. Results can be recorded on the reader itself, exported via the built-in thermal printer or sent to a PC via USB or RS232 connection. Australasian Medical & Scientific Ltd


System for understanding biomolecular interactions using ITC Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) enables label-free measurement of binding events by measuring the heat released or absorbed during biochemical binding. Binding affinity (KD), stoichiometry (n), enthalpy (∆H) and entropy (∆S) can all be measured to provide deeper insights into structure-function relationships


and the mechanisms of binding. Requiring no assay development, the MicroCal iTC200 provides results quickly and is a suitable tool for any research laboratory studying biomolecular interactions. High sensitivity, using as little as 10 µg of protein, provides good signal-to-noise to generate high-quality data over a wide range of affinities, from weak to tight binders. Integrated with user-friendly software, operators are

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guided for fast and accurate analysis. A baseline-fitting algorithm eliminates the need for tedious post-run manual manipulation. Applications range from drug discovery and design for characterising biomolecular interactions to fundamental research such as the understanding and regulation of signal transduction pathways. The types of interactions that can be studied are not limited to proteins and there are numerous references in the literature where ITC has been used to understand how nucleic acids and lipids, as well as proteins, function in biological systems. The product features no labelling, no immobilisation and no molecular weight limitations. It can measure millimolar to nanomolar affinities and nanomolar to picomolar disassociation constants. It is upgradeable to the fully automated MicroCal Auto-iTC200 system.


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