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Microwave reaction system with software-based automation Anton Paar’s microwave reaction platform, the Multiwave PRO, is receiving a software update. The product is becoming an IoT (Internet of Things) device, enabling users to receive automated notification of completed runs and error reporting via email as well as remotely control the instrument using VNC. Reducing time to get results in the laboratory is a major concern of laboratory managers. Instruments are getting faster, but the biggest time drain is still the time between analytical steps. Laboratory technicians frequently find themselves waiting for a process to finish or walking back and forth between their desk and an instrument to determine if the process is completed. With the software update, the Multiwave PRO becomes part of the IoT and takes the first step in reducing the time between sample preparation and analysis. The free update, available on the Anton Paar homepage, builds on the already robust software package used by the reaction system. Current features — such as audio notification and visual notification on the 9″ capacitive touch screen, in addition to a variety of data export capabilities and a comprehensive video manual — make the laboratory microwave platform easy to use. MEP Instruments Pty Limited |

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