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Molecular analysis profiling to identify cancer driver events

The DCAT 9 tensiometer from DataPhysics Instruments now includes intuitive software as well

The Affymetrix Concurrent Mo-

as an extended choice of different

lecular Analysis Profiling (Co-

measuring methods.

MAP) program enables cancer

The weight-based measurements

researchers to gain rapid insight

of the surface and interfacial ten-

into the functional impact of

sion are automatically steered and

DNA copy-number alterations

evaluated using the DuNoüy ring or

by combining whole-genome

the Wilhelmy plate method. In addition to the different dynamic and

copy-number data with gene expression profiles to easily visualise and identify cancer driver events.

static analysis options which can be

Recent whole-genome DNA analysis of cancer samples has demonstrated that copy-

used to evaluate temperature, the

number alterations affect more of the genome than any other DNA abnormality. Many

Langmuir trough offers a method

of these alterations are ‘drivers’ of cancer, while others are merely ‘passenger’ events.

of investigating surface coatings

Deciphering which DNA alterations are driver or passenger events has been a challenge.

or molecular self-organisation processes by chemical substances.

The CoMAP capability enables the concurrent correlation of genome-wide gene expression changes with copy-number alterations, helping to identify and prioritise the

The product is available in three

number of potential driver events - which in turn can lead to the identification of func-

different variants: DCAT 9, without

tional biomarkers. This is particularly valuable to researchers studying C class tumours,

TV 70 (temperature-controllable

which are characterised by functional copy-number changes, as opposed to somatic

vessel); DCAT 9T, including TV 70;

mutations (M class).

and DCAT 9M, including TV 70 and

The capability is included in the Affymetrix Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) 3.0

a built-in magnetic stirrer. The inno-

Software, enabling researchers to analyse and visualise the functional impact of copy-

vative design and the high-quality

number changes on gene expression in cancer samples, including degraded FFPE tissue.

device components are said to

The capability instantaneously combines and correlates whole-genome copy-number data

ensure optimal support in research,

with mRNA and miRNA data generated from Affymetrix tools such as OncoScan FFPE

development and quality control.

Assay Kit, GeneChip Human Transcriptome Array 2.0 and GeneChip miRNA 4.0 Array.

Particle & Surface Sciences Pty Ltd

Correlation maps may be generated for all RefSeq genes or a customised gene list.

The approach enables researchers to go from samples to insights in just three days. Millennium Science Pty Ltd |

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