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Next-generation sequencing system QIAGEN has announced the start of commercialisation activities for its GeneReader NGS System, a Sample to Insight next-generation sequencing (NGS) solution that enables laboratories to deliver actionable results. The system offers an end-to-end NGS workflow from primary sample to a final report that provides a simple way for clinical testing to take advantage

Slide for correlative light and electron microscopy The µ-Slide CorrSight Live correlates the molecular specificity of light microscopy with the high structural resolution of electron microscopy. Live cell imaging, fixation, contrasting and embedding are achieved on one slide. The special slide consists of three pairs of wells that are connected via perfusion channels for sample perfusion. Each numbered well contains a grid with a 100 µm repeat distance; the grid is clearly visible in phase contrast and electron microscopy. The ibidi Polymer Coverslip Bottom is resistant to most of the standard chemicals that are used for electron microscopy sample preparation and light microscopy fixation methods. DKSH Australia Pty Ltd

of NGS technology and improve outcomes. The first application for the system involves the company’s Actionable Insights Tumor Panel. The gene panel targets 12 clinically actionable genes that are often analysed in most prevalent types of cancer, including breast, ovarian, colorectal, lung and melanoma. The panel can detect up to 1250 different genetic mutations in a tumour sample. The most relevant variants have been identified and selected using the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, a collection of human-curated genomic findings and scientific literature. The system offers laboratories solutions for key challenges in next-generation sequencing. Labs can rely on one partner to provide a seamlessly integrated workflow, offering ease of use and efficiency from sample to insight. Users can create relevant reports using QIAGEN’s gene panels and bioinformatics. Scalable batch sizes and continuous loading of multiple flow cells enable labs to adapt and scale the system to match their needs and grow. Innovative commercial models, such as price-perinsight options, offer labs better cost management and low initial investment hurdles. The company supports users in efficiently implementing, validating and operating the system in their labs. QIAGEN Pty Ltd |

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