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Chilled mirror hygrometer Michell Instruments has redesigned its S8000 Integrale chilled mirror hygrometer to take advantage of improvements in technology since its introduction in 2007. The improvements cover three areas: mechanical design for increased durability and strength, improved sensor head for faster readings at lower dewpoints and increased simplicity of use with a touch-screen interface with intuitive menus. The S8000 Integrale MKII now includes many of the features found in Michell’s S8000 RS chilled mirror instrument. Its sensor head design features improved integrity and sealing mechanisms.


This means the product has a faster response to -60°Cdp, improved sensitivity and faster reaction to transient dewpoint conditions. The pressure rating of the instrument has improved from 17 to 20 barg and the unit still has the same accuracy of ±0.1°Cdp. As well as being more durable and resistant to scratches, the casing now facilitates easier access for maintenance — there are just four screws to remove rather than 18 on the previous model. The full-colour touch-screen interface is intuitive and makes the instrument both easy to use and interrogate.

Are you having problems sourcing labelled antibodies? Are you encountering cross-species reactivity with your secondary antibody? The solution is to directly label your primary antibodies using Lightning-Link®

Typical applications include high-precision moisture measurements in metrology laboratories and cleanrooms, as well as industrial applications such as environmental control in engine testing. AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

Lightning-Link® antibody labelling kits allow direct conjugation of primary antibodies, proteins or peptides with only 30 seconds hands-on time. Lightning-Link features: • Over 35 fluorescent labels • Label from 10µg to >5mg of antibody, protein and peptide • 100% antibody recovery • Ambient temperature conjugation • Fast reaction times*

COD analyser The Thermo Scientific Orion 3106 COD analyser is the latest addition to the portfolio of Orion products serving the wastewater industry. Chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis is used to detect levels of organic pollutants in water; early identification of these contaminants can indicate an issue in the treatment process of wastewater.

Innova Biosciences offer over 35 fluorescent dyes in their expanding range, therefore if the antibody conjugate you require isn’t available on the market, you can now prepare your own conjugate quickly, with a 100% yield from the unconjugated antibody! The simplicity and convenience of Lightning-Link antibody labelling kits therefore provides additional ease and flexibility in panel design for multi-colour flow cytometry.

The analyser combines a digestion step with colorimetric analysis to measure the concentration of organic compounds that can affect

* The antibody labelling kits come in two formats – Lightning-Link® and

water quality. Particularly high levels of COD may require additional

Lightning-Link® Rapid, with incubation times of 3 hours and 15 minutes

treatment processes. The presence of high COD levels during the disinfection process will lead to additional hypochlorite dosing. This


results in the formation of chloramines, which, if present in high levels, can be carcinogenic. The analyser is designed to reduce ongoing operating costs due to its low maintenance and reagent consumption. Furthermore, by controlling the treatment process, users can reduce disinfection costs. Thermo Fisher Scientific

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