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Concentration technology for volatile samples Evaporator systems from Genevac can be used to safely prepare samples containing volatile analytes in a wide array of food and beverage applications, ranging from testing constituents of beverages and gluten levels in whisky to pesticide analysis of fruit and vegetables, as well as determining vitamin levels in cereals. The company’s concentration technology has been developed with analytical laboratories worldwide. This, with key technologies like DriPure, ensures that samples are concentrated safely and rapidly. Many food and beverage laboratories have standardised on the Genevac EZ-2 and Rocket evaporators, often in conjunction with Samplegenie technology, because this delivers automation of sample transfer and provides good sample recovery and intertest reproducibility with low standard deviations. Samplegenie is a suitable aid to concentration because samples can be concentrated directly into the analysis vial. The system detects when the solvent level enters the vial and, once validated, the method will then concentrate the sample to the required level. If a precise volume is required in the vial, the sample can be over-concentrated and then made up to the desired level with pure solvent. Scitek Australia Pty Ltd

Cell-permeant stain for polar lipids ReZolve-L1 is a cell-permeant stain that is selective for polar lipids and can be used in a wide variety of live and fixed cells. The product provides high-quality and rapid lipid staining useful for fluorescent microscopy applications and automated imaging. The stain is an effective tracer of lipid trafficking (eg, cholesterol, sphingolipid and phospholipid) and intracellular localisation. In live cells, the product acts as a pH sensor enabling more multiparametric application options. REZOLVE SCIENTIFIC Pty Ltd

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