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Micro-titration plates for susceptibility testing of yeasts

Automatic titrators The Titralab AT1000 Series

Susceptibility testing with MERLIN

one-touch automatic titrators


are capable of analysing and

based on the rehydration of antimy-

delivering accurate results in

cotics by adding a standardised yeast

just a few steps through a

suspension. Growth of the yeasts is

plug-and-play system.

indicated by a colour change from blue

The system consists of two

to pink mediated by the AST indicator supplementing the test medium. The addition of methylene blue solution facilitates reading of antimycrograms of yeast with trailing effects. After incubation of 22-48 h at 35-37°C, the result is read photometrically with the plate reader and evaluated with the MERLIN MICRONAUT software. It can also be read visually and interpreted. Dutec Diagnostics Pty Ltd

elements: the hardware itself and the application package (applications are supplied on a loaded USB key). Depending on the application, titration systems can perform analysis simply by reading an application installed on the USB key, with a different key for each method/application. While other titration methods involve a large number of steps and elements, the latest system offers a simple set-up straight from the box. There is no chemistry background required by the operator, allowing anyone from the lab to perform accurate titrations. By reducing manual calculations and processes, as well as eliminating complex programing, titration results are quick and easy to achieve. There are five instrument options to choose from, as well as several application packages. The titrators are suitable for drinking water, wastewater, food and beverage, as well as petrochemical applications.

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SIMPLIFIED AND ENHANCED ANTIBODY CONJUGATION Are you having problems sourcing labelled antibodies? Are you encountering cross-species reactivity with your secondary antibody?

The solution is to directly label your primary antibodies using Lightning-Link® Lightning-Link is: • Fast • Reliable • Unique • Easy To Use Lightning-Link features: • Over 40 labels • Label from 10µg to >5mg of antibody or protein • 30 seconds hands on time • 100% antibody recovery • Ambient temperature conjugation • Fast reaction times* * The antibody labelling kits come in two formats – Lightning-Link® and Lightning-Link® Rapid, with incubation times of 3 hours and 15 minutes respectively.

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