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Pipettor range The Nexty pipettor range is designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hand. Pipettor volumes from 0.2 up to 5000 µL are available, all with easily recognisable push-button colour codes. There are three models available — fixed volume, variable volume and multichannel — ensuring there is a product to suit every application. The variable volume and multichannel pipettors feature an easy-to-read three-digit indicator (volumeter) display. This makes settings quick and efficient during busy procedures. The lower portion nose-cone and eject-cone can be taken off and autoclaved to help ensure cleanliness and accuracy. Each of the eight channels in the multichannel model has independent suspension to ensure accurate tip insertion and help apply equal pressure reducing tip fitting errors. The large mushroom-shaped push-button reduces repetitive stress on the thumb and a spring system means a light stroke is required to use the pipettor. The Nexty range is manufactured in a dedicated controlled environment according to ISO8655 standards. The pipettors have a one-year guarantee and every unit ships with an accuracy inspection report and product warranty. Accessories include the pipettor carousel stand to hook and secure up to six pipettors and a wide range of tips. Thermoline Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd |

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