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what’s new Platform for water quality testing The Hach SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer (PPA) platform has been designed and engineered to streamline water quality testing. The platform is claimed to offer faster testing of multiple parameters, reduced variability from test to test and operator to operator, and less hassle than traditional methods of testing. The handheld drinking water instrument is able to test up to four colorimetric and two probe-based parameters simultaneously, eliminating the need to run multiple tests back to back. By halving the number of steps compared to traditional methods, the platform minimises opportunities for errors and saves time. Designed for use in the drinking water distribution system and the treatment plant, the platform enables operators to be confident in their results. The simple-use model of the PPA platform offers operators of all skill levels the flexibility to test for the parameters that are relevant to their processes. The platform is available on its own or as a fully operational, rugged kit including everything needed to start testing, with the instrument, probes and Chemkey Reagents contained inside. Hach Pacific Pty Ltd

5 mL microcentrifuge tubes SSI’s 5 mL microcentrifuge tubes are produced from highquality homopolymer polypropylene and have large writing areas. With an intermediate working and storage option, the tubes offer users flexibility. The tubes have 0.25 mL graduations and an operational range of -80 to 100°C. They can be centrifuged at speeds of up to 22,000 g and are available in natural and assorted colours. They are certified RNase, DNase, DNA and PCR inhibitor free. In addition, SSI has the complementary flipper rack to safely hold the tubes. Interpath Services Pty Ltd


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