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what’s new

GC and GCMS systems

NFкB translocation kit

The Scion range of GC and

to study the nuclear translocation of NFкB - a tran-

GCMS instruments features

scription factor that plays a central role in regulating

a full range of consumables

key mammalian cell processes, including proliferation,

- including consumables for

inflammation, immune and stress responses. The kit

all existing Varian GC and

uses imaging flow

GCMS instruments.

significant quantitative assessment of NFкB transloca-

The range is said to be a refinement of the original Varian GC and GCMS platforms

The Amnis NFкB Translocation kit allows researchers

cytometry to obtain statistically

tion, as well as visual identification of the translocation at a single-cell level. The kit, which works with cultured cell lines and

undertaken in recent years.

whole blood cells,

The instruments offer robust

conjugated anti-Human NFкB monoclonal

GC/GCMS with good specifications, after-sales service and support, and a

7-AAD dye and required buffers. Using the dedicated

full range of consumables and columns is included.

Nuclear Localization Wizard in the IDEAS software,

The range includes the 436 GC and GCMS systems, designed for routine

conveniently contains directly antibody,

NFкB translocation can be studied and quantified in

QC or teaching applications; and the 456 model, which features multiple injec-

an objective, statistically robust manner. The

tion and detection facilities for demanding research and tailored applications.

designed for use with the Amnis ImageStreamX Mark

kit is

Complementing the normal lab GC configurations, Scion Instruments also

II and the Amnis FlowSight imaging flow cytometers

specialises in a number of ‘off-the shelf’ special configurations such as

- systems which combine the quantitative power of

simulated distillation and hydrocarbon packages. The company also tailors

flow cytometry with the spatial information provided

bespoke GC and GCMS systems for difficult applications such as gas analysis.

by microscopy.

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