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what’s new Microfibre-laminated mop VILEDA’s CleanTech Duo microfibre-laminated mop

Multimodal holographic microscope

is suitable for meeting the high demands required for effective cleaning and disinfection of floors, walls

TESCAN is entering the optical mi-

and ceilings in cleanrooms and other controlled

croscopy market with its multimodal


holographic microscope (MHM), Q-

The mop is said to be faster, easier and more ef-

PHASE. The microscope is based on

ficient than traditional methods. It allows users to fulfil

the principle of incoherent holography.

contact time requirements for common disinfectants

Where other available solutions

and still achieve good cleaning performance, with up

make use of a laser or laser diode,

to 99.9% bacteria removal.

which may cause adverse or unde-

The microfibre-laminated cleanroom mop is manu-

sirable effects in terms of imaging

factured and sterilised in the USA and validated to

quality, Q-PHASE uses white light

10-6 SAL per ISO 11137. It is designed for use in

for illumination, thus producing high-

cleanrooms up to class ISO 5/GMP A and B/FED209D Class 100. Adhesive-free lamination techniques are used to prevent additional product contamination. The mop is individually double bagged and includes an indicator dot on each package. It comes with the Certificate of Sterility.

quality imaging. The product enables the monitoring of live cells in real time and quantifies their parameters without needing to apply contrast stains. Live samples are not harmfully affected and pathogenic or toxic effects are avoided. The microscope also has the ability to observe samples in scattering media. The quantitative phase imaging (QPI) instrument can be applied

Onboard Solutions

in a wide range of fields, including biological research, healthcare,

pharmacology, biotechnology, metallography, microtechnology, nanotechnology, micro-optics, electrical engineering, etc. The instruments are primarily designed for biological applications, such as cancer research. AXT Pty Ltd

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