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Portable humidity verification system Michell Instruments has introduced a portable verification system for humidity probes — the HygroCal100. Weighing just 3.2 kg and with a battery life of up to 8 h, the unit is designed with portability in mind. The humidity test chamber is stable and enables the evaluation of relative humidity sensors in the range of 5 to 95% RH. Up to seven probes, with different diameters and output signals, can be validated simultaneously. The innovative design allows the probes to be integrated with the chamber and user interface, enabling the operator to easily monitor the readings of each probe during the calibration cycle. All the calibration data can be downloaded from the unit onto a USB drive for later use. An external reference hygrometer, such as Michell’s fundamental, chilled mirror Optidew Vision, can be integrated into the system. If this reference has a traceable calibration, it allows users to incorporate this traceability into their verifications. The unit is easily programmable through its touch-screen interface, enabling calibration routines to be completely automated. The operator defines the humidity points and time to remain at each of them, inserts the probes and the reference (if used), then leaves the unit to work through the cycle. The product contains an internal polymer reference, Michell’s HS3 sensor, giving ±0.8% RH accuracy. For long-term reliability, the system can be calibrated against an external reference. This is an automatic function: once the reference is connected and the calibration initiated, the product automatically runs through the steps and prompts the user for actions. AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd


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