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Electrical pipette pump The Electrical Pipette Pump Plus from LLG accommodates 1-100 mL glass or plastic pipettes and is designed with the user in mind. The pipette pump features a soft touch trigger for comfortable pipetting. The colour-coded autoclavable attachments allow easy organisation in the laboratory and the powerful pump offers rapid yet sensitive aspiration and dispensing. Filling and dispensing can be done one-handed due to the large buttons and their placement. The long-life Li-ion battery gives up to 20 h of pipetting, resulting in less charging time for users. The pump is suitable for a variety of applications, environments and fields, with an ergonomic shape specially designed for repetitive tasks that cause injury and strain in traditionally designed pipettes. The electrical pipette pump uses standard 0.45 Âľm hydrophobic filters, making a brand switch simple and fast. It features bright LEDs to indicate mode (high, low or gravity), while the user labelling area enables customisation and instant recognition and/or task designation. With universal voltage, a plug-faced charger, bench stand and magnetic/ fixed wall mount, the product provides a complete solution. LabFriend

Colorimetric assay The Cell Counting Kit-8 is a sensitive colorimetric assay for the determination of the number of viable cells, using WST-8, in cell proliferation and cytotoxicity assays. The high-throughput method enables simple and quick analysis for personal care and drug discovery applications. It is said to be more sensitive than MTT, XTT, MTS and WST-1. The kit contains a ready-to-use solution that does not require organic solvents or radioisotopes and correlates with the [ 3H]-thymidine incorporation assay. It can be added directly to the cell media for fast screening without harvesting, washing or solubilisation, obtaining reproducible and accurate results. United Bioresearch Products Pty Ltd

Chemical glove The Glove Company has produced Chloronite, a lightweight chemical glove said to exceed industry standards for chemical protection in hand safety. The glove was rated with seven letters under EN 374, including >480 min resistance to MEK. The outer layer of chloroprene, combined with accelerator-free nitrile on the inside, produces a glove that not only protects the user but is also comfortable to wear for an extended period of time, due to being less than half the weight of other chemical gloves on the market. The lightweight glove combines high levels of dexterity with resistance to a vast range of hazardous chemicals. Chloronite, under certified testing AS/NZS 2161:10.1:2005/EN 374, is said to have higher ratings and more passes on aggressive chemicals than the majority of chemical gloves available on the market today. Certified and tested by VIC Labs, it is suitable for use in a variety of applications, including chemical and biological agents, fuel treatment, cargo hold insecticides, chemical handling and processing, biohazard agents and many more. The Glove Company Pty Ltd

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